It is so hot outside, why won’t my air conditioner cool below 80 degrees when I need it to? Hot days drive home owners directly to the thermostat to punch that “cool me down” button from 75 degrees to 70 degrees.   After an hour or so, with no noticeable improvement, back to the thermostat, to discover the temperature has not changed comfort levels inside.  On hot days that reach close to 100 degrees, you may discover warmer indoor temperatures.  Generally systems are designed to perform up to 20 degrees below outdoor temperature readings.  Extremely hot days will also run your air conditioner for long periods of time.  Dropping the thermostat way down dramatically may not be the solution.

Here are some tips to keep your home more comfortable and efficient in hot summertime Virginia coastal communities:

Change your filters monthly for better airflow and fewer failures

Have system annual maintenance to keep coils clean and system operating efficiently

Make sure outdoor equipment is free from debris

Close window, doors and blinds

Dry clothes during cooler times of day

Avoid running dishwasher on dry cycle, suggest air dry

Minimize stove/oven use

It could take 4-6 hours for your system to satisfy the thermostat setting on extremely hot days or post repairs. If your home does not cool down over night, call to schedule a qualified HVAC technician to troubleshoot the system.  There are many potential parts that could fail after your system has been running many hours consistently.

What to do: Contact Kellam Mechanical to schedule a skilled technician to properly and thoroughly diagnose your failure to present professional solutions.