How important is the indoor air you breathe?  Critical.  There are many contaminants in your indoor air that can make their way to your lungs so take action before the fall and winter weather sets in to assure your indoor air is healthy.  Take the time to consider what is circulating through your home.  Floaters are in the form of germs, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, human skin cells, mold spores, paint and carpet odors, allergens, cooking and cleaning agents, household project debris, gases and dust.  It makes me cough just thinking about it.  Kellam Mechanical installs a proven solution called the UVPhotomax for easier breathing.

The UVPhotomax uses the same photocatalytic process that the United States Military, NASA, hospitals and airplanes do to make indoor air healthier.  This product is installed in your heating and cooling system and the advanced technology oxidizes at the molecular level to kill airborne floating contaminants. The solution also prevents bio-growth from clogging the coil fins.  Dirty coils  restrict airflow causing the system to work harder reducing efficiency, wasting energy.

To introduce this solution to your home, schedule a qualified and licensed contractor for installation.  Kellam Mechanical has NATE certified technicians that can apply adjustments to treat homes up to 6,000 square feet.   For healthier indoor air, Tell ’em Kellam!