allow for at least 2 feet of clearance around outdoor air handlersDid you know that lawn and landscaping maintenance can affect your indoor comfort?  Proper airflow is essential for your heating and cooling equipment to operate correctly and safely.  Restricted airflow can cause equipment to lose efficiency leading to higher monthly utility bills as well as failures which can result in expensive repairs.  Keeping your comfort system annually maintained is a sound solution and smart investment.  A skilled technician will perform tasks to keep your coils and burners clean and safe in addition to many other helpful tasks, but there are things that homeowners can do on a regular basis to ensure proper system operation.  Changing filters monthly is necessary as well as keeping equipment clear of obstructions.  To keep your outdoor equipment safe from airflow interference, it is best to allow for at least 2 feet of clearance around the unit from greenery such as shrubs, trees and ivy as well as roots, fencing, other equipment or structures.  4 feet of clearance should be allowed above outdoor unit installations.  This space also allows a technician to access all sides of the equipment for repairs and maintenance.  It is also important to install your outdoor comfort equipment free of exhaust or dryer vents because lint blown into the compressor can cause a clog and a failure.  Overgrown greenery can creep its way into your outdoor compressor and cause it to fail so get your green thumb out there and maintain your yard around your air conditioner, heat pump or package unit for the sake of your indoor comfort.

The picture shown is proof that yard growth is damaging to this Virginia Beach compressor.  Our NATE certified technician quickly discovered that the condenser fan motor failed because it was forced to work twice as hard to move air due to the restricted airflow from the bushes and the lack of space allowed between the house. This lawn condition will shorten the life span of equipment.  Shrubbery moisture can contribute to unit coil damage causing rust and corrosion.  It is also recommended to redirect rain water from dripping off the roof into the unit.  In the winter months freezing excess water can seize the fan with ice build-up or damage it with ice failing into the unit.

Schedule a qualified Kellam Mechanical technician to assist with any annual comfort system maintenance or system relocation if you have current obstructions.



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