Heating and cooling systems, like all man made products, don’t last forever, however, all homeowners wish they would.   Many try the “band-aid” approach with the hopes to make it through one more summer season with their old system. This typically proves to be more costly than investing that money into a new system for the following reasons:

  1. Aging systems have higher rates of failure which can lead to costly repairs, especially systems with Freon leaks that use R-22.  Freon supply is down causing the rate to rise significantly (up 400% since 1/1/12).  Expect to pay up to $100 per pound.
  2. Aging systems often operate at a lower efficiency than new systems causing high monthly energy bills.
  3. Lost wages for time away from work to meet the technician.

Many may choose surgery on their system, digging deeper into repair deciding that a $2,000 non-warranty compressor replacement will give it another 5 years of life, however that may be more costly than investing in a new system.  Three reasons to reconsider your surgical investment:

  1.  The rest of the system is still old, not guaranteeing that an additional 30 plus other parts won’t fail.
  2. Compressor replacements only have a 1 year warranty compared to 10 year warranties with new heating and cooling systems.
  3. Lost wages for time away from work to meet the technician.

Many should consider investing in a new comfort system transplant if any of the following apply:

  1. If your heat pump (not including geothermal) or air conditioner is 10 years or older, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends upgrading to an Energy Star product that will deliver up to 20% more energy savings than older systems.
  2. If your comfort system has caused repetitive discomfort in your home due to failures, high repair costs, and/or high energy bills.
  3. If you experience comfort issues.  Excessive humidity and/or hot and cold spots throughout your home are indicators of poorly functioning equipment or improperly designed systems.

Schedule your free Kellam Mechanical replacement quote now.  It is a great start for budgeting, researching, and learning about your best options.  This is a major expense to plan for and taking the stress of a failed system out of the equation makes this an easier family project.

At the time of proposal, our Kellam Mechanical comfort consultant will deliver professionalism, respectfulness and quick responsiveness. A Custom Home Comfort Survey will be performed along with a thorough inspection of your existing ductwork which includes current sizes and condition since this can greatly affect the delivery of proper airflow to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency of the new system. Your comfort consultant will also perform a Manual J load calculation to ensure that your new home comfort system is properly sized to your home.  An itemized proposal with system options and indoor air quality product will be presented for your consideration.  At the time of installation, Kellam Mechanical will deliver prideful workmanship by drug free, NATE certified technicians.  Warranty registration will be processed for you.  City permits will be obtained and inspections will be scheduled when applicable to follow city safety codes.  Quality Assurance processes and client follow up on all installations are performed.

A new comfort system will pay you back in monthly energy savings, savings on repair costs as well as rebates and tax credits for qualifying equipment. Know someone who needs a new system replacement quote?  Tell ‘em Kellam!  757-430-0358.