This local Coastal Virginia weather has been fun this winter.  We experienced eight to ten inches of snow earlier in the year then bounced to 75 degrees then roller coasted back down to freezing temps.  After turning your heat on and off several times, you may wonder “when was the last time I called a HVAC contractor”?  A tune up is in order.

The four reasons to call Kellam Mechanical today for your Heat Pump tune- up are:

  1. A tune up will improve efficiency and the life of your heat pump.
  2. A tune up will ensure your unit is clean and has good air flow.
  3. A tune up will reduce your energy usage and monthly utility bill.
  4. A $90 rebate is available now from our local power company!

Through Dominion Virginia Power, Kellam Mechanical is able to offer Heat Pump tune-up rebates.  As a participating company, we can help you tune up and earn a rebate.   Note there is one tune-up rebate per unit.

If you feel it is time to upgrade to a higher efficiency Heat Pump, call Kellam today.