KEEPING SOUTHEASTERN FAMILIES COMFORTABLE SINCE 1995 Why Tell ’em Kellam? Because we live our mission statement everyday: ❝ To provide home comfort delivered with compassionate and trustworthy customer service value every time.❞ Kellam Mechanical was also honored as the 2016 National Contractor of the Year by the PHCC Association and we are still delivering award […]

Combat COVID-19 With Healthy Indoor Air

Combat COVID-19 With Healthy Indoor Air COVID-19 has put everyone on alert to protect their health. Social distancing, sheltering in place, quarantine and isolation orders have altered our normal routines. Spending more time indoors has created new personal and remote work lifestyles. Practicing healthy choices like selecting immune boosting foods and exercising is just as […]

R-22 Supply and Demand Will Affect Your Comfort

What is R-22? R-22 is a type of refrigerant used in air conditioners and heat pumps. Refrigerant is also referred to as Freon. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations regarding R-22 may affect your wallet and comfort. If you are not sure what type of refrigerant your air conditioner uses, an EPA certified HVAC technician can […]


            Technology has launched the shopping experience into a new level of convenience. Household internet shopping can include stocking up on toilet paper, baby food, light bulbs, cereal, clothes, kitchen sinks and even air conditioners or furnaces; these items can be delivered to your home with the touch of a button.  Buying  household basics online […]

Why won’t my air conditioner cool below 80?

It is so hot outside, why won’t my air conditioner cool below 80 degrees when I need it to? Hot days drive home owners directly to the thermostat to punch that “cool me down” button from 75 degrees to 70 degrees.   After an hour or so, with no noticeable improvement, back to the thermostat, to discover the temperature has […]

Plumbing Drain Clog Resolve

Plumbing clogs are a nuisance. Imagine all of the things that can contribute to a clog.  Hair, food, dirt, paper, toothpaste clumps (kids love to squeeze the tube), floss, and grease are all potential items that can contribute to a clogged drain. Occasionally we experience a stubborn clog that needs more attention than just verbally begging […]

Plumbing Leaks are Wasteful

BREAKING NEWS LEAKED! Ignoring the sound of the drip, drip, drip leaky faucet or pipe is costing you money and practicing wastefulness. Some plumbing leak locations are unnoticeable until damage is already setting in on ceiling plaster or seeping through your floors from a leaky sink, toilet or shower, for example.  Consider just 1 faucet leaking […]


Air Conditioning condensate clogged drain lines are common in our humid Tidewater region and can cause costly water damage.  It is important to keep your air conditioner regularly maintained to avoid this inconvenience. Drain lines clog when dust, dirt, algae, insects, grime, rust or insulation settles in the drain pipe. This causes water to back […]


As the summer heat progresses, homeowners discover their air conditioners are working longer and harder, which can lead to failures. The harder and longer their equipment runs, the more likely it will demand attention to be maintained.  A common cause of failure is refrigerant leakage.  Temperatures higher in your home incapable of satisfying the thermostat […]


Geothermal technology delivers incredibly high efficient comfort; up to 80% more efficient than a conventional system. It uses the earth’s constant temperatures using wells 6 feet below the surface to heat and cool your space. These highly efficient systems use electricity to move air, not to produce it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency geothermal […]


Kellam Mechanical opened April 1, 1995. For 21 years Scott Kellam has dedicated his time and energy into the business he loves because he loves the HVAC industry. As a teenager in 1977, he learned the trade from his father and grandfather in their family owned and operated Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical business and […]


Power outages are never convenient. We have become accustomed to our on the go lifestyles, so when our routine is broken it can be frustrating. Electrical surges, thunderstorms, hurricanes, construction accidents, power company failures or floods can all cause power outages. Hampton Roads is familiar with all those scenarios. Installing a standby whole home generator will […]


Dirt is the #1 reason for cooling and heating system failure. Repairs can be expensive, therefore dirty is expensive! Clean is efficient. Efficiency saves money and reduces inconvenient failures. Three dirty reasons to have a qualified technician clean your cooling and heating system annually: Dirty filters. Filters covered in dirt, dust, grime, pet dander, cigarette smoke, dead […]

Green Gadget: Laundry Pro

For the love of laundry! Kellam Mechanical promotes green household products, so If you are tired of spending so much money on laundry detergent here is your new solution: Laundry Pro. This revolutionary green product replaces the need for detergent, bleach, fabric softeners, sorting and front loading washing machine cleansers, such as Afresh. It reduces landfills. It […]


What is wrong with my heat pump? Is this normal? This is not normal and needs to be repaired. Your heat pump has 3 cycles: 1. Heating 2. Cooling 3. Defrost Cycle In the winter months your heat pump transfers outdoor cold air into a warm, comfortable environment inside your home. However, when the temperatures […]


Do you have a favorite appliance?  Your water heater has to be up there on the top of that list, right? A hot shower starts the day just right to wake you up, unless it is showering you with ice cold water. Then it really wakes you up with a startle.  How old is your water […]

Kellam Mechanical Celebrates 20th Year Anniversary

April 2015 is very exciting for me because Kellam Mechanical entered our 20th year in business providing comfort, safety and healthy solutions to Tidewater residents and businesses.   I have enjoyed the heating and air conditioning industry for about 40 years.  The saying is so true: time flies when you are having fun.  I am proud […]

Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Outdoor Clearance Distances

Did you know that lawn and landscaping maintenance can affect your indoor comfort?  Proper airflow is essential for your heating and cooling equipment to operate correctly and safely.  Restricted airflow can cause equipment to lose efficiency leading to higher monthly utility bills as well as failures which can result in expensive repairs.  Keeping your comfort […]

What it means to TELL ‘EM KELLAM!

Tell ‘em Kellam is part of the Kellam Mechanical culture.  It represents prideful customer service and technical workmanship.  People who have a positive experience tend to share it with others in their lives…family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.  Referrals are the highest form of flattery and we welcome them.  Testimonials are especially strong when they come […]


Start the new year thinking about saving on household expenses by upgrading to higher efficient heating and cooling equipment.  Installing a new system can be the first step to improving your comfort and reducing your monthly energy bills by making a smart investment.  Equipment manufactured today is considerably more efficient than in years past.  If your heat […]


November is the month to reflect on being thankful.  One thing that comes to mind is being thankful for the green mindset that people in our community are adopting more and more every day to improve energy consesrvation.  Educating Tidewater, Virginia residents is so important to improve our local environment.  There are many ways to […]

Get Your Gas Appliances Inspected for Safety

So, you love your gas appliances, because they are so efficient, but consider safety measures as we head into the heating season. If gas appliances are not properly maintained by a qualified technician, you could be at risk for carbon-monoxide poisoning through leaks or improper venting! Carbon monoxide can be found in combustion fumes, such as […]

Airflow and Room Temperature Solutions

A few years ago I was driving my 8 year old son to his football game.  It was a Saturday afternoon in the fall and it was a comfortable 64 degree day.  My son was in the back seat and asked me to turn the air conditioner on.  As I reached for the controls I asked […]

Healthier Indoor Air Solution

How important is the indoor air you breathe?  Critical.  There are many contaminants in your indoor air that can make their way to your lungs so take action before the fall and winter weather sets in to assure your indoor air is healthy.  Take the time to consider what is circulating through your home.  Floaters […]


Heating and cooling systems, like all man made products, don’t last forever, however, all homeowners wish they would.   Many try the “band-aid” approach with the hopes to make it through one more summer season with their old system. This typically proves to be more costly than investing that money into a new system for the […]

How To Reduce Air Conditioning Failures

Dirt and neglect are the leading causes of air conditioning failures.  Keeping operating costs down is important to all of us, so Kellam Mechanical has seven super money and sanity saving tips to keep your air conditioner dependable: 1.  Schedule system maintained annually with a qualified technician. Tune-ups provide higher efficiency and  reduces comfort system […]

Kellam Mechanical Earns Energy Star Building Rating

Kellam Mechanical Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical, owned by Scott Kellam has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR certification, which  signifies that the building performs in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meets strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA. “Kellam Mechanical is pleased […]

How old is your water heater?

Don’t you love being in hot water?  Not the kind with flashing blue lights, but on a cold day a hot shower starts the day on the right path…right?  We take our water heater for granted every day.  It serves many purposes that help glide us through our day without even thinking about it.  Hot […]

Customers Have Rights!

To show our customers that we value them and we have a serious commitment to customer service, we implemented a Customer Bill of Rights.  We provide this document at every visit to your home. First, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, for any reason, within the first year after […]

Efficiency & Economics – Why Geothermal Heating and Cooling is Smart

A few feet below the earth’s service, the temperature stays constant.  This ground temperature is warmer than the air above it in the cold seasons and cooler in the hot seasons.  Geothermal heating and cooling is based on this technology of generating heat and cool air right from your backyard. Geothermal heat pumps use up to 80%less […]

Imagine Your Home Without Power!

That’s right; imagine a huge Tidewater thunderstorm, snow storm, or hurricane has knocked out your electricity. Your home is dark, the fridge is becoming a food coffin, there’s no way to cook dinner, and the load of laundry is still wet in the dryer. Don’t let your family be cold, hungry, and without hot water […]

Four Reasons You Need a Heat Pump Tune-Up

This local Coastal Virginia weather has been fun this winter.  We experienced eight to ten inches of snow earlier in the year then bounced to 75 degrees then roller coasted back down to freezing temps.  After turning your heat on and off several times, you may wonder “when was the last time I called a […]

Working From Home? Make Sure Your Heating And Cooling System is Working For You!

Staying home and working is a great way to take a break from the office and give yourself a bit more flexibility, and doing so is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. However, if you don’t have a good heating and cooling system, it can be hard to get anything done. In fact, studies […]