A few years ago I was driving my 8 year old son to his football game.  It was a Saturday afternoon in the fall and it was a comfortable 64 degree day.  My son was in the back seat and asked me to turn the air conditioner on.  As I reached for the controls I asked why since it was already cool and he said “because my coach told the team at practice that the best conditioned team is going to win.”  Clearly spoken from a heating and air conditioning contractor’s son!  Imagine if children’s logic reflected reality.  Our world would be a lot more interesting.

So here we are with fall setting in once again with  cool, crisp nightly temperatures accompanied with football season.  Just because the outdoor temperatures are fluctuating does not mean your indoor air has to change your comfort level.  Consistent indoor comfort is ideal.  If the room temperatures in your home vary significantly, then your system is not operating properly and you will need a service repairman to diagnose the issue.  The goal is to meet room temperatures with the thermostat setting, but concern should be noted if there is a 3 degree difference from room to room.  Room temperature fluctuations could be due to:

~Disconnected or poorly designed ductwork
~Thermostat location
~Poor insulation
~Window leakage

If you experience hotter temperatures upstairs in the summer and colder downstairs in the winter; or perhaps a room over the garage gets neglected from proper airflow, your comfort system may be insufficiently designed or sized.  A simple load calculation can be performed by a professional to determine the proper sizing required for you space. There are effective solutions to improve your comfort such as:
~Installing a ductless mini-split system
~Installing a zoning system
~Duct redesign to improve airflow
~Install a properly sized system

Every home is different, so schedule a qualified technician to determine your best solution to overcome comfort issues. To optimize the efficiency of your comfort system and reduce failures, change your filters monthly.