Laundry Pro saves time and money!

Laundry Pro Rescues Laundry Woes

Laundry Pro saves time and money! No more detergent, bleach, fabric softeners, sorting, front loading washing machine cleansers, odors, chemical use, pollution, static, shrinking, tattered or fading clothes. Brighter and softer clothes and earth friendly. The average households of 4 spends about $500 annually on laundry costs, so It pays for itself in just over a year.

Works on well or city water
Simple cold water hook up to your washing machine
Blue light indicates in operation and if attention is required

Never buy laundry detergent, bleach or washing machine cleansers again
Utility Savings; no hot water use
Whites whiter and brighter colors, last longer
Maintenance free
Green product; lessens landfills
Made in the USA

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