Ignoring the sound of the drip, drip, drip leaky faucet or pipe is costing you money and practicing wastefulness. Some plumbing leak locations are unnoticeable until damage is already setting in on ceiling plaster or seeping through your floors from a leaky sink, toilet or shower, for example.  Consider just 1 faucet leaking at the rate of 30 drips per minute. That equals 43,200 drips daily, 2.85 gallons daily and 1,041 gallons annually!  Do the math on the additional faucets in your home leaking and you will discover unnecessary wastefulness. There are additional problems that accompany a leaky faucet:

  1. Discoloration in your sink or tub
  2. Wasted energy on leaky hot water taps
  3. Potential water damage to walls, ceilings, floors leading to costly repairs


Time flies, so your faulty plumbing has probably been lingering longer than you think. Tuning it out is not the answer. Tune back in to get those drips and get it fixed.   It is likely you have other plumbing issues to address, so for the purpose of conservation and efficiency, schedule a qualified plumber to get all of your repairs done at the same visit.  Kellam Mechanical now offers residential plumbing services to save you money, so when you see water damage or hear water dripping, act on it.  When you have a drain clog or broken garbage disposal, act on it.  After you scream in the shower when only cold water hits your skin, act on it. Call an experienced plumber.  Call Kellam Mechanical to get your Plumbing Savings Agreement, which includes an inspection of all sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, drains, gas piping, garbage disposals, ice makers and vent piping as well as water heater flush.  Repairs and replacements can be resolved with 1 phone call:  757-430-0358.  Appointments at the click of a button!