Dirt and neglect are the leading causes of air conditioning failures.  Keeping operating costs down is important to all of us, so Kellam Mechanical has seven super money and sanity saving tips to keep your air conditioner dependable:

1.  Schedule system maintained annually with a qualified technician. Tune-ups provide higher efficiency and  reduces comfort system failures.  Kellam Mechanical’s USA (Ultimate Savings Agreement) 25 point inspection annual maintenance program pays for itself through energy savings and program discounts.

2.  Change your disposable filters, or clean your permanent filters monthly.  Pet dander, dust and dirt accumulate fast, clogging up filters which reduces airflow and causes your system to work harder.  Dirty filters will cause system inefficiency and can lead to expensive repairs from compressor failures and freezing coils.

3.  Protect the coils in your outdoor unit.  Use caution when weed eating or mowing around the outdoor unit to prevent coil damage.  Any deck or fencing should be at least 2 -3 feet from the unit to allow for proper airflow around the equipment and access for repairmen.   Keep animals from urinating on outdoor coils to prevent corrosion, which can lead to expensive refrigerant leak repairs.

4.  Remove the threat of water damage.  Some units are located in attics above valuable living space.  Install a ceiling saver safety switch that detects drain clogs.  Safety switches shut down the system before water damage occurs.  Water damage can be costly so be proactive and protect your ceilings, walls and valuables.  This will help avoid the pain of insurance claims as well.

5.  To fight corrosion, install a corrosion grenade.  Systems within one mile of the ocean experience shorter life expectancies and higher failure rates due to salt and sand exposure.  Rinse units down periodically with fresh water to help mitigate the effects of the harsh environment.

6.  Install a surge protector to protect your equipment’s major components from voltage spikes and brownouts.

7.  Choose the right contractor with educated technicians who are NATE certified.

Damage control is important and system maintenance is necessary.  Kellam Mechanical will be glad to dispatch one of our NATE certified techs to help reduce your comfort system failures that will save you money.  757-430-0358