10/28/22 L.R. Virginia Beach

Just had a water heater replaced. Attic installation. Extremely professional job. Neat and clean. Great company. Online and phone communication was quick and responsive. Update October 2022: Just had my fall heating maintenance performed by Gerald. Very courteous and professional technician. Arrived on time. Provided excellent customer service and recommendations. Kellam has great customer communication. Very pleased.

10/28/22 J. Lavier Virginia Beach

Tim is a real asset to your company! Professional, courteous, on time -we highly recommend both Tim and Kellam!

10/27/22 R. Clark Virginia Beach

Gas leak diagnosis AND repair ! Excellent service for and perfect representative of your company

10/27/22 J. Jones Virginia Beach

Morgan Bayse did a great job, very knowledgeable and got my AC/Heating unit up and running good as new!

10/27/22 J. Burke Virginia Beach

Your tech was quick and very nice. He saved me from having to stress about issues with my system.

10/27/22 R. Carman Virginia Beach

The tech knew exactly what to do and he was great. Kellam is always great.

10/27/22 F. Giles Virginia Beach

The tech as a very nice guy and I was very pleased with him.

10/25/22 J. Carolino Virginia Beach

The tech was very polite and explained everything clearly.

10/25/22 J. Kates Virginia Beach

I renewed my PSA and service is great across the board.

10/25/22 K. Thibault Virginia Beach

I have Kellam maintenance agreements for my HVAC and now a Generac Generator. They have always had very fast response times and the technicians are wonderful and explain everything fully. Wade came today and fixed the generator for us. My dog really likes him. He’s good with her as well. Thanks Kellam.

10/25/22 H. Richardson Virginia Beach

MORGAN. BAYSE. Ask for Morgan Bayse! He is amazing!! We had been having heating issues and he was the third guy to come out to our house. Every time the other guys left the problem was never solved. Morgan knew exactly what was wrong and repaired it. He also took many pictures and explained what was wrong and how he fixed it. He really takes pride in his work. He is very courteous and professional. We have a USA membership with Kellam and from now on I will be requesting Morgan. Give that man a raise!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

10/24/22 B. Snyder Viginia Beach

Jackson was on time and communicated the process and the status of our systems clearly. Have been using for years and everyone that comes out has the same values and level of customer service.

10/20/22 M. Perry Chesapeake

Cody was very professional kept me informed of each part of the system maintenance he was performing.. He was very careful coming in and out of the house putting on the booties to keep the floor clean.

10/20/22 K. Miles Chesapeake

Kellam has Superb customer service. From Jennifer at HQ to Mr. Richard Barnes for the on site visit, it was an all around very informative experience. We were provided with multiple options and once evaluated we will trust Kellam with the required HVAC work.

10/19/22 R. Potter Virginia Beach

Very satisfied HVAC service appointment. Scheduling was easy, the tech showed up promptly at the scheduled time, and tech (Jackson) was friendly and explained everything to my satisfaction. Will definitely be using them again in the future.

10/17/22 B. Howard Virginia Beach

I am a maintenance member and very happy with Kellam’s services. Absolutely a 5 out of 5Vir rating.

10/17/22 L. Morrissey Norfolk

Technician was knowledgeable and polite.

10/14/22 E. Roth Virginia Beach

On 10/12/22 John and Kyle removed outdated outside wiring leftover from some landscape work. Quick and efficient . A job well done! Thank you

10/14/22 B. Consolovo Chesapeake

The tech did a good job and was very professional.

10/14/22 We are always pleased with Kellam. K. Griffith Virginia Beach

10/14/22 C. Hargrave Chesapeake

Everything went as expected, thank you.

10/13/22 J. Westmeyer Virginia Beach

Morgan at Kellam Mechanical did a great job. Kellam was super responsive and got me somebody out that day to figure out the issue. Morgan came right out to repair my heat system when it started acting up. He was extremely helpful and informative.

10/13/22 J. Bennett Virginia Beach

Devin was really great, he answered all my questions and taught me a lot. He is really amazing.

10/13/22 E. Haywood Norfolk

Gerald Kearney has a wealth of knowledge about mini-split maintenance and installation. We found him to be prompt, professional, and patient in his explanation of the work. We had a good outcome for this maintenance visit and are pleased with the work.

10/13/22 R. Williams Norfolk

We just ordered a Rinnai Water Combo domestic water heater and radiator heating system. “Blake” was our contact. “Blake” was on time, honest, sincere, customer orientated, expert senior technician and expert on Rinnai water systems, ensured all of our questions and concerns were fully answered. Thank you “Blake”.

10/12/22 B. Loon Norfolk

Service technician Wade Smith came out 10/12/2022. Checked out my heating system and found everything in order. And, he was patient enough to answer my questions. These are good folks Service technician Morgan Bayse from Kellam Mechanical came to my home February 25 to address some vexing issues I was having with my heating/air condition system. After looking throughout the main floor, the attic and even outdoors, he thoroughly grasped some of the problems I had experienced and drew up complete and competent plans for repair, modification and maintenance. I couldn’t ask for more. Jeremy Hawkins came out to check my AC system April 4. Called beforehand, arrived right on time, was thorough in his inspection and completed the work in a reasonable manner and time. He answered all questions and made suggestions for improvement to my HVAC system. He honored safe Covid practices , wearing his mask and maintaining a safe distance. He also wore protective covers on his feet to protect his shoes and my house. All in all just a very professional HVAC service. Again, I couldn’t ask for more.

10/11/22 S. Mangeri Virginia Beach

Gerald, is very knowledgeable and willing to share details. I feel I am in great hands with Kellam mechanical!!

10/11/22 W. Jackson Virginia Beach

Kellam Team, First of all I want to thank the Kellam Team for the prompt scheduling of my install. I greatly appreciate your meeting my needs. I am very satisfied with the efforts of Nate McIntosh and the rest of the Kellam team. Of course, I expected the install to go as planned–it’s Kellam right? However, as with everything, mechanical/design/existing problems popup along the way that are unforeseen in the planning process. I was very impressed with the manner in which Nate conducted himself in solving these issues as they arose. He was thorough and developed long term solutions to make the install transparent keeping me aware of the materials process along the way that would eliminate any surprises on the back end. My complete install team follows: Nathan McIntosh – Very respectful, competent and resourceful. Valente Montes – Highly technically competent and well spoken. Trevor Tyssedal – On point and constantly contributing to the process. Austin Frugally – Very helpful in getting the job done. The main theme throughout was my customer satisfaction and all good things Kellam–not a single complaint about the company they work for. You were extremely well represented. I never ever recommend any company to do anything when it comes to someone’s house. However, in this case, because of your Team, I will “Tell ’em Kellam.”

10/10/22 B. Kainer Virginia Beach

Plumbing repair. Ben did a great job. My husband was home when he first got here. I got home a little after. It was nice seeing. A familiar face as Ben has been to my home before. He fixed our problem. Thanks Ben and Kellam.

10/5/22 R. Burniske Virginia Beach

During the most recent storm I lost power and my generator provided power for me , but when the power was restored I had a power surge and it burned out my switch, which took out all power on Friday night. So that meant no power for Friday and Saturday morning. I call Kellam and they said they could have someone here about 1 o’clock on Sat. At 9 o’clock Morgan called and said I am on my way after arriving he determined that he needed a master electrician to fixed the override of the system in less than 30 minutes John was here and I had power back. They ordered the new part and Monday everything was fixed. what a great job by Morgan and John on Saturday, their day off, to provide great service, Here is to Kellam for having people like Them!!!! The team on Monday was just as good working in the rain and wind to install the new part….

10/5/22 S. Reed Virginia Beach

Great semi-annual maintenance inspections for electric, HVAC, and plumbing. Knowledgeable, friendly, technicians who arrived on time, respected all parts of our home, and provided solid recommendations.

10/5/22 Virginia Beach

Very knowledgeable, on time, and courteous D. Oelberg

10/4/22 B. Husselbee Virginia Beach

Jackson did a great job to service our HVAC system and help to balance the air flows.

10/4/22 T. Wolf Chesapeake

I had my electric car charger installed in my house and the work that Kellam mechanical did was professional and clean. The guys who did the work John and Kevin were very personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend this service to anyone in my area.

10/1/22 D. Roberts Suffolk

10/1/22 S. Hunter Virginia Beach

Intake system added UV light needed clean intake duct also power surge protection needed also a/c was not very efficient without RIch up data low spec. We are very happy with his advice and service.

9/29/22 T. Palmerton Virginia Beach

Just had preventative maintenance done By Jackson, and he was extremely professional and efficient…

9/29/22 R. Rivero Norfolk

I am very please with your company and Gerald is very dependable. 10 out of 5!

9/29/22 M. Pawlak Virginia Beach

Wade Smith did an outstanding job on my annual generator maintenance.

9/29/22 M. Bean Virginia Beach

Jackson called us 30mins prior to arrival and came on time. After ~30mins into inspection and service, he discovered that our initial installation wasn’t done correctly at all. He found many features that were not hooked up correctly or connected at all!!! He took time to explain things to us and offered to fix/connect them right!! We’d give him a 5+ tar rating if we could. This is our 1st year with Kellam Mechanical. We certainly trust their business styles!!

9/27/22 E. Knox Suffolk

Finally found someone that’s familiar with geothermals! Very knowledgeable and after years of poor performance, and multiple techs/companies – feel like there is a solid plan to fix this setup. Richard is the best!

9/27/22 S. Weber Chesapeake

The tech was very professional and experienced. I had an outside outlet that clicking, he replaced it and gave me some tips and other recommendations. I’m very glad I called them

9/24/22 K. McFadden Virginia Beach

Johnny saved the day with his electrical expertise. Thank you Kellam!

9/23/22 F. Lucas Virginia Beach

Jamie was outstanding. Very prompt and made sure I was good to go before he left. Thanks!

9/22/22 K. Littlejohn Virginia Beach

To whom it may concern Richard and Jackson repaired my AC unit today. They were professional and Knowledgeable big thumbs to the two great job guys.

9/21/22 L. Hines Virginia Beach

I awoke to a house registering 88 degrees at 7AM. Jamie Swanson showed up at 10:30AM and would not leave until my air conditioning was up and running at 5:00PM. He was in my home for 6 1/2hours and had my system purring. I would not hesitate to contact Kellam Mechanical again for any service that may arise.

9/21/22 Thank you J. Tavers Virginia Beach

The guy that came out to my home, we’re great! they were very knowledgeable. I signed up for their membership home plan. I trust that my family will be safe and plumbing free with their services!

9/21/22 J. Comess Virginia Beach

Jackson and Richard did an outstanding job. They were very knowledgeable.

9/20/22 S. Brown Suffolk

John Coldcroft was my electrician and was very helpful. I had some issues with the staff in the office but the manager stepped in and took care of that issue. John was always on time, very helpful when I had to deal with dominion and issues I faced with dominion. I would recommend this company but would suggest to deal with John and Kyle.