July 24, 2022

Team Kellam has been featured on 13 News Now sharing how to beat the heat. Tech, Richard is interviewed restoring a customer’s air conditioner during a 2022 summer heatwave.

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Richard Barnes 13 News Now

January 28th, 2021

Kellam Mechanical Operations Manager, George shares tips to prevent plumbing pipes from freezing.




August 2020: For the 3rd consecutive year Kellam Mechanical partnered with WAVY to support the Clear the Shelters campaign. Join the effort and make a pet a part of your family!

March 2020: Listen to an interview with Scott and Sarah Kellam, and WooWoo of 94.9 The Point Radio, who chatted on Sunday, March 15th about their exciting news announcement, and the many ways Kellam Mechanical and their team support local charities and organizations, and how you can too!

August 2019:  Kellam Mechanical had the pleasure on participating as a WAVY TV 10 sponsor for the Clear the Shelters community event for the second year in a row.  The pet adoption challenge is on, so get to a shelter and complete your family.  Sarah Kellam and rescue Britney Spaniel, Rita is featured in the clip.  Know someone who loves rescue animals also?  Tell ‘em Kellam!

Kellam Mechanical was featured on the local news 7/22/19 highlighting Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance tips during a summer heat wave.

WAVT TV 10 featured Sarah Kellam on the Hampton Roads Show yesterday to talk about the importance of annual system maintenance Click on the link to watch the interview:

Kellam Mechanical on the Hampton Roads Show about annual system maintenance

Kellam Mechanical had the honor of sponsoring WAVY TV 10’s Clear the Shelters community event. Featured in the video is Sarah Kellam and Rita, her sweet Britney Spaniel rescue from a local shelter 2 years ago. Please consider adopting a pet to add to your family, volunteer at a shelter or make a donation. Know someone who is an animal lover? Tell ’em Kellam!

Kellam Mechanical has the honor of sponsoring WAVY TV 10's Clear the Shelters community event


Scott and Sarah Kellam featured on the cover of PHC News magazine!
Scott and Sarah Kellam featured on the cover of PHC News magazine! Read the article featured in the December 2016 issue to learn why the Kellam’s were chosen to receive the PHC Contractor of the Year award. Click here to read!

Leaders who understand the importance of their team cohesively maneuvering the demanding, vastly changing trades tend to stick out. They also understand the value of inspiring best performances, which is where meetings, training and constant tweaks to processes come in hand. But especially in the business of mechanical contracting, which encompasses various rotating parts, teams require the right direction. Scott Kellam, owner of Kellam Mechanical, a 20-year-old full-service company, is one such leader on the mechanical turf, which is why he was selected as PHC News’ Contractor of the Year.

Kellam and his wife, Sarah Kellam, operate Virginia Beach, Virginia-based Kellam Mechanical in a “divide and conquer” fashion. Scott Kellam handles the helm of tech management and customer service, while Sarah is responsible for office management and marketing duties. Yet, like most power couples, they bounce energy and efforts off one another.

Though we each have areas that we focus on, we help each other with everything,” Scott Kellam says.

Sarah Kellam adds, “We tag team a lot. I think we complement each other well.”

The Kellams are responsible for creating a company that sees effective coaching and inclusive training processes for what they are — successful. This manifests in the form of anything from role-playing to critiques. The company integrates its training processes, inviting manufacturers or reps to be part of company-wide meetings. Toolbox talks and vendor education contribute substantially to technician confidence.

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Scott Kellam of Kellam Mechanical - Beacon Article


“He ventured from the family businesses to start his own and found it tough but rewarding.”… 

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Sarah Kellam of Kellam of Mechanical - Article: TO SERVICE OR REPLACE? THAT IS THE HVAC QUESTION


Sarah Kellam of Kellam Mechanical in Virginia Beach touts the benefits of this geothermal heating and cooling system but also recommends that consumers compare fuel types, equipment, energy efficiency, service providers, cost and detailed job  proposals before finalizing a decision about replacement.

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An Interview with Scott Kellam of Kellam Mechanical featured in Chester County Homes

An Interview with Scott Kellam of Kellam Mechanical

 Since 1995, Kellam Mechanical has been providing heating, air conditioning, electrical and repair assistance to the Virginia Beach area. Today, we had a chance to talk with Scott Kellam, President of Kellam Mechanical, about the services his company offers, and the approach to business that has helped establish them as a top choice for area residents.

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