GeoThermal systems by Kellam Mechanical

A few feet below the earth’s service, the temperature stays constant.  This ground temperature is warmer than the air above it in the cold seasons and cooler in the hot seasons.  Geothermal heating and cooling is based on this technology of generating heat and cool air right from your backyard.

Geothermal heat pumps use up to 80%less electricity than conventional systems because the energy is used to move heat not create heat.  This means a lower energy bill; and according to the Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems reduce energy consumption and corresponding emissions delivering warmer air than conventional systems and regulating humidity control by maintaining around 50% relative indoor humidity, making these systems very effective in humid areas.

Whether you are constructing a new home or replacing an old unit in an existing home, the geothermal system is a smart investment.  It costs less to install and operate than a conventional system based on your return on energy savings and the life span of the equipment which is up to 25 years. Studies also prove that fewer failures occur with geothermal systems, which reduces repair costs.

We, at Kellam Mechanical, believe so much in Geothermal Heating and Cooling that we not only installed this technology in our office building, but also in our personal residence and we LOVE the savings!  Kellam has NATE certified technicians available to ensure a proper installation and strategically installs equipment in crawl spaces and attics to preserve the beauty on the outside of your home.

To reduce your investment, apply 30% tax credits that are available only through 2016.  Be green and save green with an energy efficient comfort system through Kellam Mechanical at 757-430-0358!




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