Start the new year thinking about saving on household expenses by upgrading to higher efficient heating and cooling equipment.  Installing a new system can be the first step to improving your comfort and reducing your monthly energy bills by making a smart investment.  Equipment manufactured today is considerably more efficient than in years past.  If your heat pump, package unit or air conditioner is 10 years or older or your gas furnace, geothermal system or boiler is 15 years or older, even if it is currently working, it  is a good time to start preparing for a new system in the near future.  It is better to plan for it and be ready than be forced into an emergency decision when the system fails.    There is a lot to consider when purchasing a new comfort system.

~Understanding how equipment is rated is a factor in your investment. Boilers and furnaces have AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings that measures how efficient the equipment operates on an annual basis.  Heat pumps and air conditioners have SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) ratings that measure the efficiency of the equipment operating during a typical cooling season.  The HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) measures the efficiency of the equipment operating in the heating season.  This information can help you determine what efficiency meets your needs best.  The higher the efficiency, the lower your energy bills will be.  Consider installing reputable Energy Star products.

~Proper equipment size is crucial in bringing the appropriate level of comfort into your home.  Over sizing a comfort system can cause temperature control and humidity issues, higher energy costs and energy waste, so it is important to have a qualified contractor evaluate your home for proper comfort system design using Manual J load calculations.

~Good ductwork conditions are vital to deliver proper airflow and allow  comfort systems to operate at the efficiency rating it was designed for, so have your existing ductwork evaluated when receiving equipment replacement quotes.

~Proper installations will set up the equipment for successful operation and longevity. Flawed installations can create failures and poor efficiency, so it is important to hire a qualified, licensed contractor that complies with city codes and employs NATE certified technicians.

~Some applications are perfect for geothermal or ductless comfort systems, which are both highly efficient and have fewer repair histories than other conventional equipment, which makes them excellent investment choices.

When deciding on what equipment will meet your comfort and investment level, inquire about manufacturer rebate programs.  High efficient equipment is often accompanied with rebates, so take advantage of money back if promotions are active.  For more information on which equipment meets your comfort level best on the south side of Tidewater, call Kellam Mechanical at 757-430-0358.  We are happy to schedule a free consult.