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A great Indoor Air Quality product that kills millions of viruses, bacteria, allergens, and mold in your home or office.  Watch a message from Sarah Kellam about the UV Photomax product:




UV Photomax 2020

The UV Photomoax is laboratory proven to disinfect household air and surfaces in living areas up to 5,000 square feet.  The average time spent inside is 90%, so indoor air quality optimization is important to maintain a healthy environment for your family.  The UV Photomax is installed in your HVAC system and actively breaks down household allergens, odors, dust bacteria, microscopic mold, VOC;s and viruses. Everyday life activities such as cooking, trash, pet dander, cleaning products, pollen hitchhikers, renovations, common daily chores affects your home and all of those particles circulates through your ductwork. The UV Photomax is a great air purifying solution and Kellam Mechanical techs are trained to provide a quick installation.

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Watch a clip from a “Fox & Friends” segment on combating COVID-19  mentioning the efficacy of killing viruses on surfaces in your home with the use of UV lights installed in your HVAC air handler.
Watch the full segment here.

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Bed Bugs Indoor Air Quality and Kellam Mechanical

Controlling the quality of the air outside of your home may be difficult, however the air quality inside your home is another story. We spend a large portion of our time indoors, especially in the winter months. Not only is our own health important, but we also need to consider the contents of our homes interior including drapes, wallpaper, wood furniture, carpeting, and floors by taking advantage of products that improve the indoor air quality in our home.

From cleaning products and dust to paint and mold, the air in your home can contain a number of irritants and contaminants affecting your health and comfort. Whether it’s odors or allergies you are trying to eliminate, we can help you purify your indoor air by removing these contaminants with a number of options to choose from. Why use your lungs to filter polluted air when you can have a specialized air-purifying product to filter those unwanted contaminants for you?

Listed below you will find several high quality IAQ products to choose from. Talk to a comfort consultant to help choose the best product for you.



Increase comfort throughout your home by maintaining proper levels of humidity. Air in your home that is too dry can be uncomfortable to breathe, and can damage wood products like flooring, pianos, picture frames and cabinetry. While on the reverse, air that has too much moisture can cause your home to feel sticky or damp, create condensation on windows and other cold surfaces, or cause air to smell musty.

Honeywell Whole-House Humidification and Dehumidification Systems work to automatically maintain the proper levels of humidity in your home for increased comfort and energy savings.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic Air Cleaners

Dust, dirt, pollen, molds and other contaminates are often recirculated throughout your home or office. This dirty air can damage your furnishings as well as affect everyones health. As an important component of your heating and cooling system, the Honeywell Enviracaire Elite Electronic Air Cleaner removes many of the airborne particles that easily pass through typical furnace filters.





Air conditioning alone can’t satisfy your home’s humidity requirements. Your air conditioning system is designed to control temperature, not humidity, and only removes humidity as a byproduct of cooling. During the spring and fall seasons when it’s still cool outside but damp inside, your air conditioning isn’t running and your house is uncomfortable — you need an Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifier.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology molds are commonly found in outdoor air. However, any house can develop a mold problem given the right conditions. You might not see it growing on the walls, but it may still be present in your home. Molds require two factors to grow indoors: (1) free moisture that can occur in the form of relative humidity above 50 percent, leakage from pipes or foundations, or any ongoing source of water, and (2) something to grow on.

Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Carbon Monoxide MonitorCarbon monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America and is an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas. Carbon monoxide is present in any flame-fueled (i.e., not electric) device, including ranges, ovens, clothes dryers, furnaces, fireplaces, grills, space heaters, vehicles, and water heaters. Furnaces and water heaters may be sources of carbon monoxide, but if they are vented properly the carbon monoxide will escape to the outside. Open flames, such as from ovens and ranges, are the most common source of carbon monoxide.

IAQ Programmable Thermostats

American Standard Thermostatfor IAQIAQ Programmable thermostats will control the temperature and humidity for your comfort level while saving you money on your utility bills.


  • Internet enabled through WiFi for easy monitoring from anywhere
  • Smartly factors in weather, size of home, number of occupants and type of HVAC system to maximize energy efficiency
  • Automatic alerts notify you and/or your HVAC contractor for equipment maintenance and system failures


  • Monitors your homes HVAC system over time and adapts accordingly
  • Saves money and reduces your environmental impact
  • Average savings of 24% on heating and 21% on cooling energy costs

Zoning Systems

Zoning SystemsZoning SystemsBy zoning you add comfort control to each space. We install a thermostat for each zone. It saves energy, allows spaces to have individual control of temperature and humidity.

A damper is installed in air ducts and allows thermostat to regulate air as you desire. Zone each area of your home.
Control Temperature and humidity by room.

Media and Pleated Filters

Media and Pleated FiltersCapture even the smallest airborne particles and pollutants with highly efficient media air cleaners. Deep pleated filters take several square feet of filtration material and fold it over and over to provide several times the surface area of filtration material versus a standard 1-inch filter.




Crawl Space Venting Solutions by ATMOXTidewater is known for humid conditions, to which residents have become accustomed in everyday lifestyles. When we experience sticky environmental conditions, we find relief indoors, where our cooling system is our best friend. (Ahhhh…the cool comfort of your own living room that puts a smile on your face.)

Wait….what is that musty smell? The smell coming from the vents could indicate a moisture-control issue in your crawl space! Moisture control is a challenge for many homes in our Tidewater community; and problems have increased over recent years, due to advancements in home construction. In an effort to improve indoor energy efficiency, homes with tighter construction increase the probability of moisture challenges, since air is not allowed to escape as naturally as in older homes. Kellam Mechanical has a moisture control solution for your crawl space: ATOMX Controlled Ventilation Systems.

Crawl Space Venting Solutions by ATMOX

Whether excessive moisture is caused by rain run-off, improper drainage systems, ground moisture, airflow blockages, deck or porch structures, leaky ductwork or improperly installed sprinkler systems, ATMOX is the solution. ATMOX moisture management begins with using the natural environment with fresh, dry air. Eliminating
wood rot, mold growth and musty odors for healthier air is the goal. The ATMOX Moisture Control System uses sensors installed in the crawl space and outdoors around your home to detect temperatures and humidity levels to control ventilation. Fans are activated to regulate and balance airflow to control moisture. ATMOX operates at a higher efficiency level than other crawl-space systems, making ATMOX your Go Green Solution.

In fact, it only uses as much energy as two average light bulbs. This ATMOX SMART SYSTEM allows the option of adding a monitoring feature with an alert system to notify you of any excessive levels of wood moisture, water (for condensate lines or sump pump back-up), carbon monoxide or smoke.No two crawl spaces or homes carry the exact same conditions; so, call today for a free quote for your design, including customized options. A Kellam Mechanical consultant will identify the humidity and wood-moisture levels to recommend the effective solution for your home.


  • Fan activating sensors detect temperatures and humidity levels to control ventilation
  • Optional alert system for excessive levels of wood moisture, water, carbon monoxide or smoke


  • Moisture-control in your crawl space
  • Eliminating wood rot, mold growth and musty odors for
    healthier air
  • Highly efficient only using as much energy as two average light bulbs

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Air escaping your duct work through loose joints or holes that critters have chewed through can waste a lot of money and tax your comfort system.  It can cause indoor humidity problems, inefficient system performance and discomfort.  Schedule a Kellam technician to assess your airflow and secure your duct work.




Talk to a comfort consultant or technician to help choose the best product to manage your indoor air quality.  They are pros at solving humidity issues, mildew growth and musty odors. Call Kellam Mechanical today (757) 430-0358!