Plumbing clogs are a nuisance. Imagine all of the things that can contribute to a clog.  Hair, food, dirt, paper, toothpaste clumps (kids love to squeeze the tube), floss, and grease are all potential items that can contribute to a clogged drain. Occasionally we experience a stubborn clog that needs more attention than just verbally begging your standing water to drain.  Then when you hear it gurgle back at you in response, it is time to take action.

 Practice Safe Solutions

Discontinue using the sink to avoid the clog worsening and potentially damaging your household pipes. Avoid messy and damaging flooding. The first thing that might enter your mind is to pour drain cleaners down your pipes.  However, that is not an ideal solution.  Household cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can cause chemical burns to your skin and eyes and have the potential to cause inflammation to your respiratory system as well and corrode your plumbing pipes. If splashed in your home, they can also cause damage to your paint or wood floors or trim. If you do store or use household chemicals, keep them secured so they are inaccessible to children and pets.

Call a Plumber

An experienced professional is the quickest and safest solution. Schedule an appointment for peace of mind that your property will be restored safely.  Remove the task from your chore list and be done in 1 call.  Kellam Mechanical plumbers are armed with the right tools and skillset to resolve the clog. Kellam plumbers are trained to handle simple drain clogs as well as more challenging clogs, such as sewer drain clogs, which can cause a health hazard when sewage backs up into household plumbing.  In that case, your emergency is our emergency. Proper water flow is the goal, so click to schedule your appointment to return your household to clear pipes.