What is R-22?

R-22 is a type of refrigerant used in air conditioners and heat pumps. Refrigerant is also referred to as Freon. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations regarding R-22 may affect your wallet and comfort. If you are not sure what type of refrigerant your air conditioner uses, an EPA certified HVAC technician can determine that for you. Most air conditioning units and heat pumps that were manufactured and installed prior to 2010 were built to use R-22.

EPA Action

R-22 was introduced in the 1950’s. Based on research, the EPA reported it to be an ozone-depleting substance when leaked into the atmosphere. In effort to support environmental preservation, the phase out of R-22 was launched several years ago. The EPA limited production on R-22 causing the prices to increase due to the lack of supply. The phase-out project is expected to be completed by 2020, which is fast approaching. If your equipment experiences a refrigerant leak, due to reduced supply, the cost to have it repaired will likely be doubled or tripled compared to past repairs. As of 2020 no more R-22 will be manufactured.

Simple Solution

Be proactive and mindful of our environment. . If you have equipment with R-22, start planning for the replacement. Newer manufactured equipment is commonly built to use R410, a gas that is safer for our environment. R410 is in ample supply and less expensive. Upgrading your equipment will save you money. Buying new will give you a return on your investment based on new equipment technology providing higher efficiency. System replacement quotes are free when you schedule an appointment with a Kellam Mechanical Comfort Consultant.


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