Your next career move – Join the Kellam Mechanical Team!

Careers at Kellam MechanicalKellam Mechanical is always looking for career minded individuals who are eager to provide excellent customer service, who are prideful of their work, goal oriented, enjoy learning and growing and who want to be a part of a successful team.

We are dedicated to continuing education and investing in our employees growth in order to keep up with the demand of the industry’s rapid technological advancements.

Kellam Mechanical Team Roles:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Dispatcherv
  • Electrician
  • Human Resources
  • HVAC Service Technician
  • HVAC Maintenance Technician
  • HVAC Installers
  • HVAC Install Manager
  • Install Coordinator
  • Maintenance Coordinator
  • Service Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Administrator
  • Plumber

Company wide benefits:

  • Drug free environment
  • Health insurance – 80% employee premium coverage
  • Simple IRA participation and company matching plan
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Training and educational experience available
  • Advancement opportunities

Ready for a career in the HVAC industry?

(DMV records are reviewed for current and valid driver’s license status and must be provided at time of application.  Background checks and drug screening are required for the hiring process. Social security cards are also required at time of application.)


Thinking about joining the Kellam Mechanical team?  Read some testimonials from our team members here!

5/18/21: Our Tell ‘em Kellam team was recently surveyed on their employment experience and we are humbled by the rating received is 10 out of 10 and here are some of our current employee’s comments about why they love working at Kellam Mechanical:

“Everybody helps. If you need help. You just ask. Well organized company to work for. Very satisfied.”


“People, customers. Kellam takes care of us and our customers. Great pay, health insurance. Awesome trucks. Been here over 4 years now and don’t plan on going anywhere else.”

“Very family oriented. opportunity for advancement and a positive environment. Zero tolerance for bullying and drama”

“It’s a great work environment”

“It’s like a family”

“I have the privilege of working with a driven, prideful, customer service focused fun and energetic team!”

“The employees all eager and willing to help one another. The work culture and company events all make this a fun place to work”

“Benefits, Fair pay, Owners and managers are available to staff and support staff. Fun atmosphere.”

“The staff is AMAZING.”

“Respectable and knowledgeable staff, great benefits, company owners who are leaders and not just bosses, personal vehicle, room for growth, good pay even at entry level positions, and they offer classes to further your education and knowledge”

“it’s great I love it”

“The people and the atmosphere”

“The people, the culture.”

“The people are great to work with and everybody gets along with each other.”

“Everyone is so welcoming, making you feel relaxed and at ease, always willing to help, ready to answer any questions you have. I love the teamwork atmosphere encouragement and support you get from everyone.”

“Great people, great environment.”

“the people, the joy, the LOVE”

“The people”


George and Rick,

you too are absolutely amazing guys to work for. I appreciate all that you have done to make my life easy here at Kellam mechanical. Both of you guys deserve recognition for making things go smoothly around here. Great job and I really don’t think this place would be the same without you too. I have personally never worked with a better management team. You guys do it the right way every day.

Chris C.


Great place to work with great benefits and a fun culture. Teamwork is the how things are done. Treated like a real person with a life. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for their work home.


There is something special about working with a company who recognizes and rewards hardworking and dedicated employees. Mr. & Mrs. Kellam are two of the most fabulous people anyone could ever have the pleasure of working for. They really go above and beyond and build a relationship with every employee. All of the other management handle any issues that arise with a positive attitude to help everyone learn from the situation. A typical day at work for me is super busy and productive but we have a great team of employees and all work together to make sure everything runs smoothly. We have a lot of fun at work. The owners let us have fun potlucks all the time and celebrate on a regular basis, just because we all work hard and they feel we deserve it. This is a fast growing company with a lot of room to learn new things, grow, and advance quickly. I have been here for just under 2 years. I started as a call taker and worked up to a supervisor. Pay for all employees is more than fair, with opportunity to make extra, and very competitive benefits. I feel at home here and like I am appreciated. I don’t plan on going anywhere. Finding a career like this with a company that you love does not come easy.

Jessica M.


It is so nice to wake up and not dread going to work. I really like my job! Everyone works together and if an issue arises, it is addressed and a solution is found. The owners are very down to earth and don’t make you feel like they’re superior to you. There is definitely a level of respect for them and from them. Kellam is very generous with their contributions to the employees health insurance and 401K plans. No waiting period for holiday pay, no charge for uniforms/company clothing, short waiting time for the 401K program and opportunities to make extra $$$. I’ve been there just over 2 years and like any job, I’ve had bad days at work, but they don’t compare to the good ones. My hope is for Kellam Mechanical to be my last job.

Nancy B.


They stand behind their employees 100%. They also have great training available. Offer one of the best benefits package I’ve seen. They are also the most professional companies I have worked for.


pay per week, good group of guys, just a above average company to work for.