Kellam Mechanical opened April 1, 1995. For 21 years Scott Kellam has dedicated his time and energy into the business he loves because he loves the HVAC industry. As a teenager in 1977, he learned the trade from his father and grandfather in their family owned and operated Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical business and loved working there until he decided to start his own adventure. When you ask him what else he would do for a living if he were not


Power outages are never convenient. We have become accustomed to our on the go lifestyles, so when our routine is broken it can be frustrating. Electrical surges, thunderstorms, hurricanes, construction accidents, power company failures or floods can all cause power outages. Hampton Roads is familiar with all those scenarios. Installing a standby whole home generator will solve any home or business lifestyle inconveniences. Generac has also added another b


Dirt is the #1 reason for cooling and heating system failure. Repairs can be expensive, therefore dirty is expensive! Clean is efficient. Efficiency saves money and reduces inconvenient failures. Three dirty reasons to have a qualified technician clean your cooling and heating system annually: Dirty filters. Filters covered in dirt, dust, grime, pet dander, cigarette smoke, dead skin, bacteria, germs, hair, and more yucky stuff affect the airflow a...

Green Gadget: Laundry Pro

For the love of laundry! Kellam Mechanical promotes green household products, so If you are tired of spending so much money on laundry detergent here is your new solution: Laundry Pro. This revolutionary green product replaces the need for detergent, bleach, fabric softeners, sorting and front loading washing machine cleansers, such as Afresh. It reduces landfills. It eliminates odors, chemical use, pollution, static, and shrinking clothes. Laundry Pro pre

Testimonial: Jim and Janet Baker

Testimonial: Jim and Janet Baker
Kellam Mechanical was extremely thorough. They told us exactly what we needed to do and covered all bases to ensure we would be happy with the finish product. We couldn't be happier with our GeoThermal installation and are enjoying a system that gives us great comfort indoors, plus hot water whenever we need it, not to mention lower utility bills! Jim and Janet Baker ...

Testimonial: Todd Mayo

Testimonial: Todd Mayo
I have had nothing but positive feedback from the clients that I have referred to Kellam Mechanical for their electrical services. The guys that show up are always courteous, professional and clean up after themselves. They are just as nice as they can be. Todd Mayo President Mayo Insurance Agency Nationwide Insurance ...


What is wrong with my heat pump? Is this normal? This is not normal and needs to be repaired. Your heat pump has 3 cycles: 1. Heating 2. Cooling 3. Defrost Cycle In the winter months your heat pump transfers outdoor cold air into a warm, comfortable environment inside your home. However, when the temperatures outside drop below freezing, the moisture in the air freezes on your outdoor heat exchanger, creating an icy layer on the fins. Your heat pump...

Testimonial: Chris and Courtney

Testimonial: Chris and Courtney
From the very moment I called Kellam I knew that they were very different from everyone else we had dealt with just because they're phones operations are so smooth. They do such a fantastic job of constantly keeping us in the loop and getting things setup around our busy schedules. They've gone way above and beyond for us on several occasions. We’ve been using Kellam for about 14 years for our electrical and HVAC needs. We refer them to all of our frien...


Electrical surges occur frequently without warning.  Your home can be a victim of a power surge generated from the power company, a fallen power pole, a lightning strike or even from your own appliances inside your home. In the blink of an eye you can have damaged appliances that can be costly to replace, accompanied with the painful insurance claims process.  Technology has produced many costly plug-in electronics in our modern time that we furnish our ho