Dirt is the #1 reason for cooling and heating system failure. Repairs can be expensive, therefore dirty is expensive! Clean is efficient. Efficiency saves money and reduces inconvenient failures.

Three dirty reasons to have a qualified technician clean your cooling and heating system annually:

  1. Dirty filters. Filters covered in dirt, dust, grime, pet dander, cigarette smoke, dead skin, bacteria, germs, hair, and more yucky stuff affect the airflow and operation of your comfort system .  These restrictors can contribute to equipment breakdowns, leading to repair costs.  It is recommended that you change your disposable filters or clean your electronic air cleaners monthly.
  2. Dirty coils. Your outdoor comfort system coil can collect dirt, grass, dust and yard debris, all of which can lead to excessive equipment stress, and in turn contributes to compressor and refrigerant repair costs.




3.  Unexpected, unwanted surprises. Other dirty things can make their way into your system, whether the equipment is located outside, in your closet, in the garage or in the attic. Service technicians have been surprised with some interesting critters during repair visits, from bugs stuck in the contactor which halts the equipment; mice chewing through ductwork causing air leakage, or dead in ductwork, which delivers decaying smells; squirrels that nest in attic air handlers; brown recluse spiders have been discovered in the outdoor unit; even a snake wrapped around an outdoor unit fan blade that caused the system to seize. Unless you are an outdoor wildlife fanatic, you might prefer a technician remove these critters, right?


Annual maintenance creates efficiency, reduces failure rates and lengthens the life of your equipment. All benefits equal money saved. System components need attention regularly. Compressors are the heart of the system and the filters are like the lungs so these vital components deserve to be protected and cared for.  Kellam Mechanical’s annual maintenance program pays for itself through energy savings, program discounts and benefits, so schedule your maintenance appointment now.  Know someone who wants reliable indoor comfort that saves money while critter free? Tell ‘em Kellam!