Join the GSA Club! (Generator Savings Agreement)

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📅 Maintenance/Repair

Q: Why do we love our maintenance program? A. Because it pays for itself through program discounts, benefits and safety measures.

Generator manufacturers strongly recommend annual equipment maintenance to maximize efficiency, safety and reduce failures.

Live life uninterrupted with a Generator Savings Agreement and have the luxury of hot water, keeping the family and pets seasonally comfortable with heat or air conditioning and the ability to salvage freezer foods when the power fails.

We call you to schedule your appointments and we offer a monthly payment program!

Generac Whole Home Generator Generator Savings Agreement (GSA)
• Ensures equipment safety
• Reduces failure rates and inconveniences
• Increases equipment life
• Gas piping safety assessment

Agreement Benefits:
✅ Discounted diagnostic/dispatch fee ✅ 24 hour response time ✅ Agreement transferable with deed ✅ 15% off repairs ✅ Priority Service – Your emergency is our emergency ✅ Never overtime charges ✅ Appointment reminder calls ✅ Expedited and Guarantee parts 15% off multiple agreements purchased ✅ Discounted dispatch/diagnostic fees

Call (757) 430-0358 to schedule an appointment or schedule online now: 📅 Maintenance/Repair

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Kellam Mechanical technician wearing PPE Tell ‘em Kellam has compassion for all those trying to navigate lifestyle changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, and YES we will remain available to meet your heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical household needs. 

Kellam Mechanical technicians will practice social distancing, clean, safe and healthy practices prior to arrival and while in your home. 

Technicians have been supplied with masks, shoe booties, a red carpet, gloves and cleaning supplies in their vans. 

We are happy to reschedule appointments for those who have ill people in the home. 

For your safety, we prohibit any ill employee to report to work.

Please stay safe and if you have questions or concerns about any Kellam Mechanical service, do not hesitate to contact us here, via chat, email, or give us a call at (757) 430-0358.


The Kellam Mechanical Team

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