Combat COVID-19 With Healthy Indoor Air

Combat COVID-19 With Healthy Indoor Air

COVID-19 has put everyone on alert to protect their health. Social distancing, sheltering in place, quarantine and isolation orders have altered our normal routines. Spending more time indoors has created new personal and remote work lifestyles. Practicing healthy choices like selecting immune boosting foods and exercising is just as important as considering your home’s indoor air quality. According to the EPA, indoor air concentrations often contain 2 to 5 times higher pollutants than typical outdoor concentrations.

UV Photomax Kills Viruses

Combat COVID-19 and other unwanted viruses in your home or business environment. Focusing on improving indoor air quality is a healthy and proactive solution. Maximizing clean air circulating throughout your home is achievable. The UV Photomax is an advanced oxidation air purification product that has proven effectiveness. Ultravation kills airborne viruses as they pass through your ductwork. The UV Photomax also reduces odors, mildew, and allergens. Installation is cost effective. HVAC experts and even medical doctors endorse this product stating that it kills viruses on household surfaces. Kellam Mechanical customers have reported that family member’s allergies, asthmatic episodes, colds and flus in their households have decreased since installation.

Annual Comfort System Maintenance

Another way to optimize your indoor air quality is to schedule your annual heating and cooling equipment maintenance appointment. Routine cleaning techniques that trained technicians perform reduce pollutants from circulating indoors and reduces system failure rates. It also increases efficiency, which reduces your energy bill costs. Ask your HVAC technician to assess your indoor humidity levels for healthy results. Consider proper operation of your HVAC system as part of personal health maintenance. When the humidity is too low, your natural defenses start to breakdown. Your skin, throat and nasal passages can get dry. Lacking normal moisture can break down your immune system.

Strategies To Optimize Your Health

For the safety of every one, Kellam Mechanical technicians are supplied with cleaning supplies in their vans as well as masks, gloves and shoe booties to preserve good health. Customers are not required to sign tablets at this time. Know someone on the southside of Tidewater, Virginia who wants healthier indoor air quality? Tell ’em Kellam! 757-430-0358