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9/15/23 W. Harrell Chesapeake

Salim was super professional and customer focused. Overall it was a great experience.

9/15/23 M. Myers Virginia Beach

The guys were professional and I signed up for the maintenance plan.

9/15/23 D. Deweese Virginia Beach

John was very polite and I am very pleased with their work.

9/15/23 R. Martinez Virginia Beach

The installers were fantastic.

9/15/23 Virginia Beach

Very polite and thorough, gave excellent advice. Very happy with service! SPCA

9/14/23 P. Cooper Virginia Beach

We are extremely satisfied with the service. He was knowledgeable and efficient. We were delighted that he was able to give us some tips for our system and we think he deserves a raise!

9/14/23 A. Gallop Norfolk

Storm was an amazing maintenance technician. I want everyone to know what an amazing job she did.

9/14/23 M. Schwindt Virginia Beach

Very knowledgeable, respectful and great customer service!! Made us feel very confident in rectifying our needs.

9/13/23 T. Ferguson Virginia Beach

Jimmy did an outstanding job performing preventive maintenance on my tankless water heater.

9/13/23 D. Protsman Soffolk

Kellam always brings relief! I have an older unit that I’m always worried will kick the bucket. I am doing my best to get a long life out of it and Kellam has never let me down when I need service or have any concerns. My favorite technician Morgan always listens, helps, and never under delivers! Thanks Kellam, thank you Morgan!!

9/13/23 S. Berry Virginia Beach

John did a wonderful job. I learned some things from him. He was very efficient and took care of everything. I love Kellam. If you need something done they will work with you!

9/13/23 P. Wilkins Norfolk

My husband and I want to thank you so much. Your professionalism was remarkable and your kind manner of helping me due to my visual handicap was outstanding. You represent us well. Keep up your fine work. Please be safe.

9/11/23 T. Ackley Virginia Beach

My old water heater was so loud, now this one works and is quiet just as I like it.

9/8/23 K. Palmer Virginia Beach

Shawn came out on my emergency call and was fantastic! He was professional and friendly and very knowledgeable. He got my AC up and running quickly and I couldn’t be more grateful for his quick and friendly service!

9/8/23 Joyce Leitao Virginia Beach

I have been a Kellam Mechanical Customer since 2008. I have always received great customer service from them and have gotten to know many of the technicians over the years. Recently I had to replace an old unit and technician John Owen was at my house early and ready to go. This unit was in a very tight space and in very bad condition, John and Jevonte worked tirelessly in extreme heat to get this unit in. John was there one evening until 7pm. Because this project was multi faceted Kellam sent several guys to get it done. All the gentleman were extremely pleasant, hard working and professional. I would certainly recommend Kellam for any heating and air conditioning issues. I really appreciate their hard work. And I’m sticking with you!

9/8/23 F. Michael Virginia Beach

Wade Smith came out and fixed a generator problem in one hour that we had several other companies look at over the past two years with no success! Great Job!

9/7/23 M. Craig Virginia Beach

The tech was really nice and helped me with my trash and was so nice to the cat. I lost my husband recently and that meant a lot to me.

9/7/23 D. Savoie Virginia Beach

My issue was resolved and thank you for coming out so quickly.

9/7/23 A. Parker Suffolk

Friendly,, and knew what he was doing,, did not even stop for lunch,, as far as your business go,s he’s a keeper….

9/6/23 V. Glitch Norfolk

9/6/23 R. Blow Virginia Beach

The technician, Christopher Watkins was incredibly efficient, professional, very knowledgeable and exceptionally friendly.

9/5/23 J. Williams Suffolk

A very professional guy I really don’t want nobody but him working on my generator. He is very good.

9/5/23 M. Eisenberg Virginia Beach

9/4/23 M. Gregory Virginia Beach

Service was outstanding.

9/4/23 L. Jennings Virginia Beach

I tried to change my own thermostat to a smart thermostat and unbeknownst to me, blew a fuse in the process and ended up with an 85 degree bedroom. Called Kellam and requested someone come out right away (this was Labor Day) and was quickly texted a reasonable window for his arrival. Neil J called to let me know he was on his way and asked9/7/23 Friendly,, and knew what he was doing,, did not even stop for lunch,, as far as your business go,s he’s a keeper…. me to go over what was going on. He seemed to know right away what the problem probably was and sure enough, he was right. He was very knowledgeable, professional, competent and friendly and I felt totally comfortable with his abilities. He replaced the fuse and mounted my new thermostat and checked to make sure everything was running properly before he left. He recommended their service plan which I had previously rejected when offered, but because I felt so confident with his competence, I signed up for it. Highly recommend and will definitely use in the future!

8/30/23 M. Dickenson Chesapeake

The tech was nice and he informed me about the ants and what could be done about it to keep them out of my generator and I do appreciate that.

8/30/23 D. Wilson Virginia Beach

Tony provided 100%, top tier professional service. He was very professional and cleaned up after they were done with the service. I would recommend them and Kellum Mechanical for your electrical system service & repair needs.

8/30/23 G. Ravey Virginia Beach

We called late on a Tuesday night and Kellam’s technician showed up first thing the next morning. Gave us an honest and expeditious assessment and quote for new a/c units. Kellam came to us highly recommended and I will recommend them to my neighbors.

8/30/23 S. Wright Virginia Beach

We have been working Kellam Mechanical for a few years now. I had the privilege of working with Storm and she serviced our HVAC system. She was amazing! Not only was she on time and professional, she explained all of her recommendations and changed out our filters. She took her time to provide us quality service. Thank you Kellam.

8/29/23 J. Thompson Chesapeake

Morgan did a fantastic job. He was most professional and kindest tech I have ever met. I love referring people to Kellam because you all are honest and have integrity and I truly appreciate everything we have done.

8/29/23 M. O’tool Virginia Beach

Storm was amazing. She is great with people and the dog. She even apologized for the water on the floor when it clearly was out of her control. It started raining and she continued to work. Love her!

8/29/23 J. Harvey Virginia Beach

Shawn always resolves my issue and he is amazing.

8/28/23 P. McBeth Portsmouth

Neil did an excellent job with our HVAC maintenance! He arrived on time, was very thorough, and helpful.

8/28/23 M. Thompson Virginia Beach

Your guys did wonderful. Everything is running great.

8/28/23 B. Glenn Virginia Beach

Your tech resolved our issue and we liked him a lot.

8/28/23 F. McGowan Chesapeake

We like Terrence. He’s a sweetheart and we wish him well.

8/28/23 G. Calhoun Chesapeake

Received great service from Ricky Rivers on hot water heater.

8/25/23 C. Eugene Virginia Beach

Ricky was professional, super knowledgeable and provided great service! Thanks for everything!! Job well done!!

8/24/23 J. Blohm Virginia Beach

Very honest & dependable. Provided quick relief when our gas hot water heater stopped working!

8/23/23 T. Dooley Knotts Island

I have counted on Kellam Mechanical for years to maintain my HVAC systems. Thank you Joshua Weathers for taking care of my good friend Zenny Schuffels in Knotts Island today.

8/22/23 R. Shapiro Virginia Beach

Air conditioner went out after dinner time in August, the worst thing you ever want. We called them and amazingly a technician was at our house within an hour and a half. He found the problem and got our a/C, running within an hour or so of arriving, couldn’t be happier with their service.

8/22/23 P. George Virginia Beach

John has been to y house before and he is always great and explains everything.

8/22/23 V. Leigh Virginia Beach

On a scale of 1-5 I give 1000! The tech was super helpful. I am so grateful and appreciate you all so much. The previous company we were with really dropped the ball on us. We called on Friday and Kellam was able to get someone out on Monday.

8/22/23 D. Barber Virginia Beach

The Kellam team was great – they came out the next day to work on restoring our AC. Richard was friendly, professional and did a great job diagnosing and fixing our issue.

8/22/23 R. Rakhimov Virginia Beach

Jackson is super professional. Thank you for the great service.

8/22/23 N. Hicks Virginia Beach

Excellent service on our generator!

8/21/23 S. Damico Chesapeake

John came out and did a great job replacing two outlets that didn’t work. He was friendly and professional.

8/18/23 C. Daniels Virginia Beach

I am very pleased with the new installation techs and the whole process.

8/18/23 V. Pietsch Chesapeake

My installation went smoothly and I am very happy about it. The techs made it look easy.

8/18/23 S. Lock Virginia Beach

The installers were efficient and everything went well.

8/17/23 B. Warren Virginia Beach

Jackson was excellent !!! Very professional, capable & kind. Explained everything & went extra yard, installing our filters. Such a pleasure

8/17/23 P. Jannuzzi Virginia Beach

The plumber came to drain our water tank and performed some other maintenance things. Thanks!

8/17/23 R. Reed Virginia Beach

I have to tell you all that the people that work for you are very knowledgeable, professional and I trust them to in my house and it means a lot to the elderly. I am a good judge of people and even the young man that was here, he had a good soul. You have a great young man on your team. He is very pleasant to be a young man and I’m happy to see a young man with such a beautiful soul. Even the receptionists are always so nice and friendly. I’m just so grateful. I love Kellam and always pleased with you all.

8/16/23 R. Lindner Virgina Beach

Thank you so much to Kellam, especially Terrence that after hours in the rain he came out to fix my ac. He was very nice and wanted all to know that.

8/16/23 A. Griswold Virginia Beach

My ac is working and I am no longer sweating in hell!

8/16/23 C. Geller Virginia Beach

Morgan fixed my ac and rather quickly.

8/16/23 L. Gressley Virginia Beach

The tech resolved my ac issue and he is so smart and I rate him a 100 out of 10!

8/15/23 Judy Rubin Norfolk

My technician was very nice, polite and committed to getting the work done.

8/15/23 D. Felmey Chesapeake

Our tech was amazing and Kellam was amazing.

8/15/23 K. Melnyk Virginia Beach

I can’t gush enough about David. He went above and beyond. He represents Kellam Mechanical so well. He responded to our ac issue on Saturday while we were out of town, but my mom was there to let him in. He ordered the part, got it on Monday and came Monday night to install it. He was sweating in the terrible heat, but was so kind and dedicated to make sure it was fixed for our arrival home. He along with all of your technicians have always been wonderful and I appreciate you all.

8/14/23 S. Mcadoo Suffolk

Richard was very informative. Answered all my questions and showed me things for my unit. Also made recommendations which I have already completed!!

8/11/23 L. Shroder Virginia Beach

My tech is da bomb. He was perfect and I knew he wasn’t full of s***. He represented the company well, he knew what he was talking about and didn’t Micky Mouse around. I don’t know Kellam and because of my job detail I am not allowed on social media, but the way the technician presented himself, his knowledge and looked me in the eye when he spoke speaks enough for the company and I am leaving the other company and signed with Kellam to handle my services. Please send that tech every time.

8/10/23 A. Wray Virginia Beach

We think very highly of Richard. He has been honest and thorough in our dealings with him.

8/9/23 R. Hutchinson Virginia Beach

The tech was so amazing. I will recommend this company to everyone I know. Thank God I called Kellam. I rate 10 out of 5 on everything. Kellam is a blessing.

8/9/23 J. Felton Virginia Beach

Richard cleaned my system better than anyone else. He was amazing.

8/8/23 L. Allmond Virginia Beach

My experience with Salim was pleasant, responded to and answered all questions. Very efficient in installing my bathroom toilet. I would not hesitate to recommend him for plumbing services.

8/8/23 N. Lipsey Virginia Beach

Very impressed with the gentlemen who worked at my home. Covered their shoes and carpet. Left everything clean.

8/4/23 D. Crisafulli Virginia Beach

Your guys are always amazing!

8/3/23 A. Stephens Virginia Beach

The communication with your company is so great and I love Kellam.

8/1/23 C. Jimenez Virginia Beach

I recently had an HVAC leak which needed some duct work repair. I had a 3 very reputable companies come out to provide a cost for repair, and Kellam was the fourth . All the others just tried to sell me a new system and spent maybe 15 minutes at my property. Morgan from Kellam came out and found a solution without replacing a costly unit. He spent about an hour or more with me inspecting the unit and gave me options for repair. Never had I felt so comfortable with the other techs. They were back in two days as promised and repaired my issue. I think Kellam is extremely lucky to have Morgan, it’s obvious that he loves his job and that makes a huge difference and he loves serving his customers , by educating them and having a positive cheerful attitude. All these reviews about him are certainly true!! Thanks Morgan; you are undoubtedly a rare find ! Kellam, you guys sure hit the jackpot with Morgan!! Don’t ever lose him!

8/1/23 P. Towler Virginia Beach

Chris was excellent. I am very pleased with him and he is a great tech.

8/1/23 C. Jeffers Chesapeake

The tech resolved our issue and I woke up in a cool house for the 1st time in a long time.

8/1/23 C. Mills Norfolk

The techs were just wonderful and hard workers. I am very pleased.

8/1/23 S. Heppe Virginia Beach

Techs were very polite even with the hot weather and I am enjoying my new system.

7/31/23 E. Warranch Virginia Beach

Your techs are wonderful. Every single tech I have had come to my home over the past 20 years is amazing.

7/31/23 J. Rupe Virginia Beach

We called the company in the morning and Morgan arrived a few hours later. The solution was solved very quickly and professionally thank you!

7/31/23 A. Jantz Chesapeake

THANK YOU very much for taking care of my AC problems quickly. Your guys left my home around 1:30pm. My home cooled down quickly after they left and the temperature has settled nicely. The amount of air flow has greatly increased and you can now feel the air coming from the vents. Your guys arrived early, took a quick look at the units and got right to work. Once they were done, they did a thorough cleaning and asked me to check out their work. They did a fantastic job. Look forward to working with Kellam Mechanical on future projects.

7/30/23 B. Beckwith Virginia Beach

Richard was my technician this morning. He was very personable and professional. He knew immediately what the problem was after assessing the area.

7/30/23 M. Pumphrey Virginia Beach

Morgan was fantastic! He came out timely on a Sunday afternoon and knew right away the fix. He even found a way to save money. Thanks Morgan!

7/30/23 M. Biehl Virginia Beach

Neil is a great guy and a joy to work with!!!

7/29/23 T. Westendorf Virginia Beach

I returned from a vacation on a Saturday night and found my house at 88 degrees. I called Kellam with the anticipation that my family would likely need to spend at least one night in a hotel waiting for service. Technician Morgan was at my house within an hour and quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. I couldn’t be happier with the incredibly fast and professional service he provided.

7/28/23 R Putrino Virgina Beach

I cannot sing Richard and Kellam Mechanical’s praises enough. The day we get a heat advisory is of course the day our HVAC stops cooling our home. I’m pregnant with 1, 3 and 5 year old boys and a husband out of town. After struggling on the phone with home warranty all day, I decided we can’t live like this and called what felt like every AC company in the area. Everyone told me it would be 1+ weeks, EXCEPT KELLAM! Within 5 minutes of the call they had an emergency tech assigned to our home. He arrived in just over an hour, was beyond kind & quickly got to work diagnosing and fixing the issue. Emergency services, fair prices, quick work. I truly couldn’t have asked for more! Don’t take all their 5 star reviews lightly, they’re amazing!

7/27/23 K. Sambroski Virginia Beach

John has saved our lives multiple times, he is an excellent electrician and always upholds the most professional standards!

7/26/23 Z. Wilson Virginia Beach

Morgan the tech was amazing. Truly, it was great and I am so happy.

7/26/23 S. Heppe Virginia Beach

The guys were polite even with the hot weather and I am enjoying my new system.

7/26/23 S. Roosma Virginia Beach

Friendly, on time & provided a key that was missing from the Generator.

7/26/23 R. Amelon Virginia Beach

Wade to the rescue. It was 82 degrees inside our home when he arrived. His experience paid off getting us fixed up. Great job!

7/25/23 R. Leggett Virginia Beach

Since 2021 Richard has done outstanding work for me. I trust him with my property codes. It is refreshing to have such a nice, reliable guy. He is the reason why I remain with Kellam Mechanical.

7/25/23 K. Hunter Virginia Beach

My AC went down July 4th evening. I called Kellam because I’d seen their trucks in the neighborhood. Morgan was the only one to call back. It was late but I live near him so he stopped by for a diagnosis. He’d had a long hot day but couldn’t have been more accommodating..really a great person! He set me up for a new system two days later. From the person who answered the phone to Morgan to Kyle and Julio, I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, friendly group. It really made a difficult time more bearable. Thank you!!”

7/24/23 D. Nelson Virginia Beach

Morgan and Rick were amazing during the entire ac repair process.

7/20/23 J. Riddick Virginia Beach

We have been using Kellam Mechanical services for over 20 years. Recently , we had Kellam Mechanical come out to flush our hot water heater and to give us an estimate for replacement of sink faucets, tub faucets and new toilets. The representative from Kellam Mechanical was Ben Roberts. From the moment he introduced himself, we felt totally comfortable with his work ethics and his recommendations to the replacement of faucets and toilets. He was most thorough in explaining the flushing of the hot water heater and was most informative in explaining what type of faucets and toilets that he would recommend. Not only was he strait forward with his explanations, we felt a genuine concern from him to make sure our needs and desires were met. Ben Roberts was warm, friendly and information. Kellam Mechanical should be very proud to have Ben representing their company. It is employees like Ben that keep us loyal customers of Kellam Mechanical. A+++++

7/20/23 J. Walsh Chesapeake

We are pleased with service and cool.

7/9/23 G. Leger Virginia Beach

I came home from a week’s vacation to find out my A/C was out. I called Kellam Mechanical (on a Sunday) and they sent Morgan to help out. I remembered him from previous scheduled service calls with Kellam and I could not have been more pleased. I remembered him being a great technician and he did not disappoint. My A/C was back in a jiffy! I’m glad to see that expert technicians like Morgan represent Kellam Mechanical so professionally. You saved the day!

7/9/23 K. Virtin Portsmouth

I recently bought a house and moved across country. When I arrived to my house, the AC was not working. And with the massive heatwave and 2 dogs you can imagine my frustration. Morgan came on a Sunday around 10am. He was so professional and respectful and willing to give guidance on all areas of my home. I will 100% be using the company again. I cannot say enough great things about this company and how amazing Morgan was during this frustrating time. I truly appreciate all the help from not only Morgan, but the phone operator for getting my appointment so soon. I am so thankful for the help Morgan provided since this is my first home. Thank you Team!

7/8/23 D. Curtis Portsmouth

He did a great job was very knowledgeable

7/8/23 C. Carter Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical is awesome. From the first time dealing with Rusty, who sold me my new HVAC system, to all of the caring and understanding ladies in the office, to each technician that has been to my house for various reasons, they are just all around top notch! They’re so professional, on time, and never leave you hanging with heating / cooling issues. Just recently, my air went out during this hot summer weather, and after Morgan (who’s great!) checked out my system and made a diagnosis, another technician Richard Barnes came the next day and worked tirelessly to get it back up and running. He refused to leave me with no air over the hot July weekend, and troubleshooted until he got it taken care of. He was so caring, knowledgeable and just all around fantastic. I’m so appreciative of him! Kellam has really earned my trust, and with technicians like Morgan and Richard, it really just cements the fact that Kellam is the BEST!

7/7/23 D. Michalewicz Chesapeake

Showed up promptly. Explained what he was doing and fixed our AC. Thanks

7/6/23 M. Avondet Virginia Beach

I felt John was honest with his assessment of our home electrical and explained our current needs clearly. He spray extra time making sure we understood what was needed. Great service!

7/5/23 M. Costa Virginia Beach

I recently had Kellam come out to my parent’s house to fix an AC issue. Sadly because their elderly several companies had ripped them off and performed really bad service. Morgan came over to diagnose the issue right away and gave us a fair and honest assessment of the issue. He was the best, incredibly kind, very thorough, and super knowledgeable. Highly recommend Kellam and definitely as for Morgan.

7/5/23 C. Jones Norfolk

Kellam Mechanical and Shawn were the absolute best. Shawn came out on the Fourth of July due to an emergency situation at our home. We have an infant and the home and could not afford the AC being shut off. He was able to figure the problem, get the needed part, and of the unit running smoothly within 24 hours. Highly recommend Kelam for those needing HVAC service.

7/5/23 M. Costa Virginia Beach

I’m writing this review due to the fact Kellam went above and beyond to help my elderly parents. Sadly my parents have fallen victim to numerous scams and hard-sell marketing by certain companies. Morgan is the best, honest, thorough, and incredibly knowledgeable about his trade. He was able to identify the problem quickly and give us a fair market quote to get the repair done so I could get my parent’s AC back up and running. I would highly recommend Kellam but make sure to ask for Morgan he is a great human that will get the job done.

7/4/23 J. Kelly Virginia Beach

The technician quickly diagnosed the issue and restored my HVAC functionality.

7/4/23 K. Shaffer Virginia Beach

Jamie was wonderful. He was very polite and knowledgeable and kept me informed as to what he was doing. Thanks you for sending him. Hope to see him again soon with the part needed. Thank you all.

7/4/23 P. Moore Virginia Beach

Just wanted to let you know you much we appreciate the service that Morgan gave to our air conditioning problem. He repaired it and has been working properly since he came. Please let him know that we appreciate him and his efforts fix/repair the problems.

7/3/23 C. Lake Virginia Beach

Tony is absolutely amazing and a great face for the company. He answered every question. He was super polite and professional.

7/3/23 C. Wise Virginia Beach

We are thankful Gerald found a leak that we did not know we had.

7/3/23 P. Jones Virginia Beach

Ben was very efficient and did a great job.

7/3/23 C. Best Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes was absolutely brilliant! He was honest, extremely knowledgeable, through, and downright a great person.

7/3/23 D. Pace Virginia Beach

I’m so pleased with the services provided by Kellam Mechanical. Jamie is exceptional. My system has never performed better during these miserable HOT days since Jamie serviced our unit. Our interior temperature remain constant even on the hottest days. This has only been true since Jamie and Kellam Mechanical evaluated and serviced our HVAC system. My highest regards and recommendations to you and anyone needing HVAC service.

7/1/23 G. DeShazor Virginia Beach

John Holdcroft was an excellent employee to take care of my generator Friday. He deserves a 10 rating on a 1-5. Very skilled. Informed me about his work and and has a great personality. Very thorough and professional. Thank you

7/1/23 M. Montevirgen Virginia Beach

Our AC went out and we needed someone to check it out. They sent Jeff to diagnose it. He was thorough and thinks it’s the compressor and fan that’s busted but he said he’ll send another tech for a second opinion because he didn’t want us charged for a wrong diagnosis. Gerald came the next day and he was able to get the fan to work but compressor still busted. Our current unit has had several repairs for the same problem in the last few years, we opted to just install a new one. Gerald was excellent in explaining to us what the problem was in a way that we can understand. Other companies wouldn’t have done a second opinion (for free)!

6/30/23 R. Cooke Virginia Beach

Ben was top notch, answered all my questions and concerns, was professial and a credit to Kellum Mechanical. He was in and out in just under an hour, fixed what we needed and didn’t try to add on anything or “find problems”. Thank you so much

6/30/23 A. Mick Virginia Beach

Julio, Thank you for going beyond my expectations and for answering and listening to all my questions.

6/29/23 L. Bennett Virginia Beach

Five star service across the board. He was courteous, thorough, knowledgeable, and got the problem fixed quickly. We felt we got a great value for his service and will recommend Kellam Mechanical to others. This was our second experience with Kellam Mechanical and you’re definitely our new and trusted favorite. To Kayla, stellar service!

6/29/23 T. Smith Virginia Beach

Tim did excellent work and has an excellent personality. I will request him for future work.

6/28/23 W. Swallow Virginia Beach

Wade was excellent and took his time ensuring the job was completed correctly.

6/27/23 A. Toti Virginia Beach

We love your company. That’s why we refer everyone. Kellam has fixed so many mistakes made from other companies.

6/27/23 L. Stalcut Virginia Beach

The tech was very helpful and answered all my questions.

6/27/23 Select Group Virginia Beach

Ricky was phenomenal. He was so patient and was able to figure out the issue and we are very happy with the service we received.

6/26/23 P. Jones Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical Is amazing they are quick to respond especially if it’s a semi emergency and you need service today or as soon as possible. Technician Wade Smith is very knowledgeable with Generac generators and he always leave us feeling. that the job was done right the 1st time.

6/24/23 M. Puit Virginia Beach

Job went well. Tim was professional and explained what he was doing. He also had some recommendations for a follow on appointment.

6/24/23 M. Puit Virginia Beach

Job went well. Tim was professional and explained what he was doing. He also had some recommendations for a follow on appointment.

6/22/23 C. Bunting Virginia Beach

Jeff and Kellam are great and I have nothing but good things to say.

6/21/23 J. House Virginia Beach

Hunter and Jacob were so professional, efficient, worked non-stop and left nothing out of place. They are the best team I have ever had and I am going to recommend them and Kellam to everyone. I could not be more pleased.

6/20/23 B. Flora Virginia Beach Knotts Island

Kellam is a great company. The guys are really great even when my mom at 89 years old can be difficult. Thanks so much for all you do.

6/20/23 K. Moroco Norfolk

Gerald was an excellent representation to Kellam. He is the absolute best and never lose him.

6/20/23 B. Ricks Virginia Beach

The tech was amazing. The company as a whole kept the lines of communication open so we never had to guess or wonder what’s next. Gold star service. Thanks so much, you all were great on both occasions.

6/20/23 H. Kittler Virginia Beach

The replacement of my HVAC system was completed on time and went without a hitch. The new system includes a water heater. All piping and wiring are in straight lines and properly secured. There was nothing I had to clean up after. Since I am a retired investigators for failed mechanical systems I very much appreciate the clean job that Chris and his team have delivered. Thank you.

6/20/23 S. Myers Virginia Beach

The installers were very careful, polite and considerate and did a great job. They put their floor coverings down and everything.

6/20/23 B. Flora Virginia Beach Knotts Island

Kellam is a great company. The guys are really great even when my mom at 89 years old can be difficult. Thanks so much for all you do.

6/20/23 K. Moroco Norfolk

Gerald was an excellent representation to Kellam. He is the absolute best and never lose him.

6/20/23 B. Ricks Virginia Beach

The tech was amazing. The company as a whole kept the lines of communication open so we never had to guess or wonder what’s next. Gold star service. Thanks so much, you all were great on both occasions.

6/19/23 S. Brown Virginia Beach

John Holdcroft was very thorough and friendly. I’ll definitely be using Kellam Mechanical for my future electrical, ac, and plumbing needs. The call center was very professional and thorough also. Thank you.

6/19/23 C. Hughes Chesapeake

I am overly pleased with my services and Jimmie is fantastic. I have had him out more than once and every time he is amazing and gets the job done.

6/16/23 A. Lester Virginia Beach

The tech resolved my issue. He was outstanding and I would like to use him for all my electrical services.

6/16/23 G. Verrill Virginia Beach

The tech went over and beyond and fixed the other company’s problem. I wish I was with Kellam sooner. Just amazing, I simply love you guys.

6/13/23 R. Vaszil Virgina Beach


6/11/23 J. Weichelt Virgina Beach

Very responsive, showed up in less than two hours on a Sunday! Very professional, reasonable pricing.

6/10/23 C. Parker Virginia Beach

Highly recommend this company. They were able to come out same day on short notice when our A/C went out. Shawn was fantastic. He was personable and friendly. He fixed our issue, explained everything as he went, and showed us pictures of any issues. Some of the best customer service I’ve had.

6/9/23 D. Greiber Virginia Beach

I will be choosing Kellam as my parents have. Gerald was very professional and knowledgeable.

6/8/23 M. Graham Virginia Beach

The maintenance tech was very in depth and professional.

6/8/23 Sally R. Virginia Beach

They were super polite and professional, they are my main plumbers.

6/7/23 J. Jarvis Virginia Beach

Both Kyle and John were some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet. Very prompt and professional, you should be very proud to have them on your team. Thank you,

6/6/23 K. Boubion Chesapeake

Absolutely great!!! Best techs ever!!!

6/6/23 S. Rhodes Virginia Beach

I’d like to thank Scott Kellam for sending those 2 nice young men to do the plumbing job at my condo. They arrived on time. Most polite and efficient. One was Ricky and I can’t think of the other’s name, both deserve recognition. Thanks!

6/2/23 A. Kirker Virginia Beach

Jamie Swanson went above and beyond when servicing our system. He took the time to take videos and photos while explaining each maintenance task to us as he completed them. We were given future advice to help our system throughout the season as well. I would absolutely have him come back in the future.

6/2/23 D. Parke Virginia Beach

Richard was excellent! He was very professional, explained everything that was going, and he spoke to everyone in the house.

6/2/23 L. Wheeler Virginia Beach

Morgan was polite, knowledgeable and professional.

6/2/23 K. Holland Virginia Beach

Kyle and John did AWESOME! So pleased with their professionalism.

5/31/23 B. Franklin Virginia Beach

The Team was exceptional .will surely recommend to my family and friends.

5/30/23 D. Aweanung Chesapeake

The tech exceeded the max of 5 stars.

5/26/23 K. Thomas Virginia Beach

Salim was awesome tech. Very professional, quick prompt and polite.

5/26/23 P. Burney Chesapeake

The tech was wonderful, definitely a 5 star experience.

5/25/23 J. Howland Virginia Beach

In my first experience hiring Kellam, I had a great experience. John and Kyle were on time and quickly were able to inspect my electrical panel found a code violation that had been overlooked for many years and give me a handful of options on correcting this issue before selling my home. The Kellam team that came to my home were awesome and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you John and Kyle.

5/25/23 P. Barker Virginia Beach

Jeff was awesome. Very thorough and professional. I would like him to be my technician going forward so if you could please note my account that would be great thank you.

5/25/23 D. Delone Portsmouth

I will use your company again.

5/25/23 S. Fuller Virginia Beach

My technician was very professional and thorough.

5/23/23 R. Lindner Virginia Beach

Shawn was great – super helpful and friendly. Very thorough. I appreciate it!

5/22/23 P. Burke Chesapeake

The technician James is very knowledgeable and professional I like that he cleans up behind him self also very informative he a great technician thank you James.

5/17/23 A. Gandulla Virginia Beach

Mr. Barnes (HVAC Tech) did a fantastic job, got the A/C running in no time. Thank You!

5/17/23 M. Detraglia Virginia Beach

Just want to say, what a knowledgeable, professional employee Gerald Kearney is. He explained the issues we were having in layman’s terms for us. I will request him for any of our HVAC needs!!! Thank you…

5/16/23 R. Adams Virginia Beach

Jackson was prompt and helpful. He went about his business and completed my quarterly maintenance. He advised me of a couple minor issues and offered an affordable solution. Thank you.

5/15/23 F. Etheridge Virginia Beach

I’m very pleased with past and present service I have received.

5/12/23 L. Lister Virginia Beach

Very courteous and nice guys. They made sure they got the job done correctly.

5/12/23 B. Scellato Virginia Beach

The installers, Trevor, Chris and Valente were the nicest 3 guys I have ever met. Valente is the bomb and is a leader for sure. They were fantastic.

5/12/23 P. Meiggs Virginia Beach

Nice techs and very hard workers.

5/11/23 G. Chandler Virginia Beach

I was very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism from Shawn today.

5/11/23 C. Felton Virginia Beach

Ben was very knowledgeable with many year of experience. I would recommend him for service and will certainly request him every time I have a plumbing need.

5/10/23 M. Hallman Chesapeake

Kellam mechanical is excellent. We’ve been thru them all.

5/10/23 S. Byrum Virginia Beach

I have been with Kellam Mechanical (Scott) since I purchased my house many years ago. They keep me on a schedule for all maintenance, etc. so I get the greatest performance and longevity for equipment. The service team and the office team are professional and good people. The technology they use is up to date, always keeping the customer informed on arrival times, etc.

5/10/23 D. Anderson Virginia Beach

We just bought a home in West Neck and the home inspector was very impressed with the installation of the gas furnace, AC, and hot water heater in the attic. He said it was VERY professional and would call them whenever he need new in his own home. Kellam Mechanical installed them 5 years ago.

5/9/23 K. Miller Chesapeake

Gerald is just super. Outstanding personality. Kellam always sends the best guys. I’m never leaving you guys.

5/9/23 L. Bedard Virginia Beach

Gerald was extremely informative and very knowledgeable. He not only performed the necessary maintenance but took extra time to explain everything thoroughly. Gerald was very helpful and professional.

5/9/23 T. Meares Virginia Beach

Replace hot water tank. Ricky was great! Thank you!!

5/9/23 R. Holland Virginia Beach

Just wanted to let you all know that the guys who just came to my house are FANTASTIC. They installed our new AC and were supervised by Richard. All of them are top notch!!!. A huge thanks!

5/8/23 D. Mcilwee Virginia Beach

Tech was very polite. We would rate him a 10 out of 5!

5/8/23 M. Olijnyk Virginia Beach

You all did great work and I really like Alex. He was awesome and personable, a really great person.

5/8/23 M. McWhorter Virginia Beach

Our new system is up and running, didn’t have any issues. The install went well.

5/8/23 K. Ignacz Virginia Beach

My technician was very down to earth, friendly and knew what he was doing.

5/6/23 P. Johnson Virginia Beach

Morgan was excellent.

5/5/23 P. Thompson Virginia Beach

Courteous, professional, on time and respectful. Hard to ask for much more.

5/5/23 M. Pacheco Va. Beach

Shawn was so friendly & knowledgeable! He was thurough & did great work!

5/3/23 E. Pierson Virginia Beach

Called the office today to commend Wade Smith and signed up for HVAC maintenance contract. Very pleased. Keep up the good work!

5/3/23 W. Hayden Virginia Beach

Tim was great, did a professional job and completed it in a timely manner.

5/2/23 C. McCauley Virgina Beach

Richard is very personable and understanding. He explained the service and potential preventive maintenance and other recommendations.

5/2/23 C. McCauley Virgina Beach

Richard is very personable and understanding. He explained the service and potential preventive maintenance and other recommendations.

5/1/23 G. Nelson Portsmouth

Shout out to Tony for being knowledgeable and an amazing guy. Keep that man on board because he is awesome and so is Kellam.

5/1/23 S. Pinion Virginia Beach

Tim did a great job. Attention to detail and explained all the process all the way through.

5/1/23 S. Pinion Virginia Beach

Tim did a great job. Attention to detail and explained all the process all the way through.

4/28/23 S. Pagano Virginia Beach

One word-Morgan!! Great service and great knowledge of what you truly need(& don’t) There’s no pressure with Morgan and he’s ready with suggestions at all times. He has helped us save money and time. Kellam Mechanical is the best HVAC contractor in the area and so thankful for Morgan too!

4/28/23 S. Peterson Virginia Beach

The crew has always been great. I trust them and that’s why I keep coming back.

4/28/23 K. Galvin Virginia Beach

The gentlemen were very polity and fixed a couple of issues I had in addition to the installation.

4/28/23 C. McNamera Suffolk

The install went well and the guys were very nice and respectful.

4/25/23 C. Niemann Virginia Beach

5 Stars for Heating & A/C Annual Checkup.

4/25/23 C. Felton Virginia Beach

Ben was great. Very knowledgeable and would love to have him for every plumbing issue I have.

4/25/23 W. Snow Virginia Beach

Gerald was awesome! Couldn’t be happier with the service I received. I’ve used some of the other HVAC companies around and Kellam Mechanical is just better than the rest. Gerald was on time, incredibly knowledgeable, and very personable. I haven’t received this level of customer service in a while. So happy I called them. Definitely recommend them to anybody looking to have their HVAC system serviced.

4/24/23 J. Estabrook Virginia Beach

Excellent at fixing the broken geothermal system at our new house. Chris Watkins was great at explaining everything that was wrong and how he went about fixing it.

4/22/23 B. Birdwell Virginia Beach

Morgan is the best! Highly professional, knowledgeable and courteous! One of Kellam Mechanical best technicians

4/22/23 A. Trottier Virginia Beach

Yesterday, Morgan Bayse along with co-worker Cody Moran performed routine Spring maintenance on our RUUD gas pack.They texted letting my wife and I know they were on their way and both arrived shortly afterwards. They wasted no time in performing the maintenance to our unit. Fortunately everything was fine. The RUUD gas pack is only three years old and Kellam Mechanical has been maintaining the maintenance since it was installed. The main reason my wife and I purchased this unit was because of a price, and Morgan Bayse.

4/22/23 G. Olmstead Virginia Beach

I want all to know at Kellam to know we always have Morgan from Kellam provide our twice yearly service and we are so pleased with the service on our 2 HVAC systems. He does a great job always!!

4/21/23 J. Keith Knotts Island

Wade Smith sent a text to say he was on his way to perform the yearly maintenance on my GENERAC generator. He said he would be here in an hour and he was. He is always dependable and courteous. I’m very fortunate to have Kellam Mechanical technicians who also service my HVAC system and Mr. Smith to service my generator.

4/21/23 J. Underwood Virginia Beach

Had a leak in the front yard from pinhole in pipe. Ricky Rivers was our technician. We were notified in advance he was on his way, he arrived within a very acceptable time window, and got right to work. He made sure to show us the leak, explain the work, then validate that the leak had been repaired. It was a hot day for Spring and he was working solo, having to dig through maybe 3 cubic yards of wet dirt and clay. Great attitude, steady effort, and high level of service. Will request him for our thankless water heater service contract. Very pleased.

4/21/23 M. Richardson Virginia Beach

I am very pleased at how professional and polite Tony and Kyle were. They were outstanding.

4/20/23 L. Richardson Virginia Beach

Just had a water heater replaced. Attic installation. Extremely professional job. Neat and clean. Great company. Online and phone communication was quick and responsive. Update October 2022: Just had my fall heating maintenance performed by Gerald. Very courteous and professional technician. Arrived on time. Provided excellent customer service and recommendations. Kellam has great customer communication. Very pleased. Update 20APR2023: Had Spring maintenance performed on both my AC systems. Exceptional technician. Richard Barnes personable, courteous, and respectful. Excellent communication skills. Superb job performance and customer service. Very pleased with AC service.

4/19/23 M. Sheuey Virginia Beach

Samantha is the reason I decided to call Kellam because last month I spoke with her and had a bunch of questions and Samantha was so nice and answered all my questions and went above and beyond. She was also patient with me. She is terrific and you don’t find many customer service reps like her.

4/19/23 C. Blanchard Virginia Beach

It always starts with a leak – I had a leak coming from my ceiling in the first floor, just a slight drip occasionally. Kellam came out next day first thing in the morning, quickly diagnosed the issue (my dryer vent was clogged, causing condensation) and got right to work fixing it. A few weeks later, they came out for annual AC Maintenance (they offer a great membership service that in addition to other things, gives you two tune ups on your HVAC system a year), and found that my water heater was 23 years old, furnace 17 years old, and my fiberglass duct work was full of holes and mold. They gave me reasonable quotes on all of it and offered financing – I didn’t use it, but nice to know they have the option – then gave me time to decide. I went ahead with all of the work, and the guys came out the day after I signed the contract. They replaced all my duct work, the water heater, and furnace in a single day! I was quite impressed with the speed and efficiency. I can feel a difference in my HVAC now – the vents are blowing much harder and the house is cooling down quicker – and my water heats up much faster now. Highly recommended – they are fast, professional, and reasonably priced. The fact that they do it all – HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing – has convinced me that I have found my go-to contractors for work.

4/19/23 T. Moore Virginia Beach

Morgan Bayse was awesome.

4/18/23 K. Cartino Virginia Beach

Shawn is awesome and very personable and a great tech. I will be requesting him again!

4/18/23 P. Jenkins Virginia Beach

Richard does an amazing job and is super polite. He was very patient, and even with the little one around he was extremely careful coming and going. I couldn’t have a received a better tech.

4/18/23 B. McAvoy Virginia Beach

Gerald was wonderful, knowledgeable and super friendly, a super guy!

4/17/23 S. Standish Virginia Beach

I had issues with 2 toilets. The technician (Ricky) was great! He was very polite, friendly and informative. After he had completed the jobs he explained everything he did and answered all of my questions.

4/17/23 J. Octavo Virginia Beach

The electricians have good work ethics.

4/17/23 I. Myles Chesapeake

My tech was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

4/17/23 J. Carter Virginia Beach

Ben did great. Problem resolved and he fixed another issue while we were waiting on the tankless hot water heater to turn hot. He’s a nice guy, too.

4/17/23 L. Evans Chesapeake

Richard once again was efficient and explained everything to me. I trust his recommendations and workmanship!!

4/16/23 C. Hollowood Virginia Beach

Kellam is absolutely top notch! I have an Apollo heating system and the part that I needed was out of stock locally. They ordered the part, got it delivered quickly and set up my repair. Unfortunately I had some unforseen problems from previous contractors working on the system which Kellam had to diagnose and fix. They sent a tech out on emergency service at 10pm, a master plumber the next am then finally an Apollo specialist that afternoon to get my system running properly. I feel that Kellam really went above and beyond what any other company would have done to get my heat running. Also their techs exhibit much more knowledge and experience than any other company that has worked on my house. If you have a HVAC or plumbing problem you can’t go wrong by calling Kellam Mechanical.

4/13/23 M. Moore Chesapeake

Morgan B. is the best! I trust his expertise and he is the first person I think of when I have an issue. His work is honest and he came highly recommended from a friend I’ve known for over 10 years. My heat stopped working at 4am on a Saturday, Morgan came out later that day and made sure we had heat again. I appreciate him. Great company with honest employees. *Update-(4/2023) My a/c stopped working and I called Morgan who was able to come to my home THE SAME DAY! As always Morgan was thorough and I found out the compressor on the brand new unit I brought approximately 14 months ago went out; it just missed warranty. Kellam really takes care of their loyal customers. I’ve been a customer for a few years and they fixed my compressor at no cost to me. This company continues to impress me with great employees and quality service. Kellam goes the extra mile and will have a forever customer out of me!

4/12/23 C. Taylor Virginia Beach

Kyle and Nate were professional and polite. Did our AC installation in a timely manner and didn’t leave any trash behind. They did a fabulous job.

4/12/23 J. Taylor Knotts Island

Wade is a great person and I enjoy talking with him. He is very professional and knowledgeable.

4/11/23 S. Byrum Virginia Beach

Electrical support. Both John and Kyle were very professional and friendly. I would recommend Kellam.

4/11/23 P. Towler Virginia Beach

The tech was great, really knows his stuff.

4/11/23 S. Byrum Virginia Beach

My tech had a great personality and he kept everything very clean.

4/11/23 K. Johnson Virginia Beach

Thanks, the technician was very nice and willing to answer my questions.

4/10/23 D. Bustamante Virginia Beach

Hi my name is Dean and Morgan has been servicing my unit for a few years now, and he’s a total professional. He does a great job and I really appreciate his efforts. Thanks!

4/8/23 Mr. Booker Virginia Beach

After a rather strange experience yesterday with a technician here, things didn’t work out, Morgan showed up and saved our butts and we are thrilled that he’s around. All is well at this point and we really appreciate Morgan’s efforts.

4/8/23 M. Dizon Virginia Beach

Morgan’s helped us out to find a couple times. The ac went dead in the middle of summer. Came out and fixed it, no problem. Ever since, been nothing but helpful. I really appreciate all the work he has done.

4/8/23 A. Brockell Knotts Island

Morgan Bayse came out to service my 22+ year old AC unit. He was very professional and gave me all of the available options to either fix or replace my unit. As this unit was so old I decided to have the whole system replaced. Morgan gave me detailed information on the new system and then I chose the one that I wanted. I was very impressed as they had the new system installed two days later! They installed everything and were there when they said they would be. Highly recommend!

4/8/23 C. Cogliandro Virginia Beach

Evaluation of system needs and maintenance. We decided to do A yearly maintenance contract. He was knowledgeable, and gave us solid options and cost valuation. We are very satisfied.

4/7/23 T. Clingings Virginia Beach

Our technician Gerald was extremely knowledgeable and provided a lot of great information on preventative maintenance and things to look out for after having a new HVAC system installed, something the installing company failed to provide, would choose this company over any others in the Virginia Beach area any day!

4/7/23 J. Hagadorn Virginia Beach

Ricky was so thorough, informative, I really like him and would like him to be my tech for future visits.

4/7/23 Mr. and Mrs. Cogliandro Suffolk

They sent Morgan out today and took care of my system lickity split and I am just a happy customer. He needs to be in movies because he has that Hollywood demeanor about him.

4/6/23 D. Hill Norfolk

Good morning Sarah, I wanted to let tell you how impressed and happy we were with our system tune up this morning. Jeff Marshall was our technician. He was very professional, respectful, personable and knowledgeable. Both Keith and I were working form home and Jeff was super working around us on different floors😊 We feel thankful that we found such a great company to help us with all our, Electrical, Plumbing and HVACS needs!!

4/5/23 R. Moore Chesapeake

I recommend Kellam Mechanical to anyone needing a repair or annual maintenance. They are priced fairly and have excellent service technicians.

4/5/23 H. Ferrell Virginia Beach

Terrance Bellamy is exceptional! I always want him to be my technician!

4/5/23 A. Davis Chesapeake

Wade was top notch.

4/4/23 P. Cirino Virginia Beach

Plumbing and electrical. Excellent. The company was so responsive to our requests and willing to work around excessive medical appointments. Why call anyone else? I’ve put Kellam on my speed dial.

4/4/23 J. Coleman

Very pleased with Kellam and the service we received from Shawn Iqbal. He was very courteous, professional and a wealth of knowledge.

3/28/23 R. Blocher Virginia Beach

I keep coming back to Kellam and have been with our company for a decade.

4/1/23 L. Roth Virginia Beach

Jamie showed up on time. He was professional and courteous. Jammie was extremely thorough in his our summer system checks. He recommended a couple of things to prevent larger repair bills down the line. Overall excellent service. LR

3/31/23 M. Brickhouse Virginia Beach

Morgan from Kellam Mechanical came and put in a new thermostat. We were very pleased with his service and he is very nice and very good for your company because he’s got a great personality. Thank you,

3/31/23 N. Harding Virginia Beach

Morgan is wonderful and very thorough in his work.

3/31/23 Nancy H. Virginia Beach

We love having Morgan come over to our house and do our air conditioning and our heating units. We love Kellam Mechanical.

3/30/23 J. Albertson Virginia Beach

Honest and reliable. Love our tech Jamie!

3/30/23 B. Taylor Virginia Beach

I am Beverly with the Neptune Festival, Morgan did a great job for us today, so thumbs up to him.

3/29/23 S. Clarke Virginia Beach

We have been using Kellam Mechanical for our HVAC and electrical work for years. Every spring and fall Morgan comes to do the maintenance on our heat pump, gas pack, and mini split. He does a thorough job, he is courteous and very knowledgeable. On the rare occasions that we have had a problem between maintenance visits, Morgan has been able to quickly diagnose the problem and repair it. I wholeheartedly recommend Kellam and their team for all your HVAC and electrical needs.

3/29/23 J. Taylor Knotts Island

Morgan was very professional and went out of his way to investigate problems and fix them. I am very pleased with Morgan and Kellam.

3/28/23 N. Nimmo Virginia Beach

I had my Spring HVAC maintenance today. Morgan is the best HVAC technician in the business. The upmost in professionalism. Thanks!!!

3/28/23 P. Hartigan Virginia Beach

Very quick response to HVAC issue . Professional, efficient , fast and knowledgeable. An amazing service tech who now feels like family. Priceless service! Other companies beware it will be hard to beat Kellam!

3/28/23 M. Albertson Virginia Beach

So glad Jamie came today. Such a nice. Personable guy! He has really earned our trust. Always explains everything he does and sees Please continue to have him be our Tech.

3/24/23 T. Dooley Virginia Beach

I have counted on Kellam Mechanical for years to maintain my HVAC systems. Jamie Swanson is the man. he maintains all four of my properties! Thank you for all you do Sir!

3/22/23 W. Popp Virginia Beach

Very thorough, first time inspections, and gave me an honest assessment of my a/c

3/22/23 C. Blanchard Virginia Beach

I had an issue with my dryer vent leaking through my ceiling. I called, and Gerald from Kellam Mechanical was out the next morning. He was immediately able to diagnose the problem (my vent was clogged) and got to work getting everything done. Even checked my Water Heater, AC, and Furnace for recommendations and estimates on potential issues there. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient – the whole appointment took about an hour to complete. These are now my go to guys for any issues in my house

3/21/23 P. Hartigan Virginia Beach

Very quick response to an emergency no heat situation. More than impressed with fast, clean, efficient repair within two hours of call being made my heat was working again!

3/20/23 P. Pruden Virginia Beach

Jeff was very personable, professional and met all my expectations.

3/20/23 D. Curtis Portsmouth

Great experience and I appreciate the help.

3/20/23 S. Rolsheim Portsmouth

The tech was very considerate and knowledgeable.

3/19/23 M. Reuter Portsmouth

Tony was awesome. On time and very professional. We will be using Kellam again in the future!

3/18/23 N. Tolk Virginia Beach

Jamie Swanson was meticulous! From letting us know when he would arrive to being very detail-oriented to being very professional and thorough – we felt that our system was in the best hands possible! Thank you for your conscientious work.

3/17/23 C. Hollowood Chesapeake

I was super pleased with the work Chris W. did. He went above and beyond to get everything fixed. Chris was extremely smart and figured out the issue. Awesome job.

3/16/23 H. Weber Virginia Beach

Very friendly and professional. I had another company out before and it was day and night difference. I recommend Kellam if you need no nonsense friendly help fast.

3/14/23 C. Citro Suffolk

Jackson was awesome thank you

3/13/23 L. Bedard Virginia Beach

Richard was very thorough and took the time to troubleshoot everything that could potentially be wrong with the system. He ensured the system was fully functional prior to leaving and was extremely informative throughout the process.

3/3/23 R. Lindner Virginia Beach

Smitty is amazing and did a great job! I am very pleased with the service he provided.

3/2/23 G. Chandler Virginia Beach

I was super happy with Tony, he was very personable and explained everything he was doing and why and kept me involved with every step. I would like management to know what a great job he did!

3/1/23 P. Edwards Norfolk

I had Kellam Mechanical install an extra electrical outlet in a closet. John and Kyle were the technicians. They were very professional and the job didn’t take a long time. They cleaned up after themselves and left no trace that they were here.

3/1/23 A. Byrd Virginia Beach

Ben is the best. Professional and has excellent knowledge with his profession He’s also a wonderful person

3/28/23 M. Jones Virginia Beach

Morgan was professional, on time and went above and beyond to make sure things went well for us. He even came back the next day on his day off, to make sure things was still working properly. I will be asking for him for all my heating and cooling services!

2/28/23 S. Carter Virginia Beach

Morgan is absolutely amazing! He has helped us to navigate a couple of very difficult technical issues with our heating system this past winter. When we reached out, Morgan talked us through the process and helping us to understand the situation. He has a great sense of urgency and helped us to resolve our heating issue quickly. We will continue to trust and rely on Morgan for all our HVAC needs. Thanks, S. Carter

2/27/23 R. Griffith Virginia Beach

I want to let Scott know what a great job Jimmie did on my plumbing call and Precious did a great job also on the phone.

2/27/23 M. Glover Virginia Beach

Personable technicians that our golden retrievers love. And they do great work keeping our HVAC systems in tip top shape.

2/24/23 D. Levesque Knotts Island

The techs were great, I will have them back.

2/24/23 E. Cater Virginia Beach

My tech, John was very professional and accommodating.

2/24/23 M. Hart Virginia Beach

First time having Kellam Mechanical do maintenance on our heating/cooling system. Jeff Marshall Fixed things that needed fixing an gave our system a thorough going over. Appreciated that he listened to my wife and my concerns. Did an excellent job for us.

2/23/23 S. Peterson Virginia Beach

I rate the tech 100, very knowledgeable and polite.

2/23/23 J. Wagner Virginia Beach

Tech was very efficient and did a good job.

2/17/23 D. Palmisano Virginia Beach

Ben came over today, on-time and efficiently repaired our plumbing issue. He was very friendly, informative, and gave great advice on repair options as well as preventative measures. Excellent service! Thanks Ben.

2/16/2 J. Napier Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes was amazing. Came to our place at a late hour, stayed for a long time, then figured out and fixed a totally upside down situation with our HVAC, all with a great attitude. Keep up the good work!

2/9/23 S. Sa Virginia Beach

Kellam is well worth their price. We have a plan with them where they come out twice a year to service/clean/start our systems. This also gives us a discount on products and service should we need them. We are the first owners of a home that is less than 6 years old. It was built using S&K for HVAC. At 4.5 years we had to get a brand new furnace and have the ducts reworked because S&K did such a terrible job. Look at this junk that came out of NEW CONSTRUCTION. The Kellam Mechanical techs said there was nooo way this system was 4.5 years old. On top of the shady unit in a new home, the workman ship in other ways caused damage to our house that we had to pay to fix. Kellam Mechanical fixed everything and did the highest quality job. Even someone with no HVAC knowledge can see the quality and care they put into work. Add on the quality of the techs they hire! Worth every single penny. I would rather pay to have it done right than pay less now only to have problems down the road.

2/8/23 D. Scavone Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical has been providing us outstanding service for over 20 yeas and it was our pleasure to recommend your company with its excellent service to our new neighbors. We will continue to sing your praises. Hope to see you guys soon.

2/6/23 L. Moncure Virginia Beach

We have used Kellam Mechanical for years! Morgan Bayse is our representative and keeps our system in tip top shape. We are so pleased with his professionalism and knowledge. He is trustworthy and excellent at what he does!!

2/6/23 J. Moncure Virginia Beach

Morgan Bayse once again raises the bar with his quality service! Way to go Kellam Mechanical.

2/4/23 S. Sainz Virginia Beach

On 1/28/23 Kellam Mechanical sent out service tech, Morgan Bayse, to our home the same day that we called Kellam with a heating issue. Morgan was prompt, very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to diagnose the problem quickly and our heat was back up and running. We highly recommend Kellam Mechanical and tech, Morgan!!

2/3/23 C. Hensleigh Virginia Beach

John & Kyle did an excellent job updating my circuit breaker panel. They were friendly, efficient and cleaned up everything after they were done. City inspector commented on the nice job they had done. Thank you guys.

2/3/23 J. Sireci Virginia Beach

Thank you, Ben. Great job.

2/1/23 B. Woods Virginia Beach

Cody was very professional and also taught me a few things!! Good guy!

2/1/23 F Hartley Virginia Beach

David is an exceptional human being.

1/31/23 C. Norris Chesapeake

Tony was fantastic and I will be requesting him in the future.

1/31/23 R. Ross Va. Beach

Tim was very detailed and precise.

1/31/23 K. Newman Va. Beach

Jamie is awesome. He went beyond, is very thorough by educating me on a lot about my system. Thanks you, Jamie for pulling my trash can off the street. That was thoughtful.

1/30/23 B. Sainz Va. Beach

Very professional, the tech really knocked it out and job done quickly.

1/30/23 B. Norris Chesapeake

We have had Tony come out twice now and he is so professional but also down to earth nice guy. He did an exceptional job both times. We will always request him for our needs around the house. Thank you Tony! -The Norris’

1/27/23 N. Thomas Norfolk

Morgan and Cody are the Best Team! They’re on time, explain everything they are doing on the job. Great sense of humor, clean up after the job. Thanks Morgan and Cody!

1/25/23 Virginia Beach

Gerald was a rockstar and the reason we will stay with Kellam a long time.

1/25/23 R. Schultz Virginia Beach

Fantastic, incredibly professional and thorough.

1/25/23 L. Wright Virginia Beach

I was pleased to meet John Holdcroft, He explained everything to me. I had electrical work that he did for me. He was kind and patient with me. John, did a superior job for me. He also completed a second Job that was not on his worksheet detailing! I will use John with Kellam in the future! Thank you!

1/24/23 A. Allen Virginia Beach

I can’t say enough about Morgan at Kellam Mechanical, he is on time always pleasant and so professional. I have to say Kellam is very lucky to have this young man in their employment! Thank you Morgan.

1/24/23 J. Thompson Chesapeake

Jamie is a very good and a polite young man.

1/24/23 J. Miltier Portsmouth

The techs were great, clean, fast and a joy to have.

1/23/23 S. Decker Virginia Beach

Our new toilet was not flushing as it should and Jimmie came to correct the problem. He did a thorough investigation, fixed a setting and everything is working as it should! Great job as always, Kellam!

1/21/23 E. Carter Virginia Beach

We have only been with Kellam a 2 years and as new home owners we couldn’t be happier with kellam and Jamie. Jamie has been a top notch professional. He shows up on time, answered all of our questions and didn’t hesitate to offer suggestions and didnt try to oversell. He is polite, respectful and very approachable. If your looking for a person who treats you and your property with the utmost respect ,ask for Jamie, you wont be disappointed.

1/21/23 D. Mobley Chesapeake

Kellam has been to our house several times for maintenance and repair and have been great. The technician Morgan Bayse has been sent here twice now and is very professional, knows what he’s doing and is very friendly. We highly recommend Kellam mechanical and the tech Morgan.

1/20/23 C. Eyre Virginia Beach

I stopped the service for a year or two because of cost, but recently used their service again. I ALWAYS ask for Morgan because he is so professional, knowledgeable, and FUN. I can tell he loves his job. Even if I have to wait a little longer for an appt. (due to his popularity), I do so. Kellam Mechanical in general is an excellent business. I have them do my twice-a-year maintenance and they keep everything working without a problem. I highly recommend them–especially Morgan!!!

1/20/22 P. Cauldwell Chesapeake

Glad to have same service technician (Wade Smith) that serviced my generator last year. Excellent service each time. Excellent service from technician Wade Smith.

1/17/22 J. Walter Virginia Beach

Jamie is a hard worker and has amazing customer service. He arrived after hours at 7:30pm last Tuesday night and figured out the issue. Because he was unable to the supplier or warehouse he offered to drive to another tech to pick up the parts needed. He went above and beyond and I truly appreciate Jamie for this. I thought that was so amazing that at 9pm he would go out of his way to find the part for me.

1/16/22 C. McClenny Virginia Beach

Once again I write to you to commend one of your service men. Friday morning(Jan. 13) I noticed my thermostat was totally off and I had no heat. I immediately called your office and you set me up with an appointment that morning. My usual man was not available, so I asked that you simply send me a good person. Well, you did! His name is Jeff. Jeff took one look at the thermostat and knew what the problem was. He immediately fixed it then proceeded to check my filters and the main unit. He was knowledgeable, professional and thorough. He answered all of my questions, explaining everything clearly. He was also very personable and easy to talk with. Thank you again for such good staff and service.

1/16/22 S. Bradshaw Virginia Beach

Morgan Base came to repair our heating system and we were very impressed with his knowledge , friendliness, timeliness, and efficiency. We rate him very highly!

1/13/22 K. Phillips Virginia Beach

My service advisor was knowledgeable and extremely respectful of my home. He had some very helpful advice in a non pressure way. I would recommend Kellam to anyone looking for honest and fair service. I am extremely happy with my service.

1/13/22 S. Decker Virginia Beach

We had a problem with our plumbing and Salim came to replace the toilet in our downstairs bathroom. He was friendly, efficient, and did a great job! Thanks for everything!

1/13/22 B. Wadington Virginia Beach

Wade Smith did an outstanding job repairing our Generac generator that was damaged during a power surge. It wasn’t an easy job. It required a few trips out here and some replacement parts. He had the expertise and tenacity to get the job done. Highly professional and excellent customer service. We highly recommend Kellam Mechanical!

1/10/23 S. Allison Chesapeake

I am happy with the work done at my place. Jimmie and Blake were awesome!

1/10/23 S. Butterfield Norfolk

We had Jeff Marshall come to our house and maintenance our system. He was very thorough and explained the results. I highly recommend Jeff and the Kellam Team, we will certainly use you again when needed. Also – my crazy dog liked Jeff, that’s really saying something. She doesn’t like a lot of people, especially men. Thanks again!

1/6/23 Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical was able to get an electrician out quickly to diagnose a problem with our electrical panel. Chris was very friendly on the phone and did everything he could to schedule someone even though they were very busy. John, the technician, was great! Very professional and friendly. He found the issue and had it fixed within an hour. Thank you! B. Miller

1/6/22 J. Brown Virginia Beach

Top notch service techs, very professional.

1/5/22 J. McPartland Virginia Beach

Jamie came to service our HVAC unit for our bi-annual maintenance contract. He carefully explained what he was going to do and made recommendations on efficiency. Thankful for Kellams knowledgeable staff!

1/5/22 S. Nieves Virginia Beach

I have to say John was wonderful, very courteous did the work cleaned up and got our circuit breaker outlets and heat working on that very COLD Christmas Eve. Thank you John, we will be using Kellam Mechanical in the future as long as we get John.

1/3/22 M. Boubion Chesapeake

Cody from Kellem heating and air conditioning stopped by on a scheduled preventative maintenance inspection for our two heating systems. He was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. While he was working, we both spoke about our military experiences and how life is good. Really enjoyed speaking with Cody. Heating system checked good, and had good company. It’s a good day at my house. Thank you very much Cody.

12/31/22 K. Jones Virgnia Beach

My HVAC went out a few days before Christmas. I got 4 different estimates from local companies, and Kellam Mechanical was the lowest by thousands. Very professional, quick, clean. Highly recommend.

12/30/22 W. Wittman Virginia Beach

Gerald was fantastic! Very friendly and a wealth of information. Thanks to Kellam for a great service call.

12/16/22 Ten Stars R. Daniels Portsmouth

Had a Video Doorbell installed, My existing doorbell was fried and I didn’t know it because it halfway worked. Techs called to let me know they were on the way. Once arrived they inspected my circuitry and quoted me up front for the install/repairs. Once the install was completed, they made sure everything was working properly as it should. They went above the mark and I greatly appreciate them. I highly recommend Kellam Mechanical. Their high rating are definitely solid marks.

12/13/22 K. Harris Virginia Beach

The work was perfect and all the guys were nice an professional.

12/13/22 P. Abramson Virginia Beach

Shawn Aqbal was my technician. He actually was my technician for my son’s and my house maintenance. On time, professional, humanistic, and just a great guy to work with. Very thorough, and easy to talk to. I’m going to ask for him the next time we have our maintenance done.

12/12/22 J. Riddick Virginia Beach

I have been a loyal customer of Kellam Mechanical for coming up on 20 years. I have had this company provide several types of maintenance in my home but continuously, I have a maintenance contract with this company for my HVAC system. For several years, I have had the pleasure to have Morgan Bayse as my technician. I am always greeted at the door by a warm friendly smile. His friendly demeanor makes you feel most comfortable. He is very knowledgeable and precise in performing his maintenance check of my system. He makes sure that I am completely satisfied with both his maintenance check and his explanation of the work that was performed. He is the type of technician that I trust 100% with his findings. I now always make sure that when I schedule my system check that Morgan is the technician that is coming to my home. Kellam Mechanical should be very proud to have Morgan representing their company. Kellam Mechanical is a great company and employees like Morgan are part of what makes them the quality company that they are.

12/8/22 A. Rose Virginia Beach

Great service. The employees are so nice and understanding.

12/8/22 L. Deel Virginia Beach

Be using them for many years. Always great service!

12/7/22 R. Munsell Carrollton

I appreciate you all always making me feel comfortable in my home. I love Morgan and John H and I feel safe having them in my home since my husband passed away last year.

12/7/22 C. Johnson Virginia Beach

I give Jamie a 10 out of 5!. He was excellent.

12/5/22 R. Bray Chesapeake

I have had many companies to my home in the past 23 years but Kellam mechanical has the best and most professional techs. Damian and Ben were out to my home and they were fantastic! I am very happy with the service Kellam provides.

12/5/22 E. Duke Virginia Beach

I appreciate the work and dedication from technician, Jeff.

12/2/22 D. Stutlz Chesapeake

Richard is the best HVAC tech I’ve interacted with at my home.

12/2/22 J. McDonald Virginia Beach

Electrician: Wire for 3 – 20 amp receptacles above dining room counter top tapped from existing circuitry. John Holdcroft from Kellam Mechanical, Inc. did an excellent job with the installation. Kyle Sedlacko assisted with the installation and provided very capable support during the work.

11/30/22 D. Euman Virginia Beach

Chris and Cody were amazing! They are fine young men who did a great job. 3x’s Thank you.

11/29/22 J. Whaley Virginia Beach

I want to let you all know what an amazing job Ben and Salim did yesterday. I give them a 10 out of 10. They are good guys to work with, and cleaned up after themselves and I enjoy having them out!

11/28/22 J Maxson Chesapeake

Another outstanding job by Kellam! I would like to extend a belated thank you to John Holdcroft. This was the second time he came to my house and completed some electrical work. Each time he far exceeded my expectations. His professionalism and congenial personality are truly noted.

11/28/22 J. Nance Virginia Beach

I am 92 years old and have met a lot of people in my lifetime. These techs Kellam has are angels! I would recommend Kellam’s techs as tech of the year to anybody who asks. I am so thrilled and impressed by these young men, Johnny and Kyle. I am going to use Kellam for all my HVAC, plumbing and electrical work. I would trust them in my house even if I was all the way in Hawaii. I am just so happy with these guys. Kellam better hold on to them!

11/28/22 K. Calabro Virginia Beach

Kyree (maybe not spelled correctly. I apologize!) and Damian were beyond superb. Both young men were polite, personable, extremely competent and overall consummate professionals. They explained everything in terms I could understand, cleaned up after themselves and Damian even rolled my full trash can around to the street for pickup tomorrow. These two young men are a credit to your business! And, of course, Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to speak with! I now have an HVAC system that I can trust thanks to Kyree and Damian. Thank you!

11/28/22 H. Shamsi Virginia Beach

Great experience with Kellam for Electrical work. John and Kyle were professional and courteous. They completed the job in a very timely manner. I was worried about the debri but they used their own shoe booties to enter my home.

11/28/22 S. Barton Chesapeake

We have been clients since we moved to Chesapeake seven years ago. I have found every technician to be very knowledgeable and professional. For the past three years we have requested Morgan B. for both our summer and winter maintenance. He always does exceptional work.

11/23/22 C. McFarland Virginia Beach

Gerald is the best!!!! Give him a raise!!! Fair, thorough and honest!!!

11/22/22 Doug

Kellam Mechanical has been our HVAC service provider for over twenty years and several homes. The staff is always friendly, courteous and professional. Any questions or concerns are dealt with promptly and I have always been left with a feeling of attention to the details of whatever I have going on. During a recent equipment upgrade, the install crew took exceptional care to be neat and tidy. They answered what probably felt like endless questions on the details or how it was going. Now let’s talk about Morgan. Morgan has been my preferred maintenance technician for many years. He is timely and takes care to be clean and tidy while in our home. He is very knowledgeable and takes the necessary time to explain everything that is going on with the maintenance and status of the equipment. Morgan is always neat and clean in his appearance and his service vehicle is always organized. That organization and neatness is a direct reflection of the care he takes in his work. I would recommend Kellam Mechanical to anyone needing quality HVAC, plumbing or electrical work completed.

11/22/22 P. Jannuzzi Virginia Beach

Ben installed a new Hot water heater. Excellent work! 👍

11/21/22 D. Robinson Virginia Beach

My tech was knowledgeable and repaired my problem quickly and efficiently.

11/19/22 K. Calabro Virginia Beach

This morning, 12:05 am to be exact, I suddenly realized how cold I was. Checked the thermostat- 64 degrees. Played with it, went upstairs and had a chat with the furnace, no heat to be had. Called Kellam Mechanical. I’m up so of course they should be as well. 😳. And, someone was! I explained my predicament and she set up a time for a mechanic to come over and check things out. At 7:30 am, Jennifer called and told me that she had someone who could be there as soon as he was up and moving! She even remembered I had house rabbits, although both of them were actually celebrating the cold air. Anyway, Gerald Kearney appeared at my door within the hour and proved to be an absolute delight! He was personable, knowledgeable, compassionate (animal lover!) and extremely adept at explaining what was happening and why. And, despite the fact that my 14 year old system was down to its last resuscitation, the unit will continue to run until Wednesday when it will be replaced. Thank you so much for having such a fabulous young man on your team! I am beyond satisfied with your services and will continue to share my experiences any way I can. PS – the bunnies are not looking forward to Wednesday. But they do send lots of love to Jennifer.

11/18/22 E. Alley Norfolk

We are new to Kellam Mechanical but have been so pleased with our experiences. Today I had electricians out to work on our generator panel box. With a recent power outage not all the right things came on with the generator. Kyle Sedlacko and John Holdcroft did an amazing job of getting everything fixed. They were friendly and understanding of our needs. And we got very thing fixed.

11/17/22 W. Howard Va. Beach

Jeff did a fantastic job. He was knowledgeable, professional, efficient, clean, and punctual!

11/16/22 L. Minner Chesapeake

David provided excellent service. He arrived early, was so pleasant and courteous. I hope he comes back to service our home again!

11/15/22 Jen Patriss Virginia Beach

Thank you so much for doing the account review and making the adjustment! Kellam as a whole was completely impressive when I had the problem with my A/C in July but this just continues to show how much the company honestly cares for the customers. Thank you again!

11/15/22 S. Bryant Virginia Beach

Generator maintenance superb.

11/14/22 S. Ericson Virginia Beach

Everything is working great, thank you for sending Tim and Richard out.

11/14/22 D. Scwartz Virginia Beach

Jimmie is an amazing representative for Kellam.

11/14/22 D. Swift Virginia Beach

John and Kyle were a pleasure to work with. They were both respectful and courteous. Highly recommended!

11/10/22 K. Miller Chesapeake

I would like to inform management how much I love John, Kyle, and Gerald. My overall experience with Kellam has been amazing. All 3 of the technicians made me feel safe and explained everything thoroughly so I could understand. Their personalities work so well for me. I had a great time with them and ended up getting a new HVAC system.

11/8/22 P. Motley Virginia Beach

I am very happy with the services I received with Kellam Mechanical. I just moved into a new place and had 3 different services come out to address some issues I had. They were very helpful and took the time to explain the exact repairs they were doing. Tony, Ben, Morgan, and Chris all did an awesome job and were very kind! Thank you:) I will definitely continue to use them for future needs!

11/4/22 N. Rogers Norfolk

I definitely recommend Kellam Mechanical

11/4/22 J. Goold Virginia Beach

Gerald is a very good tech. He is my tech of choice. He takes the time to be sure the systems are running as best they can. He also takes the time to explain any issues he found during the maintenance visit and/or a repair visit.

11/3/22 R. Deans Virginia Beach

Install of new electric panel and follow up check up on my home electrical systems.

11/3/22 R. Campbell Virginia Beach

Get service mechanics. Good work. Cleans up after the job.

11/3/22 T. Palmerton Virginia Beach

Just had preventative maintenance done By Jackson, and he was extremely professional and efficient…

11/3/22 D. Stallings Virginia Beach

Jeff was friendly and efficient.

11/2/22 P. Rotella Chesapeake

Good people Work done well Professional Friendly

10/28/22 L.R. Virginia Beach

Just had a water heater replaced. Attic installation. Extremely professional job. Neat and clean. Great company. Online and phone communication was quick and responsive. Update October 2022: Just had my fall heating maintenance performed by Gerald. Very courteous and professional technician. Arrived on time. Provided excellent customer service and recommendations. Kellam has great customer communication. Very pleased.

10/28/22 J. Lavier Virginia Beach

Tim is a real asset to your company! Professional, courteous, on time -we highly recommend both Tim and Kellam!

10/27/22 R. Clark Virginia Beach

Gas leak diagnosis AND repair ! Excellent service for and perfect representative of your company

10/27/22 J. Jones Virginia Beach

Morgan Bayse did a great job, very knowledgeable and got my AC/Heating unit up and running good as new!

10/27/22 J. Burke Virginia Beach

Your tech was quick and very nice. He saved me from having to stress about issues with my system.

10/27/22 R. Carman Virginia Beach

The tech knew exactly what to do and he was great. Kellam is always great.

10/27/22 F. Giles Virginia Beach

The tech as a very nice guy and I was very pleased with him.

10/25/22 J. Carolino Virginia Beach

The tech was very polite and explained everything clearly.

10/25/22 J. Kates Virginia Beach

I renewed my PSA and service is great across the board.

10/25/22 K. Thibault Virginia Beach

I have Kellam maintenance agreements for my HVAC and now a Generac Generator. They have always had very fast response times and the technicians are wonderful and explain everything fully. Wade came today and fixed the generator for us. My dog really likes him. He’s good with her as well. Thanks Kellam.

10/25/22 H. Richardson Virginia Beach

MORGAN. BAYSE. Ask for Morgan Bayse! He is amazing!! We had been having heating issues and he was the third guy to come out to our house. Every time the other guys left the problem was never solved. Morgan knew exactly what was wrong and repaired it. He also took many pictures and explained what was wrong and how he fixed it. He really takes pride in his work. He is very courteous and professional. We have a USA membership with Kellam and from now on I will be requesting Morgan. Give that man a raise!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

10/24/22 B. Snyder Viginia Beach

Jackson was on time and communicated the process and the status of our systems clearly. Have been using for years and everyone that comes out has the same values and level of customer service.

10/20/22 M. Perry Chesapeake

Cody was very professional kept me informed of each part of the system maintenance he was performing.. He was very careful coming in and out of the house putting on the booties to keep the floor clean.

10/20/22 K. Miles Chesapeake

Kellam has Superb customer service. From Jennifer at HQ to Mr. Richard Barnes for the on site visit, it was an all around very informative experience. We were provided with multiple options and once evaluated we will trust Kellam with the required HVAC work.

10/19/22 R. Potter Virginia Beach

Very satisfied HVAC service appointment. Scheduling was easy, the tech showed up promptly at the scheduled time, and tech (Jackson) was friendly and explained everything to my satisfaction. Will definitely be using them again in the future.

10/17/22 B. Howard Virginia Beach

I am a maintenance member and very happy with Kellam’s services. Absolutely a 5 out of 5Vir rating.

10/17/22 L. Morrissey Norfolk

Technician was knowledgeable and polite.

10/14/22 E. Roth Virginia Beach

On 10/12/22 John and Kyle removed outdated outside wiring leftover from some landscape work. Quick and efficient . A job well done! Thank you

10/14/22 B. Consolovo Chesapeake

The tech did a good job and was very professional.

10/14/22 We are always pleased with Kellam. K. Griffith Virginia Beach

10/14/22 C. Hargrave Chesapeake

Everything went as expected, thank you.

10/13/22 J. Westmeyer Virginia Beach

Morgan at Kellam Mechanical did a great job. Kellam was super responsive and got me somebody out that day to figure out the issue. Morgan came right out to repair my heat system when it started acting up. He was extremely helpful and informative.

10/13/22 J. Bennett Virginia Beach

Devin was really great, he answered all my questions and taught me a lot. He is really amazing.

10/13/22 E. Haywood Norfolk

Gerald Kearney has a wealth of knowledge about mini-split maintenance and installation. We found him to be prompt, professional, and patient in his explanation of the work. We had a good outcome for this maintenance visit and are pleased with the work.

10/13/22 R. Williams Norfolk

We just ordered a Rinnai Water Combo domestic water heater and radiator heating system. “Blake” was our contact. “Blake” was on time, honest, sincere, customer orientated, expert senior technician and expert on Rinnai water systems, ensured all of our questions and concerns were fully answered. Thank you “Blake”.

10/12/22 B. Loon Norfolk

Service technician Wade Smith came out 10/12/2022. Checked out my heating system and found everything in order. And, he was patient enough to answer my questions. These are good folks Service technician Morgan Bayse from Kellam Mechanical came to my home February 25 to address some vexing issues I was having with my heating/air condition system. After looking throughout the main floor, the attic and even outdoors, he thoroughly grasped some of the problems I had experienced and drew up complete and competent plans for repair, modification and maintenance. I couldn’t ask for more. Jeremy Hawkins came out to check my AC system April 4. Called beforehand, arrived right on time, was thorough in his inspection and completed the work in a reasonable manner and time. He answered all questions and made suggestions for improvement to my HVAC system. He honored safe Covid practices , wearing his mask and maintaining a safe distance. He also wore protective covers on his feet to protect his shoes and my house. All in all just a very professional HVAC service. Again, I couldn’t ask for more.

10/11/22 S. Mangeri Virginia Beach

Gerald, is very knowledgeable and willing to share details. I feel I am in great hands with Kellam mechanical!!

10/11/22 W. Jackson Virginia Beach

Kellam Team, First of all I want to thank the Kellam Team for the prompt scheduling of my install. I greatly appreciate your meeting my needs. I am very satisfied with the efforts of Nate McIntosh and the rest of the Kellam team. Of course, I expected the install to go as planned–it’s Kellam right? However, as with everything, mechanical/design/existing problems popup along the way that are unforeseen in the planning process. I was very impressed with the manner in which Nate conducted himself in solving these issues as they arose. He was thorough and developed long term solutions to make the install transparent keeping me aware of the materials process along the way that would eliminate any surprises on the back end. My complete install team follows: Nathan McIntosh – Very respectful, competent and resourceful. Valente Montes – Highly technically competent and well spoken. Trevor Tyssedal – On point and constantly contributing to the process. Austin Frugally – Very helpful in getting the job done. The main theme throughout was my customer satisfaction and all good things Kellam–not a single complaint about the company they work for. You were extremely well represented. I never ever recommend any company to do anything when it comes to someone’s house. However, in this case, because of your Team, I will “Tell ’em Kellam.”

10/10/22 B. Kainer Virginia Beach

Plumbing repair. Ben did a great job. My husband was home when he first got here. I got home a little after. It was nice seeing. A familiar face as Ben has been to my home before. He fixed our problem. Thanks Ben and Kellam.

10/5/22 R. Burniske Virginia Beach

During the most recent storm I lost power and my generator provided power for me , but when the power was restored I had a power surge and it burned out my switch, which took out all power on Friday night. So that meant no power for Friday and Saturday morning. I call Kellam and they said they could have someone here about 1 o’clock on Sat. At 9 o’clock Morgan called and said I am on my way after arriving he determined that he needed a master electrician to fixed the override of the system in less than 30 minutes John was here and I had power back. They ordered the new part and Monday everything was fixed. what a great job by Morgan and John on Saturday, their day off, to provide great service, Here is to Kellam for having people like Them!!!! The team on Monday was just as good working in the rain and wind to install the new part….

10/5/22 S. Reed Virginia Beach

Great semi-annual maintenance inspections for electric, HVAC, and plumbing. Knowledgeable, friendly, technicians who arrived on time, respected all parts of our home, and provided solid recommendations.

10/5/22 Virginia Beach

Very knowledgeable, on time, and courteous D. Oelberg

10/4/22 B. Husselbee Virginia Beach

Jackson did a great job to service our HVAC system and help to balance the air flows.

10/4/22 T. Wolf Chesapeake

I had my electric car charger installed in my house and the work that Kellam mechanical did was professional and clean. The guys who did the work John and Kevin were very personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend this service to anyone in my area.

10/1/22 D. Roberts Suffolk

10/1/22 S. Hunter Virginia Beach

Intake system added UV light needed clean intake duct also power surge protection needed also a/c was not very efficient without RIch up data low spec. We are very happy with his advice and service.

9/29/22 T. Palmerton Virginia Beach

Just had preventative maintenance done By Jackson, and he was extremely professional and efficient…

9/29/22 R. Rivero Norfolk

I am very please with your company and Gerald is very dependable. 10 out of 5!

9/29/22 M. Pawlak Virginia Beach

Wade Smith did an outstanding job on my annual generator maintenance.

9/29/22 M. Bean Virginia Beach

Jackson called us 30mins prior to arrival and came on time. After ~30mins into inspection and service, he discovered that our initial installation wasn’t done correctly at all. He found many features that were not hooked up correctly or connected at all!!! He took time to explain things to us and offered to fix/connect them right!! We’d give him a 5+ tar rating if we could. This is our 1st year with Kellam Mechanical. We certainly trust their business styles!!

9/27/22 E. Knox Suffolk

Finally found someone that’s familiar with geothermals! Very knowledgeable and after years of poor performance, and multiple techs/companies – feel like there is a solid plan to fix this setup. Richard is the best!

9/27/22 S. Weber Chesapeake

The tech was very professional and experienced. I had an outside outlet that clicking, he replaced it and gave me some tips and other recommendations. I’m very glad I called them

9/24/22 K. McFadden Virginia Beach

Johnny saved the day with his electrical expertise. Thank you Kellam!

9/23/22 F. Lucas Virginia Beach

Jamie was outstanding. Very prompt and made sure I was good to go before he left. Thanks!

9/22/22 K. Littlejohn Virginia Beach

To whom it may concern Richard and Jackson repaired my AC unit today. They were professional and Knowledgeable big thumbs to the two great job guys.

9/21/22 L. Hines Virginia Beach

I awoke to a house registering 88 degrees at 7AM. Jamie Swanson showed up at 10:30AM and would not leave until my air conditioning was up and running at 5:00PM. He was in my home for 6 1/2hours and had my system purring. I would not hesitate to contact Kellam Mechanical again for any service that may arise.

9/21/22 Thank you J. Tavers Virginia Beach

The guy that came out to my home, we’re great! they were very knowledgeable. I signed up for their membership home plan. I trust that my family will be safe and plumbing free with their services!

9/21/22 J. Comess Virginia Beach

Jackson and Richard did an outstanding job. They were very knowledgeable.

9/20/22 S. Brown Suffolk

John Coldcroft was my electrician and was very helpful. I had some issues with the staff in the office but the manager stepped in and took care of that issue. John was always on time, very helpful when I had to deal with dominion and issues I faced with dominion. I would recommend this company but would suggest to deal with John and Kyle.

9/20/22 M. Agnese Virginia Beach

Richard went above and beyond to take care of me, he rearranged his schedule to get the job done.

9/20/22 P. Bowers Virginia Beach

Running water lines.

9/20/22 C. McGinnis Chesapeake

Very pleased with the initial appointment for purchase information, the install process, and cleanup. The guys were all wonderful, professional, on time, very knowledgeable and kept me informed. They were prompt, worked very hard and finished the job as expected. I’m very pleased with the process and my new system. Thanks everyone at Kellam.

9/19/22 J. Malabanan Virginia Beach

Jamie Swanson with Kellam Mechanical was professional, on time, and courteous. He came and fixed my issue. He had my A/C unit running efficiently prior to leaving. Great service. Signed up for their membership plan. Kindest regards, Jen M.

9/16/22 Mitch and Maire Real Estate Team Virginia Beach

Very responsive and professional. Easy to schedule. Their appointment reminders are on point!

9/16/22 R. Blow Virginia Beach

Gerald was incredibly efficient and professional.

9/16/22 J. Marino Virginia Beach

I have 2 properties and began using Kellam Mechanical for the first time in the spring of 2022. I have an Airbnb property at the VB oceanfront that I needed spring service on the HVAC system. I set an appointment and my technician Alan was outstanding. He thoroughly inspected and cleaned the system. I had had another company out previously that simply checked the coolant levels and left! The property was new to me at the time and I did not know to question that. Alan truly cleaned and serviced the system. After he left, there was a noticeable difference in operation. It was much better. I set up an appointment to have Kellam come out to my personal residence for Spring cleaning service. Again, very impressed with the professionalism of this company. I called Kellam out for a 3rd time to take a look at an issue I was having with a knocking sound in my pipes whenever the water was running. Jimmy came out and spent a good amount of time under the house and inside as well trying to determine the root cause of this issue. I can tell you that both employees were so professional and they seemed to really care about providing the best possible service. Jimmy eventually narrowed down the issue to the city water meter which when water was turned on, made a clicking sound to the same beat as my knocking pipes. He recommended that I call the city water department to have the water meter replaced. (I had already contacted the city when the issue first started and they told me the issue was not with them). I called the water Dept and they came out today and replaced the meter. Turns out, Jimmy was right! The pipes are now silent. I will stick with Kellam from here on out. I am very happy with their commitment to service.

9/15/22 S. Thomspon

Would like to let management know how amazing Morgan, Cody, Jamie, Nate, and Sammy are. I am very grateful that your team has shown so much integrity and I appreciate the work you have done for me. I am thinking about getting a generator installed and will reach out to when I am ready to get this done.

9/14/22 Jasmin Richards Virginia Beach

We just wanted to give Jaime a five star review for working on our A/c . He was professional , nice and was so informative about everything we did . We are selling our home so we won’t be doing any of the suggestion he presented us with but we will be highly recommending him and Kellam to the new owners and all our neighbors.

9/13/22 A. Verbanic Virginia Beach

Richard is always professional, personable and thorough. Thanks for a job well done!

9/13/22 W. Gause Virginia Beach

Electrical maintenance, very professional and respectful of my home. Pays attention to detail and explained as he go.

9/13/22 A. Jenkins Virginia

John was amazing and very professional and knowledgeable.

9/13/22 R. Davis Virginia Beach

We called Kellam after A-1 looked at our water heater for no hot water. The repair was gonna be super expensive. When Kellam came out turns out we didn’t need a repair after all it was a contractor issue. Thanks to kellam we didn’t waste our hard earned money! Call kellam first!

9/12/22 R. Griffith Virginia Beach

Jennifer and Jimmy both are outstanding representatives for the company. Jennifer performed the scheduling the job and Jimmy performed the work replacing the control valve on the water tank. Please commend them for their professionalism. All of this was in an expeditious fashion.

9/10/22 D. Gibson Norfolk

Morgan with Kellam Mechanical was spot on. I called at 5 PM and he was there before seven with a diagnosis. My very very old system had finally kicked the bucket and it was very hot outside. Kellam Mechanical‘s team was on site by nine installing the new system the next day. I have known the owner Scott and his wife for a long time and I’m very glad that they were there to take my phone call and I greatly appreciate Morgan’s professionalism and prompt service. I recommend them highly

9/5/22 R. Holte Virginia Beach

Morgan was a huge help tonight! had a minor issue he walked us through and got it fixed in no time. Amazing technician with amazing customer service. Thank you Morgan!

9/1/22 B. Waterfield Norfolk

Ben has performed all the plumbing work I have needed. He always does a wonderful job, and takes time to explain what he is doing and answer all my questions.

8/30/22 Allery and Asthma Center Virginia Beach

Very thorough and professional service. Identified problems correctly and recommended appropriate measures to rectify them. Explained in details the work involved and the cost.

8/29/22 Virginia Beach

Our AC went to 86 degrees today and we called Kellam to come and service. They sent Richard Barnes, HVAC Service Technician; he was very professional, kind, and personable. He even put shoe covers on when he entered our house. He trouble shooted situation and replaced a bad run cap, on the spot. within 15 min it already feels cooler, we will sleep well tonight. We highly recommend Kellam Mechanical! Thank you, B. Stewart

8/29/22 F. Tippett Virginia Beach

Reliable and very knowledgeable about their work.

8/26/22 R. Dawley Virginia Beach

The new unit is blowing nice, cool air and I can’t think of anything that could have been different or better.

8/26/22 P. Richardson Virginia Beach

The new system is working great even with high outdoor temperatures and humidity we have not had any issues.

8/26/22 C. Redd Virginia Beach

The installers did an awesome job, worked really fast and were super respectful.

8/25/22 E. Carter Virginia Beach

We have only been with Kellam a 1 year but as new homeowners, we couldn’t be happier with Kellam and Jamie. Jamie has been a top-notch professional. He shows up on time, answered all of our questions and didn’t hesitate to offer suggestions and didn’t try to oversell. He is polite, respectful, and very approachable. If your looking for a person who treats you and your property with the utmost respect, ask for Jamie, you won’t be disappointed.

8/23/22 C. Hayes Virginia Beach

Morgan B. Was our service technician today and let me tell you….we are customers for LIFE!! He was on time, communicated with us prior to arriving, super friendly, very positive and worked really efficiently. Literally couldn’t believe what an expert he was and we’re blown away by his professionalism! I can tell that this is more than just a job to him and he genuinely cared about us as customers ((even though I was grumpy from being so overheated due to the AC being broken)) Thanks Morgan for making a rough situation with our AC pleasant. Although we hope we don’t have persistent troubles after this service call…..we know who to call if we do! Thanks again.

8/22/22 D. Braithwaite Virginia Beach

Service tech friendly and professional.

8/20/22 V. Cash Virginia Beach

Air conditioner would cut on and run for a few minutes, then cut off before reaching the set temperature. Called Kellam on Saturday morning and Morgan came out that afternoon and fixed the problem. The drainage pipe was blocked causing the drip pan to stay full of water. The sensor would cut the unit off for safety reasons because of the water. Our tech, Morgan, was very personable and professional. He got things up and running in a matter of a few minutes. It was a pleasure to have him in our home and I would not hesitate to call Kellam again!

8/19/22 E. Spruill Virginia Beach

Shawn Iqbal was awesome!! Such a kind and honest man that explained everything to me that he was doing and a step by step ( with pics included) to show me what I did and did not need to have done at my first service appt I had for a condo I have just purchased! Thank you Shawn, I will be requesting him from here on forward 😊

8/19/22 D. Swanger Chesapeake

Richard is a great young man. He has outstanding personal skills and knowledge and I absolutely love Richard, he is the best.

8/18/22 S. Romm Virginia Beach

John and Tony were amazing!

8/18/22 J. Carter Chesapeake

I really appreciate Kellam and you all were excellent.

8/18/22 B. Andusky Virginia Beach

I am happy and will use Kellam for future work.

8/17/22 S. Romm Virginia Beach

Electrical work for my hot tub! John Holdcroft was very professional & knowledgeable! As was Tony. I’m so happy with the service!!! I highly recommend Kellam!!!

8/16/22 K. Coleman Virginia Beach

Everything was great from start to finish.

8/16/22 P. Ryan Virginia Beach

Shawn went above and beyond what I could ever expect. He came to fix my unit yesterday but it was raining so he couldn’t do the outside unit but when he was leaving it stopped raining and Shawn turned right back around to come finish the job and I was so surprised that he did that. He was so nice and I wanted to thank him for everything and for Megan for helping on the phone.

8/13/22 C. Eyre Virginia Beach

I’m sure all team members at Kellam are excellent but my favorite is Morgan. I always request him because he’s honest, he’s fun and he knows his job. He takes care of the problem quickly and neatly. If it weren’t for Morgan I’m not sure I would be with Kellum, but you can be sure I will be with Kellam as long as Morgan is there.

8/12/22 S. Lumpkin Suffolk

Everyone from rusty all the way down the line has been great. The guys worked themselves to death to get my AC back up quickly and I couldn’t be happier, I have referred all her friends and neighbors.

8/12/22 M. McCay Portsmouth

The installers were super nice, quick and efficient and the new system works great.

8/12/22 M. Matthews Virginia Beach

Everything is working great and I am happy with the install.

8/12/22 Deb S. Virginia Beach

Our AC was not working properly and Kellam provided same day service. The technician that came out was very polite and thorough. He kept me posted on everything as he searched for the problem. This is not the first time we have used Kellam Mechanical and like every time before they get the job done! They have replaced parts on our AC with reasonable charges and always get our older unit working again. Kellam is a reliable and honest business and I would not use anyone else!

8/12/22 T. Holston Virginia Beach

Today I had my annual A/C inspection and tune-up. All systems checked out by Jamie and I am good to go. Jamie is a great representative for Kellam: polite, efficient, thorough and friendly. I’m a happy camper!

8/11/22 E. Heiland Virginia Beach

Richard was absolutely wonderful & very knowledgeable explaining exactly what was wrong with our HVAC system. Especially after our Home Warranty company sent out another company who said it was fine. When Richard showed me water in the electrical part of the unit! I would absolutely trust Kellam Mechanical to fix the problem properly.

8/11/12 S. Rubin Virginia Beach

I do want to convey the level of satisfaction I have with my technician, Jaime Swanson. Jaime has serviced my HVAC serveral times. Today’s service was quite lengthy and as always Jaime was very meticulous and respectful of of my home. Jaime explained thoroughly what he was doing and cleaned up as he went thru the various steps. He’s a true asset to Kellam.

8/11/22 R. Kilmer Virgina Beach

Your electricians did a great job and are good people!

8/8/22 R. Corbin Viriginia Beach

They were on time professional and did a great job.

8/4/22 R. Pennington Chesapeake

Air conditioning went down mid-day. Called Kellam promised tech would arrive within 4 hours. pleasantly surprised when Gerald showed up an hour early ! he diagnosed the problem, which turned out not to be major. Gerald was very informative and knew exactly where to look and what to do. So impressed we purchased a coverage plan for the unit. very happy with our service would recommend highly.

8/3/22 S. Rowe Virginia Beach

I want to let you know how amazing Gerald is. I am appreciative of Gerald’s patience and knowledge and would like you to know Gerald is an asset to Kellam.

8/2/22 P. Nguyen Virginia Beach

Richard was the best. He came out and worked as soon as he could and helped fix our AC problem. I have a 10 month old that was suffering in this heat wave and Richard was able to help save the day! Thank you Kellam Mechanical! No other company is as swift as Kellam.

8/2/22 A. Bradley Chesapeake

I was really happy with rusty and with the whole installation process.

7/31/22 R. Pedersen Virgina Beach

Richard was super professional in giving me all the information needed about my faulty AC unit and spent quality time searching for a way to finance my new system. His interactions both with myself and my daughter were professional and calming in an otherwise stressing situation. He never once showed frustrations with my questions (some being repetitive) or with my inquisitive daughter. He was also very knowledgeable in explaining all that needed to happen in order to provide us the most comfort in a very oddly oriented house. His problem solving abilities and thorough inspections gave me peace of mind that I was getting the most informed solutions to my problem. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone seeking hvac assistance.

7/30/22 F. Nuckols

It was a late night and weekend call and a temperature in the 90’s. The technician (Jamie Swanson) was very professional . 👍

7/29/22 L. Davidson Virginia Beach

Everything is working great and I am so happy.

7/29/22 F. Johnson Virginia Beach

The installation took longer than expected but they stayed with it until it was complete and perfect.

7/29/22 J. Martin Virginia Beach

Kellam is my new go to company for everything.

7/29/22 J. O’Connor Virginia Beach

The install team was very fast and did a great job.

7/29/22 M. Dewhurst Virginia Beach

I told the techs not to worry about the carpet and they wore shoe covers anyways. The installers were very efficient and we are super happy with Kellam.

7/28/22 R. Strange Virginia Beach

Although it has been difficult in scheduling a mutually agreeable appointment once the technician arrived I was confident with his abilities

7/28/22 J. Lombardo Virginia Beach

Would you please pass on to the owners of Kellam that we are extremely pleased with your technician, Morgan, and he does an excellent job. Since we have had him as our technician, this is the first summer that we have had a comfortable, cool house.

7/27/22 Y. Paxson Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes was just here to unclog the a/c drains, and he was.very pleasant and helpful…and we signed up for your maintenance plan. He was great!

7/26/22 V. Thiele Virginia Beach

Jamie Swanson and the whole Kellam team did a fantastic job. Our AC went out and the company that installed it 4 years ago couldn’t see us for over a week. One night of 85 degree heat with the little ones had me calling everyone to see if someone could help us. Kellam came through for us and was able to set us up that day for an appointment. Jamie was on time and polite, saw the problem right away, and had the parts on hand to fix it. From the time I called to having cold air blowing again was less than 4 hours. We are absolutely customers for life now!

7/26/22 M. Wilkins Virginia Beach

A/C went out and I called around to a few places who said they would call back and never did. Called Kellem (as referred from another HVAC company) and they came next day, first thing. Jamie, our service tech was knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. I’ve been thinking of setting up a service plan for our new system and I did so right on the spot with Jamie because of my experience today.

7/25/22 G. Herrick Norfolk

Justin was very friendly and explained how things worked (or didn’t work). He repaired my AC unit with precision and care. He did such a good job I decided to sign up for their yearly maintenance plan to keep my unit from shutting down during long heat waves.

7/25/22 A. Kirker Virginia Beach

Tim was amazing! He was very informative and worked quickly! We truly appreciate his fast response and professionalism!

7/24/22 V. Register Virginia Beach

Above and beyond service from Richard Barnes at Kellam during this heat wave! Our system stopped working on Friday night in 96 degree weather and he was at our house at 11pm no complaints! He was extremely polite and professional and very knowledgeable… previous technicians couldn’t find our problem but he did. Thank you Richard and Kellam Mechanical!

7/23/22 A. Steadman Norfolk

Jamie was my technician and he was PHENOMENAL!!! If there is a more powerful word to describe his service I would use it. I called at 3:01 pm and they were here by 6:40 gave me a courtesy phone call today the tech was at the location before me and would be here soon as he is completed THIS COMPANY HAS MY SERVICE AND RESPECT.

7/23/22 A. Steadman Norfolk

Jamie was my technician and he was PHENOMENAL!!! If there is a more powerful word to describe his service I would use it. I called at 3:01 pm and they were here by 6:40 gave me a courtesy phone call today the tech was at the location before me and would be here soon as he is completed THIS COMPANY HAS MY SERVICE AND RESPECT

7/23/22 J. Lyons Virginia Beach

I just had one of the technicians named Shawn come and do seasonal service on my HVAC this morning. He took the time to explain everything he was doing in a professional and courteous manor. Afterwards he pointed out things that would require attention and a timeline for when I can expect these things to need to be addressed. I am so happy with the service that I will request him for all future services. If you are on the fence about who to call for your HVAC system call Kellam Mechanical.

7/23/22 C. Garcia Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical is great. Everything was smooth, fast, and very professional. We called them on a Thursday (yesterday), and that same day Richard came over, looked at our equipment, offered us three quotes. Richard helped us make an informed decision. He is evidently knowledgeable. The next day (today), the guys came over and replaced the furnace and the HVAC unit. They worked fast and left my AC running. They did an amazing job. In 24 hrs after I called them I had everything installed.

7/22/22 K. Calabro Virginia Beach

Cranky AC unit = anxious owner I recently switched from my 15 years plus HVAC guy to Kellam Mechanical. Totally nervous woman of a certain age who has 2 very special, extremely high maintenance rabbits. Scheduled an AC maintenance appointment and truly have never had such fabulous service! LT was patient, kind, and explained everything using terms I could understand. Have a 14 year old system that he is helping me nurse along until I can afford a new unit. The second young man, who came out after I thought the fan was in death mode, was equally wonderful. Hopefully my unit will last through this heat wave; however, I am not as nervous due to knowing they will lend me a portable unit to keep the buns cool. Thank heavens for Kellam! They definitely go above and beyond in both maintenance and customer service!

7/22/22 T. Holston Virginia Beach

A/C Repair in unbearable heat wave My fan unit died recently. Blake diagnosed the problem and Kellam was able to expedite getting the parts from the manufacturer. Blake spent several exhausting hours getting my system back in working condition in spite of 95F temperatures! Thanks, man!

7/21/22 K. Woodward Virginia Beach

Every time we have used Kellam they have been the nicest (Ben, David & Rusty). The receptionists are always friendly. Always a lot of help. Always on time. When replacing our HVAC system they were very considerate of our home and cleaned up any messes. We also called them for our plumbing needs. And guess what? They give you an estimate without a pushy sales pitch. They are always willing to give the homeowner time to make a decision without the pressure of an on the spot commitment.

7/20/22 S. Brown Suffolk

Richard Barnes was so helpful getting my system back running. He and a co worker replaced my well pump and now water is flowing to the until properly and I have cool air flowing again and I’m so greatful. Richard was very professional and made sure the job was done right and also made sure cool air was flowing through all the vents. Thank you to your team for always keeping me right.

7/20/22 S. Sands Virginia Beach

Called them out for a diagnostic. Jamie Swanson was on time, professional, easy to communicate with and went above and beyond in helping remedy my situation. I appreciate the photos taken and shared with the homeowner so we can see firsthand what is going on. I trust Kellam Mechanical, the company and the employees, to be honest about all aspects of their work. I would highly recommend the business and I would happily work with Jamie Swanson again.

7/19/22 F. Carr Virginia Beach

Gerald came out to my home last night when it was hot as blazes in here. I’m 82 years old and I want to let you know what a wonderful young man Gerald is. He came in here last night like a gift from heaven, just so nice, kind, knowledgeable and very thorough. He even took the time to explain everything to me and went out of his way to make sure this old woman had some a/c!

7/18/22 D. Plott Chesapeake

John Holdcroft did an exceptional job. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Great personality as well and took the time to answer my questions.

7/18/22 M. Gutt Virginia Beach

The tech was super great and super friendly.

7/16/22 K. Robles Virginia Beach

We called Kellam shortly after noticing our AC wasn’t kicking on. They sent us a technician the same day after only about an hour! Jamie worked quickly and took care of everything the unit needed and was so nice to our chatty kiddos! We had such a great experience we signed a contract after for maintenance. Highly recommend!

7/15/22 M. Buterbaugh Virginia Beach

Great experience. Blake was very informative and professional. Assisted day of ac issues. Highly recommend!!

7/15/22 R. Cooke Virginia Beach

Terrance was profession and represented Kellum Mechanical to the level we have come to expect. Was able to fix our problem within an hour and has up up and running. Thank you so much

7/14/22 A. Mederios Virginia Beach

Blake was very professional, gave options and explained everything he was doing.

7/14/22 T. Kwoczka Virginia Beach

John is awesome and has great customer service.

7/14/22 D. Evins Knotts Island

They did a great job on the installation and everything went very nice. He is very satisfied.

7/14/22 G. Merritt Virginia Beach

Tim Baker was on time, did a thorough job with AC maintenance service and gave an honest appraisal of my system. Even replaced air filter in high ceiling.

7/13/22 R. Bachas Virginia Beach

Smitty is a great guy. He is extremely conscientious and that is essential in any job, and most especially in his!! Thank You! R.B.”

7/13/22 E. Bledsoe Norfolk

My AC went out and it is SUPER hot. Gerald Kearney was our tech and he is the most amazing and friendly tech I have ever had the honor of working with. He was kind, talked on the phone, texted and did troubleshooting. This guy is EACTLY what you want in a HVAC tech. He knew exactly what the issue was and explained everything to me. He got my AC fixed, my Nest working, and my house is now cool again. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You now have a LIFE LONG customer!

7/13/22 B. Wadington Virginia Beach

Wade Smith did an outstanding job repairing our Generac generator that was damaged during a power surge. It wasn’t an easy job. It required a few trips out here and some replacement parts. He had the expertise and tenacity to get the job done. Highly professional and excellent customer service. We highly recommend Kellam Mechanical!

7/12/22 N. Cox Chesapeake

Thank you for sending Jamie, I love him and he assured me he would not leave until he got my ac working again. He was so professional, the same as Richard when he comes out also.

7/11/22 A. Korzun Suffolk

Ben went above and beyond, he provides stellar services

7/11/22 D. Hurst Virginia Beach

The duct cleaners were very respectful and cleaned up all of their debris.

7/11/22 J. Greene Virginia Beach

Morgan one of the technicians has been out to our house several times and I just have to say he is absolutely amazing. He is great with my dogs he is very professional and courteous. He always explains things that help me understand what’s going on. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

7/9/22 J. Owens Portsmouth

Your technician Morgan Bayse was excellent and was very professional and corteous. He came out the same day and got the ac running in no time. He is asset to your company!!!

7/8/22 K. Crawford Chesapeake

Tim, was very helpful. Quickly diagnosed the issue. Replaced the run capacitors on both condenser units and got us set up on maintenance plan to stay ahead of any future trouble. He even cleaned the lines just to be safe

7/8/22 J. Davis Virginia Beach

My generator was not working properly. The company was very responsive and the technician, Wade Smith, was outstanding. He was professional and knowledgeable. He was able to identify and fix the issue.

7/8/22 B. Consolvo Chesapeake

Tim was friendly, professional and competent. He arrived on time (actually early,) diagnosed and solved my AC problem, and inspected the outside condenser as well as the attic furnace. Tim’s workmanship, along with Kellam Mechanical’s reputation inspired me to sign up for the semiannual preventative maintenance program. Tim is an asset to the organization. I was thoroughly satisfied.

7/8/22 R. Harrington Virginia Beach

I have never received such amazing customer service in my 85 years and was a graphic sign business owner. I am extremely impressed with the quick service response, clean company vehicles and how I feel so warmly welcomed and that my business is actually appreciated. I will be referring Kellam to all my family and friends!

7/5/22 S. Stewart Virginia Beach

Richard diagnosed and fixed our problem. Very kind and explained everything. He was extremely knowledgeable and kind. A plus service.

7/3/22 R. Mcduffie

I spoke with Megan and she was so nice; I really enjoyed her and the young man who came to my house was name Jimmy. We had a plumbing issue for a walk-in tub for my son. I really appreciate your service and your company. If I could I would give Jimmy and Megan a little something extra in their paychecks for the outstanding job did!!! Thank you so much and if I need a plumber I definitely know who to call 🙂

7/2/22 T. Dooley Virgina Beach

AC system decided it wasnt going to play nice last night. Called Kellam and they were out pronto to address a bad capacitor and a relay. Thanks Kellam. Thanks Especially to Tim Baker! Way to go!

7/1/22 J. Williams Norfolk

Highly recommend Richard Barnes…he was just amazing, very polite n knowledgeable…thanks for the fantastic job!!!!

7/1/22 C. Thomann Virginia Beach

Like just about everybody else who writes a review, I’m also Team Morgan. He’s been servicing my HVAC for several years and has always provided prompt, professional service (and he likes cats!). Although I know he’s wanted to, he’s never laughed at me when I’ve called him crying thinking for sure I was either going to freeze to death or melt when my HVAC hiccupped. He’s the ridiculously friendly voice of reason and is just really good at his job. But now there’s a new Kellam guy in my life. I’m pretty sure the neighbors are going to start talking because for the past 2 weeks there have been Kellam trucks in my driveway. I needed an electrician a couple of weeks ago for a situation that left me frustrated and confused, and John came to the rescue. I know he, like Morgan, wanted to laugh when he saw what I did with my outlets and switch, but he was exceptionally professional and suppressed his laughter – I don’t think he even rolled his eyes (maybe when he turned around). He repaired my “repair” and while he was onsite at my home at the end of a very long day, I asked him to look at a couple of other things and to send me a quote. He was here last week and worked efficiently and got everything done in way less time than I expected. He, like Morgan (although he doesn’t talk as much) is an expert and a professional when it comes to his work even though he’s a YANKEES FAN. I can’t say enough about the techs and the ladies in the office who are always so friendly. Thank you, Kellam!

7/1/22 N. Velour Knotts Island

Wade came today all the way in Knotts Island and he did maintenance on my generator. He is very professional and so knowledgeable. He made sure that the generator was running well and even checked it few more times to make sure it is running great. He treated that work like it was his own. He has a lot of pride in his work. THANK YOU!!!

6/30/22 L. Rossen Virginia Beach

It is night and day the level of service and the way I was treated by Kellam versus another company. Smitty is great and both Megan and Jennifer were a delight to talk to. I am very happy.

6/30/22 E. Rivera Chesapeake

The tech was on time and I am very pleased.

6/30/22 L. Tengco Virginia Beach

Everything was great and Gerald was amazing.

6/30/22 J. Williams Chesapeake

Our A/C went out on 6/29, and we were scrambling to find a company who could help us ASAP. Kellam to the rescue! I called on 6/30 and was able to get a technician, Jamie, the same day. Thank goodness! Jennifer, who took my call, was very friendly and helpful, and Jamie quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem – a bad capacitor. The A/C is back working, Jamie took the time to answer my many questions, and I am so pleased with the quick, excellent service that I bought a service plan with Kellam! I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Kellam team!

6/29/22 L. Minner Chesapeake

David came out to our home yesterday and checked on our new HVAC system. This visit was to clean and inspect our air conditioner. David called when he was on the way, arrived on time, and was courteous and professional. We were notified about the work David did. We appreciated this service.

6/28/22 S. Hardgrove Virginia Beach

Had maintenance performed on HVAC by Technician Jamie. Arrived on time after calling ahead and was professional in all sense of the word. He took the time to explain what he was doing and answered all of our questions about the system. Very pleased with the service provided.

6/27/22 G. Cashwell Virginia Beach

Gerald is an outstanding technician, true asset to Kellam. No nonsense, no B.S. I rate you all a 6 out of 5!

6/27/22 A. Randazzo Virginia Beach

My two experiences with Kellam have been great.

6/26/22 E. Saunders Virginia Beach

Tim Baker from Kellam Mechanical took great care of the geothermal HVAC system at my Mom’s house. He assessed the system and fixed it quickly and for a reasonable price. If you need help you should call these guys.

6/25/22 M. Cook Chesapeake

We really appreciated Richard’s help with our HVAC system. He showed up on time and went above and beyond to explain what was going wrong with our 20 year old unit. He helped us make an informed decision to replace it, get the best deal, and arranged for window units to be delivered and installed to get us through the hot weekend. I can’t say enough good things. Thank you Kellam!

6/24/22 A. Rowe Virginia Beach

Justin Labon did a fantastic job servicing our AC for the summer. He was respectful, courteous, and was able to answer questions about my service contact. I hope he’s assigned to my house in the future.

6/24/22 S. Hagadorn Virginia Beach

They did a great job and gave clear accurate information.

6/24/22 W. Wright Suffolk

The tech was very professional and I am very satisfied with your services.

6/24/22 P. Moore Virginia Beach

I want to let you know that Morgan did a great job at my home. He explained the problem and the recommended solutions. He was personable, kept me informed of what was being done and completed the job in a timely manner. I highly recommend Morgan and will request him for any future needs.

6/24/22 S. Morgan Portsmouth

They replaced our HVAC unit, installed 2 new vents, and upsized our return. The entire process was very quick, easy, and efficient. Rusty and David were great to work worth and we would certainly recommend them again.

6/24/22 P. Delaine Virginia Beach

The install team did great and Kellam was the only ones who answered during our time of need.

6/24/22 K. Mclaughlin Chesapeake

John, Morgan and Nico were outstanding and they did a really good job.

6/2/22 W. Torres Virginia Beach

I had the pleasure of working with Justin Labon. He was on time and listened to my complaint and concerns about our AC not working. He did a thorough intake and assessment before he even touched any began any repairs. He took his time to explain everything he was doing, and even wore shoe covers in my home. I felt comfortable and respected by his consideration and professionalism. He took his time and made sure that my husband and I were satisfied with the results. He is truly a great technician that I would recommend to anyone. Thanks so much Justin.

6/21/22 A. Russell Virginia Beach

Personable and thorough. I was shopping for a new HVAC system. Their price was competitive.

6/20/22 C. Hart Virginia Beach

We switched to Kellam Mechanical about a year ago, and now specifically ask for Gerald. He is knowledgeable and very competent, and explains what he is doing in a very helpful way.

6/19/22 K. Cross Virginia Beach

Kellam technician Morgan is great! He went above and beyond to solve a mysterious problem at my house. Morgan was very competent and very pleasant. He came on short notice on a Sunday, identified the problem quickly, explained in clear terms what the problem was, and fixed it on the same day, being well equipped to do so. I’d highly recommend Morgan and Kellam!

6/17/22 S. Hebert Virginia Beach

John the Electrician came out to repair an outlet. He was very professional and early a plus for sure. Great job John.

6/15/22 S. Pagano Virginia Beach

There are not enough positive things to say about Morgan with Kellam Mechanical! He is on time, courteous, smart and has become a good friend! He is always available for questions and happy to help. Morgan is also patient and explains things in simple terms so never any confusion. We have been requesting him solely for over 2 years now. The office staff at Kellam Mechanical have been kind and helpful along our long term journey with AC problems in an older home. Thank you Morgan and staff!

6/15/22 S. Mickelson Virginia Beach

Richard B. was right on time and friendly and professional. He went into an extremely cramped and hot attic space to troubleshoot and ultimately repair my unit. He explained is findings, went over options and did his best in finding savings. Appreciate all his hard work.

6/15/22 S. Williams Virginia Beach

Justin L was so very helpful. He repaired my duct and got my machine up and running. He is such a competent and cordial man.

6/15/22 R. Pulliam Virginia Beach

The gentalmen that came out (Morgan) was very friendly and informative. He took his time and explained everything in detail. I would surly use him again.

6/13/22 J. Allesandro Virginia Beach

John O., Khiry S. and Nico N. all did an amazing job. It was so hot and unbearable out there and they were troopers! It was just awesome and I appreciate the great work they did!

6/7/22 J. Brown Suffolk

Once again Kellam sent a great group of guys out(Neal, Nathan). I am very pleased with them. They cleaned up all the mess, placed tarps down, and took care of my problem, my house is getting cooler already. I am so happy. I referred my boyfriend to Kellam, for his plumbing issues.

6/7/22 K. Melnyk Virginia Beach

Jeremy hawkins is incredible!! He was so kind and he even played a little baseball with my son. I felt so comfortable leaving him in my home. You cannot buy this type of customer service! THANK YOU KELLAM FOR DOING RIGHT BY PEOPLE!

6/5/22 J. Giles South Mills

Morgan was very quick to respond and eager to help. Had unit ordered and ready to install within less than a week. Hunter did a wonderful job installing.

6/4/22 S. Lopez Virginia Beach

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Richard … he came by at 9:30pm and did not leave until the issue was fixed ! Highly recommend because they CARE. I have three kids and he was adamant he wanted to be sure the issue was fixed for me and the kiddos!!

6/3/22 W. Price Virginia Beach

The installers were very professional and we are satisfied with the outcome.

6/2/22 A. Kale Virginia Beach

Justin was fantastic, smart and a pleasure to work with. He was thorough and I am very pleased.

6/1/22 G. Coleman Virginia Beach

Morgan was very quick fixing our ac that quit on us in the start of summer and we are so thankful! He’s our first call when we need help/maintenance again. Thanks again Morgan!

5/31/22 J. Williams Virginia Beach

I will say again, the service was fantastic and your techs are all very personable and qualified from my experience.

5/31/22 M. Kines Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes and Kellam responded promptly to our service call. Richard immediately identified the problem but did a full system check before leaving. Couldn’t be happier with the service!

5/28/22 S. Mason Virginia Beach

Richard arrived on time. He was personable and professional. He inspected our AC unit and diagnosed the issue. Once we decided that we needed to replace our unit, Richard walked us through the purchase process and explained all options to us. He was fantastic!

5/27/22 T. Riedel Chesapeake

I can’t say enough good things about the whole process and the home is very comfortable with the new unit

5/27/22 A. Lehtonen Virginia Beach

Techs were wonderful, nice and sweet. They were singing and dancing, cleaned up after themselves and were awesome

5/27/22 Lisa O. Virginia Beach

Both my husband and I did research on AC and Heating Companies in our area. After looking at all of them. We had a couple that we liked and then spoke to each. I have to say KELLAM for the win. Customer service is 5 star. From the initial contact to the service call. They ask a lot of questions prior to them getting to your house. Making it a very time efficient visit. They really make you feel like you are top on the list. 2010 we had them replace our condenser and blower in our attic. They are very professional and we both thought they really upgraded everything involved. They did an A+ job. Recently this year 2022 we had them come out and do a check up because we felt that our house was a bit warm due to 100F outside. They came out on a day and time that is convenient for us and as always 5 star customer service. It was a rainy day and as he came in the house to check the inside he put his booties on to keep our house clean. He spent time really looking at everything. I felt like he really spent time and tested everything. They are also coming back just to make sure that the item that they fixed is working properly. This is a courtesy call. They care about the work that they do. So for 12 years we have been very happy with our service. We had called another company and they said they could not come out for 2 weeks. With 100 degree weather we did not think that was a good first contact. I will not mention the other businesses. Only want to say KELLAM is courteous efficient and great quality. We will not be changing. And if you find you like one particular technician you can request them every time

5/26/22 S. Sitzler Norfolk

I had the best time to call Kellam Mechanical My service was excellent, fast and they are very clean completely done in 2 days My AC unit was dirty from the duct work being ripped apart by animals . But they had my back ! Thank you for the help.

5/24/25 G. Silkett Norfolk

Shawn and Salim were two of the most thorough technicians I ever had and I appreciated them keeping me involved and that although Salim was newer he looked interested in learning and I think he will turn into an asset for your company. I appreciate the work all Kellam’s technicians have done for me. John, Nathan, and Neal were absolutely excellent.

5/24/22 J. Moss Portsmouth

Jamie was very professional at my house and showed that he cared about the customer. He was very knowledgeable of my unit and what was needed to fix it. I think the products that the HVAC companies are using are priced out of the retired public and the working class ability to pay for. It is not Kellam’s fault but the older people that need these systems can’t get them so we will have to die of heat stress issues. I appreciate all Jamie did for me but he nor others seem to be able to help. Thank you!

5/24/22 T. Monaco Virginia Beach

Plumbing Work Ben Roberts and Saleen did a great job replacing my kitchen faucet and fixing the leaks under kitchen sink, also both of my toilets needed repairs, a wax ring was replaced and a new flushing mechanism was also fixed.Kellam Mechanical did a excellent job and I totally recommend Ben Roberts and Saleen for any of your plumbing needs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/23/22 S. Walton Chesapeake

Richard came out to look at my AC unit. He showed me exactly what was going on with my unit and why my house was not cooling.Long story short I needed a new AC unit he set everything up for me and it was painless. He definitely eased my mind & very professional and informative.

5/23/22 A. Proznick Chesapeake

Morgan was great to work with. He was courteous, pleasant, and respectful. Thanks.

5/21/22 E. Sherrick Virginia Beach

Call them first!!! This company is who I should have gone with 2 years ago when I had a new AC installed in my home. Without a doubt they would have fulfilled their advertised promises, unlike Michael & Sons who are horrible!!! Although I am a gold warranty customer with M&S, I couldn’t get ahold of anyone for over 18 hours when my AC went out & my home was 81 down/89up. When I reached out to this AMAZING company (Kellam Mechanical) they answered the phone in the middle of the night & sent their tech Jamie out the next morning.. he saved the day. We are so grateful for his services & will be referring this company to all our neighbors, friends, & family. We are truly grateful 🙂

5/21/22 E. Howard Virginia Beach

Jamie Watson was absolutely phenomenal! He came within one hour of my call, got straight to work on my AC. The system failed on what seemed like the hottest night and our house was 83 degrees all night long. He came and gave us the real deal on what was wrong and our options. He was super intelligent and didn’t try to up sell anything. We paid for our service which was very affordable and he cleaned up and left us with good contact information and we are cooking down on a very hot day. Thank you again Jamie and to the KELLAM family which Jamie spoke so highly of. We are so grateful. We will only do business with KELLAM in the future.

5/21/22 C. Mueller Virginia Beach

Please with my service. Service person game the same day I called and did not leave until he was finished.

5/21/22 M. Schettler

Gerald was very friendly and efficient. This was our first time calling Kellam for service. We had an emergency and came out at 11:00pm and left at midnight. He got our ac unit back up and running. We signed up for a maintenance plan and look forward to working with him again! 100% recommend him!

5/20/22 M. Peterson Virginia Beach

I want to tell you how awesome your techs did. Gerald came out he was so great he bought the water heater and then when Justin and Salim came to install they were equally as amazing. I have been very disappointed in the past with other companies but glad I found Kellam for work moving forward.

5/20/22 D. Monaco Virginia Beach

This is the quietest unit I’ve ever had and everyone did great.

5/20/22 Virginia Beach

My new unit is cooling just fine and they guys were all on time.

5/20/22 D. Morrison Virginia Beach

So far so good and I am pleased with the installation work that was performed.

5/20/22 Mike P. Virginia Beach

I came home to a leaking water heater and needed somebody out immediately. After reaching out to a few different companies, these guys were the most responsive and didn’t charge an arm and a leg to come out. They were at my house and diagnosed the problem within an hour. Extra shout out to Gerald, Justin, and Salim for making the water heater replacement run smoothly. They were professional, courteous, and got the job done right the first time and in a timely manner. And they cleaned everything up when they left too! There wasn’t so much as a footprint left behind! I couldn’t be happier with these guys and this company and I will absolutely be using them in the future.

5/19/22 R. Ammons Virginia Beach

Very good tech. He explained everything very well and was very nice.

5/18/22 J. Rossman Virginia Beach

The tech did a good job, he explained everything and always is great.

5/18/22 M. Cordingley Virginia Beach

He is always helpful and solves problems. We joke that we call for him to come out just because we miss him.

5/18/22 K. Phillips Chesapeake

I am a new customer who has had bad experiences in the past with other companies. I was so impressed with Justin. He was patient, he listened to my issues, and he went above and beyond to resolve everything. I request him for future service. Kellam has made a lasting impression with me and I know how you have the reputation you have now. I am so grateful for the whole Kellam team.

5/18/22 R. Greene Virginia Beach

Morgan was great and great overall experience thank you

5/17/22 A. Williams Chesapeake

Everything was fantastic, absolutely wonderful!

5/17/22 A. Digiovanni Virginia Beach

The tech was Great! Make him my permanent tech! He is an asset to Kellam.

5/17/22 A. Garner Virginia Beach

Always nothing but great service from Kellam! Everything was very good.

5/17/22 D. Dauer Virginia Beach

Shawn Iqbal was very helpful and professional! He went above and beyond to fix all my AC gripes and educate me on proper use to avoid future maintenance.

5/17/22 K. Melnyk Virginia Beach

Thank you for honoring the appt that I was unable to schedule this past winter. This is what puts Kellam above the rest and why I am a loyal customer. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

5/16/22 L. Peterson Virginia Beach

I wanted to let you all know everyone at Kellam is friendly and you offer great service.

5/13/22 J. Bulfer Chesapeake

Ben was very professional and immediately found the problem we were having with our water heater. He replaced both thermostats and probably saved us from having an electrical fire. Glad I listened to my wife and called Kellam instead of watching a YouTube video and trying to fix it myself.

5/13/22 P. Engrem Virgina Beach

I was very happy that I was able to get another issue taken care of while John was servicing my property. I had a light switch behind a door and wanted options to get it moved. John told me it was something he could do but he didn’t have the materials. I went to get the materials needed and John set up a remote for the lights to work the way I wanted without having to move the entire switch. I am very grateful for the Kellam team.

5/9/22 K. Reinhart Virginia Beach

David went above and beyond. I was having issues with a door in my home and David replaced a screw and fixed the door while he was there.

5/6/22 L. Caffee Knotts Island

The guys knocked out the job quickly and did a fantastic job.

5/6/22 L. Evans

Richard was absolutely outstanding.

5/6/22 M. Donohue Virginia Beach

David was very helpful and gave me tips on how to properly maintain my system.

5/6/22 E. Mehringer Virginia Beach

The job was quick, prompt and they did a fantastic job!

5/6/22 D. Babcock Chesapeake

Kellam has impressed us in the past and continues to impress us with this project. Not only was the work high quality, they were on time, and this particular project required a good amount of carpentry to replace a fence area. Again, impressed with the whole project with special attention to the fencing work! The fence replacement work rivaled any professional fence installer! Of special note we John Owens and David Page who were here for both full days and saw the project to its full completion. Their oversight and the work of all of the installation teams members was great!

5/6/22 D. Defoor Virginia Beach

Service was scheduled in a timely manner. Technicians arrived as promised. Ben, who performed the plumbing service, easily assessed the needs and completed the steps necessary. He and his assistant were courteous and took the time to explain everything to me. He went above and beyond by calling me to confirm if I had any further questions or concerns once the job was completed.

5/5/22 L. Bewley Virginia Beach

Everyone that has come out to my house has been top notch.

5/3/22 M. Topping Suffolk

Just a quick note to say what a great job your crew did installing my new AC unit. My prior unit was located beside our deck, so we had to deal with the noise every time it kicked on when we were hanging out there. Your team was able to relocate the new (much quieter) unit to the perfect spot, out of earshot. Punctual, hard-working, problem solvers! Thanks again for the quick turnaround, Sarah.

5/3/22 E. Sievers Virginia Beach

I was driving down Holland Road passing over South Lynnhaven road today. One of your trucks slowed down and stopped traffic from both lanes so a pair of geese and their 6 babies could cross safely. This was a great act and I wanted you all to know.

5/3/3/22 V. Gibbs Norfolk

Hi Ben, Thanks for coming by and for both repairing the outside spigot and sending the quotes to me. You both were great and I did a review on Google, and please tell your apprentice I wasn’t sure of the spelling of his name so I didn’t include him on the review Apoligize for that! You fellows have a safe and healthy week! Best, V. Gibbs

5/2/22 S. Schlossberg Virginia Beaach

I just moved into a New to me house at the oceanfront, that I’m finding has not had a lot of love but a lot of ad DIY work throughout. I know my limitations and after previous usage of Kellam Mechanical for HVAC ISSUES, I scheduled a service call to install 3 new Kohler toilets I purchased. Ben Robert’s was the KELLAM technician to perform the tasks, he called me after the service dept advised me of his tentative ETA. All toilets were installed and as I expected each of the 3 toilets had their own challenge that would have been painful for me to fix on my own. Ben kept me updated throughout the install. He mentioned the plumbing maintenance plan, and the savings associated with it, it did t seem like a sales pitch after saving $180 on the service call. So it’s paid for already, and now once I get the hot water heater replaced it will have paid for itself 3 fold. Thank you for showing the benefit and not just going for the sale. I’m very satisfied with this KELLAM Mechanical service call with the others that I have had, Thank you

3/30/22 J. Shay Chesapeake

The tech was pleasant and quick with service.

4/22/22 V. Coleman Virginia Beach

The technician was very knowledgeable and I really liked him.

4/22/22 D. Chalker Virginia Beach

Just replaced our upstairs ac unit with a RUDD from Kellam Mechanical. First rate service! From the initial service call last Saturday by Terrence to the installation team this morning, Neal Adams and Nathan McIntosh, the service was OUTSTANDING! Also, ask about their USA Warranty – great value and strongly recommended!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Tell’em Derry sent you! (Sorry couldn’t resist)

4/20/22 N. Fauntleroy Chesapeake

My wife & I had a RUDD High Efficiency HVAC unit installed by 3 Kellam Mechanical exceptional employees. Their names are Lead Technician Neal Adams & 2 Apprentices, named Nathan Mcintosh and Trevor Tyssedal on Apr. 14th 2022. They were on time & were very professional doing an outstanding job. They addressed all our concerns & we highly recommend Kellam Mechanical to all friends and family. Again we like to say Thank You for being accurate & thorough. This was a major installation & reconfiguring our system.

4/20/22 M. Spurgeon Virginia Beach

Allen is very efficient and he listens to the problem and fixes it.

4/19/22 M. Seider Virginia Beach

I rate you all 10 out of 5. Gerald is a great employee He took the time to teach me all the different settings on the smart thermostat.

4/18/22 L. Heggenberger Norfolk

Great service as always! Had my annual plumbing check and they were quick professional and thorough!

4/18/22 D. Nemo Virginia Beach

4/18/22 S. Forman Virginia Beach

Richard was an extremely helpful and professional technician. He went above and beyond and helped us out so much. Will definitely go back to Kellam Mechanical because of his great service.

4/18/22 T. Fitterling Virgina Beach

Both Morgan Bayse and John Holdcroft did an outstanding job in my home today. Both extremely prompt on a last minute sudden desperate call I made to Kellam Mechanical and both very knowledgeable in their technical areas of expertise. From the phone call to the office to both Morgan and John, all personnel extremely courteous as well and will highly recommend Kellam Mechanical to others. Thank you Team.

4/15/22 A. Sickell Virginia Beach

The install went great and the technicians were perfect. If I ever need another install, I will request the same 3. They did a fantastic job! (Hunter, Kyle and Nico).

4/15/22 K. Burnett Virginia Beach

The techs ran the unit on both modes after connecting the gas so it seems to be working fine. the AC kicked on right away and is working great. i really appreciate how quick i was put on the schedule or the install of the unit!

4/15/22 W. Abdalla Virginia Beach

New system appears to be running well. The guys were very quick, professional and i was highly impressed. I would recommend them in a heart beat.

4/15/22 J. Knisely Virginia Beach

Everything is running perfectly, ran both the heat and ac. The technicians that were there were great. Very good crew.

4/14/22 D. Deadrick Virginia Beach

John came to troubleshoot and fix electrical problems in the house.

4/13/22 J. Riddick Virginia Beach

Compliments to John, David, Nico, Morgan and Jerry. The techs treated my home with so much respect. They brought extra tarps and cleaned and vacuumed every time work was being done at my condo. On the last day of work everyone double checked to make sure the condo was clean everything was taken care of. I have been with Kellam for 18 years and my family owns another heating and air company and we still choose to use Kellam as our service provider. Kellam is a fine-tuned machine and you all are the A-team.

4/13/22 C. Taafe Norfolk

Good responsive service from initial phone call to generator maintenance check.

4/13/22 B. Kaufman Virginia Beach

Morgan always does a great job in routine maintenance and subsequent repair if needed. Most strongly recommend for any of your HVAC needs.

4/12/22 R. Lindo Virginia Beach

Mr. Ben R the Plumber came to my residence today 11 April 2022 to perform a courtesy plumbing service. He and his partner was very professional, they conducted themselves in a courteous manner. Mr. Ben R performed his inspection and made his recommendations that we need to replace our toilet flappers. Brilliant job!

4/7/22 T. Stephens Virginia Beach

Toilets and bathroom facets replaced. Excellent service!

4/7/22 B. Edwards Suffolk

So happy with the service. Kellam should raise scale to 10 so I can give us 10 out of 10!

4/6/22 Q. Bramble Virginia Beach

Everything with the new unit went well and am very pleased with how it all went. Garrett, Hunter and Kyle were great.

4/6/22 A. Villenueva Virginia Beach

The install techs were fantastic, professional and very friendly. They did a great job. Second time that Neal has been out here and he’s been great both times.

4/6/22 Virginia Beach

Everything is perfect. Kellam is great and i really enjoy everyone there R. Bojo

4/6/22 S. Rose Norfolk

Great work by Shawn I and team today. Professional and thorough cleaning of ducts, dryer vents, and blower motors. Been a customer for 10+ years now and never disappointed. Rose Norfolk

4/6/22 R. Fitz Virginia Beach

I enjoy Morgan’s visits, he is very personable and thorough.

4/6/22 S. Byurm Virginia Beach

The techs took their shoes off, all of them are very good techs and were easy to talk to . I rate them a 10 out of 5!.

4/6/22 S. Berry Virginia Beach

Thank you Kellam Mechanical. Mr. R. Barnes was courteous and prompt. Got my Ac up and running. Also explained to me in detail what had happened. I can’t leave Gerald out. He came out week ago and found the problem. I definitely signed up for the service plan.

4/5/22 S. Brown Suffolk

Tarrence was Awesome and very Helpful. 💯

4/4/22 J. Sherwood Norfolk

Service technician Morgan Bayse from Kellam Mechanical came to my home February 25 to address some vexing issues I was having with my heating/air condition system. After looking throughout the main floor, the attic and even outdoors, he thoroughly grasped some of the problems I had experienced and drew up complete and competent plans for repair, modification and maintenance. I couldn’t ask for more. Jeremy Hawkins came out to check my AC system April 4. Called beforehand, arrived right on time, was thorough in his inspection and completed the work in a reasonable manner and time. He answered all questions and made suggestions for improvement to my HVAC system. He honored safe Covid practices , wearing his mask and maintaining a safe distance. He also wore protective covers on his feet to protect his shoes and my house. All in all just a very professional HVAC service. Again, I couldn’t ask for more.

4/4/22 B. and L. Mason Virginia Beach

Dear Scott and Sarah, Thank you for sending a great team to install our water heater. We look forward to being your customer. Sincerely, B. and L. Mason

4/4/22 T. Boykin Chesapeake

Needed new water heater installed. They were profeesional and kept me infomed as they performed work. Finished in less than 2 hours and cleaned up before leaving.

4/4/22 B. Brazzle Chesapeake

We selected Kellam Mechanical to replace our 2 ac/heat systems on our home due to coworker recommendation. Our first contact with customer service started a great relationship. Within 2 hours, a technician (MORGAN) was onsite and accessing our heating issues (he definately knows his job). We decided to replace both systems since they were at end of life. The installation team installed 2 dual fuel HVAC systems w/ductwork. Entire worksite was kept clean during entire process. BEST 40K spent. We highly recommend them and will keep on our phone for any other mechanical issues that may arise. 😉 😀

4/1/22 M. Thompson Virginia Beach

Service could not have been better. Tell Scott I said hello.

4/1/22 John Goold Virginia Beach

Very good service, Shawn is my tech of choice, he is very thorough.

4/1/22 D. Frost Virginia Beach

Gerald was very professional and thoroughly explained what issues needed to be taken care of, showing me the parts that needed to be replaced.

3/30/22 J. Heckel Virginia Beach

Wade was exceptional and very detail oriented.

3/30/22 J. Bahoura Chesapeake

Tim was great and it has been great dealing with Kellam.

3/29/22 B. Smaugh Virginia Beach

To whom it may concern, I am writing to share my review of the visit and performance of Ben R. in reference to his work and performance at my home in Virginia Beach, Va. He was very professional, answered my questions, had no problem answering the most pertinent questions that I had. He was courteous, efficient and knew what he was doing. If you have more like Mr. Ben R. your business will thrive.

3/28/22 Antonio V. Virginia Beach

Terrence is awesome, like superman! He is so professional and ethical, has so much knowledge.

3/28/22 A. Villanueva Virginia Beach

I am amazed by the work ethics, professionalism and knowledge of one of your techs, Terrance. Additionally, I have been using Kellam Mechanical for years and I consider my experience with them to be awesome and pleasant. Thank you for being true professionals. 🙂

3/28/22 J. Marino Virginia Beach

Allen is fantastic! He’s just wonderful! He explained everything so well and I would like him to my other property.

3/28/22 M. Moss Virginia Beach

Tony is so wonderful. And John had the most wonderful handwriting

3/27/22 G. Nellis Norfolk

Morgan was ahead of schedule, quick, informative and professional. He listen to the issue our A/C was giving us and inspected the system. He went over different options and suggested signing up with Kellams maintenance plan to keep our system at peak efficiency. Definitely glad by buddy suggested giving Kellam a call.

3/27/22 Tammy Rheinsmith Virginia Beach

This company takes the time to help you understand all the ins and outs of the repair. They are patient and always make time. They made me feel valued.

3/26/22 R. Dejesus Chesapeake

Carter, Kyle, and Garrett were super pleasant and were a joy to have in our home. Replaced AC unit and furnace with top notch service. Very thorough and had an excellent work rapport. Will definitely recommend to anybody looking for the service from Kellam Mechanical. Thank you again!

3/26/22 M. Dawe Virginia Beach

Morgan came out as a courtesy following a complete HVAC ducting replacement. He closed the deal with us but did not perform the work, so he wanted to make sure everything that we talked about was completed to both of our satisfaction. Bottom line – Morgan is awesome to work with. The Kellum installers did a great job in my opinion, but Morgan is very detail oriented and found three things that could have been done better in his opinion, of which I agreed after being shown. He arranged for a technician to return to correct the issues quickly. See bottom line above. I couldn’t be more pleased with this “courtesy” visit and Morgan’s customer focus in general.

3/24/22 M. Meyers Virginia Beach

Everyone is polite and always on time.

3/23/22 D. Buchanan Virginia Beach

On time, communicated well, told me options and what he had found. No matter who has come communication is amazing!

3/23/22 J. Williams Virgina Beach

Plumbing department ask for “Ben” He was able to fix a major water heater issue the same day. Great work.

3/22/22 S. Rosado Virginia Beach

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for sending your master electrician, John. He was very informative, explained what he was doing and why. John was respectful,considerate and inspires confidence. I can say that I only want you to send John for any electrical issues and/or inspections I have in the future. Thank you.

3/19/22 M. Mackerney Virginia Beach

John was outstanding at helping us determine which services were needed to bring peace of mind to the owner. He literally went above and beyond. His experience was very much appreciated! We’re so fortunate to have the Kellam team.

3/17/22 D. Bustamante Virginia Beach

Technician named Morgan performed maintenance on my HVAC system this morning. Morgan was polite, informative, and professional in every way. Put his own mat down outside before entering, wore covers over his shoes, had mask on, and provided me technical information about my system. During this maintenance Morgan discovered problem with condensate line, it was clogged. He consulted with me on how he planned to fix it and then executed the repair. Issue was resolved. Well done Morgan!

3/17/22 K. Nicholson Virginia Beach

We were very pleased with our service from Kellam Mechanical. Our tankless hot water heater needed to be serviced and Kellam Mechanical came right out to fix our problem. Rob was our service technician and he was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. We couldn’t be happier! We will definitely call them for all our water heater needs!

3/15/22 J. Nichols Virginia Beach

Plumbing services sink repair. Excellent service.

3/15/22 N. Harding Virginia Beach

Morgan is personable, responsive, dependable, knowledgeable and thorough. Can’t beat him!

3/14/22 J. Bota Norfolk

Called Kellam, got a same day appointment. Ben was here ahead of schedule. Professional, courteous, and got us results with our plumbing. So far, so good, plan on using him again for future work!

3/13/22 Kory Miles, Abrams Realty Virginia Beach

I’m a real estate agent in Virginia and I am beyond impressed with the thoroughness of this companies performance. Not only was our technician super informative but did a very thorough examination of the entire HVAC system including pictures. We had a total of 4 different companies come out on the same day. He was our last quote for the day and did the best job out of all the other companies. He was prepped with shoe covers and his tool bag and stayed the longest because of how in depth he was with checking the systems. He explained everything so it was easy to understand for not only myself but the sellers as well. Thank you and I highly recommend this company now and in the future for all HVAC services and quotes.

3/9/22 M Davies Virginia Beach

Dear Mr. Kellam, I have been a customer for over 40 years, starting with Princess Anne Plumbing. The service has always been great – prompt and efficient. I wanted to write a quick note however about a visit I had yesterday to clean duct work in three rooms of my home. Shawn and Jeremy were simply the best in all my 40 years with you. Those two nice guys were friendly, informative, knowledgeable, hard and steady working – just a terrific team and a pleasure to have around. I could not let a chance slip by to compliment your employees – it seems to me you are fortunate to have them, and I appreciate the first-class service.

3/8/22 D. Dotson Suffolk

Mr. Richard Barnes was very patient while my dog got to know him. He maintained his professionalism throughout our appointment. I was home alone and felt comfortable with him there. He completed his work in a timely manner. Thank you.

3/8/22 P. Jenkins Virginia Beach

I received really good service and the tech kept the area neat.

3/8/22 S. Byrum Virginia Beach

I have been with Kellam for a long time and I honestly could never find a better company that does what you do. I love Kellam!

3/5/22 M. Dawe Virginia Beach

Andrew was easy to work with as the team lead; very knowledgeable, respectful, had excellent customer service, and has obvious pride in doing the job right. He and his team, Valente and Trevor, worked well together, worked reasonable hours, arrived when they said they would, cleaned up each day, and finished on time. Very pleased with the entire experience and quality of their work.

3/4/22 C. James Virginia Beach

John and Tony from Kellham expertly swapped out my main power panel and installed a portable generator plug. The panel had not been addressed over the course of three major house renovations and was a mess. The work took an entire day and they ensure I had temporary power to my two refrigerators. Both of them were true professionals and a pleasure to work with as they correctly relabeled the circuits to match what was actually being powered. The level of customer service provided by these two gentlemen will ensure that I will pick Kellham the next time I need service. Thanks again Tony and John you did an excellent job representing yourselves and your organization.

3/4/22 J. Hatch Virginia Beach

Tony was wonderful and very respectful.

3/4/22 K. Muratore Virginia Beach

Everything went really well, the techs were great and Rusty was very professional.

3/3/22 J. Kerekesh Virginia Beach

10’s across the board for Smitty! He is always very personable and thorough. Because of him I will continue to use y’all for all my of my services.

3/3/22 R. Bojo Virginia Beach

They went above and beyond, we decided to purchase a new system and duct cleaning.

3/3/22 S. Reed Virginia Beach

John went above and beyond, he is absolutely super!

3/2/22 A. Watson Suffolk

I contacted Kellam Mechanical on February 8th about my hot water heater needing to be replaced. They showed up the morning of February 10th and replaced it. They were fast, courteous, efficient, and affordable. When you need your hot water heater replaced in a jiffy, “Tell ‘em Kellam”!

3/1/22 S. De Lira Virginia Beach

This company is exceptional and great customer service. The entire process had so much communication, professionalism and kindness. Morgan repaired our heating system and worked reliably and efficiently. He is a pleasure to work with. We appreciate that we had a positive experience and that Morgan is an asset for Kellam Mechanical. Thanks so much!

3/1/22 L. Clarke Virginia Beach

The tech did a thorough job and answered all my questions.

3/1/22 G. Perez Suffolk

I really like how they explained the information so that I was able to relay to my husband with no issues. They wore their shoe covers and masks and I was pleased with the service.

2/28/22 A. Allen Chesapeake

My experience at Kellam has been a pleasure.

2/28/22 N. Hicks Virginia Beach

Wade Smith showed up within an hour of us calling. He quickly diagnosed the problem and had us up and running. He definitely deserves 5 stars and has the best personality!

2/28/22 T. Malamphy Virginia Beach

Allen was really nice guy and took the time to explain everything to him.

2/27/22 W. Rohr Virginia Beach

Repairmen were very helpful and polite. Explained each step and recommended solution. Thoroughly explained the advantages of an annual maintenance contract, but didn’t try to hard sell.

2/27/22 W. Wong Virginia Beach

New Heat Pump and Mini-Split system installation completed as scheduled and promised. Morgan Bayse consistently provided necessary assistance and coordination prior to installation and follow up afterwards. He always went beyond expectations in coordinating other services from Kellam Mechanical, i.e., electrical and plumbing estimates, we needed in completing our home improvement projects. Very trustworthy and professional!

2/25/22 J. Pevear Virginia Beach

Morgan is always professional and friendly. Service is always excellent.

2/25/22 Elisha ”Cadillac” Harris Suffolk

Morgan provide superior service and education as to maximize how to use my generator. He is a outstanding credit to your company. Thanks so much for sending him out to walk me through the process. I will be doing business with you as long as I’m here.

2/25/22 B. Loon Norfolk

Service technician Morgan Bayse from Kellam Mechanical came to my home February 25 to address some vexing issues I was having with my heating/air condition system. After looking throughout the main floor, the attic and even outdoors, he thouroughly grasped some of the problems I had experienced and drew up complete and competent plans for repair, modification and maintenance. I couldn’t ask for more.

2/23/22 B. Brazzle Chesapeake

I am so happy with the service provided by Kellam. Everything from the very first phone call up until this phone call today has been amazing service.

2/23/22 A. Fischer Virginia Beach

Jeremy and John completed my recessed lighting project for my office and did a fantastic job! They were polite, professional and courteous. The lights look spectacular, and they made sure to clean up and answer any questions I had. Highly recommend and will absolutely be using them for my next project!

2/23/22 L. Saman Virginia Beach

After the first time I used Kellam Mechanical and met Morgan B. I have not use anyone else l, nor would I ever again! He’s the best AC/heating guy out there! He is always there for me whenever I need help. Very quick to add me onto the schedule it has not once left me in a bind. He doesn’t try to trick me with hidden costs or purchase things I don’t need. On top of it he’s super pleasant to talk to and my dogs really like him so that’s a plus 😊

2/23/22 M. Reitz Virginia Beach

Jamie was awesome! On time, super professional & made sure my AC was back up and running properly! Best dude!

2/22/22 J. Morrow Suffolk

Wade Smith came to my rescue, my home Generac broke down, Wade responded in a timely fashion, got the parts needed and repaired the generator to full capacity. He was very professional, knew what to do and was very helpful. If ever needed again please send “Smitty” back.

2/22/22 C. McCrane Virginia Beach

I recommend Kellam Mechanical, Richard was on-time, friendly, and very professional.

2/21/22 C. McClenney Virgina Beach

Smitty was wonderful. My dog loved him and even gave him his paw which he doesn’t do for just anybody

2/20/22 L. Gadsby Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical has been my choice for more than 20 years. Always professional, kind, excellent customer service, trustworthy in their assessment & repair. Great company with a commitment to making their customers feel appreciated with their everyday service! Morgan was terrific!

2/18/22 S. Mcivor Virginia Beach

I really like Richard, he is friendly and professional and I appreciate how he handles the job

2/18/22 C. Linton Virginia Beach

The tech was very thorough and did a great job.

2/18/22 B. Hensley Virginia Beach

Tony and John are 5 stars for sure!

2/17/22 J. Bloodworth Virginia Beach

I really like the urgency with getting me information over to me so quickly.

2/16/22 D. Cooper Virgina Beach

Everything with my service was super-duper.

2/16/22 L. Samko Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical provides great service

2/16/22 H. Portillo Virginia Beach

The tech asked if I needed filters and I told him I would replace the filters, but he still went out of his way to do that for me so I didn’t have to.

2/16/22 B. Croley Chesapeake

It was a tough job for the techs they were here until 7 and they were so friendly and did a great job.

2/15/22 T. Brown Virginia Beach

The tech was courteous and efficient exactly what I expect from Kellam. I am very happy.

2/14/22 C. Wilburn Norfolk

Very happy with service, happy with the tech and happy with talking to Kayla! Everything left me very happy

2/11/22 R. Lindner Virginia Beach

I love Kellam and how everyone is always so pleasant and professional. Cortney is amazing as well.

2/11/22 A. Marker Virginia Beach

Very nice people who did a great job on our install. The new unit works much better than the old one.

2/11/22 K. Mcmillen Virginia Beach

We have working heat, its so wonderful.

2/11/22 K. Adent Virginia Beach

Everything with the install has been great so far. Temperature stays the same even when the door is constantly opened and shut.

2/10/22 S. McIvor Virginia Beach

Richard from Kellam Mechanical was very professional and thorough.

2/10/22 W. Nimmo Virginia Beach

Great job Kellam! Things are working just fine now.

2/10/22 J. Pavlidis Virginia Beach

Service was great! They really knew what they were doing. Morgan was great yesterday and Terrence got the job fixed today in ½ an hour he was amazing.

2/10/22 M. Wheeler Virginia Beach

Have always had excellent service with Kellam. On this latest call, Richard went above and beyond to diagnose and repair my mini-split. Definitely recommend!

2/10/22 J. Jacobs Norfolk

Both techs were so fantastic and very professional.

2/8/22 S. Storey Virginia Beach

He was excellent and he texted with updates and kept me informed.

2/8/22 B. Nolder Chesapeake

Jeremy looked very stylish in the shoe booties and Gerald was really nice.

2/8/22 E. Roehm Virginia Beach

Tony was very helpful and he even knew where to get the charger I needed. He went above and beyond his means to help and it was a tough job but he never complained. He’s a good guy. He signed me up for membership.

2/7/22 Jaqueline B. Virginia Beach

Morgan went out of his way to make sure I had heat and did not leave until my heat was running again.

2/7/22 P. Christiansen Virginia Beach

Jeremy was very courteous and professional.

2/7/22 C. Trahan Virginia Beach

The new furnace is working wonderfully, we are nice and toasty!

2/7/22 C. Comar Norfolk

The unit is great and we are loving it. I haven’t had showers this hot in I can’t remember how long.

2/7/22 D. Anglim Norfolk

Everything seems to be working fine so far, no complaints and the techs arrived on time.

2/7/22 D. Tillman Virginia Beach

We have heat and everything is working great.

2/7/22 S. Turner Virginia Beach

The install techs did a great job. Everything looks and feels great. I am very happy with the work performed.

2/7/22 C. Smith Virginia Beach

I was experiencing an issue with my Rennai gas tankless water heater and Richard was able to diagnose the issue right away.. He was very professional and walked me through the issue. He also showed me/explained to me how my system works, which lights on the panel should be on, and why I was not getting hot water in a timely manner. Very happy with the service I received.

2/4/22 M. Swan Chesapeake

This was my first experience with Kellam Mechanical and it has been hands down the best experience. From the initial phone call for help, to the scheduling availability, on-time service and professionalism of the technician, everything was just great! I felt that he took his time to explain things to me, did a thorough job and explained what I really needed versus what could have been sold. I chose this company from it’s reviews and friend’s that have used it….and I must say they were right! I will use Kellam Mechanical every time!

2/3/22 D. Watson Portsmouth

These guys are truly amazing. On one of the coldest days in January my heat went out and my home temperature dropped to 58 degrees. I called 6 different HVAC companies and Kellam were the only business that were able to send out someone immediately. The technician Justin L was extremely knowledgeable and respectful and answered all of our questions. Justin knew exactly what the problem was an was able to get our heat back on the same day. He had to come back the next day to install the last part we needed and to double check our existing wiring. He explained to us that the issue could have burned our home down because of the disconnect box some how caught on fire. I’m grateful for Kellam, Justin, and there great customer service. I will be using them for any of my HVAC needs going forward.

2/2/22 J. Bourne Virginia Beach

Fantastic service, tech did a great job. I couldn’t be happier.

2/1/22 F. Carr Virginia Beach

Justin was right on time, very punctual, knew exactly what he was talking about, spoke about sports and was absolutely exceptional. I enjoyed him and Kellam has a great employee. I am and has never met someone so nice.

1/31/22 M. Blair Norfolk

Top notch, never have had anything to complain about. Techs are super knowledgeable, polite and personable. I’ll stick with them for my heating/plumbing needs!

1/31/22 J. Lee

We have used Kellam Mechanical for annual maintenance and service on our hvac system for 8 years. Morgan has been hands down the most knowledgeable and professional tech we’ve had. He has fixed issues that were halfway done by other techs more than once. I request him for all of our calls now!

1/31/22 J. Bonney Virginia Beach

Gerald was so prompt responding to the Friday night call, finding the problem and by noon the next day I had heat restored. With his depth of furnace knowledge and efficiency, Gerald made the heatless time very brief. So many thanks to Gerald and Kellam Mechanical for such prompt, caring service.

1/28/22 L. Sawyer Virginia Beach

John was great. He was efficient, punctual and experienced. He found and averted an electrical fire in my attic and Had my heat working again until he could solve the issue. He and Tony worked non-stop for two days in freezing temperatures and resolved all the issues. Would highly recommend him and Tony.

1/28/22 K. Carr Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes was fantastic. He called prior to arriving and was on time for our appointment. His demeanor was very professional and on point. He diagnosed the problem very quickly and had options to correct. I appreciate a repair instead of replace mentality. A lot of Hvac and other trades go directly to replacing a what could be very expensive unit instead of offering other solutions through repair. I highly recommend Richard Barnes and Kellam Mechanical

1/27/22 Virginia Beach

Very happy, nice bunch of guys. J. McKnight

1/24/22 J. MacKellar Chesapeake

Very polite, personable and friendly. Called this company as my neighbor uses them. Ms. Elaine answered, very professional, explained the oncall/probable response time/fees. No problems on my end, as this was an after hours (weekend) request that also occurred during the area’s first “heavy” winter storm. Approximately 1 hour (maybe a tad bit more), Mr. Gerald returned the page. He understood my situation, and informed me of his approximate arrival time (a bit more, as the road conditions weren’t the greatest). He arrived within his stated time, we chatted, he understood the situation, and explained his plan of action. My unit is new, as of late 2019, but (due to my inaction) hadn’t been serviced. In addition to hunting for the problem, Mr. Gerald explained he’d do the recommended service and enroll me into the company’s service plan. Long story short, the service was completed and then I had heat(!). Mr. Gerald was very polite and personable during our entire interaction.

1/21/22 E. Martinez Virginia Beach

The technician sent out for this job was excellent. He was prompt he was also courteous and he was very informative when we asked him questions. He made us feel that we didn’t need to worry about all the things that were done because they were done appropriately and he even took pictures of what he did. We were very pleased with what was done in order for us to stay healthy and the environment of the inside of our home.

1/22/22 J. Channon Virgina Beach

Richard was amazing. Our home was not being heated in the snow. He came out in the weather, got everything sorted for our family, and didn’t leave until he made sure it all worked. He is awesome.

1/21/22 P. Henderson Virginia Beach

Called for a heater repair on one of the coldest days we’ve had so far, and Richard came out within an hour. He got right to work in our very small, cramped area – even managing to pull down the attic steps which are in the middle of a super packed kitchen area – and had our problem figured out in no time! He wore a mask the entire time, and took the time to explain how the system works! What a wonderful person – your company should be very proud to have someone with his professionalism and knowledge representing your business! Thank you, Richard for the great job!

1/20/22 J. Sprague Virginia Beach

The tech went above and beyond to change filter since I wasn’t able to reach it.

1/19/22 M. Wise Virginia Beach

The crew was very responsible, didn’t make a mess and did an excellent job.

1/19/22 G. Sadowski Virginia Beach

Everything is just lovely and glad to have it working now that it has gotten so cold.

1/19/22 W. Harrell Norfolk

We have been satisfied customers with Kellam Mechanical for several years. They have installed and maintained both AC units for our home in West Ghent, Norfolk. Most recently we had our old radiator/domestic hot water boiler die on us after 30+ years of service. We contacted Kellam and their sales representative, Rusty, met with us and we discussed replacement options. He was characteristically attentive to us and our situation and well informed regarding equipment that would be most suitable for us. We settled on a Rinnai combo tankless boiler. The job was scheduled expeditiously, which, with the cold weather and our being without heat and hot water, we greatly appreciated. The installation team members (Damian, Khiry, Trevor) were courteous, competent, and finished the job within the estimated time given. Our 99 year-old house presented them with plenty of challenges–all of which they conquered wonderfully. Team leader, Damian, was especially a wizard. We also observed that the team members expressed several times how much they appreciate working for Kellam Mechanical, a company that obviously values their employees as well as their customers. We are delighted with our new heating/hot water system and are deeply grateful to those at Kellam Mechanical who have served us so well.

1/19/22 K. Powers Virginia Beach

Everything is perfect, the guys were great and Morgan was very helpful

1/19/22 K. Martingayle Virginia Beach

Everything is just wonderful and Gerald is very knowledgeable, professional and knows what hes doing. Hes a good one.

1/19/22 M. Curtis Norfolk

The guys arrived early, did a wonderful job and he is very pleased.

1/19/22 B. Cuffee Norfolk

The technicians were great, worked hard and did a great job on the install.

1/19/22 J. Gutierrez Virginia Beach

We have been lucky to have Richard helping us for several years whenever issues would arise. He is fantastic- extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and punctual. It is obvious when someone loves what they do and knows what they are doing. Thank you Richard for your help- you are a great asset to a great company. Much appreciated.

1/18/22 C. Workman Virginia Beach

Dear Mrs. Kellam, I spoke with you several months ago to compliment the technician that serviced our heat pump system. He took the time to patiently explain what he had done and provide his future recommendations. One of which was ductwork cleaning. Once this information was give to a manager for an estimate to be prepared, it was determined this would not be possible due to the unique construction of our home. Rather than saying sorry we can’t do anything for you and moving on to the next customer, this manager took the time to personally come out, meet with both my husband and myself to develop a solution. I wish I could tell you everything that was done, but I am not technical in any way. I do know the technician spent several hours cleaning parts of the system, adding some sort of ultra-violet light and something for my allergies. While I will always suffer from allergies, this work has made a tremendous difference and there is virtually NO dust in our home since the work was completed. It is simply amazing. We also used your plumbing services when removing an outdated wet bar. This gentlemen not only did a fantastic job he also solved a small leak we had been trying to find and repair for quite a while. I asked him for a plaster recommendation and the company he suggested was great. A friend’s air conditioning unit died during the last heat wave of the summer and could not find any one to respond in a timely fashion. Every company contacted said it would be several days to a week to get someone out there so I recommended your company. You had a technician there in a short time period and they were very pleased. Also, your office staff is courteous and professional. They always find a way to work around my schedule when arranging our service. I realize that as a business owner you often receive more complaints than compliments so I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been since switching to your company. Sincerely, C. Workman

1/18/22 L. Jardanhazy Virginia Beach

I really liked Terrence! He is very professional; he did a good job and he laughed at all of my dad jokes.

1/17/22 J. Parker Norfolk

Both techs that we here were the bomb!

1/17/22 K. Watts Virginia Beach

Your Service Technician, Morgan Bayse was wonderful! He was thorough, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

1/17/22 S. Turner Virginia Beach

The technician was very professional, courteous, and accommodating, very thorough in his inspection of my duct work. It was such a pleasure and refreshing to have a service rep who is knowledgeable and took the time to explain every detail of the work needed and gave me several options. I was very impressed and glad I chose Kellam Mechanical

1/17/22 M. Fuller Virginia Beach

The crew that installed my new HVAC system was amazing. They were all very personable, worked hard and did an amazing job cleaning up after the job was done. Shout out to LT, John, Nathan and Garrett! I highly recommend this company.

1/15/22 A. DiGiovanni Virginia Beach

Excellent technician and good prices.

1/14/22 P. Bourque Virginia Beach

There are not enough numbers on the scale to rate the tech, he was amazing!

1/14/22 S. Morris Virginia Beach

Richard is by far the best HVAC guy out there in Virginia Beach! We’ve had multiple issues over the past 10 years with other companies not fixing leaks thoroughly, over charging, arriving late, etc. Not Richard! Always arrives within the window and with a big smile! Call Kellam and ask specifically for Richard! You’ll be so pleased. 🙂

1/13/22 N. Thompson Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical’s HVAC Tech Richard B. is the best! Kellam Mechanical’s HVAC Service Tech Richard B. is the best, he arrived on time and after a short conversation about my heat pump problem he began a “comprehensive diagnostic” of my system…… not just a “sneak and peak” inspection like some others in the industry have been known to do. Richard B. fixed my initial problem for a reasonable price .

1/13/22 K. DeShazor Virginia Beach

One of our heating units was making a loud noise although heat was working. Richard arrived in the promised time window, assessed the issue, took pictures and a video to show us. He checked the warranty status on our unit, and advised us of repair cost. Part of a fan had rusted out and a section was missing. He drove an hour away to get a part and came back to install it. Then he showed us pictures of the newly installed part. Richard was professional, competent, friendly, and wore a mask. Excellent same day service. No upselling. Richard is an example of why we have our heat/ac, generator, electrical and plumbing serviced by Kellam Mechanical.

1/12/22 R. Ryder Virginia Beach

Mr. Morgan itself are very professional and knowledgeable. The crew that Kellam send to do the work are very good, knowledgeable, polite, accurate, clean respectful, etc. I will recommend Kellam Mechanical with no hesitation.

1/12/22 Fran Johnson, Virginia Beach

This is not the first, it is the second time Gerald has come to my home to trouble-shoot problems with my HVAC. He goes ‘above and beyond’ to discover the issue and repair. Tonight he was outdoors for hours, in the dark in very cold temperatures to figure out – why – in January (!) my air-conditioning system was turned on! At the same time my gas boiler was heating my house! I don’t have a heat pump! He found what needed to be done and took care of it, while communicating with his Kellam colleagues. I know I can count on both Gerald and Morgan to take care of my HVAC needs!

1/12/22 S. Garofalo Virginia Beach

Richard is AMAZING and has incredible knowledge of our units. Very satisfied and he does our maintenance twice a year. Can’t go wrong with Kellam and Richard.

01/10/22 N. Thompson Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical HVAC Tech Richard arrived on time and after a short conversation about my HVAC problem he began systematic diagnostics on the unit. Richard was professional and very knowledgeable in his trade. He was able to track the problem from the outside unit to the electrical connections inside the blower closet.. Richard had my HVAC up and running in no time. Richard is the best.

1/10/22 F. Hartley Virginia Beach

Jeremy did a great job, he made sure he had everything covered and I really liked him. He was very thorough and even climbed under the house to check a noise that I was going to have my grandson do. Everyone at Kellam is always great.

1/8/22 W. Jamison Virginia Beach

Dear Mr. Scott Kellam, I am writing to say thank you to Mr. DJ Ridenhour for his assistance with my new heating and cooling installation. My new unit was installed on May 25, 2021. Without going into detail, suffice it to say that this installation came with a myriad of challenges. Mr. Ridenhour attacked these challenges head on. He always displayed a positive attitude. He is very forward thinking and he made these challenges less stressful. Several of his technicians have helped to mitigate these challenges. I would like to mention two who were helpful: Richard and Garrett. Please convey my thanks to them. Mr. Ridenhour is they type of manager that any company would be very fortunate to have. Because of his responsiveness, dedication and can do attitude, again I would like say “thank you”. He is a credit to himself and Kellam Mechanical and I would (without hesitation) recommend your company to family and friends.

1/7/22 S. McCord Chesapeake

Look forward to having my stove working again. Thanks so much. Kellam has been flexible and thoughtful. I have already recommended your services to a neighbor who was very pleased with your responsiveness as well.

1/7/22 A. Trub Virginia Beach

5 stars for Richard! He fixed my furnace, he was very punctual and I would give him an A+!

1/6/22 C. Felton Virginia Beach

We have used Kellam for many years and have maintenance contracts on our HVAC. Morgan always is very professional, responsive and is very informative. He is a very good technician. He is our go-to guy!

1/6/22 N. Yeany Virginia Beach

Morgan and his co worker were on time, early actually. Morgan is very reliable and knows what he’s doing. He is professional and honest.

1/6/22 B. Murphy Norfolk

Great service, I even got the maintenance service program so they will continue to take care of the system.

1/6/22 J. Goold Virginia Beach

Gerald is one of the best technicians that has been to the house and I would like to have Gerald back again.

1/5/22 S. Michaels Virginia Beach

The tech fixed my generator and I am so glad it is working now.

1/5/22 E. Harrington Virginia Beach

Tech was amazing. I was referred to Kellam by my sister and I am so glad I went with you.

1/5/22 J. Clark Knotts Island

Electrical service was perfect and I couldn’t be happier.

1/4/22 P. Jennings

Richard B. provided us excellent customer service, explained all options available, with transparent pricing, and ensured we had topnotch installation service!! We purchased a new water heater, HVAC, and furnace, along with maintenance service plans. This company was great to work with all the way through the entire process.

1/4/22 L. Dawley Virginia Beach

Richard performed our winter maintenance. He provided the most thorough job we’ve had to date. Really appreciated his attention to detail and going above and beyond!

1/3/22 M Erhard Virginia Beach

The guys were wonderful and I have never seen such a hardworking crew. Damian worked late and very hard, going up the steps numerous times and they are all great at what they do.

1/3/22 E. Roth Virginia Beach

Everyone was fantastic and John Holdcroft was very professional.

1/3/22 C. Nowalk Virginia Beach

Morgan is phenomenal, he did an awesome job.

1/1/22 Lohlee H. Virginia Beach

What I like about Richard, HVAC tech, is that he takes pictures of what he does to my hvac system. He is thorough and explains to me to what he is about to do and shows me any issues with the system. He is very courteous , friendly and professional. Although he may have forgotten to update my thermostat alarming service is needed, he is still considered outstanding in his work ethics. I would like him to come back and service my hvac again!

12/31/21 Barbara C. Portsmouth

Excellent! The Service Techs, Shawn and Jamie were excellent…very professional, efficient, and explained everything thoroughly.

12/30/21 R. Barchas Virginia Beach

You can tell Ben really likes to face challenges during work, and he is very conscientious. He is not afraid to take on these challenges and genuinely likes to help people. He is awesome!

12/28/21 D. Swanger Chesapeake

Richard is the most personable and thorough technician I have ever had from Kellam Mechanical and he is also the finest employee of any company I have ever had at my house.

12/28/21 M. Frahlman Virginia Beach

Morgan came out to the house today, ran diagnostics on my ac units and trouble shot the units. The ac unit fan motor was going out unfortunately and he had a new fan motor part in hand and replaced it. My ac unit is not making an awful screeching noise any more and sounds good! He also cleaned up some of the wiring that was exposed! Great service

12/28/21 S. Sheil Virginia Beach

Richard was very good and I am glad he found and fixed the problem.

12/28/21 B. Castor Portsmouth

Shawn and Jamie were courteous, efficient and acknowledged my disabilities, so they helped with moving my furniture. They did an absolutely wonderful job.

12/25/21 C. Green Virginia Beach

I must say that we definitely got the cream of the crop when Richard Barnes drove up. He called ahead of time to say that he was on his way and the time that he would be here. Upon arrival Richard announced who he was and who he represented. Throughout the whole time of him being here he never tried to force us into doing anything or getting any particular service. He showed me things in my HVAC unit that I don’t think any other rep would have shown me. Thank you for your great professional service Richard Barnes because of you we have purchased a brand new HVAC full system.

12/23/21 V. Aiden Virginia Beach

Our hvac service technician is Richard. He was very thorough, very professional, pleasant, and very knowledgeable. Thank you for excellent customer service.

12/22/21 J. Hadler Virginia Beach

Great experience with Kellam. Thomas was awesome. He explained all of our options and the new systems were installed super fast!

12/17/21 C. Carbone Virginia Beach

The tech had great competence and really knows what he is doing.

12/16/21 S. Hambaz Virginia Beach

Jamie is the best! He was wonderful and he did an amazing job.

12/15/21 J. Fraim Virginia Beach

Richard and Jeremy did an awesome job this morning at my house. Yearly maintenance on the HVAC system. Friendly and informative!

12/15/21 T. Freeburg Virginia Beach

Excellent service… Ben was extremely responsive, professional, and very knowledgeable. Easy to work with and was very quick to finish the correct installation of a new water heater.

12/13/21 B. McNeil Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes was very professional and an all around great guy. Did a great job and communicated well.

12/12/21 S. Pagano Virginia Beach

We have been happy customers of Kellam Mechanical for almost 5 years and are lucky enough to have met our tech Morgan. He is always on time( or early), helpful and honest. Morgan is truly the best and you can tell he enjoys helping his customers. Kellam Mechanical will not steer you wrong.

12/6/21 Eilene Roth Virginia Beach

I want to share the help and consideration that Richard gave to me when I decided to go with a total new system. Everything explained and carried out perfectly. Richard is awesome! The install crew was so efficient that everything was completed in one day! It is so good to see a crew so good at what they do. Thank you Kellam for such a good experience!

12/2/21 S. Kowalski Virginia Beach

I had trouble with my water heater and I want management to know that Ben was the nicest, friendliest, most efficient service person I have met in a long time. He was great, communicated well and courteous and did a top notch job.

12/4/21 Empsy Munden Virginia Beach

Gerald is my repair man from Kellam Mechanical — he did 2020 inspection and maintenance and again this year he was my service man and Gerald remembered the items my system would probably need THIS year and had them available to install as well as he changed my filter which made the heat even better… Feel much better and safer knowing the heating system is working well and replacement parts available AND INSTALLED and payment made in one visit… RECOMMEND KELLAM MECHANICAL!!

12/4/21 R. Markey Virginia Beach

Morgan has been taking care of my three heat pump systems for several years. He is always prompt, thoroughly checks my systems, and is always willing to help with other minor issues. This year alone, he helped save me from having a major catastrophe in my garage with my twenty year old hot water heater that was getting to rupture. He gave me a fair price on a new hot water heater, and had the new unit installed and tested in only a few hours. I have total faith in his recommendations. He is also a great person, and is always willing to help with any problems. Kellum Mechanical should pay him double, both for his work, and as an ambassador for Kellum Mechanical. I always ask for Morgan any time I need any service. Great job, great man.

12/3/21 K. Vandermolen Virginia Beach

Shawn came out to do a check up on my HVAC system to see if there were any things that might need to be done to keep the system running smoothly, and he explained everything he saw and did. He was very thorough to make sure I understood what he was recommending and why it was important. It wasn’t rushed or even about the money. You can definitely tell Shawn does this as his passion and wants to help people. I wish I could put more stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

12/3/21 Thomas E Virginia Beach

To Kellam Mechanical: Terrence B did a very thorough job of analyzing the problem and explaining what was needed to correct a malfunctioning furnace. He was knowledgeable, courteous & extremely diligent with the service he extended to us. At first he thought it was a major component that would have cost us dearly. He took the part out and inspected it and much to our delight, it was not damaged and was functioning properly. He went back into the attic and put the part back in. Upon further inspection Terrance found the culprit (different part) to be a rather minor problem. He returned with the part and fixed our furnace. The job went from $$$$$ to a very small portion of what it would have been if it had been that component. I highly recommend him for future work and I am sure Kellam Mechanical is happy to have him as a technician. Want a honest tech with character, honesty and can trust? Ask for Terrance B. Thank you Sir for your commitment to your customers. You my friend are a breath of fresh air. Any future problems I will certainly ask for Terrance. Thank you.

12/2/21 T. Monaco Virginia Beach

Morgan B. did an excellent job maintaining my heating system on Wednesday, December First.

11/30/21 K. Cartino Virginia Beach

Jeremy and Shawn serviced my HVAC duct work on 11/29/21. I can’t say enough good about them. On-time, respectful of my property, thorough, courteous and overall very professional. They explained the process as they continued working for 10 hours. I’ve never been disappointed in Kellam’s services for many years and these 2 gentlemen certainly added to the experience! Thank you! Kevin C.

11/30/21 R. Bass Virginia Beach

He was quick to respond, extremely tidy and friendly. Fixed the issue and ensured there was a follow on plan for an identified issue!

11/30/21 C. Rudolf Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical is without doubt the the best in the area. They are on time, technically proficient, and very customer friendly. They have provided me both regular maintenance, repairs, and upgrades and I have been very pleased. Alan and Chris are outstanding!

11/30/21 S. Sonner Norfolk

All I can say is MORGAN is the very very best! He came earlier today for the maintenance and around 6pm I noticed one unit was not working. I call Morgan and he came within 30 minutes and fixed the problem! Best customer service from a great Technican! I always request Morgan!!!

11/26/21 R. Dejesus Chesapeake

Paul came and found how water was making its way from our upstairs shower to our living room ceiling. We appreciate the thoroughness and cleanliness of his work and were happy to have him in our home. Thank you for everything and continue the great work.

11/24/21 M. Loyd Chesapeake

Kellam Mechanical is a great family owned business. I’ve been using them for years. For the last couple of years I have been requesting Morgan. He is very professional, always on time and very personable. Morgan treats your system like it was his own. If you are looking for a great HVAC company, look no further…and request Morgan.

11/24/21 N. Mumford Virginia Beach

The install guys were personable, very nice and polite and easy to talk to. It was a very pleasant experience even though it was an expensive one. Very pleased!

11/24/21 L. Loughlin Virginia Beach

The men were fabulous and it’s nice to have it working so well now that it’s getting cold.

11/24/21 S. Barros Virginia Beach

Service tech Richard Barnes was on time walked me through every step showed me the parts that needed replaced gave me the prices up front very curtius and professional I highly recommend Kellan and Richard Barnes!

11/24/21 N. Pogue Virginia Beach

The new systems are working well and the guys were great. John and David made the attic more accessible and cleaned up behind themselves. I am happy.

11/24/21 J. Smith Virginia Beach

The install guys did a fine job, very quick and the house is warm.

11/24/21 B. Flint Virginia Beach

Everything from the installation looks good, they did a great Job and I really liked Nate.

11/22/21 S. Flanagan Virginia Beach

Our duct cleaning went great!

11/22/21 J. Lavier Virginia Beach

I love how you all take the initiative to reach out to your customers to schedule their maintenances because other places in the area will let their customers lose money if they don’t remember to call in and schedule.

11/22/21 F Spencer Virginia Beach

I was very, very happy with Kellum Mechanical’s services! They were able to come out and look at my heating unit the same day I called, which was great! Their diagnostic fee was very reasonable too. They immediately figured out what was wrong with the heat, promptly ordered the parts, and came back to fix it. The technician, Morgan, was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would recommend this company to anyone!

11/19/21 J. Foshci Virginia Beach

Jamie and Shawn were at my home yesterday for a duct cleaning. They were the nicest and hardest working technicians that have ever been to my home. I absolutely loved them and asked that they come out to do all of my future jobs.

11/19/21 A. Amos Virginia Beach

Kellam was extremely easy to work with and schedule appointments with. Their communication was great. David did a quick thorough job of explaining and giving us an estimate for replacing some lights and installing some fans. They cleaned up when they were done and made sure they had everything done right. We have a few more we need done and I will definitely call them!

11/18/21 A. Garner Virginia Beach

I am so ecstatic about the electricians and all of their help today! I am thankful they were able to provide service for me.

11/17/21 E. Chreene Viriginia Beach

Richard always does an A+ service. He’s quick, efficient and very thorough. I will recommend Kellam and Richard for your heating and cooling needs. I have 3 mini splits and love them.

11/16/21 J. Simmons Virginia Beach

I had an absolutely amazing experience with service technician Gerald Kearney. He came out on a Saturday to figure out why my upstairs furnace wasn’t staying on. Gerald quickly diagnosed the problem: a faulty gas valve. Unfortunately the part was unavailable late on a Saturday, so my wife and I bundled up! On Monday, Gerald went to work and found a valve in Chesapeake and a burner plate in Newport News. He coordinated delivery of those items and scheduled the install with us for Tuesday. I cannot say enough about how terrific Gerald was in his communication and follow-up with us. He called and texted, keeping us updated throughout the process. After he installed and tested the new valve, Gerald insisted on checking the downstairs furnace, just to be sure it was also working properly. (It was.) Gerald was friendly and courteous and did a great job of explaining the technical side of the problem to me in language I could understand. For future repairs and service, I will absolutely request Gerald. He is awesome!!

11/16/21 O. Jones Virginia Beach

Called them late yesterday evening, spoke with rep…she stated someone will contact me in the morning and received an early call from dispatcher, explained what the heating system was doing or in this case not doing, and they had a mechanical expert arrive 20-30 minutes later, the expert gave me a courtesy call within 10 minutes of his arrival. The expert (Smitty) arrived within the time frame stated above, he was professional, knowledgeable with 32+ years of experience… respectful, gave me insight every step of the way. He assessed the problem, repaired/replaced, and all was completed in an hour+. Very comfortable experience with all those I came in contact with… they were very patient with me through out the process, and reasonably priced. Good to know that I have a go-to-contact for many areas of expertise in the fields of: HVAC, electric, plumbing…an entire hosts of services! Again thanks to the entire team, especially the expert who serviced, repaired/replaced part(s)

11/12/21 S. Johnson Virginia Beach

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Richard B. (technician). He was very friendly and efficient at his job. He didn’t mind answering my questions and was very informative. I will definitely be staying with Kellam for all my future needs!” I appreciate everything your company does for the community.

11/11/21 J. Hensleigh Virginia Beach

We have used Kellam Mechanical for multiple services over several years . Mr. Barnes was helpful answering questions about heating equipment, and he also made sure everything was working properly.

11/11/21 D. Stutlz Chesapeake

Richard is a gem and we left our previous HVAC company of over 20 years because of Richard’s professionalism.

11/11/21 E. Castillo Virginia Beach

 The water heater replacement went great.

11/10/21 D. Murphy Virginia Beach

I am over the top happy about Morgan’s service.

11/10/21 R. Anderson Virginia Beach

Richard was very personable and knowledgeable. He got my heating system working quickly, and tested it several times to assure that it would stay working.

11/10/21 J. Hossack Norfolk

We are so Happy to have Morgan come when we need anything done to our system. He is the best…knowledgeable , on time, ready to work, great work ethic. Cleans up after himself. When Morgan shows up i know the work will be done correctly. THANKS Morgan.

11/9/21 P. Sykes Virginia Beach

Joe and I would like to thank you for all that you did to help us out with our plumbing problem on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. You did a great job, treated our house with such respect and were most professional. We also wanted to thank you for working us into your busy schedule. Kellam Mechanical is so lucky to have you on their team and we will definitely call you again if needed. Here’s wishing your all the best!

11/8/21 H. Ferrell Virginia Beach

I am so leery of contractors, especially those that are on tv, but decided I better go with someone reputable and chose Kellam. Terrence is wonderful and I am now a customer for life.

11/8/21 B. Clemons Virginia Beach

Morgan was Professional , on time & quick with fixing my HVAC issue!! I also got a same day appointment, which was very convenient for my busy schedule !!

11/5/21 L. Pham Virginia Beach

We have started using Kellam for our generator maintenance and Wade has been our service person. I am writing today to let you know that the single reason we have referred some people to Kellam is because of Wade. He is professional, honest and does great work. As I’m sure you already know, he is an asset to your company.

11/4/21 D. Hill Norfolk

Good morning Sarah, John just left and I wanted to personally tell you how easy/ nice this experience was. We needed a new microwave installed and wanted it done correctly, so I called Kellam. John was polite, punctual, and knowledgeable. He knew right up front it would involve tile work and didn’t hesitate to let me know the situation, time involved and estimate. The cost was more than expected, but well worth it to have it done correctly today! The finish product looks great and was left spotless. I will continue to call Kellam as we need home services. Thank you for hiring such professional and knowledgeable employees. (John & Paul, plumbing) I know they hard to find right now.

11/4/21 K. Morocco Norfolk

Dear Mr. Kellam, We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for taking care of our circulating pump for our tankless hot water heater. It is working perfectly and we once again have almost immediate hot water. Morgan Bayse has been to our home on several occasions. We are very pleased with the work he has done for us and his concern to make sure that everything is in good working condition when he leaves. He certainly represents your company in a very positive way and I am sure he is viewed as a valuable member of the Kellam team. We are glad we chose Kellam for our HVAC and plumbing needs. It is obvious that you stand behind your work and your customers. Thank you again for taking care of this matter in a timely fashion.

11/1/21 J. Paridiso Virginia Beach

Jamie was excellent. Very personable.

11/1/21 Q. Joyner Norfolk

The electricians are 5 stars! Those guys have a great attitude.

11/1/21 B. Reckner Virginia Beach

Service was excellent and technicians were very polite.

11/1/21 R. Kephart Virginia Beach

I’ve been using Kellam Mechanical for about nine years now and have always experienced. All of their staff have always been very professional when called upon. However, if you get Morgan to service your HVAC you will get the best possible service and he is very personable as well. He is very methodical in his approach and will take the time to explain any questions and/or concerns you have. I”m a very satisfied customer.

11/1/21 S. Demma Virginia Beach

10 stars! I trust Morgan so much and he is the best.

11/1/21 D. Dawley Virginia Beach

Gerald always does such a good job at explaining everything and is very pleasant.

11/1/21 Barbara R. Virginia Beach

After my husband recently passed, I have been alone in the house and my thermostat was set incorrectly and caused major discomfort. The techs showed such a concern for me and it was refreshing to deal with two really nice gentleman.

11/1/21 B. Doyle Virginia Beach

I want to share how wonderful and polite your electrician Tony is. He really knows his stuff and worked to figure out some wiring issues to fix the problem. He is a great tech and says Kellam Mechanical is the best company he has ever worked for. He is worth keeping and deserves a gold star!

11/1/21 S. Poole Virginia Beach

The customer service and Morgan were outstanding. It’s been completely stress free and I’ve never seen that with another company. Morgan was perfect.

11/1/21 K. Morrocco Nofolk

We want to thank Morgan for helping us to get this water heater issue resolved so quickly. We are glad we had you as our advocate and glad we chose Kellam. The stand behind their work and customers.

10/30/21 M. Walden Virginia Beach

Chris Coffey was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and made some thoughtful suggestions regarding our system. We think highly of Kellam Mechanical and Chris was a great representative for the company.

10/29/21 L. Roth Virginia Beach

Everything is fantastic. All 4 install technicians were courteous, polite, cleaned up after themselves and you cant even tell they were even there.

10/29/21 K. Small Virginia Beach

The install crew was really, realy awesome, friendly and clean.

10/29/21 B. Rowan Virginia Beach

The techs were fantastic, finished very quickly and I am very pleased with the work.

10/29/21 V. Vimarov Chesapeake

I have had this issue for awhile and so glad it is fixed.

10/28/21 G. Piccillo Virginia Beach

I had my water heater replaced and I am very pleased.

10/28/21 D. Sykes Virginia Beach

I loved my tech, Richard and request him for my future service needs.

10/28/21 S. Byrum Virginia Beach

The technician was very polite and professional and the work was completed perfectly.

10/26/21 Lorraine T. Chesapeake

So I have never used this business before, but if I ever have a need for or give someone a recommendation for HVAC services, I would recommend Kellam Mechanical. I would do so because a company is only as good as it’s employees. While broken down with a flat tire on I-64 for almost two hours, Morgan one of KMs employees, not only changed my tire (which wasn’t easy btw) he noticed my spare was low on air and filled it. He went above and beyond to make sure that I got home safe. I just wanted to say thanks again to Morgan, he represented Kellam Mechanical well.

10/26/21 P. Pierce Chesapeake

I usually never post reviews but my service was so awesome and prompt I just had to! I called today and was told a tech could be out as early as this afternoon! They sent Morgan! He was professional, nice and informative! My Ac unit is now working properly for the first time ever it feels like. It didn’t take him long to repair it and he kept me informed of his steps the entire time! I can say he went above and beyond! I wish every company had a Morgan no seriously I do! He was like a Chick-fil-A employee for Ac units!😅 I’m not sure how much repairs normally run but i feel I received a fair price. I give Morgan 5 stars! Great, prompt, professional service! Thanks again.

10/25/21 B. Chalfant Virginia Beach

We are super happy with the maintenance performed!

10/23/21 L. Whitten Portsmouth

We had excellent service! John was on time very professional. The work was done quickly. He was very friendly and explained everything he was doing. I will have him back for any electrical work needed and will refer Kellem Mechanical and John H to anyone who needs work done in their home.

10/22/21 B. Brown Virginia Beach

The tech was wonderful, professional, and very nice. It was a pleasure to have him out for the service.

10/22/21 R. Brann Virginia Beach

The electrician completed the job and more! Tony was awesome. We expected just to get measurements and Kellam exceeded our expectations by completing it the same day. Tony was very thorough with his courtesy safety inspection as well.

10/21/21 S. Schlossberg Virginia Beach

I had Kellam Mechanical replace all my duct work under my Condo Unit. There were 9 runs and after 30+ years and living off the marsh the vermin and moisture left us no choice but to replace. I went through 5 vendors for pricing. 2 came out and said they techs were too big to do the job. 3 came out and provided quotes. Kellam had by far the best customer service and pricing. The technicians were professional and very efficient. They kept me up to date on their progress. The end result of their work was that I have never had so much air flow in my house.

10/21/21 J. Bailey Virginia Beach

Had HVAC problems. Richard came and diagnosed my issue within 30 minutes. Explained my options clearly Vand cost of repair or replacement. I choose replacement. Crew showed up the next morning with my new unit. Valente, Nico, and Trever were very professional and knowledgeable about my new system. Great teamwork between the crew. They explained operation of new system and maintaining the new unit. Install completed by 130pm and all trash and materials removed. Very pleased with the install crew. They did a GREAT JOB!!!

10/19/21 M. Sonesen Norfolk

The tech did a wonderful job and was very polite. I signed up on the annual maintenance.

10/19/2021 R. Tillman Virginia Beach

Very happy with Richard Barnes’ work today. He came to perform a maintenance check and was able to fix and install a part on our heating/ac unit. We would recommend him with a job well done.

10/16/21 D. Bustamante Virginia Beach

Technician named Morgan performed maintenance on my HVAC system this morning. Morgan was polite, informative, and professional in every way. Put his own mat down outside before entering, wore covers over his shoes, had mask on, and provided me technical information about my system. During this maintenance Morgan discovered problem with condensate line, it was clogged. He consulted with me on how he planned to fix it and then executed the repair. Issue was resolved. Well done Morgan!

10/15/21 B. Summers Virginia Beach

The technician did a wonderful job. I am looking into financing for the duct cleaning service also.

10/15/21 B. Banasiak Suffolk

My service experience was truly a delight! I cannot express how much I appreciate all you have done for us.

10/15/21 R. King Virginia Beach

Annual Maintenance for furnace completed by Sean. He was very professional and explained the steps along the way. Great technician and excellent customer service.

10/14/21 W. Reinhart Virginia Beach

Technician Allen arrived on time, masked, and with shoe covers. He was professional, and courteous, as he completed his inspection of our heating system. We are very satisfied with his visit today.

10/14/21 D. Donohue Virginia Beach

Richard was friendly and professional. He worked efficiently to complete the needed tasks. He also explained the services he provided and gave suggestions for improvements. Thank you!

10/14/21 Mrs. Carman Virginia Beach

L.T. is such a great guy. I enjoyed talking to him and he answered all my questions thoroughly.

10/14/21 J. Hall Norfolk

Very pleased. Showed me the pictures of how dirty things were, and I was very satisfied with how thoroughly he cleaned everything.

10/14/21 Roseanne Virginia Beach

Technician was helpful, explained things , 2 thumbs up!

10/14/21 E. Warranch Virginia Beach

Knowledgeable and punctual and courteous. Very patient in explaining what he did and the repairs he recommends.

10/13/21 B. Everhart Virginia Beach

We love Richard! Always very professional and personable. Makes a “bad” time a little easier.

10/13/21 R. Moore Chesapeake

I am very happy I reached out to Kellam Mechanical. Chris C. was dispatched the same day and quickly assessed the situation and provided multiple options with quotes for the replacement of my failed hydro water heater. Chris helped me choose the best option for my residence with the future needs in mind. He helped me apply for the 0% interest rate financing and schedule the replacement the following morning. Chris and his team quickly removed the old unit from the attic and installed the new unit to code. I have nothing but good things to say about Kellam Mechanical and there team members. Great pricing, friendly staff and quality work.

10/12/21 Johanna Tydings Virginia Beach

Richard is very pleasant, professional, and helpful…in addition to the regular maintenance, he checked out a strange noise in out fan system and fixed it. Highly recommend!

10/12/21 J. Bennett Virginia Beach

Everything was perfect. I have an 8 month old at home and the techs were quiet and wore their protective masks.

10/8/21 B. Camden

Great guys, great employees. The whole experience was wonderful.

10/8/21 C. Wilkes Virginia Beach

Very informative, amazing customer service by Allen!!! Will continue to use Kellam for my future maintenance needs if there employees are like Allen!!!

10/8/21 K. Abadom Virginia Beach

Richard represented Kellam well! He was professional, courteous, punctual, knowledgeable, and respectful. Thanks for great service

10/6/21 Sheila B. Virginia Beach

Your tech did a great job, very nice and came in a timely fashion. The office rep has a great personality and answered all my questions well.

10/6/21 N. Gill Virginia Beach

Your Kellam techs did a great job and I am pleased with the service.

10/6/21 N. Gilbert Virginia Beach

The techs were wonderful. They wore their booties and rolled out the red carpet. I appreciate all you all do for me.

10/6/21 K. Georgiou Virginia Beach

The Kellam staff was professional and courteous. Chris C was very thorough in his examination of my duct work, and he explained everything in it’s entirety to ensure I understood my options. I will be using Kellam for all of my future HVAC needs. Highly recommend this knowledge staff!

10/5/21 A. Austin, Security Plus Self Storage Virginia Beach

This company was amazing, from the sweet secretary (I think her name was Sara?) to the technicians! They were at my business within an hour to diagnose my HVAC issue! Jamie was very polite, informative and professional (it was also his daughters 8th birthday so Happy Birthday!). The senior tech that came by to help for a quick moment (sorry didn’t catch his name) was just as pleasant! Can’t wait to see more professionalism when I have the full repair done.

10/1/21 C. Sigley Virginia Beach

Jamie dealt with unexpected problems well. Both he & Kellam accepted responsibility without any need for drama from me. Jamie was also conscious of protecting the house & cleaning up. Great customer service! Will work with him & Kellam again.

10/1/21 M. Minor Norfolk

Richard is very professional and thorough as a technician – a true asset to your service department.

9/28/21 C. Moon Virginia Beach

I love Morgan, he is the reason why I still deal with Kellam. Morgan is one of the best technicians I have ever had and I only want him servicing my system and seeing Morgan first thing in the morning makes my day. Morgan is very knowledgeable, a very good guy and very funny and I give fist pumps to him. Please make Scott aware.

9/24/21 Eilene Roth Virginia Beach

Richard is just a pleasure to deal with. Always takes time to explain what is going on. He is the best!

9/24/21 Helen Galanides Virginia Beach

Morgan rose to the challenge of a very tough job which took the better part of two days. Always courteous , ready with a joke and smile not easy when dealing with a frantic homeowner in a 90 degree house. Great job great guy.

9/22/21 Gerald E. Okeykowski Chesapeake

Because of such good service I have received with Kellam Mechanical’s tech Gerald, I felt the need to write a review. Gerald has serviced my unit 3 times. He has always been knowledgeable, professional, focused and passionate about his job. He volunteers information to help me take better care of my AC/HEAT units. He educated me on how to read and set my thermostat for better air quality. Problem solves any issues that may come up. Being health conscious I am grateful to know my units are indeed being maintained properly. Thank you again!

9/20/21 Ray M. Norfolk

I appreciate the quick response, the tech got everything taken care of.

9/20/21 C. Morning Suffolk

Communication was really good, he was amazing, he was very efficient and competent.

9/20/21 Ray M. Norfolk

I appreciate the quick response, the tech got everything taken care of.

9/20/21 C. Morning Suffolk

Communication was really good, he was amazing, he was very efficient and competent.

9/18/21 R. Lizardo Virginia Beach

Highly Recommend Kellam Mechanical! Richard was great, he was very polite, and professional. He and his team replaced my old HVAC system with a brand new in just one day. The pricing was great, and my new system works like a beauty. I had him come inspect and provide a quotation on Wednesday, and by Friday I had a brand new system proving clean, and cool air throughout my whole house.

9/18/21 R. Lizardo Virginia Beach

Highly Recommend Kellam Mechanical! Richard was great, he was very polite, and professional. He and his team replaced my old HVAC system with a brand new in just one day. The pricing was great, and my new system works like a beauty. I had him come inspect and provide a quotation on Wednesday, and by Friday I had a brand new system proving clean, and cool air throughout my whole house.

9/17/21 J. Rogue Virginia Beach

The system works amazingly, shuts off when it’s supposed to and comes back on like clockwork. The crew was perfect.

9/17/21 J. Rogue Virginia Beach

The system works amazingly, shuts off when it’s supposed to and comes back on like clockwork. The crew was perfect.

9/16/21 B. Banasiak Suffolk

Cannot not express my appreciation, the attention to detail provided and level of professionalism for Richard and the Kellam Mechanical Team. Wonderful work, coupled with educational insight throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Kellam for all residential and commercial work.

9/16/21 D. Bustamante Virginia Beach

Richard was extremely professional and took the time to show and explain each problem he found with my HVAC unit. He provided options for both unit repair and replacement. Time is so important and Richard was able to provide quotes with pricing, equipment availability and dates when install team could perform unit replacement. No waiting for someone to call me back or email me a quote, Richard did everything right on the spot. Excellent service!

9/13/21 P. Lee Chesapeake

This is our second time using Kellam Mechanical. Our first experience was great and the next time was no different. Richard showed up within an hour of my call and fixed our AC unit on what would have been an unusually hot day. After going through countless HVAC companies that take weeks to show up and don’t fix anything, we’re so thankful we found this gem of a company. Their employees, uniforms, vehicles, and equipment leave a strong impression of quality and professionalism that is matched by the technicians’ level of knowledge. We will be using Kellam from now on for all our HVAC needs.

9/13/21 E. Peterson Norfolk

As a relatively private person I tend not to leave reviews on public forums such as these, but after my experience with several HVAC companies I feel compelled to inform others about Kellam Mechanical. The ductwork replacement job that I hired the company for was particularly challenging due to the fact that the reason for the replacement was due to a rat infestation. I was straight with the office as well as the techs about the situation and offered to help them if anything was especially disgusting with the removal of my ductwork. 4 different young professionals were sent to my home to include the person who did the estimate, every one of these young men was polite, courteous, respectful, detail oriented, communicative and punctual. My AC works great, and both the office staff as well as the techs displayed a level of professionalism which was not displayed by the companies which I previously had used. I will be using Kellam for all of my HVAC needs from here on out.

9/11/21 R. Cooke Virginia Beach

Our AC broke on a hot Saturday (of course), but the tech on call (Morgan) made sure he stopped by before the end of the day (although he had two customers ahead of us and could have easily pushed us to the next day, considering it was already late). Super friendly, and quickly figured out the issue but didn’t have the necessary part with him. Morgan called us first thing Sunday, arranged to get the part, and installed/repaired at our convenience! During the two days, he communicated the entire time, completed the service completely and expeditiously! The best customer service!

9/11/21 J. Morres Portsmouth

Sean and Jamie came out to my house I just purchased and did an outstanding job cleaning out my 13 year old AC unit and duct and vent system. My family and I are very impressed with their work, they did a thorough job and were professional and courteous. Highly recommend their service for anyone moving into an older home.

9/11/21 A. May Virginia Beach

The technician, Richard, came exactly when he said, was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. And was able to fix the problem easier than even he anticipated.

9/10/21 B. Bates Chesapeake

Morgan was helpful, responsive, timely, and explained everything very clearly. He explained all our options, costs, and gave his recommendation. He had our AC repaired and working in less than an hour!!! I highly recommend not only this company, but asking for Morgan!

9/8/21 A. Stumler Virginia Beach

The technician was good and he fixed everything. He was quick to get there and professional.

9/8/21 T. Palmerton Virginia Beach

The tech was kind and efficient and I signed up for a usa maintenance agreement.

9/7/21 J. Berry Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical sent a senior technician to determine where a potential oil leak was coming from in my HVAC system. The technician, Richard Barnes, arrived on time, performed an extensive troubleshooting effort to determine what was going on, and remedied the situation. Richard was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous and provided easy to follow communications as to what the problem, and remedy were. I would feel very comfortable recommending Kellam Mechanical to family and friends for the HVAC needs.

9/7/21 K. Gargiulo Chesapeake

Gerald was very responsive and honest! I had to replace my leaking hot water heater! The entire process was smooth and timely! He took what could’ve been a very stressful situation and made it very easy! Would recommend to anyone 🙂

9/6/21 P. Lee Chesapeake

We appreciate Richard and Kellam Mechanical for replacing our AC capacitor and contactor in a very timely manner. Our technician Richard showed up in less than an hour from when I called. While other companies will take 2 to 3 weeks to show up and do a less than satisfactory job, Kellam takes their customers’ time and situation seriously. They also keep a lot of spare parts in stock so they can make same day repairs. They are the most professional, knowledgeable, and timely HVAC company in the Hampton Roads area and I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again.

9/24/21 L. Liles Virginia Beach

Richard is always wonderful and helpful. He wore his mask and booties.

9/4/21 J. McDonald Virginia Beach

We have used Kellam Mechanical in the past for electrical work we needed done and have been pleased with the work they have done. So, when we decided to get a whole house backup generator, we called Kellam Mechanical. John and Tony were assigned to install all the electrical work needed for the generator. They did a great job on the 2-day project. Both worked very hard and demonstrated complete knowledge concerning all the electrical work they had to do. They were friendly and answered all our questions when asked. When an unexpected problem arose, they solved it calmly and efficiently. When finished, they cleaned up completely.

9/3/21 A. Powell Virginia Beach

The techs did a great job, wore their booties, and kept the home clean. Very happy with service.

9/3/21 D. Parke Virginia Beach

Service was great, Allen was awesome. He can come back any time and I loved that he didn’t hard sell anything to me.

9/2/21 S. Burnell Virginia Beach

Custom care and concern was spot on. He arrived on time, was very polite, helpful and answered all concerns during the scheduled visit. The issues were addressed and solutions found.

9/2/21 L. Erikson Virginia Beach

Danny was kind, courteous, professional and did great work. I will definitely use Kellam Mechanical again & ask for Danny.

9/2/21 C. Aldis Virginia Beach

Shawn was professional and friendly. Service was great!

9/1/21 B. Pieper Virginia Beach

Called yesterday (electrical problem). Kellam (Danny) came out the next day, fixed a problem plaguing me for years plus several others. Danny is a very personable, courteous and professional (Master Electician). A “get ‘er done” type guy. Much appreciated.

9/1/21 K. Kearse Virginia Beach

John was very knowledgeable and professional. They relocated 2 outlets and asked us questions that helped us avoid possible problems down the road. Would recommend.

9/1/21 J. O’Neil Chesapeake

Anthony was very nice an didn’t push unneeded repair on us, which is the reason we left the last company.

9/1/21 S. Dullack Virginia Beach

I absolutely love Allen and want to make a million of him. He was kind, on time and patient.

9/1/21 R. Dion Virginia Beach

My wife loves him, she said he came out the first night at 10:30 in the rain and helped, and he returned when he said he would . She appreciated his word and he kept it.

8/28/21 J. Bartlett Virginia Beach

After being gone a few days and AC set on 81 I returned home and lowered thermostat to 75. AC would run and cutoff after 6 mins. I called Kellam at 4:30 on a Friday and was told Morgan would be by at 7. Well I got the AC running again or so i thought and canceled the tech appointment. After 17 mins it again cutoff. I called Kellam again tech called me. I told him exactly what it was doing. He walked me through flushing my drain and shop vac the line and pour in water again to see if it was clear. It did the trick. He didn’t show up because he diagnosed and fixed it over the phone with me for FREE! I have a new system from Kellam 23 months ago and I would recommend them and for service I will continue to rely in Kellam! It was 95 degrees and humid as all get out. Thanks to Morgan Bayse on a late Friday evening and I got a cold Bud Light for you whenever you want!

8/27/21 A. Roth Suffolk

The guys were amazing, just fantastic and the work is absolutely meticulous. I will gladly be a reference to anyone who wants to talk to a happy customer!

8/27/21 S. Emanuel Virginia Beach

The installation experience was absolutely wonderful, couldn’t be any better. The guys were as quiet as mice and I am very happy.

8/27/21 M. Dedomenic Norfolk

I really appreciated Hunter showing up in a timely fashion, very thorough in helping him look for the leak. He went above and beyond what he was expected to do. He was stellar!

8/27/21 N. Gerald Virginia Beach

The techs were wonderful, perfect and worked hard. Kellam has treated me great so far!

8/27/21 R. Johnson Virginia Beach

I just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I were with the experience we had with your company. Our A/C quit working and the company that installed it 2 years ago could not come out for over a week so I gave you guys a call and from now on you will be my go to for HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing. Gerald did not only meet our expectations, but he went above and beyond by letting us know of additional issues that we had in our crawl space that no one has ever mentioned before that we might need to look at before we end up with a major problem. The person he brought with him was just as great but unfortunately, I do not recall his name as I am horrible with names. Again thank you so much and hope you are doing well.

8/27/21 S. Miller Virginia Beach

1st class! Tech did wonderful. Have used Kellam for years and refer you to everyone!

8/27/21 D. Redmon Virginia Beach

I greatly appreciate how quickly you were able to service and replace my water heater in a time of need.

8/27/21 R. Johnson Virginia Beach

They did a great job and alerted me of other problems that needed to be addressed. Also set up for a quote for a generator today.

8/26/21 E. Fair Virginia Beach

The tech did a wonderful job, so polite and very informative, and I am very pleased at this time. Nothing but good things to say about your tech.

8/26/21 K. Ross Chesapeake

AC is working great, and I am one happy camper!

8/26/21 J. Carter Suffolk

Everything went great, the tech resolved issues and I will use Kellam in the future at my new home.

8/26/217 J. Hildebrandt Virginia Beach

Service went great, felt very comfortable with tech. I hadn’t used you since 2018 over an issue with a water heater, but happy that I gave you all another chance.

8/26/21 J. Johnson Virginia Beach

Kellam is always super responsive and quick to act. We have used them for several things and they always knock it the park. This past visit included vent and duct work cleaning. Jamie and his team stuck it out and got the job done, even though it was later in the evening. We will always recommend Kellam for HVAC work, as well as Jamie.

8/25/21 N. Etzelmiller Virginia Beach

After several problems with my AC unit it started to leak through my ceiling. I called Kellam and they dispatched a tech almost immediately. Richard was extremely helpful with explaining the problems I was having as well as what could to be done to assure it would be fixed when he left. In the end, I decided it was time to quit patching the unit hoping to get through another year. Again Richard was very helpful in explaining my selections for both the unit as well as installation and financing. All in all a great experience and I’m looking forward to a new unit.

8/24/21 B. Geraghty Norfolk

John H. was super, second time he’s done work for me. Professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Count on Kellam!

8/23/21 T. Healy Virginia Beach

Thanks for doing a great job. My water heater is working well.

8/23/21 I. Smith Virginia Beach

I really appreciate your tech coming out same day and also for calling to check on us afterwards.

8/22/21 T. Ferrante Virginia Beach

I’ve been very impressed with Kellam Mechanical for three separate requests in the last year – one for a defective A/C circuit board, and recently for both an air duct cleaning and A/C tuneup. Richard diagnosed the bad board only after a multitude of tests. Jamie and Shawn were at my home for nearly seven hours with the air duct cleaning and A/C tuneup. They removed about 16 registers in my house and methodically cleaned the ducts, to include before/after pictures. On several of them, they repeated the process 2 and sometimes 3 times. They also chemically cleaned the registers themselves and made them look brand new. With the A/C tuneup, even though the A/C unit is not very old, Shawn diagnosed that the A/C capacitor had very low levels, which could cause the motor to blow. He quickly replaced it, and the A/C is running great. Highly recommend to use Kellam Mechanical for your HVAC and air duct services, you won’t regret it.

8/20/21 E. Carter Virginia Beach

I can’t say enough good things about the professionalism of Jamie and Shawn. They went above and beyond what was expected. They always wore their booties, very informative, went out of their way to please me, made me and my wife feel included, and provided before and after pictures without being prompted. Ciara was also awesome and patient when I needed to reschedule multiple times. The whole company has been nothing but professional and kind.

8/20/21 G. Forts Virginia Beach

100% satisfaction. I scheduled to have them come back out for even more electrical work because I was so pleased with service.

8/18/21 F. Bell Virginia Beach

The tech did a super job as always, left everything clean, and overall very happy with the service. Will be calling back for some plumbing work.

8/18/21 E. Henning Virginia Beach

Richard was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable when he came out to inspect our unit, and even did some repairs same day in a very timely manner. Highly recommend!

8/18/21 F. Mingo Virginia Beach

I rec’d a call like promised when he was on his way and he was on time. John and his assistant Daniel forgive me if I got his name wrong, very nice. They covered their shoes when they came into house. They cleaned up afterwards. I will be getting John again in the future because I like his work.

8/18/21 P. Beam Chesapeake

AC and Heating unit install. Andrew, Nico, and Trevor did a fantastic job. Showed up on time, efficient, kept us in the loop through the whole process, clean, and friendly. Would recommend them for any job.

8/17/21 K. Holland Virginia Beach

Christopher Coffey fixed or/and completed the pipe issue which was not flushing out and his knowledge and professional approach was 100% AWESOME… and right on!!! I am so excited to have my air conditioning back up and going and this is all due to Chris!! So blessed to have him!!

8/17/21 A. Klar Virginia Beach

Fabulous service as usual, tech got there early, fixed the problem quickly. Super happy with all the service provided.

8/17/21 D. Simpson Virginia Beach

I am pleased with the service, the tech wore his booties, and resolved all issues.

8/16/21 L. Turner Virginia Beach

I am so happy you were able to take care of us so quickly.

8/16/21 Sunbelt Rentals Virginia Beach

Your tech did an awesome job, and thoroughly checked everything. Ac is working great!

8/16/21 R. Hackman Virginia Beach

The tech did an awesome job as always and then signed me up for PSA membership.

8/16/21 J. Holbrook Virginia Beach

You all are awesome as always. The tech even helped me with the fridge problem I had. Love your service!

8/15/21 C. Thoman Virginia Beach

I can always count on Kellam for the best customer service! Janie was responsive, polite, and a pleasure to work with!

8/14/21 C. Thieman Virginia Beach

Tim, was a superb technician! Diagnosed the problem in minutes and solved the issue shortly after. He was professional, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. Would 100% recommend to anyone experiencing HVAC issues.

8/13/21 K. Ross Virginia Beach

Such an awesome tech! Responded quickly to help get my ac up and running. Was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Talked to me and explained everything that was wrong. Went above and beyond. Kellam has some of the best people on their staff, from the office to the techs.

8/13/21 C. Thomann Virginia Beach

Kellam replaced my HVAC 6 years ago – I was exceptionally pleased with their customer service back then and continue to be today. I came home yesterday after a weeklong vacation to a house with no A/C. Morgan was at my house for an assessment less than an hour from when I made the call, and fewer than 24 hours later, I’m up and running again – and I’m cool! Kellam’s customer service – the sales department, the receptionist, and the tech (Morgan) – far exceeds any other vendor I’ve had in my home for installation or repair.

8/13/21 A. Fernandez Virginia Beach

I loved that your crew was prompt, on time and very fast. I am getting an estimate for duct cleaning as well.

8/13/21 M. Lyons Virginia Beach

The crew was fantastic. I thoroughly appreciated the quick turn over. The workers were very hospitable, didn’t take many breaks, worked hard all day and were great over all. Great company!

8/13/21 V. Blett Virginia Beach

The new system is running well. I am able to turn up the thermostat to a higher temperature and still remain cool. It will save money in the long run!

8/13/21 A. Cox Virginia Beach

System seems to be good, running really well and they techs were sweet and professional.

8/13/21 P. Piccola Virginia Beach

Everything is working great, guys were on time and they are pleasant young men.

8/13/21 T. Svcezesniak Chesapeake

Guys did well. It was a quick and pain free install process and we have no issues so far.

8/13/21 D. Payne Virginia Beach

The techs did a good job since everything is working and we are happy with the results of the system.

8/12/21 B. Vaughan Virginia Beach

The technicians were super duper and wonderful. Everything is working and fixed right. You are my people!

8/12/21 P. Burke Virginia Beach

Both electricians are phenomenal and fantastic, did a wonderful job. Will highly recommended both to anyone and everyone!

8/11/21 K. Dail Norfolk

The techs did a great job and I am so appreciative for the quick service. I just bought the home and was lied to about things being fixed before the purchase went through, and I am so happy Kellam can relieve some of my stress.

8/11/21 M. Mostert Virginia Beach

Your techs are great, nice, helpful, and do a wonderful job. I am a longtime customer and love your service.

8/11/21 E. Benard Norfolk

The plumbers did a great job and we are excited to use the outdoor grill you all connected the gas line for.

8/11/21 Allen J. Chesapeake

Wonderful guys and wonderful work!

8/11/21 P.Boring

They were great! We call you around to try to get dispatch fees and availability and they were the fastest and the dispatch fee was less than other companies. Tim was great! He fixes everything. Our AC unit capacitor went out and a thermostat was no good so he got that all fixed. He gaves a temporary solution for the night so we weren’t sweating all night. Our house was already 88° and the the next day he came out and made the actual repairs the very next day. It was after 4pm so I did not expect to get someone so quickly. Everything is working great. House is cool my thermostat is new and looks great I’m a completely happy with the service. Five stars all around. I highly recommend them.

8/11/21 P. Benedict Virginia Beach

Richard was friendly, polite and professional. He performed our regular service maintenance and installed new thermostats at our request. A knowledgeable, efficient and communicative technician.

8/10/21 Thanks! J. Partin Suffolk

Wade did Great and I scheduled electrical panel replacement quote.

8/10/21 K. Polowczyk Virginia Beach

The guys did great and I really appreciated you all coming out so early to take care of her problem.

8/10/21 C. Soergel Virginia Beach

Did a great job and I am going forward with duct cleaning and scheduled for tomorrow.

8/10/21 A.J. Jantz Chesapeake

John and Tony installed a NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage. John called and let me know when he’d arrive. When John arrived, he introduced me to Tony, who would be helping with the work. Both men were friendly and professional. They got to work straight away. They did a clean quality installation, the outlet worked the first time and cleaned up after themselves. If I need any electrical work done in the future, I will definitely look to Kellam Mechanical.

8/10/21 G. Forts Virginia Beach

Completed to my satisfaction and then some. I was really impressed, the tech took his time explaining what needed to be done, and preformed to the highest standard!

8/9/21 G. Triepel Virginia Beach

Did a great job and we were able to answer all my questions thoroughly.

8/9/21 D. Dunn Virginia Beach

Tech did great and resolved issue in a timely manner. Greatly appreciate the AC!

8/9/21 D. Smith Virginia Beach

Allen did wonderful job and no more loud noises are coming from unit after maintenance.

8/9/21 M. Tomasso Virginia Beach

The plumbers did great and resolved all issues.

8/9/21 G. Forts Virginia Beach

This company is Heaven sent! John was amazing and very skilled. Not only did he correct work that was badly done by another electrician, he was patient and took time to explain to us exactly what needed to be done. My father served two tour duties in Vietnam and currently is on oxygen 24/7. Kellam was the only company that came out within an hour and had everything fixed before end of day. I cannot thank you enough. God bless you and your employees.

8/6/21 E. Denmark Virginia Beach

In my opinion, our HVAC Tech, Mr. Gerald Kearney, went above and beyond to thoroughly inspect/ service our HVAC unit and advise us on what our next steps should be. We are first time homeowners and have a very old HVAC system that is not in very good shape. He took the time to patiently answer all my questions and seemed extremely knowledgeable. He was very respectful, prompt and kind. I also appreciate that he showed up with shoe covers and a mat to lay over his workspace. Common courtesy goes a long way when you’re working inside someone’s home!

8/6/21 Tenant Virginia Beach

Recently, before we contacted Kellum Mechanical we had used another “HVAC company” in the area that shall remain nameless. Needless to say that they were in and out of my house 15-30 mins of them arriving that day and whatever they “fixed” did not work to keeping my house cool at all. A horrible experience. Now, being a 21 year USAF retiree. I look for certain thing’s when I use certain companies or establishments in the area. One of them is professionalism which I am big on. When Morgan B. arrived at my house. I was greeted by him and we even had a quick friendly back and fourth about our football teams. I would call it a little rapport building which is awesome and I definitely enjoyed the banter. Furthermore, Morgan B. stepped up, did his work with full professionalism, respectfulness, and knowledge about my cooling issue in my house. My house is now cool and very comfortable for my family and I. You see, this is why people become repeat customer’s with companies when you have great employee’s like Morgan B. out here doing amazing work. And I wish nothing but, the best for him and the Kellum Mechanical business in the future.

8/6/21 G. Twinder Virginia Beach

I love you all, the tech did an amazing job and went above and beyond.

8/6/21 F. Plescha Virginia Beach

The tech was very nice and did a spectacular job.

8/6/21 V. Brooks Virginia Beach

SERVICE IS BEYOND! Everyone has been professional and works so hard to accommodate me. Shawn was impeccable, kind, explained everything so well that I felt like I was saving money, and impressed me so much I will be using Kellam for all services in the future. I am a realtor and will be recommending you all.

8/4/21 B. Dietsch

Tim B is a great guy and did a great job. He got me signed up for the maintenance membership.

8/4/21 M. Willis Virginia Beach

The tech did a wonderful job and was very nice.

8/4/21 F. Bell Virginia Beach

Everything was perfect, did a great job, and fixed everything they needed.

8/4/21 V. Pridgen Suffolk

They did an outstanding job, everything was spot on, and they can come back any time.

8/4/21 C. Workman Virginia Beach

We have been using Kellam for about a year and the crew is wonderful. The techs are patient and I am impressed and happy with George coming out to my home to come up with the best solution to clean our duct system. The plumbers were great and recommended a wonderful plaster contractor for some of my household projects. Every time a tech comes out is a great experience.

8/4/21 J. Moissett Virginia Beach

My tech arrived quickly, was very personable and pleasant.

8/4/21 D. Peake Chesapeake

The tech did a great job and I will be moving forward with the mini split estimate.

8/4/21 J. Clements Virginia Beach

The tech check everything thoroughly and I am very pleased.

8/4/21 Beach Chemical Virginia Beach

Finally, blowing cold air and it feels great in the office. The tech did a great job.

8/4/21 M. Burris Virginia Beach

Very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. They did a great job and resolved all issues.

8/4/21 R. Duke Virginia Beach

The techs did a great job and even sent pictures to me to make sure I was satisfied.

8/3/21 M. James Virginia Beach

The tech was very friendly and helped ease the stress of finding my system was not working at 100% efficiency.

8/3/21 A. DiGiovanni Virginia Beach

Thanks! Allen is a great guy, very professional and courteous. All of your guys are but I wanted to let you know as Allen was awesome.

8/3/21 M. Willis Virginia Beach

Great service technician. Performed his work in excellent and professional manner.

8/2/21 K. Byerly Virginia Beach

Jamie was great! The team that was sent out were professional knowledgeable and really efficient. I would highly recommend!

8/2/21 K. Molina Virginia Beach

Morgan was fantastic. He communicated in a timely manner and frequently. He came out the day after we called and fixed the AC unit immediately. Two friends recommended Kellam Mechanical independently of each other and I know why. They will always be my Go To for mechanical and HVAC issues from now on. I’d give them 6 stars if I could.

8/2/21 K. Hosier Virginia Beach

Could not have had a better experience than I did with Richard B! He was professional, efficient, and was great at explaining what had to be done to fix my AC. Look forward to working again with Richard and all the great people at Kellam!

8/2/21 A. Ferreri Virginia Beach

Morgan was incredibly helpful, we went above and beyond.

8/1/21 K. Melnyk Virginia Beach

I called Kellam at 7:00 am and the technician was at my house by noon. My technician, Gerald, was kind, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable. Not only was he able to diagnose the problem quickly, he took the time to explain what went wrong and what I can do as the homeowner to care for my equipment. A business is only as good as their employees, and Kellam never disappoints! Thank you for providing that small town feel in our very large city!

7/30/21 C. Jordan Virginia Beach

The tech was quick and on point with his skills. He is a very nice and impressive man..

7/29/21 T. Palmerton Virginia Beach

This company is amazing–after months of dealing with a Brand new HVAC system installed by another company that was unable to provide us with a solution for AC to work. We had over 15 visits and many different techs…. the “other” company agreed to refund all our $$$ and remove the Carrier system. Kellam came out and resolved the issue in 10 minutes. The owner came out and could not have been more proffessional and understanding. Kellam installed American STandard new system and worked overtime to complete the job in 1 day! I will refer them to everyone I know!!! 20 STARS from the Palmerton family!!! Thank you for excellent and prompt customer service. *******************

7/28/21 R. Speece Virginia Beach

They are prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. technician had to prove to home office a replacement was necessary, giving me great comfort.

7/28/21 J. Elattar Virginia Beach

Morgan was absolutely amazing and enjoyed him being around.

7/28/21 V. Arallano Virginia Beach

Jamie was great, very knowledgeable in his field. I look forward to having my air ducts cleaned by Kellam soon.

7/27/21 J. Underwood Virginia Beach

I give him 5 stars, he did a really good job and was really friendly and clean.

7/27/21 M. Hills Virginia Beach

The tech was professional on time, funny and kind. I will always come back to Kellam because of Shawn and Jamie.

7/23/21 S. Standish Virginia Beach

Richard was great!! He arrived at my door with his own door mat and wore shoe covers.. I was impressed!! He was very polite, courteous and knowledgeable.

7/23/21 T. Halstead Virginia Beach

Paul did a great job with the plumbing on my kitchen remodel. He was prompt, courteous and friendly. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Paul and Kellam Mechanical.

7/23/21 D. Tucker Virginia Beach

Everyone who came out was top notch and very business-like and I recommend anyone but Kellam. I have been very happy and extremely pleased with everyone but was exceptionally impressed with John Owens. He found a corrected the leak with great professionalism. I wish she could just grab and hug every one of them!

7/23/21 K. Smith Virginia Beach

Everyone was very nice and we are happy with our new system.

7/23/21 L. Sheuer Virginia Beach

Everyone we have encountered has been freaking phenomenal. All 4 guys were very professional, proficient and extremely hard workers. We are very impressed with the integrity of Kellam and you don’t find that often in your line of work.

7/22/21 V. Aiden Virginia Beach

Thanks again Richard(technician)! He is always thorough, pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional. Awesome customer service!

7/17/21 W. Swallow Virginia Beach

Hi Sarah, I wanted to tell you how great your staff has been… we had to call Wednesday night and Anthony was awesome. Then LT came the next day, both have been very informative and while we wait for Monday to replace one system he gave us a window unit for our bedroom. I wanted to say thanks!

7/17/21 H. Brown Portsmoth

Another company wanted 2200 dollars for a job that wouldn’t have fixed my unit. Morgan came along and within 15 mins said I needed a new thermostat lo and behold that was the issue all along. Thanks for saving me money!

7/17/21 J. Mcnamara Virginia Beach

I called Kellam Mechanical the morning after our upstairs A/C went out and was scheduled for a service call first thing the next day. The technician, Allen *******, called ahead, arrived on time, was friendly and professional. He informed me from beginning to end about what he was doing, the cause of the problem and the necessary part replacement. The hot and humid weather didn’t slow him down a bit. The multi-point inspection and repair were complete within an hour. During his inspection of the A/C unit in the attic, I mentioned the possibility of some addition work we need done and he said he would prep a price estimate immediately after the A/C repair was complete. I really appreciated his flexibility with the added task. I have been a customer with Kellam for several years and I am completely satisfied with the quality of their service, technicians, and office staff.

7/16/21 C. Berry Portsmouth

Our electric bill went down, the house stays cool and its very quiet. We Love it!

7/16/21 J. Swayne Virginia Beach

They were a great group of friendly folks, cleaned up after the install and they were very efficient.

7/16/21 J. Sprague Virginia Beach

Excellent service.

7/16/21 E. Buker Virginia Beach

Terrence was fantastic and wonderful and got everything working. I appreciate that you were able to accommodate me so quickly.

7/16/21 K. Keegan Virginia Beach

Morgan B is the best! Got our family back to being comfortable during this summer heat. He was super fast, friendly and professional. The Keegan’s appreciated how quick you got our AC unit fixed. We always recommend Kellam to our friends because of this tech. 🙂

7/14/21 M. Cooper

The gentleman technicians’ name is Tarrence. He was extremely professional. Very honest person. Diagnosis: AC works. Both coils extremely dirty because of our construction. Only needs cleaning. He recommended not even cleaning until the construction is finished. Terrence and his company apparently wrote the book on integrity. Kellam Mechanical is the best. I will never use anyone else. Before I knew about Kellam, I had a terrible experience with another company called Hybrid Air. Jesse James would have treated me more fairly!

7/14/21 N. Sheets Virginia Beach

Scott I wanted to give a huge shout out to Richard who was here a month or so ago to work on our unit. There was another guy too not sure what his name was. They did a fantastic job getting the unit running. Seems every year we have you all out here cause our unit just won’t stay cool. Since they were out and detected several problems the units are working great. Richard does a great job for you!!! Thanks, N. Sheets

7/13/21 D. Langford Virginia Beach

My AC went out and I called Kellam Mechanical, and they sent out a technician in less than 35 minutes. Richard was very professional, patient, and went over and beyond to ensure my AC received the best service possible. He worked very hard both days he had to come out especially in the unbearable heat in my attic just to make sure my AC was fixed. He was understanding, empathetic, and caring through the entire process. He is fantastic and we need more people like him helping others. Thanks ever so much again for all of your hard work and awesome help!

7/12/21 Vann Portsmouth

Hello DJ: This is the formal email I said I would send to you and Kellam Mechanical about how much I appreciated the outstanding and stellar customer service I received from Hunter, Niko & Richard for the installation of my new HVAC unit. I wanted all of them to know that they really did an outstanding and excellent job installing my new unit. Their customer service, professionalism and respectful demeanor throughout the entire process was stellar!

As I shared I’m very picky about who comes to do any type of work to my home and really was skeptical about everything but when they arrived I could tell I was in good hands which is rare these days.  I mean they really took their time and just like all of the other reviews said ” they were very professional and explained things to me” and answered all of my questions along the way —-so the reviews were true.  I thought some of them were  paid reviews.

Putting in an expensive item like an HVAC has to be done right and they were at my house all day and did just that.  I was really impressed with how they kept me posted and updated the entire time and answered all of my questions.  I really appreciate that your company sent me the best technicians and did not rush the job but gave me a professional install and even pointed out certain key facts about my unit that I should know.  I really felt like family and not a customer.  So thank you again for sending me the best and in getting me AC again.  I look forward to a great future with Kellam Mechanical and   I will be sure to “Tell’em Kellam!

Grateful customer,



7/7/21 K. Reinhart Virginia Beach

Our issue was resolved and we are really pleased with Blake. He made sure we had ac through the weekend with a temporary fix. He made sure we had ac working after the repair as well. Blake was great!

7/7/21 B. Gardner Virginia Beach

My appointment went well, the tech did a good job and he was very personable.

7/6/21 D. Babcock Virginia Beach

Outstanding work. Richard Barnes communicated what the issues were and all the possible repair option very well! He gave fair and reasonable estimates for both today’s repair and things we might think about in the long run. He’d be welcome back at our home any time in the future. Says a lot for Kellam too; this is the second of two techs over that past couple years and *both* were fantastic!

7/6//21 J. Wilkins Virginia Beach

Excellent. Kellum has always had the best techs, and Timothy Vlahos was excellent. Very personable and professional, and he detected a problem with the capacitor on the HVAC that I would never have known. He was in and out very quickly, and he obviously cares about his customers. He was very thorough. Another shining star from Kellum!

7/6/21 J. Povar Virginia Beach

Tim was great. Very professional, quick and responsive. Tim arrived WITHIN 45 minutes of my call. I was blown away; impressed by the quick response to AC issue. I will always call Kellam. They are that good. I also want to thank everyone who work at, with, or for Kellam Mechanical. For the few issues I’ve had over the years, your professionalism, respectfulness, and knowledge seem superior on every level. Thank you Tim and Kellam.

7/6/21 M. Spiak Virginia Beach

Richard went above and beyond to get a very old HVAC system running on one of the hottest days of the year. System needs to be replaced, but he wanted our family to be as comfortable as possible for the next couple days until the new system is installed. That is exceptional service.

7/5/21 K. Pope Virginia Beach

The tech did a great job, he is a total pro.

7/5/21 B. Kerns Virginia Beach

The appointment went wonderful, the tech solved the problem and my system is running great.

7/5/21 J. White Virginia Beach

The dedication our service tech put forth to solve our issue was second to none. Richard would not stop until he found the issue. We had I very unique problem but it was figured out and fixed. Richard is highly knowledgeable and very friendly. I will use this Company in the future and would also highly recommend.

7/3/21 M. Conway

I contacted Kellam Mechanical at about 1030 at night regarding my A/C not being on. I was referred to their on call tech, Morgan, who quickly got ahold of me. Through one phone call and a couple of short text messages, Morgan had diagnosed my problem and it turned out to be an easy fix for me and saved me money. I was impressed by Morgans knowledge of the system without even being here to diagnose the system as well as being relieved about how easy of a fix it was. I would recommend Kellam Mechanical to anyone needing HVAC work in the future.

7/1/21 S.Rubin Virginia Beach

We had our AC units serviced and the original tech was very thorough and knowledgeable, HOWEVER a wire on the primary wasn’t reconnected. A subsequent call had to made at 9;00 the same night when temps in house hit 81 degrees. The “oncall” tech, Morgan Bayse was at our house within 15 minutes, and fixed the unit within 10minutes.

6/30/21 V. Randolph Virginia Beach

Tech did a real good job, when he arrived the system was not running but he was able to get it back up again.

6/30/21 A. Collins Norfolk

My appointment went great, the tech was clean and professional.

6/30/21 T. Ford Virginia Beach

Kellam’s techs are helpful and pleasant just like your commercials say they are.

6/30/21 Mr. Keuhn Virginia Beach

Shawn was in his van working in my neighborhood, when I pulled over to ask him a question about memberships. I was very impressed with Shawn’s professionalism and willingness to answer my questions. Shawn was super helpful, did an excellent job educating me of what to expect with the membership, even making sure for me to inform you all that I have electric dampers so that we get the right tech out. Needless to say I was very impressed with your company and you haven’t even stepped foot on my property!

6/30/21 J. Leitao Virginia Beach

I had a service call today for my rental property in Sandbridge, the Technician, Jamie Swanson was great! He was timely, professional and informed me from start to finish what was going on with my units. He worked tirelessly in very hot and humid weather to address all of my concerns and I really appreciate all his efforts. I have been a customer with Kellam for almost 15 years and I’m happy with their service.

6/30/21 R. Stalnaker Virginia Beach

Woke up to no AC and with 7 guest arriving on less than 48 hours. I Called Kellam at 9:00 am and Anthony was in my house by 11:00 am. Anthony was very thorough and professional and had it fixed by 11:30 for just the price of the service call. Great service! Thank you Anthony and Kellam!

6/29/21 M. Dobratz Virginia Beach

The appointment went great. We love Richard, he is so great and treats us the way we want to be treated which is rare these days.

6/29/21 V. Arias Virginia Beach

Very nice tech, very thorough and helped change the filters for me. It was a big job and he did nice work.

6/29/21 L. Warholak Virginia Beach

My appointment went well, the tech was on time and professional.

6/29/21 D. Wood Virginia Beach

Allen did an awesome job, couldn’t have been better, everything was amazing.

6/29/21 P. Lee Chesapeake

I want to say thank you to Kellam Mechanical for running a great company and hiring knowledgeable, professional, and honest personnel. After paying another company to do a diagnosis in which they found “nothing wrong,” Chris from Kellam Mechanical immediately found a problem with the AC blower unit. He fixed the problem before it could cause damage to the motor and cost even more. I really appreciate the sense of urgency that the dispatchers and crew at Kellam provided during the sweltering summer days (a sense of urgency that all of the other HVAC companies sorely lack). I will definitely look to this company to fix any future problems and will gladly recommend them.

6/28/21 S. Hambaz Viriginia Beach

I like your guys so much. The y are great to work with and very friendly. They treat my home like it is their own home.

6/28/21 S. Skinner Virginia Beach

The tech was very nice, helpful and explained everything to me. He did a wonderful job.

6/25/21 J. Heriford Virginia Beach

Morgan is a great tech and he is really sweet with the dog and kids.

6/25/21 R. McGanty Virginia Beach

I was very happy with Jamie, he was very thorough, knowledgeable, nice tech and did a good job.

6/25/21 L. Blatner Virginia Beach

My new system is perfect and cools very fast. The crews were very professional, polite, friendly and we couldn’t be happier. I am a real estate appraiser and meet new clients every day and will definitely refer us. I look forward to many years of service with Kellam.

6/25/21 R. Martin Virginia Beach

Richard was very efficient and took his time to make sure cleaning and maintenance was done properly. Five stars to Richard B. Thanks

6/25/21 P. Watson Virginia Beach

The installers worked very hard, got the job done quickly and cleaned up behind themselves.

6/25/21 J. Smith Virginia Beach

I called Kellam Mechanical for an HVAC service call and their technician was at my door in less than two hours. Mr. Morgan Bayse was the assigned service technician for the job and I must say that I have never met an individual as personable, professional and thorough as he. I will request him by name in future calls if and when necessary. Kellam Mechanical is lucky to have a technician of his caliber as part of the team. GREAT JOB! Thank you!!

6/25/21 J. Weaver Virginia Beach

My new system is great and the installers were very polite.

6/24/21 D. Murphy Virginia Beach

Everything is working well now. I am very pleased with all the work done on the property. I would love to use all of your services moving forward.

6/24/21 T. Dooley Virginia Beach

The tech did a phenomenal job, with good knowledge.

6/24/21 P. Fitchett Virginia Beach

Tech did a fine job, john always does a good job all of my lights are right.

6/24/21 M. Dougherty Virginia Beach

Overall excellent experience! From the initial estimate by Richard to the installation crew, Garrett, Nate and Kyle, every step was handled professionally and with the utmost courtesy, as well as taking all the precautions due to Covid. The office support staff was equally courteous and proficient in setting up service calls, city inspection and follow-up. A special shout out to Richard who went above and beyond and provided us with a window unit (on a very hot weekend!) while waiting for the installation. His knowledge and expertise during the diagnostic appointment were a big factor in the decision to go with Kellam Mechanical. Thank you!

6/23/21 Joe M. Virginia Beach

I’ve been using Kellam Mechanical exclusively for the past 11 years. The reason is people like Richard Barnes, the technician that serviced my equipment today. Richard diagnosed the problem quickly and knew how to fix it easily. I was extremely satisfied with Mr. Barnes attitude and professionalism. I would not hesitate to have him come into my home to service my system again. Although, I hope it will not be necessary for a long, long time.

6/23/21 F. Mingo Virginia Beach

I so impressed with this young man Richard Barnes. He put covering over his shoe a clean mat over my mat before coming in the house. He did not mind being asked questions. He was thorough with everything. Excellent manners not like the people from ING AIR who were rude, disrespectful and cutting me off when I attempted to ask questions. They dismissed me like I was some disruptive child. Thank you Richard for showing me there are honest people in this world.

6/23/21 B. Lown Virginia Beach

I thought Chris did an outstanding job and I am pleased with his work and commitment to the job. Overall excellent work.

6/23/21 R. Monaghan

I had a good tech, he was on time and thorough. If possible, I would like Richard sent back to my home for future service.

6/23/21 S. Kitchin Virginia Beach

Gerald did a good job. He is familiar with my system, so everything went well.

6/23/21 J. Mantych Virginia Beach

I have been using Kellam Mechanical to install and service my HVAC system for the past 11 years. I am always impressed with the attitude and professionalism of all of their employees. Both inside the office and when thy send someone to service my equipment. I do not hesitate to recommend Kellam Mechanical to my friends and neighbors. They are a first class company!

6/22/21 J. Orlando Virginia Beach

When my air conditioner was not working on an extremely hot day, Kellam Mechanical came out within a few hours of me reaching out to them. Gerald was professional, friendly and knowledgeable and quickly determined what the problem was and fixed it. Very grateful and will use Kellam in the future.

6/22/21 A. Brubaker Virginia Beach

Our tech was wonderful, really great, polite, kind and helpful. I would like him out again whenever you can send him!

6/22/21 A. Cohen Virginia Beach

The technicians were friendly, thorough, professional and did a good job.

6/22/21 M. Gomez Virginia Beach

Techs were absolutely wonderful, both professional and did a great job!

6/21/21 C. Shaver Virginia Beach

The tech was great, he blew out drain line to prevent any build up that would lead to overflow. Cold air is blowing and I am very happy.

6/21/21 D. Murphy Virginia Beach

Richard took the time to explain everything to me. He was professional and courteous and would recommend him to anyone.

6/21/21 J. Foster Virginia Beach

They provide fast service. Dependable, reliable and efficient. I felt taken care of by professionals who knew what they were doing. I highly recommend!

6/20/21 R. Lindo Virginia Beach

I appreciate the professionalism of Ms. Markeita Cherry who assisted me with my A/C and plumbing issues. She was able to navigate around the nuances and get down to the bottom line to resolve my concerns. Kellam organization should be proud to have such a professional working for them.

6/20/21 Michael G. Virginia Beach

Richard does a great job – really appreciated him fixing our air conditioning so quickly!

6/18/21 J. Whipkey Virginia Beach

Richard was extremely professional and explained the issue thoroughly. I want to thank him for his kindness.

6/17/21 D. Ryals Virginia Beach

Early arrival of their previous time frame! Professional group of host that ensures satisfaction and honor their contract’s! I Would highly recommend these group of professionals to anyone! Keep doing what you do best, customer satisfaction!

6/17/21 L. Hubbard Virginia Beach

My tech was wonderful and efficient. Nothing could have been better. I would love for him to come out every time!

6/17/21 D. Updegraff Virginia Beach

The tech came out and added insulation to line that had condensation. He let me know if it should happen again to call in and we will come back out and he reassured me that we stand behind our work and if there is any further issues to reach out.

6/16/21 S. Morris Virginia Beach

Richard is a great guy, he knows what he’s doing. I like that he takes pictures and shows what he is doing. 10 stars!

6/16/21 S. Russotto Virginia Beach

We have been using Kellam for a long time and very happy with the service.

6/16/21 J. Castleberry Virginia Beach

Jaime was very professional, friendly, and efficient! I was very pleased with his service!

6/16/21 R. Rheinsmith Virginia Beach

Anthony was fantastic. He has solved a problem that has plagued us for two summers. One that a competitive company wanted four times the amount to solve the problem. This was after having us spend more money on diagnostics. Not to mention that a new shut off valve and drain line were installed within the price that was 3/4’s less than the competition. I feel that Anthony and Kellam Mechanical was fair, fast, and efficient. I am switching service providers to Kellam Mechanical.

6/15/21 C. Graham Norfolk

Our tech, Anthony was awesome, wonderful, exceptional. We prefer him for our tech.

6/15/21 M. Smith Virginia Beach

My tech, Allen was fabulous and we would like him to be the one who comes out next time.

6/14/21 T. Gossman Virginia Beach

I appreciate the quick response, you guys jumped on it and I appreciate it.

6/13/21 D. Silberberg Virginia Beach

Four years ago Morgan came to service our AC unit and we needed to replace it. Even though we haven’t seen him for our normal servicing we remembered each other. He again helped troubleshoot our thermostat. He also helped us size up a split unit for our FROG. It was great having a familiar face around for our AC repairs.

6/11/21 L. Goldberg Chesapeake

My service went better than expected. The tech was great, got it fixed, Tim was outstanding. It was great sleeping being cool.

6/11/21 A. Stauffer Virginia Beach

Gerald was awesome. Nicest guy, explained everything and very courteous.

6/11/21 M. Benson Virginia Beach

My service went well and glad to be cold again.

6/11/21 C. Campbell Virginia Beach

Hunter and David were personal, nice, professional, courteous. Did A Great job, Super Awesome, and hardworking! I also recommend us to everyone and will continue to do so!

6/11/21 D. Byrd Virginia Beach

The crew was fantastic as usual and you all run a tight ship.

6/11/21 D. Byrd Virginia Beach

The crew was fantastic as usual and you all run a tight ship.

6/11/21 R. Sykes Suffolk

The install crew was very professional, polite, clean and they did a phenomenal job.

6/11/21 D. Paxson Virginia Beach

Everyone was so nice and wonderful. I offered to even fix them lunch which they politely declined saying they just wanted to work through. I am very Happy with Damian and Tyra and it was a wonderful experience.

6/11/21 P. Vassiliou Virginia Beach

The guys were awesome and we are very happy. Neal is a great guy and knows what he’s doing

6/10/21 C. Mueller Virginia Beach

The tech was friendly and fixed the problem. I had other companies come out and try to sell parts that I did not need and I appreciate you not doing that.

6/10/21 M. Mannes Virginia Beach

Linda answered my call and was especially helpful in scheduling my HVAC maintenance visit. Richard Barnes was the technician and did a thorough job cleaning, adjusting and documenting the particulars of my system.

6/9/21 M. Gordon Chesapeake

My wife was very pleased with the tech, he even brought in the trash cans.  We would definitely use Kellam again.

6/9/21 T. Evans Virginia Beach

Our A/C went out over the weekend and Kellam Mechanical came through for us. A lot of people are at the mercy of what the technician says. I know nothing about appliances and will not pretend I do. Morgan, our technician arrived, asked me what was going on with our unit so I told him. Honesty goes a long ways these days and Morgan went right to the source of the problem. It was nothing major. The capacitor was faulty. He could have told me it needed a motor,or something that would be very pricey. That’s not in his DNA. I want to thank Morgan and I highly recommend his service. With Kellam Mechanical you can ask for a specific tech. Ask for Morgan. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. This customer has all the confidence there is that Morgan or Kellam Mechanical will be honest and expeditious for whatever it is that you need. Thank you Morgan and thank you Kellam Mechanical. You are a breath of fresh air !!! Respectfully, Tommy Evans

6/8/21 N. Pogue Virginia Beach

Great first experience!! My AC unit decided to stop working on a hot, humid June afternoon. I contacted Kellam Mechanical and they did not disappoint! Tim Baker was my Technician. He came out in the early evening after serval company’s were unavailable. He was extremely knowledgeable, diligent & very friendly. He took his time checking my systems throughly & explained things so that I could understand them. Tim was outstanding and the company should be very fortunate that he represented them, proudly. Looking forward to being a long time customer!” I will absolutely refer Kellam Mechanical to friends, coworkers and colleagues. Be sure to request Tim Baker! Job well done!

6/8/21 G. Custer Virginia Beach

Richard with Kellam Mechanical is always complete, thorough, and knowledgeable in his work. I am so impressed by his diligence , he treats my house like it were his. He has extensively explained the system and what he does to me. Thank you Richard !

6/7/21 R. Paquin Norfolk

They did great work for a reasonable cost. Friendly and knowledgable. I’ll definately be using them again!

6/7/21 G. Nagy Virginia Beach

Richard provided excellent service for our recent heating repair. He was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. Not only was he able to repair our system but it is running better that it ever has. I would highly recommend this company and especially this technician for any service you may need.

6/7/21 T. Coleman Virginia Beach

Allen was knowledgeable, very friendly and someone you should keep.

6/7/21 R. Pennington Chesapeake

The electricians were friendly and efficient. Paul was also explained everything and was very patient with my elderly father. The electricians work together as a team.

6/7/21 The Hathaways, Virginia Beach

We have gone for three weeks without AC in very hot weather and was using another company. Our furnace was basically disassembled with numerous errors being made by the first company in trying to repair. Kellam came in as soon as I contacted them, quickly diagnosed what had to be done, kept in touch with me about the process and when the part was in so I could schedule maintenance. I so appreciated the professionalism of the office staff, the clear communication about what had to be done and our technician, Alan, was very clear in explaining what had to be done to repair. We have cool air again and Kellam has a new client! SO HAPPY with their service, their thoughtfulness and professionalism.

6/4/21 C. Cambell Virginia Beach

I had a new ac installed today. Hunter and David were personable, nice, professional, courteous, did a great job and were super awesome and hardworking! I have recommended Kellam and will continue to do so.

6/3/21 N. Diggs Chesapeake

Very pleased with the duct cleaning by Kellam. Jamie was my technician and he was excellent and very professional. I was very impressed with the before and after pictures. It showed evidence of the great work that was done. Great job!!!! Will definitely be a repeat customer.

6/1/21 M. Wilson Virginia Beach

Jamie performed a maintenance check and did a great job as well as offering some future improvements…I look forward to working with him again – thanks!

5/28/21 E. Geishert Virginia Beach

The tech did a really good job and was very informative.

5/28/21 M. Gerten Chesapeake

We are always happy with you guys, that is why we call you.

5/28/21 A. Kay Virginia Beach

I love you guys, love your techs. The tech who came out was wonderful. He wore his mask and took care of our issue. The new spigot looks great.

5/28/21 V. Sacharrmillsevich Norfolk

Jamie is a good guy and does his job right.

5/27/21 K. Newman Virginia Beach

Allen is phenomenal! Kudos to him! I appreciate all the work he has done and I recommend Kellam Mechanical and Allen to all my neighbors. I am pleased and grateful to have a technician I can rely on for future work.

5/27/21 P. Yeomen Virginia Beach

I am so happy with Chris, he made my 2 year headache go away with another company I used. I want Chris as my tech!

5/25/21 J. Salmons Virginia Beach

Morgan from Kellam Mechanical saved the day again. No a/c upstairs and in a very short time had it up and running. Thank you again Morgan and Kellam Mechanical for your timely service. And the CSR’s were very friendly and professional.

5/25/21 M. Thompson Virginia Beach

I have just recently moved into the area (Sept 2020) and purchased an older home that needs lots of updating. Not having experience with any vendors in the area, I called Kellam based on a referral. When I bought the home it had an ancient hot water radiator, a tempermental incorrectly installed geothermal system, a water heater from 1991, and lots of Harry Homeowner electrical “fixes”. I asked Kellam for an estimate to remove all the old systems, install new gas/AC systems and a tankless hot water heater and clean up the electrical issues. I received a price that was competitive and gave them the work. Kellam did an excellent job with all of the work that I gave them. All through the process, I felt that they were here to solve my problems with whatever it takes instead of maximizing their bottom line. I’m the kind of guy that asks a million questions and in every case the techs were very patient with me and explained all of my questions to my satisfaction. My HVAC system works great, my home is comfortable and I have plenty of hot water. My wife and I are very pleased. In addition to a great installation, one other thing that I want to point out is the way they took care of my electrical issues. Lots of companies don’t want to handle jobs like that because they can be difficult to properly correct. Kellam did not hesitate and they not only fixed the issues that I had found but also some others that I didn’t know about. In summary if you want a company who acts more like your very competent friend than a soulless vendor, Kellam is your company. The owner, Scott Kellam, actively manages the business, is an old school stand up honest guy and he trains his staff to be the same way. If you use them, I think that you will be pleased.

5/25/21 C. Myers Virginia Beach

The tech, Richard Barnes, did a fantastic job. He found a air duck that was never tapped that should help with a dust problem. He also took the time to show me the dust accumulation and sold me the service your company offers. I hope you appreciate This employee as much as this customer

5/23/21 N. Young Virginia Beach

Morgan, from Kellam Mechanical, is a great technician! He showed up promptly and kept his mask on to make us more comfortable. We called because our AC wasn’t blowing cold air. Once he arrived he identified the problem, was able to locate the part in his van, and repair the AC quickly. From him arriving to heading out, about a half hour, we were back to having a cooled down house. I would gladly call him back for any other issues that may arise.

5/23/21 C. McClenny Virginia Beach

Once again I must commend one of your employees. My air conditioner upstairs failed me Sat. I called Sunday morning. Morgan called me back promptly and was at my house quickly. He was professional and informative. He told me the problem and sat down to discuss my options . I was really impressed with his knowledge and patience. Thank you sending me another great employee.

5/22/21 N. Doyle Virginia Beach

We’ve been using Kellam for more than 23 years. They did the HVAC installation in our home originally and have done all the maintenance ever since. Richard is our tech, very business-like, courteous, personable, capable and performs his duties above and beyond. Happy to continue doing business with Kellam!

5/21/21 P. Dowdy Virginia Beach

The guys were gentlemen. Although I don’t know anything about the kind of work, I know they did a great job.

5/21/21 K. Murawski Virginia Beach

The system is running great and we are actually cold, which is something that hasn’t happened in 8 years. The techs were very forthcoming and James was extremely nice and polite.

5/21/21 C. Smith Virginia Beach

Hunter and his team were great. Very thorough and even fixed damage that was not caused by themselves.

5/21/21 K. Martingayle Virginia Beach

Garret and V were professional and funny. They did a fabulous job.

5/21/21 B. Ricks Virginia Beach

Garrett was fantastic! Big compliments and can’t wait to use the new system when it gets warmer.

5/21/21 J. Holbrook Virginia Beach

The Daikin works like a dream. Allen was very informative and the quality of work with the install team was phenomenal. I am also very pleased with the work on my brother’s generator install. I highly recommend!

5/21/21 N. Pittman Virginia Beach

Terrence was very professional and awesome. He is helping fix a problem we have had for over a year dealing with another company. Terrence is wonderful.

5/21/21 J. Chao Virginia Beach

My new system cools and heats a lot faster than the old one, so far so good!

5/21/21 S. Garofalo Virginia Beach

COVID precautions werevery appreciated and everyone has been a different level of fantastic. Very respectful and the install techs made it easy for us to have a great experience with something we were not excited about having to do. Kellam has us hook, line and sinker. Richard was more than amazing and my mother considers Richard family. I will use all of Kellam’s services for years to come.

5/21/21 A. Marks Virginia Beach

The guys were excellent, did great work very quickly and we were pleased with the whole install process. All were professional and pleasant.

5/21/21 L. Henderson Virginia Beach

Your team was very efficient, seemed like they knew very well what they were doing and I was impressed how they got themselves and all the equipment in such a small access hole. System is running very smooth and it is very comfortable in the home. I am very pleased.

5/21/21 P. Bailey Virginia Beach

The heat is working wonderfully, air is distributing evenly. I am happy with my new install.

5/21/21 M. Ferguson Nofolk

The techs were great, clean, professional and polite.

5/21/21 C. Luongo Virginia Beach

The install techs were wonderful and neat.

5/21/21 R. Ladd Virginia Beach

The tech went above and beyond, he did an awesome job!

5/21/21 N. Rahall Virginia Beach

Kellam always does a great job. Professional and timely service. Richard is a knowledgeable and friendly technician who I would recommend to anyone!

5/21/21 J. Sposito Norfolk

Replaced the fan motor, the tech was great. I will use Kellan again just because of Linda in the office and Richard in the field.

5/20/21 N. Konchuba Virginia Beach

I would rate my service excellent. He was very good, found some issues under warranty and fixed them.

5/20/21 M. Fuller Virginia Beach

The crew that installed my new HVAC system was amazing. They were all very personable, worked hard and did an amazing job cleaning up after the job was done. Shout out to LT, John, Nathan and Garrett! I highly recommend this company.

5/20/21 Melony F. Virginia Beach

Dear Mr. Kellam, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I was with the team who recently installed a new HVAC system in my home. I just joined your HVAC USA Club and LT came out to service my unit which was not keeping up due to a leak. He provided me with a choice of changing the coils, which is where it was leaking, or changing my 11 year old system which was in a closet and would be a challenging install. He did a great job explaining various systems available and was very knowledgeable about options that could be done to make a new system work in the small space. John, Nathan, Garrett were the crew that came out for the install. They took their time and came up with solutions while they were here to get this install right. Due to some challenges an time constraints LT came back out and tagged team with John. LT and Nathan worked late into the evening to get my new system running. John and (I believe it was David) came back out first thing this morning to change out some flex pipe that LT and Nathan did not have and completed the job. During all of this challenging install I did not hear them complaining. Each of them stayed professional and polite and I admired their work ethic. I loved seeing the teamwork and respect they had for one another. The clean up they did after the job was over was amazing. It was like they were never there. I am sure you get a lot of feedback when things go wrong, so I wanted to send you this to let you know of my positive experience with your company and I look forward to having Kellam Mechanical service my unit for many years to come.

5/19/21 D. Swanger Chesapeake

Time was simply a true professional. He took care of our system and very informative.

5/19/21 R. Windley Norfolk

I give my service experience a 5 and will call Kellam again.

5/18/21 P. Aldis

I thought it was going to be an electrical quote, but the tech came in and ended up doing the job and cleaned up his mess. I was very pleased.

5/18/21 A. Asfour Virginia Beach

Richard very personable & thorough. Checked all components of AC explained concerns, sent me pictures. Even though AC was working but not up to par, may freeze up if weather gets too hot. Suggest I replace it, good proce & helped me set up financing.

5/17/21 M. Ruane Virginia Beach

I have been with your company for 13 years and all of your techs are great and well-schooled. The tech changed my electronic filter and completed my maintenance.

5/17/21 P. Harrington Virginia Beach

The tech did a wonderful job. He is very knowledgeable and was very thorough with upstairs and downstairs system. On a scale of 1 – 5 I give him a 6.

5/17/21 E. Magula Virginia Beach

Jamie was the absolute best and I was so impressed by him. I have never felt more safe and pleased to have someone around.

5/16/21 D. Jaehn Virginia Beach

The service tech did an excellent job repairing our system. He was a pleasure to work with.

5/14/21 Z. Lang Virginia Beach

Morgan is very nice, very personable and answers all our questions and keeps my system working.

5/14/21 M. McWhite Virginia Beach

The technician was very nice and I am happy with Kellam.

5/13/21 R. Hallman Chesapeake

Your representative was outstanding. He was highly competent, knowledgable, and made suggestions that lead to a satisfying experience. You are lucky to have him on your staff.

5/12/21 H. Harris Virginia Beach

On a scale of 1 to 5 I give the tech a 10! Super likeable, everything I knew he was, very happy.

5/12/21 Mrs. J. Field, Jr. Virginia Beach

Excellent service. I am a single widow and I appreciate your business taking care of my needs.

5/12/21 J. Burke Virginia Beach

The tech called ahead and showed up. Very nice and polite and did his job doing maintenance on our system.

5/12/21 L. Gonzales Virginia Beach

Everything was great even on a bad note of needing a new system. Feeling grateful that they had a unit in stock and could come the next day and get the new system installed.

5/12/21 D. Cole Virginia Beach

I had 3 techs out yesterday for my duct cleaning and all of them were really great and great with my puppies.

5/12/21 N. Allen Norfolk

Great customer service and a quick turnaround on fixing our AC when it was 82 degrees out. Can’t beat that!

5/12/21 The tech did a great job, he really knew what he was doing. R. Williams Norfolk

5/11/21 S. Fulford Virginia Beach

I received a call confirming tech’s window before tech arrived, which was very nice to receive. He wore his shoe booties and I appreciated that. Downstairs unit was blowing, but not cold air so tech tested. He worked on outdoor unit and came back in and explained everything. Thanks for all you do. Tell ‘em Kellam! We don’t use anyone else.

5/10/21 E. Mantel Virginia Beach

This was the third person we talked with and by far the best. Answered any questions you have and will not leave until you are satisfied with the results.

5/6/21 V. Woodward Virginia Beach

Anthony L. Did a great job. Was thorough and checked our AC unit completely. Communicated his findings and was a pleasure to work with. Very professional.

5/6/21 S. Decker Virginia Beach

Morgan came to replace our 22 year old water heater. He got it done quickly and was out of here in no time. Even my dogs loved him! Thanks for wonderful service and great techs!

5/5/21 J. Hartley Virginia Beach

Chris did a great job getting me set up for a new unit!!

5/5/21 S. Sands Virginia Beach

Superb customer service! Richard B. was professional, kind and explained everything he encountered at our home. He made suggestions for improving our system and provided on site estimates without any pressure. He answered all my questions and when he left I felt I had a clear understanding of what was going on so I could make an informed decision. I highly recommend Kellam Mechanical and it’s because of the service I received by Richard.

5/5/21 D. Bustamante Virginia Beach

Technician named Morgan performed maintenance on my HVAC system this morning. Morgan was polite, informative, and professional in every way. Put his own mat down outside before entering, wore covers over his shoes, had mask on, and provided me technical information about my system. Well done Morgan!

5/5/21 B.Dodson Virginia Beach

Richard was great! Personable, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful.

5/4/21 C. Rondorf Virginia Beach

The tech was very persistent and I am pleased with him getting the job done.

5/4/21 R. Descovich Virginia Beach

Great service – on time and very professional! This was routine maintenance but Gerald was so pleasant and helpful. I have always been happy with Kellam

5/2/21 R. Stephens Virginia Beach

Richard was on time, very knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to quickly identify the problem and fix it. Not only did he fix it he took the time to show and explain the problem. Then he called the previous technician to let him know what had happened, explained what happened and how to avoid it in the future. Excellent training opportunity put to good use. Thanks to all the technicians that have serviced both of our homes. Excellent

5/2/21 D. Wiggins Virginia Beach

Richard was a very professional and knowledgeable technician. I have used this company twice and during the 1st time Richard was able to diagnose the problems even after another company could not figure out what was wrong with my hvac system. The company has great customer service as well as the technician. I will continue to use Kellam Mechanical and always request the most knowledgeable technician Richard.

5/1/21 J. Keith Knotts Island

To whom it may concern, Morgan Bayse is a fine young man and is an outstanding representative for your firm. The young men who completed this project (James, Garrette, Nico) were very professional, efficient and did a great job. Also, another project completed recently for me was performed by Jamie Swanson and Shawn who did a great job.

5/1/21 J. Dozier Virginia Beach

Great service and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Kellam Mechanical. Gerald the technician was awesome !

4/28/21 N. Pittman Virginia Beach

Terrence was really professional and awesome. He helped solve a problem that I had for over a year dealing with another company. He was wonderful.

4/28/21 J. Curtis Norfolk

My tech did a great job and I appreciated my service.

4/28/21 E. Pahl Virginia Beach

Richard did a great job checking my hoax unit to ensure there will not be a problem during the summer. He also recommend new duct work and gave a quote. Thanks for a good job.

4/28/21 C. York Chesapeake

Paul was very professional. He quickly diagnosed the issue (leak in two connections to my well pump for sprinklers), replaced the faulty parts, and patiently primed the pump/bled the system to ensure there was no more loss of pressure. I’ll definitely be calling the next time I need help with a plumbing issue!

4/27/21 M. Albertson Virginia Beach

Jamie is very personable, trustworthy and knows his business.

4/27/21 R. Corbell Portsmouth

It is a pleasure working with John, he does a super job!

4/27/21 P. Lea Norfolk

Hi Rick – I would be remiss if I did not get back to you and everyone at Kellam that worked so hard and diligently to correct my mechanical issues. The gentlemen that came yesterday to install were exceptionally professional and considerate, as has everyone that has been a part of this journey. My sincere thanks to all,

4/27/21 J. Ball Virginia Beach

They are our “go to” for basically all the services that they offer. Every single person they have sent has been extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Highly recommend.

4/24/21 C. Condon Norfolk

Shawn with Kellam called and asked if it was okay to come early. That was a great start. Once here, he was highly professional and thorough. He explained what he was doing and what was needed to keep my AC safe and running efficiently. He did an excellent job and I will ask for him on my next heat maintenance.

4/21/21 S. Spencer Suffolk

On a scale of 1-5, I rate a 10, they did an outstanding job. They were on point and very professional.

4/21/21 F. Driscoll Virginia Beach

Everything works great and able to now take a nice hot shower.

4/21/21 E. Stephens Virginia Beach

Don was excellent, he was very thorough and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I absolutely loved the service yesterday.

4/21/21 Lolet A. Virginia Beach

Congratulations, You got my business back!!! I’m a returned customer. I have received a $99. promotion card so I decided to give Kellam another try. I would like to thank you for hiring a hardworking and most of all an honest employee (Allen Sherwood). I have watched him doing his work, he did wash up the outside unit thoroughly and no short cuts that I saw him do. With my limited English speaking, I don’t know how to explain the good work he did with my upstairs unit. And he seems happy with uplifting spirit while performing his job. I have had use a few of your technicians with some of my rentals more than 10 yrs ago, Mr. Allen is the most honest I’ve ever dealt with. I have another HVAC tune-up appointment at one of the rentals on Friday, 4/23, I called the office to ask for Allen again. Allen explained the benefits of the new HVAC compares to the 2004 original unit that I have now and eventually R22 will no longer be produce. He did not pressure me to buy a new HVAC right there, though my unit is 17 yrs old. A very professional employee, I was comfortable listening to his advice and everything he had said make sense to me. May Kellam keep an honest employee like Allen…. Please excuse my poor English speaking. Sincerely, Lolet A. Virginia Beach

4/20/21 R. Ross Chesapeake

My tech arrived early and completed everything. Thanks!

4/20/21 Mary S. Virginia Beach

I would like to give a 10 star rating to Hunter and V. Their work was impeccable, anything they had to move was placed back perfectly. They truly rolled out the red carpet. Everywhere they were was covered. After paying 3 previous companies to fix the problem (never fixed) Kellam has fixed the problem. When Allen came for my maintenance last week he worked diligently to come up with solutions. Today Hunter and V worked on the problem and even found that the furnace did not have to be moved after all. Saving me money. There is more air coming out of the vents in the bedroom over the garage than ever before. I have lived here since 1993. Thank you KELLAM MECHANICAL, HUNTER, V, and ALLEN.

4/20/21 T. Hudson Virginia Beach

Richard was wonderful, the absolute best.

4/20/21 M. Spurgeon Virginia Beach

I could not be happier with the work of Kellam Mechanical employees Hunter, Allen and V. I have paid a lot of money to 3 other companies with negative results. Hunter and V were professional, everything was spotless when they finished. They changed ducts that were too small. One of them I paid $900.00 for from another company it did nothing for the problem. Thank you KELLAM MECHANICAL, HUNTER, V and Allen. 10+ stars.

4/19/21 Virginia Beach

Wade worked hard and did a good job. B. Keenan

4/19/21 L. Lilley Virginia Beach

The tech was perfect, wonderful, efficient, polite and overall did a good job.

4/19/21 G. Simpson Virginia Beach

Both Shawn and Jamie did a wonderful job and are very personable.

4/19/21 D. Holland Virginia Beach

Gerald was just the best technician! Thought I was going to have to spend thousands with another company, but Gerald fixed my problem for a pittance. I highly recommend Scott, the owner, and the folks at Kellam Mechanical.

4/18/21 R. Sisco Virginia Beach

We have used Kellam Mechanical for years. They are very customer focused and professional. Richard B, our technician, exemplifies customer service. He stays until the job is done and does not accept defeat. That can be a real challenge when you have a geothermal system but he did it.

4/16/21 N. Baker Virginia Beach

Gerald was on time, safe, courteous and informative. it’s always a pleasure dealing with the office staff through the technicians.

4/16/21 M. Fitchett Virginia Beach

The electrician went above and beyond, he got screws put back in panel box and figured out light switch that I knew nothing about. He was very pleasant.

4/16/21 L. Chreene Virginia Beach

On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate a 10+! I am pleased with how good of a job they did. Excellent. I highly recommend.

4/15/21 J. Keith Knotts Island

Everything went well, the maintenance techs were great, professional and very nice men. I am very pleased. Morgan came out initially and was also very pleasant.

4/15/21 J. Whipkey Virginia Beach

The tech was amazing, really did a good job, super nice and professional. Overall fantastic.

4/15/21 D. Casino Chesapeake

Wade was excellent, I am so thankful you were able to squeeze me into the schedule and fix my issues!

4/15/21 C. Chavis Virginia Beach

Called Kellam Mechanical bc of a great review from a friend. They did an absolutely fantastic job. Communication was great. On time. Efficient and knew what they were talking about. Was extremely impressed with our technician, Morgan Bayse and hope to have him back in the winter to service our boiler. Great work!

4/14/21 M. Pitts-Brown Virginia Beach

I rate the tech a 6 out of 5! He was so courteous, pleasant and a real people person.

4/14/21 W. Rogers Virginia Beach

I got the red carpet treatment and I am thinking about the estimate provided. Tech was top notch and everything was good.

4/14/21 C. Duke Virginia Beach

The repairman was knowledgeable and completed his work expediently. He made recommendations to improve the system, and checked that future work would be covered by the warranty.

4/13/21 D. Vaughan Virginia Beach

Phil arrived on time and was able to stop the leak, which resolved the issue.

4/12/21 D. Baxter Virginia Beach

Tim Vlahos called before arrival, and arrived on time for our spring tune up. He was courteous and efficient and became our dog’s best friend. She laid under his ladder while he was servicing our unit and insisted on accompanying him everywhere he went. He recommended and installed a UV system upgrade on our System installed by Kellam in 2019.

4/11/21 C. Bumphus Virginia Beach

The technician was making a repair at our rental property and the tenant was not receptive to the suggestions of the technician, due to circumstances out of his and our control. He maintained professionalism at all time and we were able to come to a short term repair to satisfy all parties and very much appreciate his patience.

4/11/21 S. Byrum Virginia Beach

Scott, I want to tell you, that you and Sarah have developed one of the most reliable and professional companies I have dealt with in my years of home ownership. As a homeowner, I have seen and experienced the normal challenges and upkeep a conscientious homeowner entertains to keep the house from becoming more expensive, by doing nothing to address issues. It is obvious there is a lot of emphasis on having quality technicians at Kellam Mechanical. Shawn was fantastic and the ultimate professional in every way. He gave me great information, was 100% aware his mission to do a quality job and promoted Kellam in his words as it applied to our discussions. We discussed the ductwork. He lifted floor vents and showed me the dirt. I had seen it before, but I thought there would be more involved in having the ductwork cleaned. (Also, I trusted him so much to be conscientious with the equipment and going in the rooms. That is the part that usually makes me nervous). The way Shawn presented himself, I trusted him to do a quality job….and he shows excitement about the job. Also, I noticed the new tablet seemed like a good update also.

4/10/21 S. Phillips Chesapeake

Tech came late but I got updated phone calls on arrival times, which I appreciate. The service was done well and the area left clean. I feel the price was high for the service rendered but it was within $10 of 2 other estimates. The tech was friendly and offered some helpful tips.

4/10/21 J. Heft Virginia Beach

I called Kellam about an issue with my home generator and the friendly rep had someone at my house within an hour. Morgan was very knowledgeable and explained everything he would do up front. I WILL be calling them again!

4/9/21 D. Green Chesapeake

The service was great, I was pleasantly surprised. Both Jamie and Shawn were very thorough and kept us informed on what they were doing. Even showed us what the ductwork looked like after the duct cleaning.

4/9/21 W. Gause Virginia Beach

This is the second time I have had John as my electrician and he is so pleasant and respectful. I loves his mannerisms. I have a smart house so John informed me on some preventative recommendations as a safety precautions and he explained it so well which I appreciated a lot. Since I first contacted Kellam you have been so good to me and Iappreciate that a lot. It means so much to me.

4/8/21 V. Sacharmillsevich Norfolk

Gerald was super nice, professional and knowledgeable. We booked an appointment for services next week after his consultation today.

4/8/21 R. Linke Virginia Beach

Dear Kellam Mechanical, On 4/6/21 your team replaced our heating/AC and duct work for our condo in Va. Beach! I am abundantly compelled to write you and say what a fabulous job your team provied our family! We are very impressed by the professionalism, courtesy and very hard work your whole staff provided from beginning to completion! Their coordination and cooperation and respect for one another was wonderful to observe and experience! Unfortunately, I did not get everyone’s name that was here but I can tell you a few of the many. They are Hunter, Andy, “V” and Tyra and Garrett. They could not have been any better and I hope you are very proud of them and their exemaplary service. Their work ethic is beyond reproach! Please thank everyone on our behalf! We are elated with our new system and the timeliness withi which it was installed and completed! Than you all very much! On behalf of the Linke famiy,

4/7/21 S. Rowe

Chris is knowledgeable and he and Jamie do great work. You have gained a customer for life.

4/3/21 K. Rau Chesapeake

Morgan is great! He has been servicing our HVAC system for years and knows all it’s quirks. Always funny and professional!

4/1/21 M. Richardson Virginia Beach

Scott, you better take care of your techs because I am very pleased and impressed!

4/1/21 R. Lindner

Shawn was super and he explained everything very well.

4/1/21 C. Johnson Virginia Beach

From the minute I was looking for help with my HVAC, to the thorough inspection to find out what was wrong, this was a great experience. Richard was very detailed about the issues, explained the process, and put my mind at ease that my system would be fixed and fixed correctly. I am very pleased I found this company, and I’ll be using them for future service needs. Amazing.

3/31/21 B. Bluestein Virginia Beach

We’ve become quite familiar with several of the techs and staff at Kellam. They installed a new HVAC system to replace a 15 yo unit in Febr. and it took a few return visits to adjust all the bells and whistles on it. Each tech was professional, polite and respectful. Richard B came yesterday to do the final tweaks. He also looked at another 15 yo unit we have that failed to cool our upstairs. There was a refrigerant leak and the likely culprit was pretty obvious on the rusted out equipment he showed us. He offered options but we decided to replace that unit as well with a 17 SEER Am. Standard system. He completed our finance package with us and install is set for this week. If anyone asks for a recommendation I Tell ‘Em Kellam!

3/30/21 R. Powell Knotts Island

The technician was absolutely stellar!! He was running up and down the stairs and just a fantastic experience. Kellam Mechanical always gives great service, but Jason was just Fantastic!!

3/26/21 B. West Virginia Beach

Dear Scott, I want to tell you how pleased I was with Morgan Bayse. He went beyond the call of duty. He assisted me in getting Dominion energy alerted to the problem and saw that I was being take care of. He is a polite, caring and considerate young man. I know you are proud to have him with your company. Sincerely,

3/25/21 B. Moore Virginia Beach

Always great service from Richard. Can always rely him and his work.

3/25/21 A. Lamay Virginia Beach

Richard was great. Friendly and willing to explain everything about the service.

3/24/21 L. Deel Virginia Beach

The tech did a great job. He took the time to explain everything he did.

3/23/21 J. Weibley Norfolk

Richard was very professional and did a thorough tuneup of our A/C units. He is knowledgeable in his line of work.

3/23/21 R. Shepler Virginia Beach

Gerald was personable and very detailed with his explanations. He was not trying to sell me anything and I felt comfortable. He provided his card and said to call him out anytime I needed help.

2/23/21 M. McWhite Virginia Beach

Shawn was very nice, he went outside and cleaned the coil and everything was completed. I am satisfied with my service.

3/23/21 L. Evans Virginia Beach

Jamie was very polite and nice. I am happy with all the techs and I like that I can chat with them. He was able to find my fourth system in the attic and completed the maintenance on all of them.

3/23/21 S. Kennedy Virginia Beach

My tech arrived early, approved by me and appointment went great. I have recommended Kellam many times.

3/22/21 S. Imperial Virginia Beach

The technician called ahead and arrived within the timeframe and everything is completed.

3/22/21 E. Szilagyi Virginia Beach

Richard was able to quickly resolve my issue and I was able to have heat the entire weekend.

3/22/21 E. Szilagyi Virginia Beach

Richard was able to quickly resolve my issue and I was able to have heat the entire weekend.

3/19/21 Russell S. Virginia Beach

Had Kellam team install a new HVAC system. Rusty provide four different quotes for us to choose which cost wise was best for us. Once we picked a system, Neal and James installed both systems and they were on time, careful and the most highly competent technicians that I have ever seen. Both were helpful in answering our questions, providing advice, and representing Kellam in the highest manner. We could not be any happier with every aspect of our experience with the Kellam team.

3/19/21 R. Lindo Virginia Beach

Boogie does exceptional work and is always great. I am very pleased.

3/18/21 L. Liles Virginia Beach

I highly recommend Richard. He is a great guy and very thorough to detail. Just an wonderful person & very nice, wonderful person and was able to complete the job.

3/18/21 S. Morgan Virginia Beach

I give your service a 10! My maintenance was completed and replaced my bulb. I will have my husband call back for a ductwork estimate.

3/18/21 Steve Brown Suffolk

My technician was awesome and very personable and even walked him through everything and gave suggestions. I love Anthony as my tech and want to have him come out anytime I calls in and willing to wait when he’s available. I give him 1,000 stars.

3/18/21 R. Lindner Virginia Beach

I couldn’t be more relieved about my tech experience with Morgan . He was nice and he explained everything and I couldn’t be more happy!! give him a raise because he deserves it and look forward to working with him again because he just such an awesome person !!

3/18/21 R. Creekmore

Anthony was very professional and his customer service is on point! My experience with Kellam mechanical has been fantastic!

3/17/21 C. Mcgirr Virginia Beach

Gerald is a wonderful, wonderful tech with great service. Everything went well.

3/17/21 J. Debrango Virginia Beach

I was thrilled with the work that was done and wanted let Scott know personally that the guys did a fantastic job! I was very impressed.

3/17/21 C. Adams Virginia Beach

A big thank you to Scott and Sarah Kellam and all the professionals at Kellam Mechanical for my new HVAC system. After going through years with a system that was not providing the comfort that was advertised I had reached my breaking point, so I called Kellam Mechanical. The Comfort Consultant Rusty Bailey came out and did a whole house assessment and provided me with multiple choices and options to resolve my heating and cooling short falls. In the end a larger AC system, heating and an additional recirculation vent was installed. The changes were immediately noticed with a higher volume air and warmer and cooler air coming from the registers throughout the house. I could have not be more pleased with the professional installation either, the installation crew came early in the morning, set floor protection up and went straight to work. The crew had all their tools and materials for the job and did not have an issues with the installation. In the end they had done an excellent job, the crew was very professional with their hands on review of the system and were very patient with me while loading the phone app for the Eco Net thermostat. If you are in the market for a new HVAC system or need any support that Kellam Mechanical provides, call them you cannot ask for a more professional organization to work with. I look forward to Kellam Mechanical keeping my home in the comfort zone going forward, again thank you for all you’ve done. Chris and Theresa Adams Virginia Beach, VA.

3/17/21 The Freemans Knotts Island

Note of thanks to Gerald. He did a thorough spring inspection of our HVAC system in Knotts Island.

3/16/21 B. Baraniak Virginia Beach

Time did a great job on Sunday to check my leaking water heater. He had a great attitude and knowledge, he did an outstanding job.

3/15/21 Wendy G. Virginia Beach

I signed a contract with the technician. He gave me options for the air scrubber, he was very friendly. I am a huge fan of Kellam and I love that I cant trust your techs to come into my home.

3/15/21 R. Butler Knotts Island

The tech did wonderful and I really enjoyed his personality.

3/15/21 C. Aquino Virginia Beach

Gerald was very knowledgeable of the products and services Kellam Mechanical has to offer. I used this company for my rental properties and my home. Tell ‘Em Kellam !!

3/15/21 A. Canlas Virginia Beach

5 stars to Kellam and Gerald K. He’s very professional and knowledgeable about his job. He answered correctly every question I throw to him. I’m a very satisfied customer!

3/14/21 L. McMillan Virginia Beach

Phillip B. from Kellam Mechanical came to my home to install new equipment and check on a potential water heater leak reported by my security system. Phillip provided what I consider to be the ideal service call experience. He arrived on time, he was courteous, pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and respectful of my home throughout his visit. Phillip began with an examination of the water heater, after which he assured me that there was no leak but only a bit of condensation from an exposed copper pipe which he immediately took care of with insulation. When the equipment installation was complete, Phillip took the time to carefully and patiently demonstrate how to use it as well as explain the options I have for personal adjustments. For anyone who needs plumbing assistance, I would wholeheartedly recommend Phillip B. at Kelllam Mechanical. This fine young man is certainly an asset to his company.

3/14/21 B. Kifer Virginia Beach

Morgan came to do the maintenance on my system and I will say that I’m happy with the service he provided as well with the company. They know how to care for their customers.

3/13/21 M. Saunders Norfolk

Tim Baker has been consistently trying to handle all my repairs and airducts!!

3/12/21 D. Beloff Virginia Beach

Mr. Barnes was extremely professional and patient with us. He spent over five hours with us going over every detail in our situation and ultimately sold us an entirely new system for our home. We are very pleased with the service and professionalism! Will definitely recommend to our friends and family.

3/12/21 K. Anderson Virginia Beach

The technician went above and beyond he trimmed the bushes for the customer, and was very respectful, kind and forward with his job.

3/12/21 C. Aquino Virginia Beach

The tech helped me understand my system, did a good job and put on his mask and shoe coverings.

3/12/21 M. Massetti Virginia Beach

Kellam is always reliable and Morgan is professional. He abides by the companies COVID regulations by putting on booties and wore a mask at all times. We will request him for our next service or troubleshooting venture. Thanks Kellam.

3/11/21 T. Turley Chesapeake

I had a great experience with everyone that has come out. My AC is working and now water heater is too.

3/11/21 K. Anderson Virginia Beach

5+ for Allen, hire more guys like him! I was very impressed with his knowledge and love your service.

3/11/21 K. Mclaughlin Chesapeake

Morgan is an awesome guy. You all really do great work and I appreciate you all and Morgan so much.

3/11/21 M. Pitts-Brown Virginia Beach

I was very satisfied and I had wonderful service. I love working with you all.

3/11/21 E. Gibbs Virginia Beach

I want Scott to know that Phil was TERRIFIC and did an excellent job explaining the results of his PSA inspection. He gave him 10 STARS and was extremely pleased with his work.

3/10/21 W. Guase Virginia Beach

I am please with the service I received with Kellam. Very thorough and explains whatever they do. Very professional. Felt safe to have them in my home. Followed all precautions.

3/10/21 R. Struebing Virginia Beach

Outstanding technicians. Explain how the equipment work.Neal and James were top notch.

3/10/21 D. Gomez Virginia Beach

Best technician in the business. As soon as he sees the issues. He know exactly how to fix it. Came out to service a thermostat issue and was complete within 10 minutes. Go with Kellam Mechanical and Richard as your preferred technician.

3/10/21 A. Harris Virginia Beach

Excellent work by Richard Barnes. On time, and very efficient.

3/10/21 D. Murphy Virginia Beach

So far everyone of Kellam’s techs have been great and I am satisfied with my service.

3/10/21 J. Pardee Virginia Beach

I rate Kellam a 5+. You all were able to fit my into the schedule and the tech called before he arrived and was able to complete everything, so I am happy.

3/10/21 M. Richardson Virginia Beach

John and Tony did an immaculate job on my electrical services. Fishing wires through the wall is not easy, but they made sure not to make a huge mess and did a fantastic A1 job. Scott has fantastic techs!

3/9/21 N. Hill Portsmouth

My appointment with the tech was a positive experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better tech and everything was completed in a timely manner.

3/8/21 J. Kruskop Virginia Beach

Your Kellam tech was a very nice gentleman and I would highly recommend him.

3/8/21 L. Church Norfolk

Everything went well for service and the tech arrived on time and completed the job.

3/8/21 G. Futrell Chesapeake

I am happy with the service and will be calling back for another project, thanks Kellam!

3/8/21 J. Gay Chesapeake

Rusty did an outstanding job working to find a replacement. He was very patient with my 86 year old mother (jean gay) The team today was excellent, polite, quick snd did a great job keeping things picked up. We will definitely recommend kellam mechanical.

3/8/21 C. Adams Virginia Beach

Hey Scott, your guys just finished up installing the new Ruud HVAC system. I just wanted to let know they did a great job, very clean work space, great professional installation, you should be very proud of the men who represented your company today. I am very glad to finally join the Kellam Mechanical long list of satisfied customers. I would like to sign up for the maintenance service plan, too. Anyways, great job by your crew today, thank you, Scott. The system is up and running like a champ! Respectfully, your friend, C. Adams

3/5/21 W. Wagner Virginia Beach

If you could clone Chris do that because he was concise, knowledgeable and showed me everything I needed to know.

3/5/21 Kay T. Virginia Beach

I have been a Kellam Mechanical customer for 10 years. During this long relationship, I have found all of Kellam’s employees to be professional, knowledgable, and respectful of me and my property. Any time it is necessary for repairs to the geothermal unit, I am given reasons and options. I never feel I am being sold a “bill of goods” or coerced into making upgrades. Most recently: Thanks, Neal A. and your team, for persisting until you got that ductwork configured to do it’s best work!

3/4/21 J. Holder Virginia Beach

Morgan is highly skilled and waisted no time in diagnosing issues on both my HVAC system and generator. He he quickly made the repairs and completely explained to me what issues were and the costs associated with getting them repaired.

3/4/21 C. Becker Suffolk

Richard is knowledgeable and helpful. Any mess he makes he cleans it up. Friendly and courteous.

3/4/21 L. McMillan Virginia Beach

Phillip was extraordinary! Best experience I have had with any Kellam technician! He explained everything, which was fantastic.

3/3/21 K. Cohen Virginia Beach

Tim went up and beyond for my service and changed my filters and I appreciated that.

3/3/21 M. Proffitt Portsmouth

Richard is always respectful and a great tech and I always ask for him.

3/2/21 L. Scott Virginia Beach

Gerald showed me everything I needed to know. He was very informative and a great guy.

3/2/21 P. Mattke Virginia Beach

Chris is an exceptional tech, I am very happy with my service.

3/1/21 R. Daniels Virginia Beach

Tim was very professional , personable and explained every aspect of the job he was performing. Hopefully he will be our HVAC service tech in the future.

2/28/21 M. Martin Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes serviced us a couple of weeks ago. He was thorough, neat/cleaned up everything after himself, explained everything clearly, and told us why he recommended a couple of upsells, and then took our word for it when we accepted one of them and not others (did not push). I especially liked that he took pictures up in our attic and texted them to us (we are in our 60’s and do not often get up a ladder anymore). He is a consummate professional.

2/26/1 J. Kelly Virginia Beach

I was pleased the tech stayed for a while making sure he resolved the issue. He was very knowledgeable.

2/25/21 S. Stevenson Virginia Beach

Wade was the nicest man that ever came to do my service and I would prefer him for future service.

2/25/21 M. Donohue Virginia Beach

Tech showed me detail and explained everything. He knew what he was talking about. I am satisfied with my service.

2/25/21 T. Turley Chesapeake

Morgan was great! Really appreciate him walking me through the steps he was doing to troubleshoot my system. He quickly diagnosed the issue and got the system back up and heating my house again! Thanks!

2/25/21 D. Sell Virginia Beach

We’ve been Kellam Mechanical customers for many years & they’ve always provided nothing short of stellar customer service! Today was no different. Richard & his Teammate were exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, & courteous. Thank you!

2/25/21 S. Henderson Virginia Beach

They figured out what was causing heat lost quickly and expertly. The technicians were very polite and respectful.

2/24/21 P. Carmen Virginia Beach

The tech was very friendly, positive, professional and wore mask.

2/24/21 B. Clark Virginia Beach

Smitty is a good dude we talked a lot and found we have a lot in common. Everything went great with my maintence service.

2/24/21 S. Howard Portsmouth

Gerald K. is the absolute best! I could tell he really cares about the quality of his work. He explained how things work & what problems to look for in the future. Definitely recommend him for HVAC needs!

2/24/21 G. Nagy Virginia Beach

Richard provided excellent service for our recent heating repair. He was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. Not only was he able to repair our system but it is running better that it ever has. I would highly recommend this company and especially this technician for any service you may need.

2/23/21 M. Mostert Virginia Beach

We are long time Kellam customers. We have always found both the office and technicians polite, informative, and highly professional. Today, Neal A. and his team mate installed a new heating system. They began work exactly on time, were very careful to cover exposed carpeting, etc., and cleaned up before leaving. They were helpful in answering our questions, providing advice, and generally representing Kellam very well. Thank you!

2/23/21 F. Emilio Virginia Beach

I was really impressed with Richard. He went up and beyond and explained to me and my room-mate about everything. He was very polite.

2/23/21 S. Sonner Norfolk

I really appreciate you honoring what I was told when pump was ordered 10 years warranty and getting correct date! Thank you! I thought the company would live up to its word!I spent a lot of money for this pump! An expense I was not expecting!

2/23/21 J. Wilkins Virginia Beach

Fantastic! This is one amazing company, they do not ever disappoint! Their techs always give 100%, and today I had a planned replacement part installed by Gerald Kearney. He is so knowledgeable, he had excellent tips that will potentially save us thousands of dollars protecting our outdoor hvac system. He went above and beyond, and we are so grateful. We always have amazing service with Kellam!

2/22/21 D. Leber Chesapeake

I was worried that there was an issue with a newly installed furnace. Neal A. came (even earlier than estimated), checked it all out, answered all my questions and assured me it was operating properly. I was very pleased with the installation personnel, and especially with their response to my concern.

2/22/21 H. Pak Virginia Beach

The technician completed my maintenance with no problems. I love working with Kellam and I will be recommending you to a friend.

2/22/21 W. Dodson Virginia Beach

I very much appreciate the courteous and knowledgeable service that Richard Barnes provided in assessing and providing solutions to my heating issues. He is a true professional and I would highly recommend him and Kellam Mechanical to anyone needing HVAC service.

2/22/21 T. Harrington Virginia Beach

Garrett and John just left and they did an outstanding job on our HVAC system! We had a total replacement and they were in and out with a surprisingly quick install. Always polite, clean and responsible they represent Kellam Mechanical in a most professional manner. We will continue to rely on the folks at Kellam for all of our HVAC, plumbing and electrical work! We wouldn’t think of using any other service provider as they continue to be the best in town!!

2/20/21 R. Friedman Virginia Beach

My husband and I were very impressed with Kellam, and in particular with Morgan. He was punctual, very thorough, and took the time to sit down and explain things. We found him to be very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

2/19/21 A. Villenueva Virginia Beach

Neal is awesome! He is naturally friendly and even more, very knowledgeable. I truly appreciate his knowledge all around which will help my HVAC system in the future. Thank you Kellam.

2/18/21 F. Felini Virginia Beach

I use Kellam Mechanical because I am generally leased with their responsiveness and services. Every once in a while, however, the services reached a special level of excellence. This is true for a recent service provided by Gerald K. During a recent cold spell my HVAC was not putting out sufficient heat to keep our place warm. Kellam provided a technician quickly and Gerald ascertain the problem and resolved it during his service call. The system was up and running before he left. He noted, however, that a heat sequencer in the circuit to provide auxiliary heat had failed and needed to be replaced. Getting the replacement part proved to be a problem. Despite incomplete information provided by the manufacturer, Gerald was able to use the information received from the manufacturer to identify and obtain the appropriate part. At all times he kept me informed of his progress and installed the part he was able to obtain from a different distributor. It is service like this that makes you want to stay with a specific service provider.

2/18/21 J. Linville Virginia Beach

Another great experience with kellam mechanical and my favorite technician Morgan! Was able to find and fix my problem fast and I like that they sent out the same tech. Kellam makes you feel like part of th family and not just one of their many clients. Having the same tech come out is nice because they already know your system and I appreciate seeing the same person, especially when that person is as awesome as Morgan!!! Thanks again and keep up the good work Kellam Mechanical, and my tech Morgan! 👍👌🙌

2/17/21 E. Donaldson Virginia Beach

Richard was beyond kind and knowledgeable. He worked so hard to get our heater problem fixed and was so professional and sweet while he was in our home. Thanks Richard!!!

2/17/21 A. Bird Virginia Beach

I am always overly satisfied when I need to call Kellam Mechanical! Everyone is so polite, and they are always quick to get a technician out to help. Chris C showed up promptly. He was very friendly and he was able to get my hot water heater serviced and working within the hour! I’ve been using Kellam for years and highly recommended their services.

2/17/21 J. Searcy Virginia Beach

Richard B. Thank you! Great customer service, and professional. Very knowledgeable and detailed with repair and system operation explanations.

2/17/21 M. Thompson Virginia Beach

Kellam is a fantastic company. I think of them as my partner in HVAC. Their service is prompt and their techs are knowledgeable. However my favorite trait of Kellam is their professionalism. I recently bought a house with broken and unsalvagable geothermal, radiator hot water and ineffective solar hot water. Kellam helped me to determine the best systems for the home, pull out the old and make conversions to install the new. This was a big process with lots of potential issues. Kellam provided reasonable pricing, quick service and when the inevitable issues arose they solved them without fuss. I would recommend them without hesitation.

2/17/21 S. Wilson

Morgan was very impressive and did an excellent job and I would be happy to have him back to my house at any time for future work.

2/17/21 R. DeJesus Chesapeake

We needed a new valve assembly for our shower and Kellam Mechanical came through. Phillip did an amazing job. He was also for informative and took time to even clean up after he competed the work. Definitely will be looking to going Kellam Mechanical for any other needs.

2/16/21 D. Byrd Virginia Beach

From start to finish Kellam Mechanical made the experience great. From the first phone call, to Richard showing up at the house the same day with a door mat, booties and a mask to a full team of John, Neal, James and Andrew completing the job in a timely manner, you can tell these guys work great together and are like family. One thing was clear they all really enjoy their job which makes working with them a pleasure. I would recommend Kellam Mechanical to family and friends without hesitation. TELL EM KELLAM!

2/15/21 M. Lindsay Virginia Beach

Richard the service tech was knowledgeable and very polite. His customer service was spot on. Kellam is an excellent company with great employees.

2/12/21 The Moore Family, Portsmouth

To Mr. Boogie, Just want to take this time to say thank you for the quick response and courteous customer service and your talent and skills which blessed our family during this time. May your day be blessed, purposeful and fulfilling with the help you provide others. Have a wonderful day.

2/12/21 T. Camp Norfolk

I am happy with your services and glad I went with your company since my former hvac company I used was disappointing.

2/5/21 W. Ford Virginia Beach

The tech that you sent was outstanding.

2/5/21 F. Williams Virginia Beach

The tech was very personable and wonderful to work with.

2/5/21 M. Thompson Virginia Beach

Derrick is a good one. You’ve got to hold on to him. He wasn’t impatient with me and did extra quality checks, didn’t rush and explained my older system. Very impressed!

2/4/21 C. McClenny Virginia Beach

Once again you kindly sent Chris to my servicing. He is professional, knowledgeable and answers all my questions. I appreciate that in a company.

1/29/21 J. Koonce Virginia Beach

Gas Furnace was not pushing heat. Only cold air and shutting off after 2 minutes. House would not maintain temperature. Technician Richard Barnes came out cleaned the burners and Igniter sensor and didn’t relize our thermostat programmed on a 5 day cycle and we didn’t even know it was we bought the house and just normally adjusted temp up or down never no issues till our temp kept dropping to 67. Anyways he cleaned the items, cleared the programming and we have heat now. Thank you for such fast service.

1/27/21 S. Barton Chesapeake

We have been clients since we moved to Chesapeake five years ago. I have found every technician to be very knowledgeable. They have been very professional. The most recent service was completed by Morgan, who had also done our winter check up at the beginning of the season. I had called to ask about a damper system since the upstairs bedrooms were getting too hot while the downstairs was almost 10 degrees colder. Morgan checked the system and found that we already had dampers and made adjustments. He even followed up with me a couple of days later to make sure we were getting the desired results!

1/26/21 V. Aiden Virginia Beach

Our hvac service technician is Richard. He was very thorough, very professional, pleasant, and very knowledgeable. Thank you for excellent customer service.

1/26/21 C. Wear Virginia Beach

Both techs were awesome and I referred Kellam Mechanical to friends.

1/26/21 T. Barnes Virginia Beach

Tech was great, very respectful and answered all my questions and I rate him a 1-+!

1/21/21 V. May Suffolk

Tim was my first and only tech and I love it that way. I am so glad my neighbor recommended Kellam Mechanical to me and I look forward to doing more business with you.

1/21/21 S. Morris Virginia Beach

Richard is the best hvac tech out there and I thought it was going to be an easy fix, but spent 3 hours on the job because he was determined to find the issue.

1/20/21 M. Bouboin Chesapeake

My family is new to the area and we recently purchased a home. We have a dual unit for heating and A/C, but the ground floor heating decided to not work. My wife called it in to be diagnose and fixed. I’m not sure how we got to speaking, but Kellam’s service tech by the name Morgan and I spoke and he seemed to understand we were new to the area (from the west coast) and were not familiar with the heating system as it relates to this “red” light switch in the garage. Morgan graciously advised us to check it as this is apparently a common “boy to I feel dumb” occurrence. Over the phone, he advised me of my simple solution, flip the switch back on. SMH. I’d like to think he appreciated not having to drive out to us as we cancelled the request. Thank you to Kellam, and thank you to Morgan.

1/19/21 G. Olmstead Virginia Beach

1/18/21 N. Briggs Virginia Beach

Richard was very professional, personable and knowledgeable! He explained everything to me. I would highly recommended Kellam Mechanical.

1/16/21 V. Randolph Virginia Beach

Out of a 5 rating, I rate you all a 6. You all exceeded my expectations.

1/14/21 K. Kinser Chesapeake

Hi Everyone at Kellam Mechanical! Just want to thank you for taking care of my family’s HVAC needs, recently . . . and in years past. I can always count on you to do your best and produce great work – with ‘over the top’ customer care, to boot! I know that when I call Kellam – the job will be done quickly . . . and done RIGHT. Thanks, Scott and all your team! 😁

1/14/21 A. Brubaker Virginia Beach

The tech explained on how to keep things working and I am satisfied with my overall experience.

1/13/21 R. Garland Chesapeake

I wanted to send a customer service review regarding Mr. Barnes recent visit. He was extremely pleasant and polite from his notification call to his arrival. He was extremely thorough and educational. He was able to troubleshoot the problem and make the necessary adjustments. I feel he went over a beyond. Thank you for sending him out. We appreciate and trust Kellam Mechanical and there employees.

1/12/21 Ellis Jones Norfolk

We had a radiator shut off valve water leak that we thought needed replacement. We asked Kellam to send someone for the work. Chris was dispatched and everything was taken care of. Before draining our heating system so the valve could be replaced Chris said “Let me check one thing before we drain the system. The packing nut may have loosened therefore causing the water to bypass the packing.” Long story short – Chris took a wrench and tightened the packing nut – leak stopped. Chris exhibits a high level of professional integrity that actually saved us a bit of money. Any time we have an issue that Kellam can manage for us I’ll request that Chris be sent.

1/12/21 T. Robinette Virginia Beach

Techs were great! The Electrician, the Plumber, and the HVAC guys have all done a great job. It was a very pleasant experience.

1/11/21 J. Wilson Virginia Beach

The tech did a great job and was very polite. I was pleased with the service.

1/11/21 J.Tadalan Virginia Beach

I actually called two other places before calling Kellam. The other 2 place were not able to give me a same day appointment to get my heat and hot water working. Kellam was able to fit me in same day. Courtney actually said it would be sometime after 7 PM but Morgan called me and said he would be at my house in 5 mins at around 5 PM. Morgan is very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to explain what was going on and what needed to be done. I was very pleased with my experience with Morgan and Kellam overall.

1/9/21 J. Albertson Virginia Beach

I just wanted to send in a compliment for Jamie, who performed our service the other day. Such a pleasant, knowledgeable young man. Very polite, and answered all my questions. I would be happy to have him as our regular technician if that is possible. Thank you!

1/8/21 G. Huey Virginia Beach

The tech went above and beyond on his visit and I would like to have him back for future services.

1/8/21 D. Lohrmann Virginia Beach

The technician was able to resolve light bulb issue and I am satisfied with service.

1/8/21 S. Campbell Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical and Chris Coffey did a wonderful job. They were quick to respond when I had problems with an old Heating system. They quoted reasonable prices and even when they ran into a few issues stood by their quote. They performed the installation exactly as described with protection for carpets and safety processes. They also informed me about the required city inspection and assisted that by providing a ladder. I don’t remember everyone’s name that was involved but they were all very professional. Great service!

1/7/20 E. Karotkin Virginia Beach

Tech was great, we appreciate the good service.

1/7/21 W. Rosenow Virginia Beach

The tech that arrived was cordial, polit and business like.

1/7/21 P. Munsell Carrollton

Morgan is a very competent technician, and is very pleasant and cheerful to be around. He will take his time to answer any questions and point out exactly what’s wrong. He diagnosed that my blower motor was ready to go up, so he ordered a new one. A few days later the blower quit completely. Unfortunately it took awhile for the new motor to get to Kellan Mechanical. As soon as it came in, Morgan was scheduled to come out and replace the old one. Now we happily have heat once again. Thanks for the great job Morgan.

1/6/21 R. Hallman Chesapeake

Tech was nice, professional and made good suggestions and really knew his stuff. I am so glad I became a customer a couple of years ago because I was not happy with the other company.

1/6/21 A. Garland Chesapeake

Kellam Mechanical is AWESOME! I had just gotten back from vacation to find out our downstairs unit wasn’t working properly the next morning. In less than hour it was able to be diagnosed and fixed and we don’t have to be cold anymore. I had great service from start to finish just in time for the cold weather by the tech, Chris. There might be choices out there for HVAC – But I am SO GLAD I chose Kellam Mechanical for our service and signed up for an agreement with peace of mind. I tell my friends and family – “Tell’em Kellam!” when they need help with heating and cooling in their home. It’s simply the BEST. Good people and fair prices.

1/5/20 T. Carpenter Virginia Beach

Jamie is Fabulous! Yet another great experience with Kellam! Jamie came to do our winter service, and was amazing. I am disabled and he was amazingly patient, nice, and helpful! He helped us find a solution that will be more manageable. And while he was here, some of our trash bags mysteriously made it to the city containers. Everyone that we have met from Kellam has been just plain kind.

1/5/21 S. Miller Virginia Beach

Both men were excellent. Shawn is first class and explained everything. Could not say enough good things about both of them, FIRST CLASS!

1/4/20 S. Yakstis Virginia Beach

The tech was wonderful and always on time and gave assessment of aging system and options for replacement. You all are amazing.

1/4/20 J. Bonney Virginia Beach

Morgan gets 5 stars and if I could I would give him a 10 because he was perfect as always. His recommendations helped improved my allergy issues also.

1/4/20 S. Jones Norfolk

I would have John back in a heartbeat, he was excellent. I appreciate your transparent pricing and efficient and quick labor on the job.

12/30/20 L. Touric Virginia Beach

Tech was very, very patient and went above and beyond.

12/30/20 M. Fitchett Virginia Beach

12/29/20 J. White Virginia Beach

Ya’lls service is always a red carpet experience!

12/29/20 J. Simpson Virginia Beach

I can’t say enough about Derrick working hard on the clog and I request him to return to repair some faucets in future.

12/29/20 D. Touhey Virginia Beach

Tech was great and wore mask, I was very pleased.

12/28/20 C. Thomann Virginia Beach

Morgan is always timely and efficient when he makes his visits. While I’m sure the rest of the crew is just as good as he is, I always specifically request Morgan because I know he’ll get the job done.

12/28/20 L. Duquette

Richard was there a while and he got the job taken care of and she was happy with the service.

12/28/20 M. Elder

Tim did a good job and Mrs. Elder was satisfied!

12/28/20 Z. Shuffels

Morgan was great and got the job done!

12/28/20 J. Clark Virginia Beach

Tech was on time, did a great job and I was very impressed. I will be calling back to get two toilets replaced.

12/23/20 R. Wiltshire Virginia Beach

I found Kellam searching the internet and landed on the Next Door site. I had no heat and I was able to schedule for first job this morning with Terrence. The tech was very Professional, clean and fast. I bought a USA Maintenance Agreement you have gained a customer for Life. Tell em Kellam!!!!

12/23/20 K. Asgeirsdottir Virginia Beach

I loved Richard and I was really impressed with the job he did. He was also friendly with my dog.

12/23/20 S. Rosenberg Virginia Beach

The gentleman was great to work with, wore his mask and booties and I am very pleased with the service.

12/23/20 J. Faris Virginia Beach

Resolved thermostat issue and techs stayed for a while to make sure the job got done. They arrived early and did a great job!

12/23/20 S. Bond Virginia Beach

We had Chris help us install our generator. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Really took the time to show us everything and made sure we knew what to do.

12/21/20 J. Bonney Virginia Beach

Smitty wet up and beyond for his visit to make sure everything was fine. He even stayed longer than he should to recheck.

12/21/20 S. Fritch Norfolk

Jamie was awesome along with the other tech. I was very pleased over all

12/19/20 A. Page Norfolk

Jamie is a very exceptional young man. The maintenance was very nicely done. He explained everything beautifully and was very thorough. He even explained and addressed any questions about the agreements.

12/17/20 S. Alfred Virginia Beach

Tim Baker is an excellent Service Technician! This call was not an easy situation, there are three systems in my home, two split systems and a mini split. I had no heat on the second floor. Jessica sold me the USA Maintenance and I was thrilled I got same day as service. It was definitely a 5 Star Review!!

12/16/20 J. Pennington Virginia Beach

Morgan was prompt and called ahead to let me know what time he would be here. He is always prompt and knowledgeable and meets my needs. I am pleased with the service I have received from Kellam.

12/13/20 E. Louro Virginia Beach

Morgan has wonderful work ethic. I request him all the time because I know that the work will be done 110%. He is very reliable and patient. Smart man!

12/12/20 M. Daugherty Va. Beach

Richard Barnes, HVAC Service Technician, is a wiz when it comes to HVAC systems integrated with smart home technology. As thermostats become part of a smart home, like at my place, you HAVE to have someone that know how to make smart thermostats talk to modern HVAC equipment. We had some trouble with our COX installed ZEN Wifi thermostat communicating with our new Ruud furnace installed by Kellam Mechanical. Rather than point at COX, Richard came in and simply made it work. He stayed and tried it 3 times to make SURE that we had heat coming on correctly. He trouble shot a blown fuse and did not leave us until he KNEW it was going to keep us warm. Kellam…Richard is a fine young man who knows how to integrate smart home technology with HVAC…you need to have him teach ALL your techs…because smart home technology isn’t going away any time soon! Thanks Richard (and Go Browns!)

12/11/20 J. Smith Virginia Beach

Tech was professional. He came to perform the yearly inspection and also installed a thermostat and I am satisfied with the work.

12/11/20 K. Boone Chesapeake

Shawn was courteous was able to complete the maintenance with no issues.

12/9/20 J. Christian Virginia Beach

The job was completed and I am satisfied with the job.

12/9/20 R. Penland Virginia Beach

I was happy with the water heater flush and found no leaks. The plumber also checked under the house. He was courteous, efficient and professional.

12/9/20 R. Rickert Virginia Beach

I was pleased with the tech wearing booties and offering refrigerant caps for safety purposes and I love my new thermostat remote app. I can adjust the temperature from my phone.

12/8/20 C. Kenner Norfolk

Gas leak. Kellam Mechanical was prompt and immediately came out to service the leak. The technician was very knowledgeable and took all the safety precautions regarding COVID-19. Job well done. If you need service, ask for technician Richard Barnes. He is amazing!

12/8/20 N. Harding Virginia Beach

Morgan is responsive, dependable, knowledgeable and thorough. Can’t beat him!

12/3/20 D. Bustamante Virginia Beach

Just bought a home in Virginia Beach and needed a maintenance contract on HVAC equipment. Went to Kellam Mechanicals website and was engaged in live chat, with follow up call and technician at my house performing maintenance 24 hours later. The process of getting information on Kellam’s maintenance program, cost and scheduling was so easy and friendly. Technician named Morgan called 1/2 hour before arrival, showed up with covers for his shoes and a mask. He asked questions to make sure he understood exactly where my equipment was and any concerns I may have. He took the time to educate me regarding operation of my equipment, and he made a few adjustments that instantly made a difference in how my air was balanced throughout my home. The entire process from start to finish was so professional and simple. Thanks Kellam for an outstanding customer experience!

12/3/20 D. Ohnemus Virginia Beach

Chris came out to look at some control wiring on our heat pump air handler. He called ahead as promised, arrived promptly and secured the wiring nicely in a short time. It’s the kind of service I appreciate. What else can I say?

12/3/20 P. Sykes and J. Riddick Virginia Beach

Dear Mr. Gibson, We just wanted to say “thank you” for the excellent service we received from you recently with our plumbing issue. Thank you so much for your professional knowledge and taking the time to show us what was done/ We would also like to say thank you for the respect your showed our home. Here’s to wishing you much successs in the future with this outstanding company. Mrs. Kellam, Today (12/3) was the first time we used your plumbing service. Our tech was Mr. Derrick Gibson. He was so friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to explain to us what he did and also treated our home with so much respect. Thanks for continuiing to provide our community with such professional service and outstanding employees. Here’s wishing you a very “Happy Holiday Season” and all in the incoming year. Sincerely,

P. Sykes and J. Riddick

12/2/20 J. Parsons Virginia Beach

Excellent experience. We signed up for an annual maintenance plan; they scheduled the appointment around our busy schedule, showed up on time, and did a thorough and professional job. Technician Smitty was respectful of our health and privacy, and took his time. He found issues with our system, which he thoroughly reviewed with us before fixing. Price was reasonable. Very happy with our decision to work with Kellam Mechanical.

11/23/20 R. Lindner Virginia Beach

John’s work is the BEST ELECTRICIAN I have ever seen. Very smart, thorough, professional and dedicated.

11/22/20 J. Riddick Virginia Beach

I have been using Kellam Mechanical for the past 16 years in the purchasing and maintenance of my HVAC system. I have always experienced top quality service! Recently, the technician that has been servicing my units is Mr. Morgan Bayse. From the moment he greets me with his warm friendly smile, until he has completed his service of my units, he is so professional, thorough and will give me a comprehensive status of my system and is quick to suggest any changes or enhancements that I may need. I have complete trust in his recommendations and in todays business environment, that says a lot. Kellam Mechanical is a top notch business and their employees like Mr. Morgan Bayse reaffirm why I use this company. Thank you Kellam Mechanical for many years of superior service.

11/21/20 P. Sykes Virginia Beach

Dear Mrs. Kellam, I just wanted to thank you for the superior and professional service we have received over the past 16 years. You have so much to be proud of and your outstanding staff is so deeply appreciated. Again, thanks for always being here for us with our HVAC questions, concerns and maintenance. Here’s wishing you and your staff are the best in the future. P.S. I would also like to acknowledge Mr. Morgan Bayse for also being so helpful and professional. It is indeed a pleasure to have him maintain our HVAC system.

11/18/20 L. Thompson Virginia Beach

I called Kellam mechanical on Saturday because my heat wasn’t working. Morgan the service repair man came around noon. Morgan was very pleasant and very knowledgeable . He look at the unit and found what the problem was. Instead of a service call the problem was maintenance. He performed the maintenance and the unit is working fine. Thank you Morgan for servicing my unit.

11/18/20 B. Crowder Virginia Beach

Reached out to Kellam for a quote on a new system install. They were able to schedule a technician the same day. Morgan B. was the tech assigned. I was contacted twice prior to arrival to make sure I knew when he would arrive. Morgan even asked where I wanted him to park when he arrived. You might think being the last appointment on a Friday would lead to a quick quote and a rushed visit, but not with Morgan. He was very courteous asking permission to look at different things. Also very safe, taking all necessary COVID safety precautions. He was very thorough in sizing up the system and patient addressing all my questions (since I’m an engineer that was no small task). He didn’t leave until I assured him that he had answered all my questions. Morgan even worked on my quote over the weekend while he was on call to make sure I received the quote as soon as possible. He followed up to make sure all my questions on the quote were addressed. Kellam clearly aims to excel at customer service and Morgan exemplifies it.

11/6/20 F. Isaacs Virginia Beach

They are a awesome company, Tim with heating is the best, I love my Jessica, thank you 🙏

11/6/20 F. Isaacs Virginia Beach

They are a awesome company, Tim with heating is the best, I love my Jessica, thank you.

11/2/20 A. Crews Virginia Beach

They were awesome. We woke up without heat and their technician was fast, professional, kind and so helpful! A few hours later and our heat is working.

11/2/20 B. Smith Virginia Beach

I was waiting for my heating maintenance to occur before I turned the heat on this year. Jamie Swanson just left and my house is now warm and comfortable. Jamie did a great job, he was very personable and professional and gave me a good summary of the state of my unit. He was also nice to my dog and that is important to me!

11/2/20 A. Crews Virginia Beach

10/26/20 L. Hyman Portsmouth

Morgan Bayse did an amazing job with my system.

10/21/20 Virginia Beach

Excellent work, and extremely reliable! We are in the property rental business, and Kellam Mechanical does a great deal of work for us on the heating and air conditioning systems. They are friendly and professional people, but most importantly for us, they are extremely reliable people. If they say they will be at a property at 10:00 AM, then that is when they are there. They do excellent work, and that combined with their reliability makes them a great company to do business with. We highly recommend them to everyone! They are a good company! Sandbridge Blue

10/21/20 B. Howard Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical (service rep. Gage) serviced my heating system today, and installed a automatic cutoff switch on the drain pan at my request. He showed up on time, and called ahead before he came. He did a very nice job, and was very personable and professional. Kellam Mechanical (service rep. Terrence) also repaired my AC unit in August. He immediately determined that my intake vent was to small for the size unit I had. Once he corrected that design problem, the unit now works better than it ever has. I would highly recommend Kellam Mechanical to anyone, and will continue to use them for all my Mechanical service needs.

10/20/20 E. Felton Chesapeake

The first thing Kellam Mechanical did for me was to install a heating and air conditioning system. I was so impressed with their professionalism and their high quality of service, that I asked them back out several more times to do various electrical work for me. I think that they are very friendly, honest people, and I love their pricing! They are very reasonable in that regard. I would highly recommend Kellam Mechanical to everyone in this area! They are a good company!

10/20/20 L. Butler Virginia Beach

Chris was very helpful great guy 10/26/20.

10/14/20 W. Reeves Virginia Beach

Excellent employees who do an outstanding job! Kellam Mechanical does an outstanding job for me and I can not recommend them highly enough! Their employees are excellent – very friendly and very professional. I know I can trust them to do the job right.

10/13/20 Tucker Corprew Norfolk

Thank you so much for saving us on Sunday. Your technician was wonderful. He was professional and friendly. Thanks again!

10/13/20 Nice company to work with! Kellam Mechanical has done a lot of work for us. They’ve replaced systems, given estimates, and so on. They are very prompt and always very nice. They seem to really know what they’re doing. We’ve used Kellam Mechanical for about ten years and will continue to use their services. M. Dobratz Virginia Beach

10/12/20 S. Lock Virginia Beach

Always great customer service by everyone at Kellam…Morgan is extremely knowledgeable and always leaves me feeling that I have made a great decision by using Kellam Mechanical for my heating and air conditioning needs.

10/12/20 R. Burniske

Chris was unbelievable today showed up right on time took care of my boiler maintenance and while he was here he took care of my AC problem and he looked at my generator he was a very capable courteous individual I appreciate doing business with those types of people. He is a very good representative of Kellam mechanical.. Great Job Chris!!!!!!!

10/9/20 Westley Parker Virginia Beach

Absolutely wonderful-they were on time, respectful, and knowledgeable. Thank you Kellam!

10/8/20 H. Massetti Virginia Beach

I was very impressed with the scheduling of my appointment to start. a call to schedule, then a calll from both the tech and an office employee when i didn’t answer the first call to confirm it was okay to come by. the day of. Richard Barnes was the technician that came out to do our first seasonal check to be sure the heat was working properly. The timing of the check came at a great time, and Richard was nice, helpful, personable, and completed the check in a timely manner with mask and other health/cleanliness protocols being followed. THANK YOU!

10/2/20 M. Dobratz Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical has done a lot of work for us. They’ve replaced systems, given estimates, and so on. They are very prompt and always very nice. They seem to really know what they’re doing. We’ve used Kellam Mechanical for about ten years and will continue to use their services.

10/1/20 G. Bretz Virginia Beach

Even after hours the website has a chat feature and they take your info to be contacted first thing the next morning. Quick response, thorough, and will guide you through the best options. Professional and knowledgeable. Was highly recommended, with many reviews on my nextdoor website.

9/30/20 C. Kelly Virginia Beach

We have been a Kellam Mechanical customer for the past 10 years and are always pleased with their service. They show up on time and always communicate billing and maintenance fees clearly. Kellam mechanical answers the phone every time I call and work around my schedule. They are prompt and honest. I would highly recommend!

9/30/20 E. Hite Virginia Beach

Repair gas leak from generator. Chris and Marcus did a thorough job.

9/29/20 D. Orchard-Hays Virginia Beach

The installers did a fantastic job.! Showed up on time, got started right away and finished in the early afternoon as promised by Morgan. The system is running great so far and the difference is noticeable. Great improvement over the original system which was on its last leg.

9/29/20 M. Moochler Virginia Beach

I like the new unit, it is quiet. Techs were polite, had the job done in a timely fashion and the workmanship was professional.

9/25/20 B. Bristol Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical is very professional. Morgan came to my house today and serviced my geothermal system. He is very knowledgeable, and very professional in this industry. He took proper Covid-19 precautions to enter my home, and I could tell he knew what he was doing. Sarah was very friendly to set up my appointment, and overall I am very happy with Kellam Mechanical’s service. I highly recommend them to come help you.

9/25/20 B. Bristol Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical is very professional. Morgan came to my house today and serviced my geothermal system. He is very knowledgeable, and very professional in this industry. He took proper Covid-19 precautions to enter my home, and I could tell he knew what he was doing. Sarah was very friendly to set up my appointment, and overall I am very happy with Kellam Mechanical’s service. I highly recommend them to come help you.

9/24/20 W. Brant

Terrence does a great job every time!

9/24/20 S. Sonner Norfolk

I really enjoyed working with Morgan, he really knows what he is doing.

9/23/20 D. Hill Norfolk

Thank you so much for sending Phillip to my house yesterday. He was so polite, personal and professional! He assessed the situation and explained it to me. He was here this morning, fixed it and was on his way. What a great experience. It was easy, affordable and prompt.. Thanks again,

D. Hill

9/23/20 K. Harris Portsmoth

Morgan Bayse was very professional and helpful during the service call. Wish all employees were like Morgan. Thanks again !!!

9/22/20 B. Moore Virginia Beach

Richard I our main man for HVAC.

9/22/20 B. Bean Norfolk

I like that Morgan called after to discuss findings.

9/18/20 L. Liles Virginia Beach

Richard was excellent, very polite.

9/18/20 Milene Virginia Beach

Yesterday’s service was great, the dogs love Morgan.

9/15/20 T. Dooley Knotts Island

Morgan solved two different unrelated problems in one visit. Our generator would not go in line during power failures and cleared a condensate drain on our AC system….. Thanks for making these problems go away!

9/14/20 D. Koch Virginia Beach

I had my old A/C and water heater replaced with a new A/C and furnace and a Rinnai Water heater late July by Kellam Mechanical. The crew that completed the work included Khiry Spencer, Damien Gibbs, Phillip Bridgemon, John Holdcroft and Marcus Chorik. I priced the products and Labor with more than five other companies and in my estimation I found Kellam’s estimate and warranty to be better than the other companies. I also found that their staff were very detailed and patient in addressing all my questions. They went further than most in explaining the pros and cons of the various systems and possible up-grades, and they didn’t try to sell me on such things as “Vent Duct Cleaning”. The final inspection from the city was completed on the first week in September. I promised that I would submit a review but wanted to wait until work was finalized. Could they improve on a few things, sure, for example some staff should do a little better in cleaning the work area when complete. They should also ensure that there are no leaks around the ducting, and they should be aware of any new city requirements. Kellam had to come back 3 times to resolve some issues identified by the city inspector. There was no issue there and they responded rapidly. I would say my major concern is just their timely communication with their customer and effective communication between the different offices i.e. plummers and A/C. While addressing an inspection issue, I mentioned that I had an issue with water temperature being lower in one bathroom than another but the plummer and I were able to find a solution and it was fixed on the spot. I have yet had the opportunity to test the Furnace but all other equipment is working as it should. I started on a positive not and would like to end on one, above all, working with Kellam and their staff was easy, they are professional and addressed all my concerns. I’m sure if there is an issue with the furnace this winter, that they will be quick to respond, but I didn’t want to wait any longer posting this review – an all-round great job.

9/9/20 L. Shepheard Virginia Beach

George and DJ, Many thanks to you both for sending the two best techs I could have ever wanted to move and reset my HVAC unit. They did such a conscientious and great job and despite the terrible heat/humidity challenges they had to endure last Thursday.

9/8/20 L. Garcia Virginia Beach

Outstanding tech, very professional.

9/4/20 J. McCarthy Virginia Beach

Good, reputable company.

9/4/20 K. Rinchetti Virginia Beach

The install techs were very professional and impressive. Gave me exact time of completion and they were perfect.

9/4/20 A. Sherwood Virginia Beach

Richard did a great job, very thorough

9/3/20 S. Nemo Virginia Beach

The installer was thorough, good communicator and listens well. He aims to please. He is just wonderful. I am very pleased with Kellam and Hunter is great and a very nice young man. I really enjoyed the how Hunter took the time to explain everything to me.

9/3/20 D. Snarr Virginia Beach

My A/C unit stopped blowing cold air when the outside temps had been consistently in the mid 90’s. Kellam worked with me to get a technician out in a timely manner even though they were extremely busy due to the very hot weather in the area. Morgan arrived right on time and quickly found a defective part and fortunately he had a replacement in his truck. While checking the system he noticed the refrigerant was low so he charged the system which got my system up and running. Morgan also scheduled a complimentary follow up to check and make sure the system didn’t have a leak. He was right on time for the refrigerant leak check and confirmed the level was good. Great job Morgan and Kellam! I continue to be a happy Kellam customer.

9/1/20 K. Carlton Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes came out to check on our HVAC system this morning. He was extremely professional, informative, and friendly. Very prompt & considerate during every step of the process. Richard went above and beyond to check for additional issues & ensure that everything was working as it should. I highly recommend Richard Barnes & Kellam Mechanical for any HVAC needs!

8/28/20 D. Finn Virginia Beach

I had an incredible experience with Kellam Mechanical. These folks were the only ones to respond this week when our 21 yo HVAC system died on us. Terrance came over and diagnosed our grounded compressor and even showed me the issue. He was completely straight forward and honest. No gimmicks or pitches. We decided on an American Standard system and we could not be more pleased. The install team was on time, professional and clean. They answered all of my questions and left me and my wife feeling confident that not only did we get a fair price and a reliable system, but that we could trust the team at Kellam. They exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend. Thank you again!

8/28/20 R. Dodson Virginia Beach

Shout out to Kellam Mechanical for the outstanding service this morning! Really need to thank Terrence & Marcus for their work! Great job!

8/28/20 D. Yetley Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical went out the same day the AC issue was reported, the technician contacted the property manager, found the issue and got the problem resolved rather quickly. Terrence their technician was great! Very informative and helpful!

8/27/20 Bob Walsh Virginia Beach

Job satisfaction. I am very satisfied with the plumber you sent. He was polite, professional, proficient, and completed the job quickly. AND, he was wearing a mask at all times. That was a bonus. THANK YOU for taking care of my bathroom faucet. I will use your company again when I need you.

8/26/20 B. Gornto Virginia Beach

I would recommend Kellam Mechanical.

8/20/20 E. Shelton Suffolk

High Quality, Professional Work. Great job of installing a Rinnai tankless system. Phillip was on-time, professional, and installation was neat and clean. Would recommend to anyone.

8/20/20 R. Borovatz Virginia Beach

They were very professional. Friendly, professional and gave us options, didn’t just try to sell the most expensive solution.

8/20/20 J. Orlando Virginia Beach

Great overall experience. Friendly and helpful when I called. They were able to come out the same day. We needed a new a/c unit and a new furnace & they installed it all at once with little disruption to us. Very reasonable pricing as well. Thank you Kellam Mechanical!

8/20/20 M. White Virginia Beach

Chris at Kellam was great!!! Very informative on the questions I had, even some that didn’t pertain to the issue we were having with our HVAC system. I would recommend Kellam Mechanical to anyone looking for a fast and quality repair. I will be using them for all my future repairs.

8/19/20 M. Daugherty Virginia Beach

Professional workers, very polite and competent. Everyone showed up when they were supposed to, and the office was very communicative about when technicians were coming. No complaints.

8/18/20 D. Cole Virginia Beach

I woke up this morning to my air conditioning not working. A neighbor recommended Kellam and specifically the technician Morgan. They were able to get out today and quickly found the problem and fixed it! Morgan and Alan were very professional and courteous and my dogs loved them! So impressed by the receptionist and technicians! Plan to use Kellam Mechanical for many years to come! Thank you!

8/18/20 Debi C. Virginia Beach

Send the receptionist to the technicians, Morgan and Alan, Kellam mechanical exceeded my expectations. Very professional and extremely courteous. I will be using them for years to come and highly recommend.

8/17/20 T. Grant Virginia Beach

Air conditioner service and electrical work. The technicians were very professional and very knowledgeable about the work that I needed completed.

8/16/20 L. Jensen Virginia Beach

Always professional, quick, honest and they let my dog, Boris, watch them work! ☺

8/15/20 W. Curd Virginia Beach

Electrician was great. Had the electrician come to install a whole house surge protector. He had the part on the truck and Had it installed in no time. He wore a mask and kept his proper social distancing.

8/14/20 S. Greene Virginia Beach

The techs were very nice, very polite. Even the dog loved them. Kellam guys are my guys!

8/14/20 Paul B. Virginia Beach

The installers were the absolute best and they deserve praise. So professional and just all around awesome.


My HVAC recently went out. I called this company and they responded out quick. The job was completed professionally without any up-sales. This is the second time I have used this company and would recommend them to others.

8/12/20 Doug Evins Knotts Island

Kellam Mechanical has always provided quality equipment and service for us. We have used them for our hvac needs in several homes over the years and have always been pleased with the service and equipment. Morgan has been my technician of choice for several years. He is professional, timely and it is obvious that he know exactly what he is doing. Most importantly he is personable and takes the time to help you understand the nuts and bolts of a problem and solution. I have recommended Kellam Mechanical to family members and would do so to anyone looking for a company that is responsive and capable. Thanks! Doug Evins

8/12/20: F. and G. Freeman Knotts Island

Scott and crew, especially Richard Barnes, Thanks for coming out to the island Sunday, August 2 to fix our ac. We had ben away and came back home Saturday night to find the inside of house hotter than the outside temp. The work was done promptly and with care to explaine the issue, then to check all parts of the system. Thanks again, F. and G. Freeman

8/12/20 E. Siri Virginia Beach

Extremely Professional Service. The two technicians was very friendly n knowledgeable and did a fantastic job.

8/11/20 B. Ingram Virginia Beach

Initial attending Technician very thorough, installation team was very knowedged and efficient. I was very impressed with the initial service call technician, he was thorough, wore slip on booties before entering the home and brought his own door mat before entering the residence.

8/11/20 R. Lindner Virginia Beach

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Wade for fixing our ac. We are cooling now and so much more comfortable. I am having surgery Friday and really wanted to come home to a cool home. Wade was efficient, quick and knowledgeable. You all ordered the part and had it the next day and I am thankful.

8/11/20 R. Howard Virginia Beach

A company that values it’s employee’s, have employee’s that value it’s customers. My AC failed on what seemed like the hottest day of year, and somehow my random pick for service was Kellam Mechanical. My tech was Morgan Bayse, and when he found my system only needed a capacitor and not a blower motor, he was as happy as I was. Trust is a hard thing to come by, and for now Morgan and Kellam Mechanical have mine.

8/10/20 S. Kidd Virginia Beach

John from Kellam Mechanical serviced my rental and I was pleased with their response time and how friendly and knowledgeable everyone was. Even the woman who scheduled the appointment helped us to protect the home and my tenant with advice on what to do until the tech arrived. My experience with them was top notch in my book. Would recommend!

8/6/20 D. Hughes Virginia Beach

We have used Kellam for years for several projects and purchases. Their service is out of this world!!! VERY PROMPT and especially accommodating. When we CALL, they COME!!! There is none of this “waiting couple days, etc like with some other companies. They recently put forth an EXTRA SPEEDY effort on the installation of our new generator/ coordinating all inspections, testing etc to be sure it was ready before the storm!! We recommend Kellam to anyone. They definitely do an awesome job on customer service.

8/6/20 D. Maier Virginia Beach

Morgan & Jessica were so VERY helpful!! This company & associates are top notch. So accommodating, professional & expert at their service!! I highly reccomend this QUALITY company. Be sure to get an annual contract which gives you OUTSTANDING benefits, discounts & priority service. Thank you KELLAM pros!!!!

8/5/20 L. Flowers Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes was extremely professional and kind when he came to our home and did the AC repair. He wore a mask and shoe covers, along with laying out his own doormat prior to entering our home. He explained step by step what he was doing and the repair that he made. I recommend Richard and Kellam Mechanical to any and everyone now!

8/4/20 T. Sherman Virginia Beach

Richard discussed with me the condition of my coil when cleaning was being assessed. Due to the amount of rust and age we both agree replacement made much more sense. After weighing the ridiculous amount of money Trane wanted to charge for a replacement coil, Richard provided me with exceptional input and pricing on a new carrier system. My install date was even able to be moved up when availability was on the table. The install crew were a group of hardworking young guys that knew how to get the job done. I myself work for a competitor in the area and can say the value and professionalism is really part of the experience. I am overall extremely satisfied with kellam. I also would like to say im glad you now provide carrier.

8/3/20 T. Palmerton Virginia Beach

I will refer them to everyone I know!!! This company is amazing–after months of dealing with a Brand new HVAC system installed by another company that was unable to provide us with a solution for AC to work. We had over 15 visits and many different techs…. the “other” company agreed to refund all our $$$ and remove the Carrier system. Kellam came out and resolved the issue in 10 minutes. The owner came out and could not have been more professional and understanding. Kellam installed American Standard new system and worked overtime to complete the job in 1 day! I will refer them to everyone I know!!! 20 STARS from the Palmerton family!!! Thank you for excellent and prompt customer service.

8/3/20 A, Brooks Virginia Beach

Gerald has been to my house twice in 2 weeks. Both times he was very informative and explained everything. I would definitely recommend him for any ac problems. Thank you for everything!

8/2/20 H. Netter Virginia Beach

It’s always a pleasure working with Kellam. Thank you for your services!

8/2/20 A. Green Virginia Beach

Richard came on short notice, late on a Friday night. He was professional, friendly, and informative. He reviewed everything he found, successfully fixed everything, and made my wife and I feel completely at ease. He was so thorough, we knew we found the right guy and the right company to take care of us going forward. The peace of mind to have a contract with Kellam Mechanical and the services of Richard and the rest of the team, help make the future great. Thank you Richard for your integrity, professionalism, and friendliness to help make a stressful situation much better! THANK YOU RICHARD!!!!!

7/31/20 D. Foley Virginia Beach

Great job on install. Your techs did a great job on the new system install. Arrived on time, worked efficiently and quietly. Cleaned up after themselves. I am very pleased.

7/31/20 E. Waddell Virginia Beach

Excellent service. I think your technician Morgan Bayse could not have done a better job. We were very pleased all around. He is a very thorough and hard worker never breaking In this hot weather. Thank you!!!!!!!

7/31/20 D. Swanger Chesapeake

I am very pleased with my appointment with Richard today. He did an outstanding job, his customer service skills were outstanding and he is such a nice person. He is an amazing guy working for Kellam.

7/30/20 J. Manning Virginia Beach

Kellam dispatched a skilled technician, Morgan, the same day as requested. Morgan identified the issues, fixed 2 AC units quickly, and the pricing was affordable. From top to bottom, this is a professional and courteous operation and I will not call anyone else!

7/29/20 J. Gaylord Virginia Beach

awesome Job. Tim Baker was our technician and he did an awesome job, customer service was also very prompt and courtious, They followed up on our service call and Tim called to let us know when he was on his way. He also worked late into the night to make sure our system was running. Very friendly company, I would highly recommend.

7/29/20 L. Neuman Virginia Beach

Morgan with Kellam came quickly and fixed the problem as soon as possible. No AC in the hottest days of summer is no place to be… thank you Morgan !

7/28/20 E. Gold Virginia Beach

Morgan was great. I really do appreciate his work. He made sure I was ok and that my upstairs unit was working properly.

7/28/20 J. Maxson Chesapeake

A belated, but well deserving praise for another outstanding job! Kellam Mechanical is a top-notch company supported by superb technicians and support staff. I’ve been with them for more than a year and each technician is even more impressive. Most recently Dean. I echo the previously submitted online assessments, Dean is the most professional and knowledgeable HVAC technician I’ve met. He combines these qualities with an overall, congenial customer care. Thank you again Kellam!

7/28/20 R. Merkley Chesapeake

I have dealt with Morgan in the past. He’s a good technician. What I thought was the problem, Morgan was able to clarify and show me what I needed to do. We are also purchasing a new unit from you all.

7/28/20 J. Dietz Virginia Beach

Excellent service from office to on-site. Kellam people have unfailingly been courteous, helpful, and competent. We have used them for over a decade and have never had a complaint. It's like working with friends more than having someone work for you.

7/26/20 S. Rai

Kellam mechanical is an excellent, well run and honest company. They have served our family well for many years. Most recently, technician Morgan came to our home (on a Sunday) for a problem with one of our air conditioning units. Morgan diagnosed and fixed the problem quickly. Morgan was friendly, efficient, and professional. Thank you Kellam Mechanical for the continued excellent service. Sincerely, S. Rai

7/24/20 Nancy B. Moyock

All of the reviews are true, Morgan does a great job and has outstanding customer service!! He knew within minutes what was wrong with our AC and quickly made the repair. Thanks Morgan! Sarah was helpful with her suggestions and Rick’s level of kindness went above and beyond. #TellemKellam #KellamKindness

7/23/20 Star. M. Virginia Beach

I had a routine maintenance appointment for my heating and cooling system last week and the representative Gage was the gentleman that came out for my appointment. Kellam has been doing maintenance for my home for a few years now and have always done a great job but my most recent experience with Gage was Outstanding and I want to give a special shoutout for that. Let me start by saying I was hesitant about letting anyone in my home so this appointment has been put off for a couple of months. Gage called at my appointment time and advised he was running a little behind and offered to keep or reschedule the appointment. I decided to keep it since it’s been put off already. When he arrived about 20 mins after we spoke, he rang my doorbell, when I answered he smile introduced himself and open a Rule#1 red floor mat on my porch and put on plastic shoe booties over his shoes than asked if he could enter my home. He had on gloves and a mask. Part of my system is in my closet in my bedroom and asked permission to go up my stairs and into my room. I could go on but you get the drift. He was polite and professional never missing a beat with advising what he was doing next and was out of my home in 20 mins. Kellam you need more technicians like Gage he was Superb! He should Train others to provide Top Notch customer service-especially during COVID times!

7/22/20 J. Kemp Virginia Beach

It was a very positive experience and we would recommend Kellam to others.

7/22/20 K. Griffith Virginia Beach

Very professionally, very neat and each tech needs an extra atta boy for their work.

7/22/20 K. Saadah Virginia Beach

The installers were great both time and I am highly satisfied! The system is running perfectly.

7/21/20 M. Bachand Virginia Beach

Excellent service as always. Kellam’s electrician, John, was prompt, professional, courteous and informative. We are long-time Kellam customers and would certainly recommend the company and technician.

7/18/20 T. Griffin Virginia Beach

Excellent service as always. The techs were very professional.

7/17/20 J. Daub Virginia Beach

Great Company. Terrific no nonsense service and communication.

7/17/20 A. Garland Chesapeake

Dear Scott and Sarah, I just wanted to say how thankful I am for you in my life. You are both incredibly kind and generous. Thank you for all of your help with our home and always willing to provide your time. You cannot put a price on that experience. Cheers to friendship. With love and gratitude, A. Garland

7/16/20 S. Marker Virginia Beach

Best company ever!!! So satisfied with my service and then some! My tech came out (Morgan Bayse) was so super cool!!! Morgan was upfront and friendly!!! Plus honest and reliable!! If you ever call for service I hope you get Morgan!!! Hands down a great company to work with, everyone went above and beyond the call of duty!!! Tytyty for all your services and exceptional employees!!!!

7/15/20 C. Williams Virginia Beach

Terrific experience with Chris at Kellam Mechanical. Another company told us the generator had to be replaced. He was able to replace the battery and run standard system maintenance on the unit and it runs perfectly!

7/14/20 M. Moore Chesapeake

Frustrated about having no a.c., a close friend recommended Morgan from Kellam Heating and Cooling. From the beginning the customer service was stellar!! Ronni was so sweet and kind and was able to gather my info and schedule Morgan with me (ON THE SAME DAY OF CALL)!! My window was from 1-5 but Morgan called and was able to be at my home by 11am! Morgan and Smitty were both professional technicians and funny :). I appreciated Morgan’s knowledge and how they explained everything to me. Even though I declined their maintenance agreement, I was given all my options and can always add at a later date. Reasonable prices and guaranteed work! I would highly recommend this company! I have the number saved in my phone 🙂

7/12/20 C. Shaver Virginia BeachM. Moore Chesapeake

New HVAC installation. I would highly recommend their service, we have been using them for AC annual inspection and repair for several years. I just replaced my entire HVAC system with an American Standard.system. The install was completed in 4.5 hours, the removal of the old system and clean-up was excellent (couldn't even tell they were here). The service installers were professional and courteous.

7/11/20 E. Pittman Virginia Beach

I just used Kellam Mechanical for the first time, after using another service for an extended period for all heating/air needs. Tim Baker was the HVAC Service Technician who responded out on a Saturday at 9pm on very short notice. He was polite, respectful, and knowledgeable. Tim explained each need for service in a professional manner. I felt so good about the quick response and rendered service, I signed up for yearly maintenance/inspections which seemed to be fairly priced (no sly sales tactic, tiers, etc.). Thanks Tim! Job well done.

7/8/20 R. and L. Johnson Chesapeake

Install done fast, efficient and clean. Thanks for everything.

7/8/20 D. Maier Virginia Beach

Kellam was my 9th phone call looking for emergency HVAC service because I have emergency doctors and nurses living in my house to quarantine away from their families. Everyone at the hospital was telling me to call Kellam, so I did. I was a basket case when I called and Mariah treated me like gold and with respect. It was not “I, I, I”, it was “we” will take care of you. She did above and beyond for me. I cannot thank her enough. I am elated and it was just outstanding. Then you sent me feisty character crazy Christopher, who could not have been more kind, caring or compassionate. You all are great, nothing could have been better. I am tremendously relieved. I bought a contract with Kellam and will be singing Kellam praises forever.

7/8/20 C. Mccalum Norfolk

The repair was well needed. Phillip figured out the problem and fixed it.

7/8/20 H. Netter Virginia Beach

Gerald was professional and did an amazing job. Let the boss know he needs a praise.

7/8/20 R. Barchas Virginia Beach

I like Richard. He seemed very conscientious. He is a very good person and a type of person you can welcome into the home. There will never be another Dean, but I adore Richard.

7/8/20 J. Fritz Virginia Beach

The tech was professional and able to get my system cooling. That tech of yours is pretty good.

7/8/20 W. Fulford Virginia Beach

You all are great and got me all fixed up.

7/8/20 D. Moochler Virginia Beach

Mr. Coffey was very thorough and took care of everything.

7/7/20 T. Griffith Virginia Beach

The install crew was wonderful yesterday. They were polite, courteous and did an excellent job. Richard was amazing as well on the previous visit. Kellam has always taken care of me over the years and I could not be happier.

7/7/20 J. Hatch Virginia Beach

John was quick, he was thorough with his diagnosis. He is very professional. He also called 25 minutes before the appointment and he wore his booties. He took great care of us.

7/7/20 L. Scott Virginia Beach

Mike has been here before so he handles our property really well.

7/7/20 F. Hartley Virginia Beach

The tech was polite. He seems to know his job. He did not stand around, he did his work. He reset my thermostat and cleaned my unit very good.

7/7/20 M. Ferguson Norfolk

Mr. Tim was outstanding. I am not sure how long he has been with you, but he is a keeper. Great service.

7/7/20 C. Cambell Virginia Beach

I was referred by my daughter. My call was returned quickly. You all are very personable and are a great company. I will definitely be passing along a good word for you all.

7/7/20 M. Bradley Virginia Beach

New Heat Exchanger in Split System Installed. Prompt Service, professionally done.

7/7/20 S. Devlin Virginia Beach

You all have always taken care of me. For the most part I have always had some day appointments. The tech always calls when he is coming. He actually came earlier than expected.

7/7/20 L. Mavromatis Virginia Beach

Great response and timely resolution of issue Kellam service technician quickly and correctly diagnosed the issue. Parts were on the truck and issue resolved. Very pleased with the service.

7/6/20 M. Richardson Virginia Beach

Gerald was wonderful, very thorough. Tell Scott that Gerald has a star in his crown and I really appreciate him. The roads were shut down on Laskin and Gerald still made his way to me.

7/6/20 D. Most Virginia Beach

Everything went fine. We were satisfied and have no complaints. Thank you all for all the hard work.

7/6/20 J. Garcia Virginia Beach

All went great. 10 rating! Tech arrived on time and finished the job in an hour. He walked me through every step that he was doing. He is very knowledgeable. Phenomenal representation to the company.

7/6/20 B. Burke B. Burke Virginia Beach

Everything went good. I give you guys a 5 star because you all know what you are doing. Especially from past experiences, you guys care about your customers.

7/6/20 B. Rinehart Virginia Beach

Professional, on time, good people, good job, fair price. Nuff said. Thanks Kellam.

7/6/20 C. Bryant Virginia Beach

The tech was efficient. We found out I needed a new unit. He quoted me an affordable price for that unit and the service was just awesome.

7/6/20 K. Kelleher Virginia Beach

This past weekend by AC suddenly failed. Unfortunately it was on July 4th but you were able to send out a technician first thing in the morning. Richard was the technician that came to assess out unit. He was AMAZING! He was polite, honest, professional, and fun to be around. Unfortunately he said that my system needed to be replaced, and he showed me what was wrong and some fo the reasons for it failing. He worked with us to find a solution that would be good for our home and budget. He also went out of his way to get us a window unit that same day. He was able to bump us up the schedule from a Friday to a Wednesday for install because we have a 2yr old son. Mind you, he was being so helpful all while working on a holiday. If I am being honest, Richard was the deciding factor with us choosing to purchase a new system with Kellam Mechanical. Both my wife and I were very impressed with how he handled himself. I will recommend Kellam Mechanical to anyone who asks. Thank you Kellam Mechanical, and thank you Richard.

7/5/20 E. Hale Virginia Beach

Good Summer Maintenance Check-up This was the first time Richard has serviced our two year old HVAC system. He was so courteous , kind, patient while I was asking my usual 1000 questions. Even though it was late in the afternoon, he made sure I understood everything. I have already called the office and have requested for Richard to be my service tech in the future. Keep up the good work!!

7/5/20 J. Reynes Norfolk

Most Excellent! Only use Kellam…been with them over seven years…very professional and trustworthy.

7/5/20 D. Triscritti Virginia Beach

Judge these guys on how they respond. They genuinely seem to care about the customer. Issues will arise, like low oil on a new home generator, but know you are good hands with Kellam. George is Great!

7/4/20 B. Laracombe Virginia Beach

Air conditioning repair Matt was very professional on the repair service call and then we found out that would need me need a new unit. Phase 2 of the install the office was good with us being without AC for a little bit and prompt about installing it quickly.

7/4/20 D. Sedaghatfar Virginia Beach

The engineers came, they did a great job installing our new A/C and helped with the set up of our WiFi thermostat. Both of them were professional, friendly, helpful, and courteous . We will certainly call on them again when we need more work.

7/3/20 Emily H. Virginia Beach

Richard was more than great. I want to make him my preferred tech. He was patient with me. I really enjoyed him. He represents your company well.

7/3/20 V. Arias Virginia Beach

Richard was terrific. He communicated well and worked diligently.  It was just a great experience.  Please tell Richard we are so pleased with him.

7/3/20 J. Burke Virginia Beach

The appointment was great, the tech came on time and he was very pleasant. He did what he needed to do and he left in a timely manner.

7/3/20 R. Garcia Virginia Beach

Chris is amazing all around the board. He taught me so many things about the system and tstat yesterday. I appreciate his services.

7/3/20 T. Ferris Knotts Island

Just got a maintenance contract with Kellam. They were great, got here not on time but EARLY. I really like that. Did a very thorough job as our system was VERY dirty. Made some good recommendations on ways we can extend the life of our unit. Would recommend them highly.

7/02/20 L. Thompson Virginia Beach

Everyone at Kellam is always professional. I can’t think of any other way I would have it. Even better, we aren’t having any problems with the compressor.

7/2/20 K. Johnson Virginia Beach

The service went great. I was over beyond impressed from the phone calls to the services of the tech. You all have been great to me and I am so thankful.

7/2/20 R. Adams Virginia Beach

The tech put on his booties. He put down the mat in front of the door and he went through everything step by step. He explained everything thoroughly.

7/2/20 K. Little Virginia Beach

I was very pleased that Morgan was able to get the job done in a timely fashion.

7/2/20 Robert B. Virginia Beach

Morgan is customer service oriented, knowledgeable and courteous. He explained a number of insightful tips and kept me informed.

7/2/20 R. Birdwell Virginia Beach

Semiannual inspection was expertly performed by Morgan. Technician called 25 minutes prior to arrival. Arrived with face mask and carrying a doormat and boot covers to protect the floor. Extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional, Morgan explained the HVAC inspection thoroughly, what he found and offered suggestions on improving performance. The upstairs unit needed Freon and he offered to come back in 30 days free of charge to check Freon level again. Thank you Morgan!. Bob. Go Cowboys!

7/1/20 D. Euman Virginia Beach

You guys always do a good job assisting me with all of my problems. I am getting a new bathroom and looking forward to having you all come back out to install a new sink for me.

7/1/20 S. Nusbaum Norfolk

Everything went well. I don’t have any complaints. He was very communicable as well.

7/1/20 S. Scott Virginia Beach

I give you guys a 5 star because the issue was resolved and the tech answered all of our questions.

7/1/20 D. Adams Virginia Beach

He was very professional. He was also prompt and efficient. He gave us a good report on our systems which made everything go even smoother.

7/1/20 T. Sheehy Virginia Beach

Tim was very courteous. He wore his booties and mask. He gave us some good ideas sand some good advice about our condensation pipe. He was really helpful.

7/1/20 R. Fritz Portsmouth

The tech came and fixed my ac. The flow of the ac is now working properly. He came exactly when he said he would.

7/1/20 J. Mcpartland Virginia Beach

Fast, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Fast friendly service. Knowledgeable staff. Including receptionists and the techs. Thank you very much!

7/1/20 John M.

Once again I am extremely pleased by the outstanding service I received this afternoon by a Kellam Mechanical Technician. (Morgan) Not only are they always punctual and knowledgeable, but they continue to raise the bar on customer satisfaction. If you want to have peace of mind knowing your a/c heat system is in great hands, pick Kellam.

6/30/20 G. Collins Virginia Beach

Thank you for sending Matt to service my ac. He was very nice and he worked very hard. You are lucky to have him.

6/30/20 J. Moncure Virginia Beach

I give the services in general a 6 out of 5 because the service and Morgan is a super guy. He is commited to his work. He’s worked on my system before so I have comfort knowing what’s coming and it does not take long for him to analyze the problem.

6/30/20 J. Hobul Virginia Beach

The tech was delightful. His services are magnificent. He was able to get down to the problem and fix it.

6/30/20 P. Booker Virginia Beach

I love tech, John. He has a good head on his shoulders. He is one of the best ones you’ve got.

6/30/20 A. Caburian Virginia Beach

Phillip is good, he always does a good job. He is an outstanding worker. Thank you all so much for assisting me.

6/30/20 D. Davenport Virginia Beach

We have been doing business with you all for over 20 years. The tech got the job done and did it clean. Everything worked out.

6/30/20 A. Graves Virginia Beach

Your tech was very respectful of my home. He wore his booties and mask. He also explained everything so I thoroughly that I understood what he was saying.

6/30/20 L. Brodnax Virginia Beach

The tech did everything he said he was going to. He took his time and made sure I understood what was going on.

6/30/20 B. Riley Virginia Beach

Everything was great. Chris is great as usual.

6/29/20 J. Hensleigh Virginia Beach

Tim is pretty thorough and does beyond what is expected of him.

6/29/20 C. Woytowitz Virginia Beach

Gerald was wonderful. I made a mistake on my end, but that mistake gave the opportunity for me to meet Gerald.

6/29/20 A. Johnson Chesapeake

The tech was awesome. I already toalked to jessica about making him my peramanent tech. Gage was great.

6/29/20 N. Blough Virginia Beach

Matthew deserves more than 5 stars. He is personable and professional. One thing is for certain, you can tell that he loves what he does for a living.

6/29/20 F. Williams Virginia Beach

Tim was outstanding. He diagnosed the problem and got right down to it. He called me ahead of time. He did just great. That is why I’ve been in business with you guys for so long.

6/29/20 J. Heriford Virginia Beach

Everything went great. We actually prefer Morgan to be our tech. What was really touching for me was he was absolutely great with our kids.

6/29/20 K. Pyle Virginia Beach

Morgan was able to fix a probem that I’d been having for a while. Whatever he did worked, so he gets a perfect score.

6/29/20 A. Mann Virginia Beach

The company did a great job. Will definitely use this company for all my electrical and heating/air conditioning work.


On time and knowledgeable of his work.  I called Kellam last night due to my AC unit going down. Normally, I wouldn’t stress about it, but my wife just came home from her kidney transplant surgery. I left a message with their answering service and Mathew Haines called me back. Mathew was performing some work at Knotts Island around 9pm that night. He tried to help me troubleshoot it to see if it was a quick repair or if it would require some real repair work to be done. Unfortunately, we could not troubleshoot over the phone. I told him that he can come by the following morning at his earliest convenience. He showed up on time, and found the problem. He was a huge help! Thank you Mathew!


6/27/20 R. Ortiz Chesapeake

On time and knowledgeable of his work. I called Kellam last night due to my AC unit going down. Normally, I wouldn’t stress about it, but my wife just came home from her kidney transplant surgery. I left a message with their answering service and Mathew Haines called me back. Mathew was performing some work at Knotts Island around 9pm that night. He tried to help me troubleshoot it to see if it was a quick repair or if it would require some real repair work to be done. Unfortunately, we could not troubleshoot over the phone. I told him that he can come by the following morning at his earliest convenience. He showed up on time, and found the problem. He was a huge help! Thank you Mathew!

6/27/20 R. Searles Chesapeake

Satisfied with Service! Morgan was thorough and professional! He corrected my suspected issue and cleaned everything like new.

6/27/20 S. Lane Virginia Beach

Air purifier Great people love service quick and efficient fresh air got to love it.

6/27/20 D. Wood Virginia Beach

Gage was wonderful! He was time, explained his process, and was very efficient. He was very professional and polite.

6/26/20 H. Ruggeriero Virginia Beach

Just had a semiannual inspection performed meticulously by Gage. He arrived on time with a smile the face mask couldn’t conceal and carrying a doormat and boot covers to protect the floor. Patient and knowledgeable, Gage is happy to explain the HVAC equipment to his customers and offers tips on how to use it efficiently. Thanks Gage.

6/26/20 R. Nutini Norfolk

My tech’s name is Richard. He was really helpful and explained the entire process while fixing the entire unit. I had a really good experience.

6/26/20 V. Caudill Norfolk

The tech go this job done in time in a professional and nice manner. He did more than what I thought he would do. He was terrific and easy to work with and understand. Not to mention, he go along with my dog.

6/26/20 L. Reid Virginia Beach

Everything went great. The tech was delightful. He did everything he was supposed to. He went over everything with me to let me know that everything was fine.

6/26/20 Glover Virginia Beach

The tech was great. Matt found the problem and as far as I can tell there’s no leak so we are pleased.

6/26/20 F. Rochevot Virginia Beach

You guys get a 5 from me because you guys are very efficient and knowledgeable. I always have a good experience with you all, so thank you.

6/26/20 M. Tippet Knotts Island

I was very pleased with the service. The tech was prompt and courteous. He answered all of our questions. He made us feel very comfortable with his knowledge.

6/26/20 S. Nugent Virginia Beach

I called about an issue with my HVAC system leaking condensation build up and customer service was very friendly and was able to get a technician out promptly. The technician (Morgan) was amazing! He went above and beyond to help us solve our issue. Not only did he fix the issue we called about, he also made recommendations that would prevent this in the future for a reasonable price. I’ll definitely be using them again in the future.

6/26/20 J. Carolino Virginia Beach

The techs kept the house very clean and I appreciated that very much.

6/26/20 K. Boone Chesapeake

The install guys were wonderful and so was the service technician that came out to do the service.

6/26/20 D. Calliott Virginia Beach

I am a happy customer and will use us again for sure.

6/26/20 P. Thacker Virginia Beach

Kellam’s guys are always on time and I never have to worry when it comes to your service.

6/25/12 V. Pilato Virginia Beach

Excellent job everything was completed on time and the installation looked great.

6/25/20. S. Lock Virginia Beach

Great job by Richard Richard has been very pleasant and professional on every visit to my home…I will continue to Tell em Kellam.

6/25/20 M. Mathison Chesapeake

Chris did a good job. He explained that he was very patient with me and walked me through the visit. I would prefer him to be my tech.

6/25/20 E. Jones Virginia Beach

Richard did what he was supposed to do. He made sure my system was working before he left. I was very pleased.

6/25/20 M. Barraza Chesapeake

Morgan does a good job. He is polite and very thorough when delivering information.

6/25/20 M. Lindsay Virginia Beach

I never have a problem with you guys. You all are so courteous. I don’t believe Kellam Mechanical can ever be replace.

6/25/20 J. Shields Virginia Beach

Richard did an awesome job. He really impressed my father and that is really hard. He knew what he was doing. We would like to keep Richard as our tech as long as possible. He gets an A+ from me.

6/25/20 J. Ames Virginia Beach

Everything went well and Terrence was very professional.

6/25/20 M. Dawe Virginia Beach

Morgan’s great. He did a good job and told us everything we wanted to know.

6/24/20 S. Burich Virginia Beach

Chris was the best technician I’ve dealt with from Kellam. Very thorough, explained things in easy to understand terms with no spin. He made a recommendation that was based on his experience, and I never thought he was trying a “hard sell.” Outstanding across the board!

6/23/20 S. Raber Virginia Beach

Excellent and Caring Office Staff; Dedicated Team Members. Service Oriented. Chris Coffey in HVAC was fantastic in arriving in shoe covers, identifying the problems, describing the solution, showing his work and creating an accurate invoice. Great job Chris!

6/22/20 H. Ruggiero Norfolk

Just had a semiannual inspection performed meticulously by Gage. He arrived on time with a smile even the face mask couldn’t conceal as well as a doormat and boot covers to protect floors. Patient and knowledgeable, Gage answers questions in an easy to understand manner and offers tips to use the HVAC equipment more efficiently.

6/22/20 A. Chrystomou Virginia Beach

Chris did great. He always does a great job here and I did receive a call stating that he was going to be running late and I did appreciate that.

6/21/20 D. Reader Virginia Beach

Everything was super. Your technician is super. Can I just give everything a super rating? I don’t believe Kellam Mechanical will ever let me down.

6/21/20 R. Hearrell Virginia Beach

I am very happy with Timothy’s work. Because of him we will always choose Kellam Mechanical.

6/21/20 R. Strange Virginia Beach

The guy was polite. He seemed to know what he was doing. He explained what needed to be done. I reviewed his recommendations and went with it.

6/21/20 J. Carrasquillo Virginia Beach

We love Morgan. We almost waited a month out for him because he knows our system. He is a great man.

6/20/20 J. O’Bryant Virginia Beach

The technician was very personal and very informative to us.

6/20/20 E. Sisco Virginia Beach

The service was great. The tech is great, just send him anytime.

6/20/20 C. Carbone Virginia Beach

Matthew was professional and knowledgeable. We love Kellam and Matt is a great addition.

6/20/20 M. Rockhill Virginia Beach

I rate Gage a 5, he does a good job.

6/20/20 V. Aiden Virginia Beach

Excellent customer service Richard is our service technician who is professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant in making sure that we understood how to operate our hvac system. He was very thorough . We really appreciated receiving excellent customer service. Please keep it up. Good customer service is rare these days unfortunately.

6/20/20 J. Shay Chesapeake

Great service! From customer service to the tech that was sent! We really appreciate the prompt response and quality of work that was done.

6/20/20 K. Collier Virginia Beach

Terrence has always been good to me and also very informative.

6/20/20 M. Webb Virginia Beach

Tim B was outstanding today. Very professional. Identified and fixed loud and annoying sound in about 5 minutes. Very professional. Highly recommend.

6/19/20 Mrs. Field Virginia Beach

Dean did a marvelous job. I wish I could have kept him here for another hour just to converse. He did extra work that I didn’t think to ask. He checked my water. Dean is amazing.

6/19/20 G. Chandler Virginia Beach

Phillip did a marvelous job. As a matter of fact I got one of his cards so that I can specifically ask for him when I need some plumbing done. I don’t mind waiting a day or two either.

6/19/20 L. Hubbard Virginia Beach

Tim is probably one of the most thorough techs I have come across in a while and I have been with Kellam Mechanical for over 12 years. Scott has a good one on his hands. He does a super job.

6/19/20 D. Touhey Virginia Beach

Terrence did everything he was supposed to do. He did a fine job and didn’t need the red carpet because he was working in the garage.

6/19/20 J. Spinney Virginia Beach

Dean told me stuff I did not know about. He is very knowledgeable and very nice. Even my dog loved him. My wife thought he was a gentleman. Dean is a good keeper.

6/19/20 Mrs. Baker Virginia Beach

Morgan told me exactly what he was going to do. He reassured my safety by wiping everything down when he finished.

6/19/20 K. Evins Knotts Island

Morgan works quick and that is why we prefer him. He is familiar with our system. He wore his mask and his shoe covers. He brought his red mat with him. He took pictures. He did extra cleaning. Everything was perfect.

6/19/20 R. Wilkinson Virginia Beach

Our electrical socket in our garage where we plug in Verizon Fios was not working. My husband replaced the GFCI outlet but the socket still did not work. I called Kellam Mechanical around noon and Roni said she could have an electrician out today between 3 and 7pm. To my surprise, John called right before 2pm. He arrived at 2:20 and repaired the socket. He was very professional and knowledge. I would 100% recommend this company because of John.

6/19/20 M. Myers Virginia Beach

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

6/18/20 R. Lamboni Virginia Beach

Gage was very courteous, explained every step of the way and did a fantastic job.

6/18/20 Mrs. Turner Virginia Beach

Matt gets an A+ from me. My husband was pleased with Matt’s work. Also, I was happy he was able to keep my husband occupied.

6/18/20 J. Harvey Virginia Beach

The tech is efficient and he knows my system well. He notes things that I did not catch and also gives good suggestions.

6/18/20 V.Terrell Chesapeake

Excellent Service. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for air conditioning and heating services. I will have to follow up on the maintenance plan with Mr. Rusty Bailey. Thank you!!

6/17/20 S. Zobel Norfolk

I love Kellam Mechanical. I thought it was great you were able to get me on the schedule under a short notice and John did great.

6/17/20 M. Larson Virginia Beach

Morgan did his job, which is a plus for me. He is very friendly. Thing about is if I call back for a service, the job gets done to my standards. Again, Morgan did his job.

6/17/20 S. Kumpf Virginia Beach

Is it possible that I can rate Chris above a 5 star? He did what he was supposed to do. I am very pleased with his work. I look forward to him coming back at the end of the month.

6/17/20 S. Stocks Virginia Beach

Very thorough. Very pleased with the prompt response and being able to get the repairs done. System is working well.

6/16/20 D. Moochler Virginia Beach

Chris knows what he’s doing and is very professional and arrived earlier than original appointment time.

6/16/20 H. Delouche Virginia Beach

We really like Chris and would actually prefer him to be my tech when I need work done.

6/16/20 C. Pierson Virginia Beach

Tim was very polite and professional. He gave us simple instructions about our system and what to do next. We trust him.

6/16/20 R. Yack Portsmouth

Phillip and I talked for quite a bit yesterday. I definitely appreciated his company. His customer service is excellent and so is his work. He arrived earlier than expected and I appreciate your follow up courtesy call.

6/15/20 K. Clickner Virginia Beach

The tech did great. He did everything he said he was going to do and he also communicated with us throughout the visit.

6/15/20 C. McClenney Virginia Beach

Chris went out of his way for me. I just want to make sure I can keep him!

6/15/20 B. Moulse Chesapeake

Matthew was a great guy. I wish I could give him a hug but I couldn’t. He did a great job, very nice and informative. He did everything right. His is truly a Kellam guy.

6/15/20 P. Jenkins Virginia Beach

Michael was awesome! He figured out what the real problem was. After fixing the problem, he let me flush my toilet and run my hot water to confirm that the problem was fixed.

6/15/20 J. Keeler Virginia Beach

Gage was absolutely great. He did great on the maintenance job. I look forward to seeing Gage again.

6/14/20 A. Gallagher Virginia Beach

Very Pleased. Dean was excellent with taking my call and scheduling a priority appointment when my AC went on the fritz…and my home was extremely hot..he was very thorough with explaining my AC options… and we decided on a new unit…the installers were on time and also very good and professional with the install process…the new ac system is working great and cooled down my home quickly. I would definitely recommend. Thank you!

6/14/20 A. Gallagher Virginia Beach

Very Pleased. Dean was excellent with taking my call and scheduling a priority appointment when my AC went on the fritz…and my home was extremely hot..he was very thorough with explaining my AC options… and we decided on a new unit…the installers were on time and also very good and professional with the install process…the new ac system is working great and cooled down my home quickly. I would definitely recommend. Thank you!

6/12/20 C. Griffith Virginia Beach

We just had tech, Gerald out, he was really good and we wanted to give him kudos. He’s a keeper.

6/12/20 C. Griffith Virginia Beach

We just had tech, Gerald out, he was really good and we wanted to give him kudos. He’s a keeper.

6/12/20 T. Pearsall Virginia Beach

He was polite and considerate given the current situation with the virus. He was very clean and wore a mask which mad me fell comfortable.

6/12/20 B. Maximini Virginia Beach

Matt was awesome. He educated me on the capacitor failing and showedmes on the meter what readings were on the capacitor. He was very kind and polite.

6/12/20 A. Weatherholt Virginia Beach

Everything seems to be working and he worked hard up and down, in and out.

6/12/20 B. Biehl Virginia Beach

Tim’s service was great. I would recommend him to anyone.

6/12/20 Mrs. McKown Virginia Beach

Dean is the best and a great guy. He knows what he’s doing!

6/12/20 J. Chavis Virginia Beach

Phillip is very well-trained. He took his time and was patient with me. I loved and appreciated him.

6/11/20 B. Goodman

Dear Sarah, Both Matt and Garrett, the techs who did the install were professional, courteous and capable. They ran into a problem here mid afternoon in that the unit specified was too large for the location. This involved the follow thru where another unit was substituted for the original. These men arrived around 8:30AM and did not leave until near 8:PM. They never complained although it was 92 degrees in the work area. Please be kind enough to pass this message on to their supervisor. They are a credit to your business.

6/10/20 G. Johnston Virginia Beach

We had the BEST service today from your company and Matt! To be serviced the same day at the beginning of your busy season I soooo appreciate! Matt was so nice and thorough not to mention so knowledgeable! He took his time with us and showed us what and why of our issues! Thank you so much and we are so appreciative to Matt!

6/10/20 J. Davis Virginia Beach

First Rate Customer Service! Kellam goes above and beyond to respond in a timely manner. Very satisfied with the office staff and the field techs.

6/10/20 E. Harris Virginia Beach

Very good on time service very professional and very neat.

6/9/20 R. Shen Virginia Beach

Very happy with service and responsiveness. I was happy with the quality of the work and they came on time when completed all the work as promised.

6/9/20 J. White Virginia Beach

Had our maintenance performed today and Gage was the best!

6/9/20 J. Taylor Knotts Island

I was so excited when I walked in my home and froze to death. I have never had a system that works that good! John, David and Chris Coffey were excellent.

6/9/20 T. Hood Chesapeake

Morgan is both professional and courteous! I appreciate his ability to do a great job and make the customer feel important. He always gives great advice and points out things that can improve usage. I trust Morgan and I trust his HVAC knowledge. Thank you for always doing your best Morgan!

6/9/20 B. Falkiewicz Virginia Beach

Great job! Replaced old air conditioner in a timely manner!

6/9/20 A. Lester Virginia Beach

Gage did a terrific job on my semi-annual system check – very thorough and kept me informed of what he was doing and seeing. Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Definitely would recommend Kellam Mechanical and Gage for great service. Thanks!

6/9/20 Judy W. Virginia Beach

Very nice young man, polite and knew how to communicate with customers. Knowledgeable and explained every thing. Thanks for excellent service.

6/6/20 P. Arnette Virginia Beach

I will definitely recommend!! I recommended to my daughter She used Kellam to replace her AC system and has absolutely 0 (zero) complaints!!

6/5/20 S. Renee Portsmouth

Mathew was amazing! I learned things about my HVAC system that I never knew! I was really worried about spending my next few days working from home while it was 90 degrees. He came out same day, assured me that it wouldn’t take days to finish & how to look out for signs in the future! He’s very knowledgeable, would 10/10 recommend!

6/5/50 S. Morris Virginia Beach

Richard is by far the best HVAC guy out there in Virginia Beach! We’ve had multiple issues over the past 10 years with other companies not fixing leaks thoroughly, over charging, arriving late, etc. Not Richard! Always arrives within the window and with a big smile! Call Kellam and ask specifically for Richard! You’ll be so pleased. 🙂

6/5/20 Virginia Beach

Always aim to please! Morgan is my annual service technician. He is friendly, honest and does great job!

6/4/20 B. Edwards Suffolk

Matthew Haines, Thank you for being professional and kind while you did service in our home. It was greatly appreciated. Thanks you,

6/4/20 G. Smith Virginia Beach

Thank you KM & the outstanding service performed on my AC system by Mr. Ahmed today 6/4/2020- this gentleman thoroughly the explained deficiencies and options for improving my outdated HVAC system – not to mention that their service prices are very respectable. I will continue to choose KM for all my needs. Thank you!

6/3/20 J. Carolino Virginia Beach

Very good and we’re satisfied. We had our unit installed not too long ago around mid May and we are very satisfied. I think the brand they used is much better than what we had before. They came as scheduled. They will be visiting us comes fall to check and make sure the heater runs well.

6/1/20 T. Sickell Virginia Beach

Dean Ahmed serviced both of my HVAC units. He was very professional and thorough. He made it a point to fully explain everything as he performed his work. Very impressed!

5/31/20 P. Barker Virginia Beach

Great company. Very very satisfied and Dean was great.

5/31/20 K. Garnes Virginia Beach

Matthew came out last week for our Spring check. He was great. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Ya’ll always hire the best. Thank you!

5/30/20 M. Curry Virginia Beach

Hi Sarah– Phillip Bridgmon did my install on Tuesday. He was courteous, prompt and quick, yet very professional. He is an excellent Kellam ambassador.


M. Curry

5/29/20 W. Muster Virginia Beach

Dean did a great job, it is now in good working order.

5/29/20 G. Cuddihy Virginia Beach

Everything is fixed, my lights are working and it’s like being in a new home.

5/29/20 D. Jellig Virginia Beach

Tim is a smart man and I look forward to using him in the future. He did a wonderful job this time around.

5/29/20 M. Mitchell Virginia Beach

I would love to have Richard disgnated as my technician. He was amazing and gave me a really positive experience.

5/29/20 T. Zorotrian Virginia beach

Very professional, excellent and Richard made us feel comfortable. We really enjoyed his work.

5/29/20 P. McCrory Virginia Beach

Tim was very polite and protective, he wore his safety gear and we certainly appreciate it.

5/28/20 Jay L. Virginia Beach

I was impressed with Gerald yesterday. I have mini-splits that Kellam installed and one of them starting dripping and I saw some mold. Gerald took it apart and cleaned it all. He is very customer oriented, extremely helpful and put forth the effort not for more money but because it was the right thing to do!

5/27/20 E. Lyons Virginia Beach

I would like to thank Morgan and Matt for taking care of a problem for me. Before they arrived, I was thinking that by the time they left that I would be thousands of dollars in debt for a new AC. Thanks to their professionalism and thoroughness, I was advised that the “fix” would be well short of needing a new system. Morgan is very personable, and he gained my trust right away. He is the one I wiil request for future service! Thank you, Morgan and Matt!!

5/26/20 Mike Loyd Virginia Beach

Morgan and Matt did a great job today with the annual check up of my HVAC unit. They were both very professional and did everything in a timely manner. In just a year, I have had Kellam work on some faulty piping and put in a new HVAC unit. Every member of their team has been great. If you are looking for quality service and professionalism, look no further!! Thank you to Morgan and Matt today for another job well done!!

5/24/20 H. Heysel Virginia Beach

Great work Chris. Chris did a fantastic job in getting our water heater replaced.

5/22/20 R. Markey Virginia Beach

Morgan has been taking care of my mini-split system for several years. He is always prompt, thoroughly checks my system and is always willing to help with other minor issues. I just had Morgan give me a second opinion on one of my older systems. He really spent time thoroughly checking that system. He recommended total system replacement. He gave me a great price, so I bought a new two ton system from Kellum. I have total trust in his recommendations. He is also a great person, and is always willing to help with any problems. Kellum Mechanical should pay him double both for his work and as an ambassador for Kellum Mechanical. I always ask for Morgan any time I need any service. Great job, great man.

5/21/20 C. Parker Virginia Beach

Great Service, Quick, Efficient, Competitive Pricing, and Very Nice. The gentlemen from Kellam did such a great job!!!

5/21/20 S. Grimes-Myers Virginia Beach

John did a great job & was very professional. See above statement. He was very knowledgeable & polite.

5/21/20 M. Daschbach Virginia Beach

Spring Maintenance was SUPER. Our technician, Richard did a SUPER job. He was on time, introduced himselft me and my wife. Had on the booties and went right to work. Checked all of our HVAC equipment and said everything was fine. Suggested getting a whole house air sanitizer/filter. We are considering. Thanks Richard.

5/20/19 R. Evaleigh Virginia Beach

Chris knocked out everything quickly and it is running great.

5/20/20 K. Boone Chesapeake

Gerald is amazing. He did a wonderful job and he is very professional. He is a good, honest guy.

5/20/20 B. Geraghty Norfolk

John is so polite, good work ethic and he is great. I love Kellam, but John is the best I have seen yet.

5/20/20 R. Neal Suffolk

The tech could not have done anything better.

5/20/20 S. Uroskie Virginia Beach

Kellam is the best. I never had anyone I did not like, but Morgan is great, thorough, very trustworthy and makes me feel comfortable.

5/20/20 Danny Byrd Virginia Beach

Quick response, professional friendly service and very affordable. John showed up right on tome and was very friendly. The experience from start to finish was a pleasure. I will use Kellam Mechanical for all my plumbing, electrical and heat/ac needs. Thank you.

5/19/20 M. Broderick Virginia Beach

I was very happy with your service and all the techs that came out and did my service. I am going to stick with us for all my services.

5/19/20 I. Jagodzinski Virginia Beach

Great inspection and system quote. Timely, affordable and personable.

5/19/20 S. Byrum Virginia Beach

There is nothing anyone could have done to make my experience better. I loved Damian and Khiry and I would recommend you to anyone.

5/18/20 R. Socha Virginia Beach

Morgan is a rock star. The crew was knowledgeable, professional, and expert. I highly recommend them.

5/16/20 Capt. Frey Virginia Beach

Semi annual HVAC & Plumbing Check ups. Good work by both technicians. Was happy with the air filtration and UV system installed.

5/14/20 R. Birdwell Virginia Beach

Outstanding service from a highly professional, knowledgeable and courteous technician. Top notch company with an outstanding reputation for providing excellent customer service. I would recommend them to anyone. Did an outstanding job replacing my water heater within one day of service call.

5/14/20 R. Corbell Portsmouth

Top Notch Master Electrician. We were having major electrical issues in our kitchen, which had been looked at by other electricians in the past six months. However, the issue persisted. We lost two major outlets in our kitchen that controlled not only small appliances, but our stove’s oven. Although the stove is gas, the oven is set by an electrical spark. We called Kellam when we could not reach our usual guy. What a fantastic decision it was! Kellam Mechanical sent us John Holdcroft, who was absolutely amazing. Came right in, identified the problem, and went right to work to take care of it. John was aware of the health issues, and came with face mask and shoe covers. He knew exactly what he was doing, and there were no wasted movements when he went to work on the problem. Happy to say we now have a completely working kitchen. John is truly a Master Electrician. He is professional, courteous, pleasant, and focused on his job. It was a pleasure to have met him, and we will definitely keep Kellam on speed dial for any future mishaps.

5/14/20 J. Doran Portsmouth

Installation of a new HVAC system. Kellam Mechanical has been servicing my HVAC system for over 5 years. I’ve needed a new system for several years. I recently had a new system installed. So far, I’m pleased. Also, the technicians have always been knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely, Tell’em Kellam!

5/14/20 Robert C. Portsmouth

Have been dealing with various electricians over the past few years, but have finally found one that puts all others to shame. After about six months with only half of our kitchen outlets working, we called Kellam Mechanical. They sent us Master Electrician, John Holdcroft, and believe me, he is a master at what he does. Professional, polite, courteous, and focused on doing his job. If you need any electrical work done, especially difficult jobs, you really need to call Kellam Mechanical. We now have them on speed dial.

5/13/20 S. Yakstis Virginia Beach

Tim did a fantastic job. Very thorough, very clean and neat. He was punctual, explained everything, he cleaned and he was just outstanding. I was delighted to have him as a technician.

5/11/20 B. Goodman Norfolk

Everyone did a great job and I am very happy your work and our new system.

5/8/20 Katherine Watcher Virginia Beach

Richard Barnes is a consummate professional, and I’m so very glad he is with Kellam! Richard performed my springtime service yesterday for my HVAC. He was extremely thorough and explained everything in terms that I (not a mechanical person) could understand. He also advised me how I could make the system perform more efficiently, but not high pressure …it was a very consultative approach. I just switched my service to Kellam, and I’m so very happy that did. Thanks again, Richard!

5/8/20 A. Soots Suffolk

The gentleman who installed our new water heater were amazing!! They were fixing a problem the previous owners had created as well as installing the new water heater! They were polite and made sure I had no questions before they recommend!! Will definitely continue to use them for our water heater and hvac system needs!

5/5/20 R. Gross Virginia Beach

Kellam went above and beyond what we expected. They took the time to do things right. Not only did they install the new equipment, they also checked the existing equipment and made repairs so the new system will work efficiently. They stayed as long as it took to make things right.

5/3/20 R. Garland Virginia Beach

Kellam Mechanical has taken care of our HVAC needs for several years. We love the service they provide. Other family members have become customers based on our recommendations. Prior to signing an annual contract, they had done a few projects for us. Each time they were responsive, pleasant to work with, educational and professional. The craftsmanship of the technicians is top notch. We have had the same technician conduct our bi-annual inspection for a few years now. Having owned a couple homes in the past this is an experience that is truly unique. We recommend them.

5/2/20 S. Miller Virginia Beach

Everyone I’ve dealt with has been first class. I’ve already recommended kellam mechanical to several people.

5/2/20 K. O’neil Virginia Beach

Regular spring maintenance checkup. They always take good care of us!

5/1/20 E. Martinson Virginia Beach

Thorough and timely service, and Morgan was extremely personable! Would recommend.

5/1/20 T. Brown Virginia Beach

Morgan was out today to service my geothermal system. As usual he was efficient and thorough. At my other property, he assessed my heat pump that had been blown off its mooring by a bad windstorm (it’s on the roof of a 4 story building). I had been told that I needed 2 lbs of R-22 by the original company that had been called by the condo management company. Morgan serviced the heat pump and its handler and both were fine. Thanks so much for the good news!

5/1/20 N. Newsome Virginia Beach

We are so happy with the service of Kellam Mechanical! They quickly respond and their professionalism is 5 star. We are customers for life and love our new HVAC system! Thank you!

5/1/20 J. Tholander Norfolk

Richard was absolutely perfect, professional and I was extremely impressed with his work and attitude. This was my first time using Kellam and I look forward to using all of your services and I already told my family about Kellam.

5/1/20 F. Blackman Chesapeake

We had Kellam install our heater about 3 years back. When we needed a new ac we did not think of anyone else. We have been treated so well throughout the years. We referred you to a good friend within the last week. My friend is now a Kellam customer. Have a happy national cookout in your driveway day tomorrow.

4/30/20 H. Phillips Virginia Beach

L.T. is a very nice man. He fixed the issue and it is running fine.

4/30/20 D. Jones Virginia Beach

The tech was good. he figured it out and explained the issue to me.

4/30/20 J. Stewart Virginia Beach

My appointment went very well. The tech changed the filter, was quiet and the kids even stayed asleep! He did a wonderful job.

4/30/20 S. Floyd Virginia Beach

The technician cleaned the clean really good. Thanks!

4/30/20 M. Pitts-Brown Virginia Beach

The tech had a great attitude and was very professional. He wore his booties, mask, gloves and rolled out the red carpet.

4/30/20 M. Williford Virginia Beach

Everything is great and running perfect.

4/30/20 H. Roberts Virginia Beach

Chris did an excellent job- Very knowledge and tidy. Definitely recommend Kellam and Chris.

4/29/20 Floyd III Virginia Beach

We are a repeat customer of Kellam Mechanical. On both occasions they exceeded our expectations with the friendliness of their customer service, the professionalism of their technicians, and the quality and comfortable cost, of the products they represent.

4/29/20 Floyd III Virginia Beach

We are a repeat customer of Kellam Mechanical. On both occasions they exceeded our expectations with the friendliness of their customer service, the professionalism of their technicians, and the quality and comfortable cost, of the products they represent.

4/28/20 M. Gutt Virginia Beach

Morgan was great. Prompt friendly service. Recommend. Buying years worth of filters for price of two . Love Kellam mechanical!

4/28/20 C. Laffey Knotts Island

Very satisfied with latest service. We’re very happy with the newly installed unit.

4/27/20 J. Brumley Virginia Beach

Excellent service. I reviewed once but perhaps it is still in cyberspace. Richard Barnes was one of the best techs that you all have sent to my house.. We reviewed a couple of things and one being a surge protector for my system. And living on Knotts Island and never know when your electricity flashes etc.. I decided I needed one. He was very courteous, sanitized everything he touched and was generally very considerate and efficient.

4/27/20 R. Reed Virginia Beach

I enjoyed John’s company and his workmanship. John took the time to be personable and have a conversation which was just as important as the work that was performed. I appreciate his excellent customer service and technical expertise.

4/26/20 R. Kephart Virginia Beach

Outstanding Service. I’ve been using Kellam Mechanical for my HVAC needs for about 8 years now and have always experience outstanding service. Their personnel are always friendly and professional. Highly recommend.

4/24/20 T. Kim-Kelly Virginia Beach

Every time we need them, we can count on them. Very professional. Specially Dean. He explained everything to my husband and did a very good job with our AC/Heater system. We definitely recommend them.

4/24/20 C. Aldis Virginia Beach

John and David showed up precisely when I was told they would arrive. They were friendly, courteous, professional, and took appropriate precautions with gloves, face masks and shoe covers. They laid out drop cloths to protect my rugs and floors in the areas they were working. It was a pleasure speaking with them while thy worked and they answered all the questions I had throughout the process. They installed two chandeliers and two ceiling fans on our 15 foot ceilings and their demeanor and professionalism were outstanding. Thanks for the excellent work!

4/24/20 F. Blackman Chesapeake

Surpassed Expectations. They seem to have found the perfect balance of, Great Customer Service, Quality Merchandise, and Fair Pricing.

4/24/20 S. Moffatt Virginia Beach

I am very happy with the service and extremely impressed with the ability to fit my unit in the space in the attic.

4/24/20 J. Godsey Virginia Beach

Everyone from the sales team to the service guys were amazing people. I felt comfortable with them in my home and around my children. Everyone gave me such wonderful service and thanks to everyone!

4/24/20 M. Loedel Virginia Beach

I got estimates from 3 different places. Kellam was not the lowest price but carried the best customer service. Rusty was great. The techs went above and beyond what the quote included with thorough and precise work. I also plan to contact you for my water heater needs.

4/24/20 L. Shaffer Virginia Beach

Guys did a great job and they are great people.

4/24/20 R. Hunter Virginia Beach

Ceiling fan installation. We are more than pleased with the service provided. Thank you for the fast response, ease of schedule changes, and professionalism by your technician.

4/24/20 T. Holston Virginia Beach

Jon Owens, install leader and his team did a marvelous job removing the old system, installing and adapting the new system to the quirky set-up from my old system. They spent 10+ hours here making sure everything was perfect. Couldn’t be happier!

4/23/20 E. Dale Virginia Beach

I appreciated how quick Kellam responded and got my ac running correctly.

4/22/20 M. Simmons Virginia Beach

L.T. is a fine young man, very personable and smart.

4/22/20 C. Anderson Virginia Beach

Tech was fast, polite and personable. We were pleased that he was wearing his mask.

4/22/20 J. Farrell Virginia Beach

I really appreciate you all coming out with the pandemic and everything going on. I love my new unit and how quiet it is. Thanks to all.

4/22/20 J. Barber Virginia Beach

The techs were awesome at respecting our house and keeping it nice and clean.

4/22/20 M. Ahlgrim Chesapeake

We are happy with the service and look forward to a long future with Kellam.

4/22/20 T. Nguyen Chesapeake

I am very happy with our service and Chris was extremely helpful and wonderful to work with. A 5 rating is not high enough, so I rate a 10!

4/22/20 I called Kellam Mechanical because I found that a pipe leading from my furnace to an output through my roof was disconnected. This is especially concerning since we have gas. I spoke with Ronnie (I believe) who was both personable and professional. After explaining the situation, she said someone would be out between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00. This turned out to be slightly incorrect information because the technician Morgan called before 1:00 and said he could be to my house in 10-15 minutes. When I asked Morgan if I should put my dogs up, he responded that he loves dogs and there was no need. Morgan was also personable and professional. He fixed the pipe, checked for additional leaks, petted my dogs and then sold me on a C02 detector, which he installed in about 5 minutes. I now have a Maintenance Agreement which provides a 24 (?) point inspection for my A/C Unit, Mini-Split and furnace twice a year, a C02 detector and company to recommend for anyone having A/C and/or Furnace issues. Lina Baker Virginia Beach

4/20/20 L. Cardon Virginia Beach

Terrance is the best. Kellam always gets job done in a timely manner.

4/20/20 B. Rowan Virginia Beach

Tech was on time and got everything running smoothly.

4/20/20 M. Montes Virginia Beach

We appreciate Kellam for calling to remind us of our maintenance appointment.

4/20/20 M. Thompson Virginia Beach

After the install the unit was noisy. Within two hours the techs were out here and the noise was fixed. It has been a great experience.

4/20/20 M. Clements Virginia Beach

Very professional, very nice and a great company!

4/20/20 J. Bainbridge Virginia Beach

A great experience! Fixed a hot water heater that another couldn’t get done. Thanks so much. A great experience from start to finish!

4/20/20 M. Trottier Virginia Beach

Service was wonderful! We had an issue with the inspection, but the techs were here within 20 minutes of the inspector leaving and took care of the problem quickly. Thank you for such great service.

4/20/20 K. Rayfield Virginia Beach